(Wake Up Mist, Mesmerising Mineral Palette, Glow-Y Powder, Flawless Finishing Powder, Lip Lift Max)

Although I've loved Pixi for a long time (read: been a long time lover of their infamous Glow Tonic), it was only last month after a wonderful couple of days with the brand that I properly discovered some of the other serious gems in their collection. So, to celebrate my discoveries (or commiserate my tardiness), it inspired a 'late to the party' beauty series, whereby I discuss cult beauty loves that well... I've only recently discovered (basically justifying why they are in fact SO loved)!

So! Let's start with make up. Knowing Pixi primarily by their skincare, I was totally enamoured with their beautiful selection of products, all in stunning easy-to-wear tones with brilliant pigmentation and natural glowy properties (duh, Liv). Anyway! Having already tried and adored their Finishing Powder (which is mattifying without being too chalky), I was over the moon to add one of their Glow-Y Powder's to my collection, and fell for the pink shade Rome Rose- which is the perfect day time blush with a subtle highlight that is beautiful for something dewy during the day.

Another beauty products I've loved of theirs also include their Mesmerising Mineral Eye Palette in Opal, which contains pretty much all of the colours I turn to on a daily basis (including subtle gold and peach shades, without being too shimmery) as well as their Lip Lift Max in Honey Sheen, which although is technically a plumping gloss acts as a really lovely non-sticky hydrating lippie for a really subtle sheeny finish. I've also been loving using the Wake Up Mist throughout the day (almost like a fresh-4pm-pick-me-up-juice for the skin)- which is perfect first thing in the morning too!

(Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse, Glow Mud Cleanser, H2O Skin Drink, Nourishing Sleep Mask)

Now, onto the big hitters- skin care! It was hard to whittle this selection down, because my goodness do they have some crackers. These four have been the group that I've been continuously including in my skincare on a day-to-day basis, so I thought that a good place to start (and to avoid me solely saying 'JUST GET IT ALL!')

So, let's start with cleansers and the two that I use on the regs. Each morning I begin with the Glow Mud Cleanser which feels moisturising and incredibly nourishing- especially as I've found it so hard to find a clay product in the past that I can use so frequently with such brilliant results- it's a dream. Now, obviously I couldn't not include the dreamy Double Cleanser from Ms. Hirons- which, let's be honest- was always going to be totally kick ass. It's the perfect end-of-day ritual product and really ensures my skin feels clean and like it's had some serious gentle TLC to wrap up the day with- and together the pair make for a really gorgeous AM-to-PM fix.

The other two products that I've been loving are the H2O Skin Drink, which I apply often before make up (instead of a morning moisturiser if I'm in a rush and need quick drying hydration) as well as their Nourishing Sleep Mask once or twice a week, which is when I really want to wake up feeling fresh (and makes for a lovely Sunday evening pamper treat)...

Which products do you love from Pixi? Answers on a postcard please!


Late To The Party Beauty: Pixi

(Jumper: H&M, Belt: ASOS, Jeans: ASOS (old but similar here & here), Bag: Mansur Gavriel, Shoes: Castaner)

I know everybody says it but London in the spring time is truly when the city comes to life. Although there's almost something rose tinted about the city on a rainy day (I always think of the scenes in the Parent Trap to paint something a little more romantic than the 48 bus charging through puddles and a sea of umbrellas littering Waterloo Bridge)- but seeing the city light up with a smattering of sunshine, the (brief) appearance of magnolia and cherry blossoms as well as the sticky scent of beer and sound of chatter from pub gardens come 5pm on a Friday really makes all of the difference after months of grey skies and diagonal drizzle.

So, to celebrate a Friday that didn't require a wooly coat- I pulled on one of my favourite spring additions in the shape of these espadrilles which fit perfectly into an already blush-toned wardrobe (and are bloody comfortable too) and paired them with a chunky knit, matching bag and boyish kick flares to pare things down a little. It made for the perfect transitional get up- and teamed with a spot of sunshine, a lazy late lunch with friends and a girlie night in, it's safe to say I'm glad spring has finally arrived.


