They're ~literally~ hair raisingly good #sorrynotsorry...

I feel a bit guilty for using such an embarrassing pun as the opener to a post dedicated to two such amazing products- but alas, if it's accurate then why not? I very rarely feel inclined to write a whole post dedicated to two sole products, but with the Bumble and Bumble Full Potential range, I felt somewhat pushed to share this power duo in their own little spotlight...

Now, I'm definitely one to go on about how 'fine' my hair is. It's baby soft, pretty thin- and although there's quite a fair bit of it, it definitely lacks in the volume department after a wash (something I tend to do daily, or every other day at best). So, after being introduced to the Full Potential range, I had high hopes and mixed concerns. Volumizing shampoos tend to leave my hair feeling a bit 'weighty' (for lack of a better word)- and almost like I've not fully cleaned my hair properly. It's been nigh on impossible to discover a shampoo that gives me extra lift without feeling a build up, but this is where this pairing come in.

With the range containing a shampoo (my hero product), conditioner and boosting spray (which I've not used quite as much due to being a little lazy)- it's an absolute dream for leaving hair feeling clean (but not soft), lifted and well loved. Another perk is that it claims to be 'hair preserving', meaning it keeps hair on your head for longer and reduces breakage- which with the amount of heat I tend to use, is an incredible add on. I'm about to devour my second bottle of this, so I can promise it's worth the talk (I know Sali Hughes has spoken about it here too)- so if you're on the market for some new barnet love- look no further!


The Two Hair Staples You Need

The Bloggers Market is back for version 3.0, and we'd love to see you!

If friends, shopping, food and (a lotta) fun is the description of your ideal Saturday- I have a little suggestion for you... Next weekend some of my favourite ladies and I (that's Carrie, Lucy, Dunya and Kristabel FYI) will be setting up shop once again at The Apartment in the Hoxton Hotel Holborn (the Holborn part is important, folks) for a day of girlie giggles, shopping and lots of very special surprises too (don't say we don't spoil ya ; )!

With pieces ranging from high street to high end (with goodies starting from around a cheeky 50p)- there's plenty to pick from (and we'll be putting out new stock throughout the day too, so don't fret about us running out too)! On top of that we have an Instagram studio filled with beautiful Oliver Bonas props and flowers from Bloomon to help with those perfect pre-purchase flat-lay shots too (because hey, if you didn't share it- did you really buy it?! I jest...) The kick-ass Carrie will also be hosting a couple of workshops throughout the day too (if you fancy getting some top Instagram and photography tips)- so stay tuned for timings of those too!

Of course, if after a morning of shopping you need a bit of TLC (or, y'know a bit of pre-Saturday night out pampering) we'll have cake and goodies supplied from the gorgeous Nicole at Afternoon Crumbs (check out her blog if you fancy getting some serious cake-excitement), Talking Tables, as well as complimentary hair and make up from We Are Beautiq- and to top it off, the ridiculously talented Maëlle from Cirque de Papier will be doing live illustration on mini notebooks for you to take away too!

So, if you fancy an afternoon hanging out with wonderful women (friendships have been known to bud), plenty of chatter and lots of wonderful things to while away a Saturday in the city- come by! We can't wait to meet you all, and always have time for a natter and catch up!

To keep up to date with all the latest details, sign up on our Facebook, check out the hashtag or Eventbrite page!

The Hoxton
199 - 206 High Holborn

Nearest Tube: Holborn

The most important thing to remember is that we'll be hosting #TheBloggersMarket at the HIGH HOLBORN Hoxton Hotel, not the Great Eastern Street branch. You don't want to be stuck on that 55 bus now. If you're using CityMapper search 'Hoxton Holborn' or WC1V 7BD. Come straight out from the escalators, cross over the road towards Sainsburys and head down High Holborn. After 100m, the hotel will be on your left.


Fancy hanging out next week?

