(Sunglasses: Celine, Dress: C/O Hush, Shoes: Castaner, Bag: & Other Stories (similar))

Having not visited Mallorca since the days of kids clubs, early morning suncream application (naturally so I could get in the pool as soon after breakfast as possible), mid-morning pool disco exercise classes and all inclusive buffets- it's safe to say it's been a while since I've visited this beautiful Balearic Island properly. With no summer holiday booked for this year and Instagram endlessly reminding me that there is in fact a world out there where the sun shines and the sea is blue, I felt incredibly excited to pack up my overnight case for a couple of nights in sunny Spain with one of my favourite lifestyle brands, Hush (as well as the lovely Lizzy (a.k.a photo taker extraordinaire), Hannah, Carlie, Jordan and Loanne). With a bag bulging full of everything from dreamy beach bags, vintage inspired carpenter denim to day-to-night dresses- I felt suitably prepared for days exploring the town and evenings near the sea.

Arriving in Mallorca, our hotel, Cala Sant Vicenç (kindly organised by Classic Collection Holidays) was a stones throw away from the clear sea- with views of the sweeping and vast mountains and woodland in view too. It felt miles away from the hubbub of Palma- but being a short bike ride away from Pollença and Port de Pollença, felt like it was close enough to the hubbub of traditional fruit markets and dock-side drinks- all whilst maintaining the peace and escape we were all looking forward to.

Seeing as it had been years since I was last here it also felt amazing rediscovering the area. With a contrast of winding back roads, traditional stone houses and bustling town squares all making up the town- with the harbour being a short drive away, it soon had me at hello all over again. With authentic traditional tapas bars and idyllic cafes like Cappuccino along the front, we were spoilt over the days we spent there- wrapping up our time with a beach side dinner at the stunning Hotel Illa d'Or- a spa hotel near the port which also happens to specialise in fine dining and some of the most beautiful views I've seen...

Although our stay was only short and sweet (but apparently long enough for me to positively burn my ankles)- I'm pretty certain I won't be leaving it as long before I return- and with the trip a mere couple of hours away- perhaps I'll be booking a summer holiday this year after all.

(Dress: C/O Hush, Bag: C/O Hush, Shoes: Castaner, Sunglasses: Celine)

A huge thank you to Hush and Classic Collection for organising such a beautiful trip!


Exploring Mallorca

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! This week has been a bit of a hectic one, but also felt a little like the longest week ever. With lots of grown up things taking shape (will certainly update you all soon) and a whistle-stop trip to Paris (we arrived at 1pm and were home by 9)- it's all felt a little bit fleeting and frantic- whilst also being incredibly exciting at the same time. I'm also well underway with my new design progress and am so excited to share things (and maybe ask for some handy volunteers to site test when the time is nearer too)! I hope you've all had a wonderful week- and here's to the next being full of sunshine!

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to...

(Chloe, Lorde, Carrie & Anna & Lily)

The Must-Reads:
A couple of posts that tickled my fancy this week began with a piece The Debrief published on '5 Inspiring Women On What Scares Them'. Not only was it wonderful reading about the careers of some new (and extremely talented) women, but learning how they've dealt with their career struggles, biggest fears and overcome them along the way made for a hugely inspiring piece indeed. Another I loved was Chloe's post about fancy holidays- which definitely struck a chord with me! It's definitely something interconnected with the ol' comparison bug, but it felt like a little tiny-violin-free reminder that you don't have to do anything to prove yourself in this industry (or any others, in fact). Finally! This piece by Rolling Stone on the amazing Lorde was also a fantastic longer read. Ain't she the bloody best?

The Podcast:
You know how passionately I feel about the podcast, and this week there have been two that I have been head-over-heels for. The first being Lily and Anna's 'At Home With...' Series. I began this on the train to Devon a couple of weeks ago for their first episode with Jo Elvin, and equally adored this weeks with the gorgeous Kate Johnson too. The pair have such a natural, warm interviewing style and it's such a pleasure to listen to during the daily grind.

Another listen I loved this week was Briony Gordon's chat with one of my favourite foodies, Gizzi Erskine. Hearing Gizzi speak so candidly about ADHD and other mental health issues was truly refreshing- and Briony's 'Mad World' podcasts are undoubtedly some of my absolute favourites.

The Website Love:
I'm sure you're all more than familiar with my friend Carrie and her beautiful blog WishWishWish by now- and this week it turned the ripe old age of 9! I absolutely loved Carrie's roundup through the years, and it definitely bought back some flash-backs from one dedicated reader over here (and made me realise how far blogging has truly come too)! HBD WWW!

The Video:
Ugh, as if I couldn't love Alexa any more. Just watch and see.

Objects of desire:


Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week 15/5/17

Three words I'd normally use to describe my personal style include, 'girlie', 'feminine' and 'timeless' (y'know, if I do say so myself) with another three including 'girl group wannabe'- because who doesn't want two pieces and mini's like The Ronettes, or co-ords and sequins a la Baby Spice...

Regardless of those things, and the connotations words like 'girlie' or 'feminine' bring to mind, one thing I will always say about my style is that I am a trainer person through and through. Perhaps it's years of being told to 'look after my feet' by my wonderful nan (especially during my brief stint at uni when going 'out out' for me meant brogues over heels)- but there's something wonderful about finding style in comfort, and knowing that something more casual can completely transform something from twee and ladylike- to a little bit more relaxed and classic (look at Farah Fawcett or a certain Ms. Chung for further proof)...

Which is where Gola come in. Having been a long time lover of the brand and their heritage (I'll thank Papa P for that), and the fact they balance retro and modern styling so well- I was extremely excited to style up a couple of their new season offerings with some of my wardrobe favourites, all whilst traipsing around some of my favourite London haunts- not bad for a mid-week pick me up! So without further ado, let me introduce you to a couple of my significant others in the footwear department...

With the Tennis Mark Cox being my go-to of late (it's amazing they've stayed so white, let's just say that)- I've loved pairing them with everything from floaty midi's, biker jackets and cut offs to a simple pale denim and bomber jacket look- and know they'd look equally cool dressing down a suited co-ord for something completely juxtaposed and wonderful. Put it this way- they're the 'I woke up like this' shoe for the ultimate in just rolled out of bed effortless kudos (and even coordinated with my favourite brekkie location of Palm Vaults too)!

My other favourite pick goes to the Specialist trainer in sky blue, which we took for a spin along one of my favourite streets in London- Redchurch Street. There's something incredibly vintage looking with coloured suede, and I love how amazing primary colours look popping next to a simple black outfit- and even cooler with some kick flares and a slogan tee. There's a handful of tea dresses that are waiting to be partnered with these bad boys- and as soon as it warms up, you can bet that's pretty much all you'll be seeing around here...

And if that wasn't enough to satisfy you're sartorial taste buds, I've also done a wee video with Gola here, chatting all things blogging, inspiration and London- so have a nosey at that too if you fancy!


Post in collaboration with Gola, but love of their trainers comfort and attempting to be cool all very much my own

Which Gola Are You?



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