Spring Blossom

(Lovely Jubblie t-shirt)

If I'm being totally honest, I wasn't sure how to begin this post. It's all well and good putting on a (bloody good) t-shirt, standing in front of some blossoms (because #spring) and blue steel it until I need to put my jacket back on (because #spring). But, when the subject matter is a hundred times more important than any hip poppin' poses I could pull I think it's the words here that are going to speak louder than any snaps...

...And there's no way I could ever do the subject justice either, because let's face it talking about cancer is hard. It's bloody hard. But my god writing about it won't be half as difficult as going through it, which is only an inch of why I feel so proud of my pal Lauren- who is not only tackling both head on (in the most hilarious, eloquent and moving way, exhibit a)- but she's one of the most sparkly, confident, determined, ambitious, and driven women I know- and someone, who at 30, living life in a successful career in the city, you do not expect to hear that news from.

And nobody should. Nobody should have to go what Lauren is going through, struggle with money worries due to low sick pay whilst trying to kick the C word's ass. But- with girls like Lauren, come big ideas- and trust me when I say there are few people that could spark a business idea whilst juggling what's on her plate- but hey, this girls a total titty trooper, so came out with these genius t-shirts, didn't she? I hate to use the cliche ~inspiration~ word here, but I'm pretty sure if you searched 'define: inspirational' you'd see ol' Lolli's face pop up.

With each tee priced at £28 (with your choice of boobie splashed on it), 25% of profits go straight to supporting the fantastic Breast Cancer Haven, with the rest helping keep our girl on her feet until she beats the battle for good. On top of that, you can also read and see her document her incredible story on her blog, and keep up with her stories daily over on Instagram too. She's one in a million, and whether you want to support a hugely important cause (keep up using the hashtag #GIRLvsCANCER), get to know a blogger babe to bookmark or even treat yourself to a tit-tee- then she's got you covered- and we've got her. G'WARN GIRL.


Girl Vs Cancer

Joy is not negotiable...

I feel like a pretty large proportion of my life in London is spent hunting down delicious pizza joints. If I were to have a dating profile it would probably say something like 'girl searching for pillowy crust' or 'girl looking for thin base with delicious mozzarella'- well, along those lines anyway. But! Long story short, as much as I adore hanging out at Franco Manca (my number one, FYI), indulging in Pizza Express doughballs and chowing down with friends at Home Slice (perhaps there's a pizza post in here somewhere?), it was discovering Radio Alice in Hoxton recently which had me very excited.

Okay, maybe I'm fickle and fell for the beautifully designed typography-laden menus or the artwork covering the walls (thanks, Instagram)- but after a proper menu-investigate (and a little learn about the pizzeria's fascinating history and founders), I can assure you it's not just style over substance (or sustenance) here. With the menu boasting delicious cocktails prepared at the bar, a select pizza menu sourced with ingredients from suppliers and farms from Puglia to across Italy- with the shared belief on the importance of delicious flavour; it's somewhere that oozes authenticity, is cool without being pretentious and has bloody good pizzas too (which are already cut for you !!!)- turn it up for Radio Alice!

16 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NT


Radio Alice Pizzeria

(Blouse: C/O ba&sh, Jeans: ASOS, Bag: COS, Shoes: C/O Next, Earrings: C/O My Flash Trash, Glasses: Ray Ban)

There were elements of Bath that hugely reminded Joe and I of two of our favourite cities, Paris and Edinburgh. With the grand Georgian architecture, winding cobbled streets with brasseries and cafes tilted on the pavements, and sloping walks leading to unexpected views- the scenes of the city felt both new and familiar all at once.

On our second morning, after walking across Pulteney Bridge (with a few necessary shop and coffee shop pit stops en route), we wound up on this beautiful square the other side of the city and found ourselves embracing the French city feel of this West Country escape. On top of that, with an outfit built up of my Parisian loves ba&sh (and some navy denim and deep red to embrace my inner Jeanne Damas), I felt suitably chic for a day of running around the city (trust me when I say you can do gold heels and still be comfortable thanks to Next)- and I couldn’t have fallen in love with it more. Who needs the Eurostar anyway?


Paris or Bath, Bath or Paris?



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