(Hat: ASOS (now £11!), Jacket: c/o Reiss, Blouse: C/O Reiss, Jeans: C/O Reiss, Belt: Vintage, Bag: C/O Reiss, Shoes: C/O Reiss)

I'll be honest, I'm not very good at the sexy smart look so many girls seem to wear so effortlessly. The last time I happily wore a jacket and trousers (and thought I looked marginally cool) was in Sixth Form (anything that wasn't my year 11 kilt tended to make me feel remotely sophisticated), and I still haven't quite acquired the knack of making it look effortless, or anything less than workwear...

...So, in a feeble attempt to try something smarter, Reiss introduced me to their beautiful new Spring collection, to which I turned my hand to this somewhat Florence Welch (meets, ahem, James Bay) inspired seventies smart look; a beautiful terracotta loosely tailored suede jacket, Victoriana blouse (which me and my favourite Princess seem to similarly have fallen for) and some chunky heels to keep things ladylike too. I'm completely obsessed with this robe style jacket for these transitional months (you'd be amazed at how much warmth it keeps in too, if you're a nana like me)- and paired with some go-to accessories makes for the perfect tube-to-meetings-to-LFW-shows look, without scrimping on the smart either.

and here's what I wore...


Reiss-es Pieces

Although it's sometimes hard to believe I've listened to anything other than Pillow Talk this month (I promise it was only once I listened 5 times in a row)- it's been another month of new discoveries, new Queen Bey and so much listening that I actually had to revert to podcasts for a bit as to not ruin some of my favourite songs. Can you blame a girl? With new girl on the block Kita Alexander consuming a whole heap of my listening time (you can see the interview I did with her here), as well as rediscovering my love for all things Tame Impala after seeing them at Ally Pally (♥ Kevin)- it's been a good old month for this gals ears! As always let me know what you've been loving as I'm always keen to keep broadening my musical horizons...

February '16

1. Kita Alexander - My Own Way
2. Tame Impala - Yes I'm Changing
3. Zayn - Pillow Talk
4. Tame Impala - The Moment
5. Flo Morrissey - Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful
6. Black Honey - Corrine
7. Jamie T - Magnolia Melancholia
8. Mac Demarco - The Way You'd Love Her
9. Jessie Ware/Sampha - Valentine
10. Smith Westerns - Imagine Pt.3
11. Kendrick Lamar - Alright
12. Sunflower Bean - Easier Said
13. Isaac Gracie - Last Words
14. The Big Moon - The Road
15. Beyonce - Formation
16. James Blake - Modern Soul


The Monthly Playlist: February

'and the award for most generic post title goes to...'

Yours truly! Ok, this post may not stand out hugely in a sea of fantastically etiquette titles, but one of the most frequent questions I'm often emailed, or asked is how to begin a blog. It's both a big and small question with the obvious answer being 'go to Blogger, Wordpress or Tumblr' and just do it- but with other points equally as important to note (especially if you're thinking of making things a little more 'serious' too). But regardless, I thought I'd try and have everything in one place and hopefully inspire some of you on-the-fencers to maybe take the plunge and press publish too!

Platform. Social. Check.
Okay, so literally the first thing you'll need to do is get a platform to write this bad boy from. There are so many incredible varied platforms out there now, so picking isn't as tricky as it's always been. Whether that's Blogger, Wordpress, SquareSpace or Tumblr- find the platform that suits you best and get cracking. When I started, Blogger seemed like the platform I found most easy to digest (being a coding novice too)- and was easy to customise (even if you're keeping it super simple, or even digging out a fancy Etsy layout).

Stop observing, start writing
I genuinely think one of the reasons I had so much faith in my blog during its infancy was down to the fact I didn't concern myself with what other people were doing. I read a handful of blogs I genuinely loved (none of which at this point were full time, or even using DSLR's) and just got on with my own thing. I knew the content I liked, which meant I was able to seek inspiration from that unto my own- but I never even worried about where they were up to in comparison to me, because at the time (and still to this day) it wasn't, and shouldn't really be relevant.

