About Olivia...

My name is Olivia and I'm a 20 year old girl, currently living in London- which I love. I currently fill my time freelancing as a social media and photography lady and dream of creating my own publication (a girl can certainly dream...). Other hobbies include indulging in hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course!) shopping, reading (not JUST chick lit…) and consistently wishing I was born in the 1960s.

‘What Olivia Did…’ is a way of presenting my thoughts and ideas, as well as trends, music, must-bakes and places I currently love as well as an outlet for my photography.  I try to interview the most interesting and talented people I come across such as artists, musicians and fellow bloggers. Despite the business of everyday life, freelancing, and other miscellaneous happenings, I try to update my blog as much as possible and regularly read and reply to the lovely comments my wonderful followers leave!

My blog was awarded the title ‘Best New Fashion Blog’ at the 2011 Cosmopolitan blog awards, shortlisted at the Company 2012 blog awards under 'Best 'What I'm Wearing Today' Blog & 'Best Blog For High St Lovers', awarded Highly Commended as 'Social Savvy Blog' at the 2012 Cosmo Blog Awards, as well as a shortlist place as 'Best Established Fashion Blog'. My blog won 'Best Established Fashion Blog' at the 2013 Cosmo Blog Awards.

My photography is essentially (read: most of the time) taken by my wonderful other half and best friend, Joseph- who has a serious knack for a good photograph (and a good angle)- and is the Bailey to my Shrimpton.


All photographs on this blog were taken by me (unless otherwise stated), please don't pinch them without asking and crediting to my blog