(Snap taken from last weekend's afternoon tea at The Orangery, Kensington)

Oh what a week! In the period of seven days things got very adult and grown up around here. I can't say too much just yet, but down to this Sunday round up acting like a miniature diary of sorts- I thought I'd include it (without being a total tease, naturally). I mean, it makes a total change from me solely talking about Line of Duty and Harry Styles- but with a new Haim track out (thoughts, people??) it's not all been adulting (and there's been a pretty good soundtrack to it all at least)...

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to...

(L-R Sources: Gurls Talk, Lily and Lionel, La Madelynn & Tolly Dolly Posh)

The Must-Reads:
Although I sadly didn't manage to publish anything over Fashion Revolution Week this week (I'm going to be working on a little belated something so stay tuned) I really enjoyed reading Sophie's post on how to make your wardrobe more conscious as well as Tolly's mini series of posts over the week. It's a topic I feel really strongly about more people, especially bloggers, talking about- and it's amazing to see people producing genuinely useful and informative content on the matter (which definitely makes me realise I need to pull my finger out a little more). On top of that, this article by Vogue which Erica Davies shared was also really interesting. Not only was it about a brand I love, but their stance on working with influencers was truly refreshing- and without any spoilers I truly recommend giving it a read.

The YouTube Video:
Following on from Fashion Revolution chat comes this video from one of my favourite YouTubers, Maddie from La Madelynn. She did a wonderful eye-opening clothes swap as part of her 'haulternative'- discussing slow and sustainable fashion (and making it look bloody cool in the process). I also watched Marzia's video too which is equally wonderful. As always I discovered a gem on the Vogue channel- and watching Leandra rummage through her wardrobe seriously gave me some inspiration for the week. Now to work out how to be that cool...

The Website Love:
One website I discovered, and was ridiculously late to the party to was Gurls Talk. Founded and run by supermodel and babe-of-the-year, Adwoa Aboah, it tackles all sorts of issues head on. 'A safe platform where girls can openly share their experiences and feelings'- it's a truly awesome and refreshing site and there are wonderful pieces from everything such as mental health and anxiety (Adwoa worked with Heads Together over this years London Marathon) to politics, womens rights, feminism and banishing negative thinking. Just as you thought she couldn't get cooler...

The Podcast:
I can't lie, last week I suggested so.damn.many I've not even had a chance to catch up- see last weeks post here for a helluva lot of listening ideas!

Objects of desire:


Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week 24/04/2017

They say Paris is the city of love- of romantic meals in candle-lit cafes, Seine side strolls, flaky pastries as well as the historic greats- narrating love-struck evenings from dusty bookshops in the city of light...

But, little did I know that the next anniversary I'd be hopping the channel for would be that of my hero product, Touche Éclat with the wonderful YSL Beauty. Celebrating it's 25th anniversary (and commending the fact it's been concealing late nights for yours truly since our first meeting many years ago)- it's no secret that I've been using their Touche Éclat Le Teint Foundation (along with it's namesake) for a good several years and being one of the most trusted products in my kit, was thrilled to pay a whistle stop visit to the French capital to cut a shape or two in honour of my ultimate beauty OTP.

Now, I'm sure I don't need to fill any of you in on what a wonder-worker this product is, but if you're new to the Touche, then let me give you the low down. Acting as a highlight, concealer and radiance booster all in one- this little handbag-sized pen packs the ultimate punch at lifting dark circles, illuminating dull skin and giving life if you've had anything less than a solid eight hours. They also have three colour correcting neutralisers in the collection too- so trust me when I say they have this concealing job down...

Hopping on a Eurostar from London (armed with pastries, my most impressive poses and enough chatter to last for the next 48 hours), we headed off to Gare du Nord- ready for an afternoon of playing with classic products and testing out some of the wonderful new launches- one of which being the gorgeous new Touche Éclat Glow Shot. With the glow shot being the most beautiful liquid highlighter (that even heavy handed ladies like myself can manage)- it's the perfect product to use for easy strobing, a subtle glow or even something more buildable for evening wear- and the perfect partner for a more matte foundation too.

But naturally, any trip to Paris over fashion week wouldn't be complete without a party- and trust me when I say that YSL Beauty Club know how to do it properly. With a vending machine dispensing lipsticks, a bath filled with gold confetti and YSL muses Edie Campbell and Staz Lindes on the floor- it felt like the perfect way to wind up a whirlwind 24 hours, and the perfect celebration for a product as loved as the Touche Éclat. HBD!

Post in collaboration with YSL Beauty, but love of this wonder pen, Paris and bad dance moves all my own


A Paris Adventure with YSL

(Blouse: Zara, Dress: M.i.H (similar here), Bag: Tidy Street Store (similar here), Shoes: Castaner)

Once in a blue moon, I'll rifle through my wardrobe and magically come out with something that only fits but makes me feel really good too. I recently watched a video with real life angel Leandra Medine, and she said 'you should have a wardrobe which you can pick things from blindfolded'- and I suppose that's what happened with this. Since reordering my wardrobe from colour to category (a mini revolution for someone pretty slow to the organisational party), it's become a helluva lot easier to see what I have (opposed to where they fit on the Pantone chart)- and after pulling out an outfit in a bit of a rush, this snooker-player-esque blouse and special little pinafore are what came out...

After picking this M.i.H dress up in Selfridges in Manchester earlier this year for an almighty £20 (I couldn't believe it either)- I've been waiting for it to finally become warm enough to take it for a spin. Although I've had something similar in my wardrobe in the past, the fact this has buttons (poppers plus sitting down and an appetite are a recipe for trouble) makes it total justified in my opinion, and although there's perhaps a few degrees to go until I can really utilise it's cost per wear (ahem), I know it's a surefire summer staple.


Little Blue Dress

Living in South East London, I’m comfortably out of the hubbub majority of central London- the most part of new openings fall well out of my travel card zone and the dream of having a local tube station is comfortably a distant reality (2019 people)! So, when talk turns to exciting new openings a stones throw away from home, it’s safe to say Joe and I will always try and be some of the first through the door- which is where Llewelyn’s in Herne Hill comes in…

Having heard whispers of this beautiful place across Instagram for a little while now, I was over the moon to hear of an official opening date- and choosing the hottest day of the year so far- we set out one warm weekend for a lunch by the railway- amongst the buzz of the Sunday famers market and chatter of those eating al fresco too.

Situated next to the station, it’s a perfect location for locals and visitors alike, and with a menu boasting breakfast, lunch and dinner- there’s plenty of reason to swing by at your leisure too. Opting for the lunch menu, we tucked into small plated starters including deep fried artichokes with aioli and oak-smoked salmon, followed by fresh Dover sole, chicken and delicious chocolate cake with spelt ice cream to finish- and couldn’t have left more happy and full.

But, naturally- if you don’t fancy three courses or small sharing plates- Llewelyn’s also boasts a range of homemade counter bakes, fresh pressed juices and a selection of herbal brews from local Good & Proper too. It’s the ultimate friendly-face dining space, and despite being beautifully design led with an innovative and locally sourced menu, there’s nothing pretentious about Llewelyn's- and I can assure you you’ll feel right at home (even if you have had to make a train journey across the city)…

293-295 Railton Rd, Herne Hill, London SE24 0JP


Visiting Llewelyn's



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