Well happy Sunday! In a week of Doris, camera drama and non-stop meetings, I'm pretty excited to be spending this morning snuggled in bed reflecting on a busy two weeks (as sadly due to a bit of a camera/laptop/beer-spillage related incident last weeks post never quite made it, doh)! Anyway, the last two weeks have been pretty jam packed indeed. After a relatively quiet January, it feels like February has been a real warm up for the year ahead- with 3 awards bashes (!!!) dahhling (accompanied by a large case of imposter syndrome), a new-found 1975 addiction (totally not caring whether it's cool/uncool to like them) and a flying day at London Fashion Week- I can't quite believe how everything has flown by, and feel remarkably lucky to include all of those amazing experiences in this weeks round up.

Anyway! As per I thought I'd share a few of the gems that have tickled my pickle this week per se and hope you enjoy getting stuck into them as much as I have!

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to...
(L-R Sources: Me & Orla, Girl Stole London, I Want You To Know & A Girl Called Cedar)

The Podcast:
Lately there's been a lot of conversation about Instagram- bots, followers, spam, the grid (from myself included)- and it's certainly making some noise. I haven't had quite enough time to pen my thoughts coherently enough about it all (probably because I find it all so bizarre and complex)- but two suggestions I have for listening (and a bit of reading) come from Me & Orla (beautiful blogger, podcast host and Instagram extraordinaire) and Hannah Gale. Both discuss slightly different approaches to the matter (with Sarah offering fantastic tips for growing your following in a genuine and authentic way on her podcast)- and if you're feeling a slight conundrum about things I definitely recommend checking them out.

The Must-Reads:
Oh there are always so many pieces I read online and want to share- typically, my memory is like a sieve but I'm getting better at making notes on important pieces a la Emma in order to spread some useful things. Anyway- first up we have my pal Kristabel's beautifully written piece on her experience as being a black British blogger. Unfortunately, there is undeniably a huge lack of diversity in this industry, so opening up conversations like this one in such an articulate way is so important. It touches on subjects from growing up, representation and many things I know can be taken for granted. On top of that I also loved this piece on The Pool about 'being a good worrier' (although easier said than done, I'll admit) as well as another incredible piece from Katherine about the blur of salaries reflected on social media and the taboo of money and earnings- another thing that isn't spoken about enough. Finally, if you somehow haven't come across the blog of my top pal Lauren, then this is one I highly recommend this week. Not only has she launched her incredible collection of tee's to help raise money for her breast cancer treatment but she's been posting on the regs and documenting her journey. I'll be posting more about this soon, but she is one of the strongest, most upbeat and inspirational women I know- and I know that giving her writing a read will enhance your Sunday tenfold.

The Blogger:
Now, although there are so many bloggers I'l be including here and wanting to include- this month I wanted to give a shout to my pal Sarah, or, ahem, Cedar. Not only is she one of the most hard-working women I know (with a creative eye to rial most)- but she's recently started a blog of her own, and if her dreamy Instagram is anything to go by- yup, we're in for a treat. Not only is she beautiful and well dressed, but she's articulate and sharp as hell and someone I know who has already got this blogging malarky down. You go pal.

The YouTube Video:
I bloody love watching Live Lounge videos, and this week I couldn't stop playing Blossoms 'Careless In Da Club' when at Radio 1 recently. A bunch of talented lads indeed.

Objects of desire:

What have you been loving online this week? Answers on a postcard!


Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week

(Jumper: GAP, Belt: ASOS, Jeans: GAP, Bag: C/O Sophie Hulme, Shoes: Superga, Necklace: Minetta)

Okay, maybe calling this post 'Spring stripes' is a little premature considering we're still comfortably in February. The other day my mum was talking to me about getting a pedicure so she could wear open toed shoes and I swiftly had to remind her of the season, and the fact that sun does not always equate to heat. In her defensive it has been unseasonably warm (EIGHTEEN DEGREES PEOPLE)- and perhaps I shouldn't be celebrating global warming by exposing a bit more ankle, but it's got to be said how bloody wonderful it is feeling the freedom of less than 5 layers and no scarf- little things indeed.

