Living in South East London, I’m comfortably out of the hubbub majority of central London- the most part of new openings fall well out of my travel card zone and the dream of having a local tube station is comfortably a distant reality (2019 people)! So, when talk turns to exciting new openings a stones throw away from home, it’s safe to say Joe and I will always try and be some of the first through the door- which is where Llewelyn’s in Herne Hill comes in…

Having heard whispers of this beautiful place across Instagram for a little while now, I was over the moon to hear of an official opening date- and choosing the hottest day of the year so far- we set out one warm weekend for a lunch by the railway- amongst the buzz of the Sunday famers market and chatter of those eating al fresco too.

Situated next to the station, it’s a perfect location for locals and visitors alike, and with a menu boasting breakfast, lunch and dinner- there’s plenty of reason to swing by at your leisure too. Opting for the lunch menu, we tucked into small plated starters including deep fried artichokes with aioli and oak-smoked salmon, followed by fresh Dover sole, chicken and delicious chocolate cake with spelt ice cream to finish- and couldn’t have left more happy and full.

But, naturally- if you don’t fancy three courses or small sharing plates- Llewelyn’s also boasts a range of homemade counter bakes, fresh pressed juices and a selection of herbal brews from local Good & Proper too. It’s the ultimate friendly-face dining space, and despite being beautifully design led with an innovative and locally sourced menu, there’s nothing pretentious about Llewelyn's- and I can assure you you’ll feel right at home (even if you have had to make a train journey across the city)…

293-295 Railton Rd, Herne Hill, London SE24 0JP


Visiting Llewelyn's

I feel like this week went by in a bit of an anxiety fuelled flash. I don't ever really touch on things ~like that~ on here, but even chatting this week (and watching and listening to various things, as you'll hear about in a bit) has made me realise it's always a conversation worth having. Perhaps it was the tension of Line of Duty (which O M G) or another General Election that got the ball rolling- but having a Sunday filled with a little bit of me time is exactly what the doctor ordered. That and Harry Styles for Rolling Stone. Always.

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to...

(L-R Sources: Meg, NY Times, Briony, Fearne Cotton)

The Must-Reads:
One piece I discovered this week via the power of Twitter was this NY Times article based on 'the new meaning of fast fashion', which was shared by my wonderful friend Ros. The piece discusses the announcement that FarFetch would be delivering Gucci in 90 minutes across 10 major cities and how it's okay to sometimes wait for the things you want. One line that particularly struck a chord with me said, 'in treating investment fashion — which is to say fashion that takes time to create and consumers to understand (and often, desire) — as a commodity, you risk changing how people think about it, and value it, in an essential way'. With the changing landscape of more luxury based bloggers and YouTubers, this is definitely something I think is worth discussing, and a topic that I am hugely fascinated by too. Having been someone who has always treated designer shopping as a considered, thought-out process- I'm keen to see how this pans out over the next few months. I also loved this piece by Fearne Cotton on validation and being enough- something hugely important (especially when you're feeling a little delicate)!

The YouTube Channel:
Oddly enough, this week I haven't managed to fit that much video or television watching in. Aside from Line of Duty (naturally) and the fantastic Mind over Marathon (which I'd recommend to anybody as it was truly inspirational)- I haven't actually squeezed in many YouTube minutes. The one person who I have loved though (which is no secret) is Lily Pebbles. Although I love all of her videos, it was her Q&A videos over the last week that I particularly enjoyed, and loved hearing her discuss the elements of blogging rarely spoken about- including creating #ad campaigns, having other people on board and click bait.

Another video I have have have to include is Meg's video on depression. Not only is it one of the most articulate, touching videos I've seen on the subject- but seeing someone be so raw, brave and open about depression was so, so wonderful and bloody important. Mental health is one of the hardest topics to touch on (especially when it's affecting you) so seeing someone so loved and admired in blogging step out is amazing. She da bee's knees.

The Blog Love:
The thing I love most about my friend Briony (aside from the obvious fact she's a lovely person and her style, naturally)- is her eloquence and intellect when it comes to fusing her two working worlds of blogging and politics. This week she wrote a post about dressing for work, not having to sacrifice your style to be taken seriously and how fashion and intellect are not mutually exclusive and 'wearing a cute pair of heels won't lessen your intelligence'. Wise words from a very wise lady (yup, thats three university degrees and counting)...

The Podcast:
Oh my god was this week podcast gold OR WHAT. Although I've still got to finish listening to a couple (trust me when I say they're the perfect baking partner)- my ears are happy to have a light relief from my overplaying of Alexandra Savior. My first big love was obviously Emma's hugely inspiring interview with Seth Godin, as well as Prince Harry's chat with Bryony Gordon on mental health, which I highly recommend. I've also loved the power duo podcasts from Arden and Will (which talks about everything from conspiracy theories to adulting) and all the lols from Jules and Sarah too. YOU GUYS SPOIL ME.

