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Photos by Joe Galvin

It’s safe to say the last couple of weeks have been a bit of a surreal whirlwind in terms of travel (typing this on a turbulent plane from New York to Orlando pretty much sums it up perfectly- but having Mamma Mia on in the background is currently nursing any mild worry). After scheduling and sharing my safari posts, Joe and I hopped on a plane to the Big Apple for a fleeting (and pretty special) dinner with KitchenAid (which you can spot a little more about here and here)- but not before making a little room for a spot of city exploring- what’s 48 hours in New York without racking up the steps after all, right?

With our first afternoon spent largely battling heavy eyes and trying to resist giving in to jet lag (we lasted until about 7pm)- we wandered through Soho from our TriBeCa hotel (an area relatively new to us) for a little bit of shopping (Sephora being pretty much obligatory) and donut pick-ups in the Lower East Side- before heading back to our room for pizza in bed- it’d be rude not to, wouldn’t it? I mean, there’s something relatively rose-tinted about city views and pizza crumbs in the sheets- or perhaps that’s just New York for you…


From Kenya to New York

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If I'm being totally honest, visiting Giraffe Manor felt like a bit of a dream. Although it was definitely a whistle stop visit for dinner before our midnight flight from Nairobi to London, being able to visit at all was still wonderful (although I'm definitely now looking at a stay, just to experience the breakfast)!

Built in the 1930's across 12 acres of leafy forest in the centre of Nairobi, Giraffe Manor is the beautiful home of the resident Rothschild giraffe- a breed carefully nurtured and bred by the manor in order to reintroduce them to the wild (another reason why I was so enamoured with The Safari Collection was down to all of the conservation work that they do). Although there's only ten double bedrooms in the manor, we were able to enjoy a delicious afternoon tea on the patio, before dinner in one of the main living areas (sadly once the giraffes had gone to bed)!

I really hope you've enjoyed reading my Kenya posts as much as I've enjoyed putting them together! It truly was one of the most incredible trips I've been on, so hopefully you've perhaps found a nugget of inspiration in here somewhere! I'd love to know if any of you have been on safari too! I've definitely fallen a little head over heels for Africa, and hope that one day I can go back again (especially if giraffes are involved)!


Giraffe Manor

Perched alongside the Sand River and overlooking the Serengeti and the Tanzanian border in the distance, it wouldn't be unusual to catch a collective of zebras grazing from your pool over at Sala's Camp- our home following a couple of days in Samburu. With the journey between spots taking little over an hour- we made headway for the camp just before the rain came, and began to settle in our new riverside abode.

With rooms boasting riverside views, pools, brass bath tubs and the soundtrack of animals and humming birds- it's a pretty special experience to camp pretty much at one with nature (I heard someone describe the camp as 'low key luxury' which felt pretty apt)! The communal mess area also offers delicious lunches and supper, along with a roaring fireside during the chillier evenings and deckside dining when it's sunny too- which made coming home after a day of drives feel like the perfect wind down...

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But back to the drives! With Lucy, Ben, Nicole and I all hopping up around 6am each day for our drive- it was amazing to catch the Mara at sunrise each day (with a delicious freshly cooked bush breakfast seeing us through around 9:30- definitely making the early starts more bearable)! With the Mara showcasing an incredibly rich amount of wildlife, it almost felt like a real life performance of the Lion King each day (bar the soundtrack, naturally)- and spotting wildebeest, hyena and even rhino helped us complete a mental tick list of our already expanding list of sightings across Kenya.

With the savannah offering a slightly greener setting compared to Samburu, being able to spot prides of lions hiding in the bushes and tall grass made for some incredible viewing each day- and I can't believe how fortunate I felt to be able to tick off sighting some of the world's most rare animals in their natural habitat (although breaking down next to some hippos did concern me slightly- but hey, it's one for the kids)! After a couple of days at Sala's, we set off for our final stop in Nairobi- which has to be one of the most incredible places on earth...

A huge thanks to The Safari Collection for hosting me on this trip


Postcards from the Masai Mara



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