Anyway- with the weather warming up, I exercised one of my favourite winter warmers from GAP with some fresher Spring touches in the shape of this gorgeous Sophie Hulme bag (which fits in a hairbrush, 50mm lens and a lot of stuff considering it's petite size) and my favourite Superga's for something a little more April than February. Not wishing time away or anything (but roll on summer nonetheless)...


Spring Stripes

One thing I'm sure of in life, is that if this blogging malarky doesn't work out, opening some kind of W H Smith alternative would be next on my list. Okay, maybe more of a cutesy independent stationary shop (especially if my bedroom 'greetings card' drawer has anything to go by) but it seems that one of my main vices in life has to be a good stationary shop- naughty, I know. Anyway! Having never really delved into any of my recent purchases, I thought I'd share some of the latest things I've picked up- and the items that would be snazzing up my desk space if I had one...

(Bando calendar, Lollipop notebook, Better Than Yesterday goals book, Cuba Libre nail varnish, Heiho badge, Ooh Deer patches)

Not meaning to get all V-tine's day up in here, but I couldn't not share this calendar and accidentally heart themed arrangement. As well as feeling particularly organised this year with this goals journal (which in itself is aesthetically a total delight)- I've loved this wee notebook from Lollipop and basically everything Bando put out ever. On top of that, you're going to see a lot of Ohh Deer coming up and these iron on BFFL patches are the numero uno way of doing ~galentine's day~ right...

(Sainsburys basket, Design Book, Ohh Deer scissors, tape and pin, Lollipop Planner, HP Sprocket, Cheeky card, Weekly Planner)

With a blog redesign on the horizon, a few of the things I've been turning to were sure to pop up here. The first being this awesome book that I picked up in Manchester recently. After spotting it last year (and not quite being able to justify it), it's been the perfect source of ideas and inspiration when it comes to graphics, typography and colouring. I've also loved using my wee HP Sprocket to print out snaps from my phone- be it personal, inspiration to pin up or even things for my scrapbook. Additionally, I couldn't live without this planner too (which I've now repurchased a couple of times) as it makes month by month planning the dream...

(Not Another Bill, Ohh Deer cards, Birthday card, Cake card, Bidet card)

Now- let's talk cards. Oh I bloody love a card I do. Even if there isn't a birthday or national holiday in sight you can guarantee I'll pick it up if I like it and pop it in a drawer for safe keeping. There's nothing like surprising someone with a spontaneous bit of post, and whether that's a quick thank you or a 'just because'- I can't help stocking up. On top of that I've recently become a fan of the brilliant service that is Not Another Bill. Delivering a monthly box packed with beautiful treats (often personalised, for any initial lovers out there)- this really is the perfect alternative to any bank reminders or AA insurance notes (plus, their latest range of cards are dreamy too)- how could I not?


Putting Pen To Paper

(Jacket: H&M, Top: Brandy Melville, Jeans: C/O Joe's Jeans, Shoes: ASOS, Bag: Mehry Mu)

One thing I've never been great at sartorially are embracing the basics. The white t-shirts, perfect fitted jeans and key wardrobe pieces that I'm pretty sure most people have subtly swinging in their wardrobes. I have enough jeans to sink a ship and a whole cupboard dedicated to t shirts (many from my gig-going days whereby I had to always buy merchandise)- but never seem to turn to them when it comes to the days where I don't know what to wear. I'm constantly looking for the exciting, sparkly and stand-out pieces- and often leave the solid wardrobe Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson classics to one side.

But, since spending a bit of time burrowing through my wardrobe- it's the staples I've been turning to day in and day out, and the pieces I generally feel most comfortable in. Now, you probably know I'm partial to a bit of outfit/location coordination, and Patron in Kentish Town provided the perfect spot for this more Birkin inspired look (in my head at least). Pairing some velvet kick flares, a soft cotton top and this bag of total dreams I almost felt I could pass the faux-French look (just without the je ne sais quoi)...


Patron Cave à Manger

If you live in or around London (or hey, visit frequently)- I'm sure the collection of Grind cafes and restaurants will probably be as familiar to you as Central line tube delays and rainy city weather forecasts. Dotted across central London in locations from Covent Garden, Soho, Shoreditch and Holborn (some of my favourite locations)- it's hard to miss them, and good to know there's probably always one in close proximity in case you need a caffeine or cake fix (I highly recommend their blueberry and coconut muffin)...