Objects of desire:


Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week 17/04/2017

Over the last few months I feel fortunate enough to have discovered some new skincare brands that mean I've been able to leave my three-step-comfort-zone and start introducing some new brands and products which don't leave me breaking out the next morning. It's always tricky to step away from the known (especially when it works)- but it's always a treat to try some shiny new skincare, and fortunately I can say these come recommended (and hope you might even find a gem or two here yourself, be it face or body)!

I'll be honest- this gal can be a little lazy when it comes to looking after anything that isn't upwards of her neck before summertime. We have to be comfortably out of tights weather for a razor to become familiar with my legs (TMI?) And when it comes to post-bath moisturising, I'm too quick to climb into by bed to even think about anything other than sleep. But this year I vow to change this. With the addition of one of my favourite Tom Ford scents, Soliel Blanc, in body oil form- as well as Jo Malone's Lime Basil and Mandarin soap and body cream (which is the most fresh summery scent)- sitting bath side, I have very little excuse to not put a little more me-time into bath-time. Additionally, I also sampled a couple of Zoella's products this month including her Sweet Inspirations spritz and Daisy Picking candle- which are both gorgeous scents for something light and summery. Good job, lady!

And for the face! I had to include the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, as in short, it's been my total hero product over the past two months. Since December I was so in love with my Kate Sommerville Goat Milk cleanser, but after running out- I needed something new (that I could buy in the UK)- and in stepped this bad boy. It's gentle, does the job and leaves my skin clear and nourished, and what more could you want? Partnered with the Glow Tonic to go pads, they've been a power duo in keeping my skin glowing and clear. A more recent addition comes in from La Mer with their Revitalising Hydrating Serum- which although is more of a recent addition has been locking in extra moisture (but I'll feedback soon with whether it's worth the £££)! In terms of masks, I've been loving the Dior Glow Better Jelly Mask which is a gentle exfoliating mask as well as the Frank Body Glow Mask which is perfect for a morning moisture mask if you have a spare 5.

In terms of post-cleansing rituals, this month I have been using Fresh's Rose Deep Hydration Cream both morning and night (and occasionally switching it up in the mornings with this Elemis Hydra Boost Day Cream). It's the perfect neutral nourishing fix for my skin, and keeps my skin looking healthy (without any redness)! If I'm seriously in need of some peeper-love, I'll also use the Eye Reviver from The White Company (which is more of a gel opposed to a cream) but is great at hydration around the eyes, which is hugely necessary after hours of screen time. My last love comes in from Origins and their Flower Fusion sheet masks, which have been a total staple in any quick pamper evenings (where I don't want to laboriously apply and wash off a mask after half an hour) and work total magic.


New Season Skincare

(Dress: Rixo London, Espadrilles: Castaner, Bag: Tidy Street General Store)

A few months ago my friend Charlotte introduced me to a wonderful London based brand called Rixo, and I was all over their bold vintage prints, beautiful shapes and gorgeous crafted dresses faster than a new Supreme drop (so much so I think I screen grabbed/saved/shed small tears over their Amy dress)- before finally making an investment in this gorgeous piece recently (it's not Supreme, but it's definitely cool). With their ethos standing that the girls oversee the whole garment process (and collaborate with highly skilled factories)- it truly felt like making a purchase of something special- and the design, craft and skill are only a small fraction of what make this dress such a perfect spring wardrobe piece.

Anyway- having taken the day for a local lunch and some serious garden time, this dress made for the perfect daytime get up with worlds comfiest espadrilles and I know it would look equally gorgeous with heels in the summer for something a little more dressy too. Plus, having picked up this basket whilst in Brighton earlier this month (I promise it's more practical than it looks- I had a book and my huge camera tucked in)- it's quickly become one of my favourite looks (and since meeting Mary Bezza in it too, there's a chance it won't be coming off any time soon either)...


Rixo London

(Top: Sezane, Jeans: ASOS, Shoes: Castaner, Glasses: & Other Stories, Bag: C/O Sezane)

As with a lot of things online, blogging is exceptionally good at highlighting certain trends. Although I'd say I'm as trendy as a pair of socks and crocs, I do turn to bloggers for style inspiration- be it through Instagram, Pinterest or even dominating street style pages in weekly mags (which I still love flicking through in the morning with breakfast)- and often find myself discovering new brands or styles through a quick scroll on my homepage. For example, some of my favourite ever brands have been down to an Instagram follow, the online word of mouth, or a quick tweet on my timeline. There's the Realisation Par dresses of dreams, the infamous Gucci everything, the Reformation wrap around, and of course everyone's current love, the Birkin basket- which I am all about.

However, at the moment- Sezane is the big name on everyone's lips. Having been a long time admirer of the brand (thanks to girls like Alex and Alice) it was only last month that I made an order (including this bag and later this tee), and I think we have a new favourite on our hands. Perhaps I've been soaking up too much Adenorah or Jeanne Damas (or maybe not as I definitely can't pull off that level of effortless cool), but I've been a huge advocate of espadrilles with everything and a slogan tee to compliment any worn in pair of blue jeans- and in all honesty, I love it. Perhaps it's not the most exciting or original, but to me it's pretty timeless- and when trends move so quickly, surely a bit of a signature is just what the doctor ordered.


Sezane in Soho



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