Anyway- one of the latest additions to the pack comes in the royal blue and plush pink toned hues of Clerkenwell Grind (with Exmouth Market also around the corner). With each menu offering something slightly different- the feel at Clerkenwell is certainly more that of a restaurant/bar set up and is reminicesent of my favourite Hoi Polloi in Shoreditch. Although we only swung by for a hot drink to warm up, the menu looked extensive and exciting with plenty of evening options, as well as their signature breakfast dishes, including acai bowls, matcha avocado and banana bread with frozen coconut yoghurt.

With another addition to the unmistakable interior and excellent coffee club, Clerkenwell is sure to become a perfect stop off whilst in this part of town (and look out for the trademark neon sign too)!

2-4 Old Street, London, EC1V 9AA


Visit: Clerkenwell Grind

I first discovered the beautiful Magic Organic Apothecary whilst snooping in the bathroom of my friend Charlotte. With a ladder shelf filled with ornate bottles, sparkly Catbird candles and jars brimming with goodies it was the illustrated cardboard, coloured glass and pipettes of MOA that caught my attention (with me swiftly howling 'how?! Have I never discovered this before)- trust me, Miss Jacklin is on the pulse.

Having been founded in the U.K and all products produced in England, it was no longer than the train journey home before I started sweeping products into my online basket and placing a next day order in. With my order consisting of their iconic Green Balm, Facial Oil and Green Bath Potion, I was excited to introduce some new wonder products in to my routine, and thought I'd pop together a post of first impressions for anyone that may be interested.

Fortifying Green Bath Potion:
This was the product that I'd heard people wax lyrical about. Peppered with fennel and oozing a heady peppermint herbal scent- this is the perfect remedy for achy joints, a tired head or even a lurking winters cold, and let me tell you- there's nothing more calming than popping a couple of capfuls of this into a hot bath. As well as being de-stressing, it leaves you feeling completely soft and calm- which for a power duo of essential oils ain't bad for a quick soak.

The Green Balm:
Now, this gal is all for a multi purpose balm. Give me something for my lips, dry, red skin and even a quick cleanse and I'm yours- and this balm does it all. Although I've primarily used it as a bedside quick lip fix, I know it'll come in hugely handy for any red-nosed colds i'm struck down with, nursing itchy skin and even bites come the summer- as well as being the perfect first cleanse travel companion.

Aphrodite Facial Oil:
Although this isn't something I've used much since purchasing, the times I have used it I've loved it. I'm yet to properly introduce it into my routine (when you got a good thing going and all that...), but I did notice it being a quick drying, non-irritating oil which goes beautifully under moisturiser- and I'm excited to properly give it a whirl.


Introducing: Magic Organic Apothecary

(Jumper: Mother of Pearl, Jeans: ASOS, Boots: Stradivarius, Bag: Strathberry)

I'll be totally honest- I'm not normally one for London Fashion Week. With two days before the big weekend, I've found myself reflecting back to my first ever LFW (five years ago !!!) and thinking about giving this one a shot once again. Being one to very much sit on the sidelines during these busy weeks, it's been interesting seeing how my opinion has changed over the last 5 years- from the excited buzz of the unexpected- to almost feeling slightly overwhelmed about knowing my place in such a bustling industry over five days.

Anyway- this year I'm giving it a go. I'm taking a spin on tailoring a select few things that I like to think are very specific to my blog, the brands I love (and ~align~ with) and hopefully doing something a little different. I know people don't come here to see glossy catwalk shots or reviews of upcoming collections- but I do think it's important to shine a light on some of my favourite elements and exciting talents- with Mother of Pearl being one of them.

Having seen the gorgeous show last year, I fell in love with Amy Powney's eye for fusing sportswear pieces with a feminine edge (we're talking racing stripes with ruffles), a playful eye for print and careful fabric and design- which for me, is what fashion week is all about. The new, the classic and the beautifully exciting discoveries. So here's to this season (or giving it a go anyway)...


Mother Of Pearl



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