Find your jam
When I begun my blog I was at sixth form, barely out at weekends (unless it was for my Topshop Sunday shift), obsessing over finishing my A-Levels and still found things to write about. You don't have to be on a white sanded desert island to produce amazing content- but being able to find something you love talking about is the best place to start (be it charity shopping, books or gardening etc etc). One of the things that got me started (aside from music and photography) was a love of Nylon Magazine. I adored (and still adore) their content, mix of illustrations, photography, lifestyle, fashion and music content- and wanted something of my own to channel those things from too. I fingered through endless magazines for ideas, and still find that an amazing way of getting inspiration when the sea of blogging becomes a bit big and deep...

Don't worry about what you don't have
Although these things are lovely (and who wouldn't want them), you don't need an Olympus PEN, swanky DSLR, Chloe bag and clean backdrop to nail this blogging thing. Just a keyboard, something to say and a wifi connection, I promise. Everyone is different, and whilst all of the above are great, not having them won't make you a less successful blogger. The same goes for latest launches, new clothes and sweet-ass backdrops. Again, although some of my favourite blogs have those things- a lot of my other favourite blogs don't. For every girl I love writing about designer fashion, I have a complete must-follow who solely wears second hand. Everything in relation.

Just do it
One of my friends once told me, 'if you don't start something, you can never improve'- and I'm pretty sure that is something that has stuck with me ever since and motivated to improve, start and keep on doing what I love. Remember that everyone is at different stages of their lives, and it's never late to give something a go, no matter how daft, ridiculous or unimportant it seems. Just give it a go, and see what happens!

Let me know any of your blog starting tips too in case I've forgotten something! Sharing is caring!


How To Start A Fashion Blog

Mother of Pearl AW16...

Whenever I think of my own personal style, it's rare that I'd ever use the words athletic, sports or luxe to describe it. But with brands like Mother of Pearl, the worlds of both sports and all things feminine fuse, equating to an aesthetic that solely enhances wearability- making the more formal additionally playful, and the more traditional lean towards the more modern. Having first fallen for the brand last season with their nostalgic frilled prairie infused SS offering, for AW16, I had high hopes- and couldn't have been more thrilled that I'd hopped out of bed, partially flu bound, to catch the collection on the final day of LFW.

With the vibe falling along the lines of something between A-Level school girl (meets the sports field) and the cosy comforts of home (fuelled by rich floral wallpaper decor inspired prints). The collection sights inspiration from families at home; 'nightie inspired smock shapes', belted gowns and the 'sportswear of teenagers and fathers'- equating to a wonderful collection bursting with loose feminine (yet masculine) silhouettes offset with a mixture of luxurious velvets, leathers and delicate chiffon tying things together- with none other than slipper inspired mules, and velvet tied flats to top everything off, no less. Now just to wait for it to land...

LFW: Mother Of Pearl AW16

(Hat: ASOS (out of stock, but similar here), Coat: Orla Kiely, Top: ASOS, Trousers: ASOS, Shoes: River Island (old but similar here & here), Bag: C/O Aspinal)

If there's two sartorial scenarios that generally have me stumped it's travelling and, well, winter (read: about 5/12 months of my year) . The two combined usually equate to a dressing sum comprised of large layered knitwear (often bobbled), often ridiculously bright woolly hats, a red nose (models own) and jeans otherwise reserved for dog walking and working from home. Assuring you that my day-to-day dressing isn't all pastels, posh jackets and fancy Victoriana blouses, of course...

However when I was recently invited on a trip to Rotterdam with a mix of bloggers and press- I was pretty sure stepping off of a plane (albeit the shortest journey) in my comfies wasn't about to be totally socially acceptable. There's something about airports that instantly shouts 'FLIPFLOPS AND TRACKSUITS' in my head- so for this occasion, let me introduce you to my new 'I've-made-an-effort/effortless' outfit (sans anything stretchy/fleeced and flat). I didn't quite feel like Victoria Beckham arriving in arrivals, but it's this look (something of a French mime artist) which has been my número uno go to for a weather friendly meeting-appropriate look (with no one having to know I'm wearing tights underneath either). With this frilled collar ASOS top being bargain of the year (and paired with my favourite kick flares that don't make me feel completely tiny)- it was the perfect balance of comfort and 'style' (pardon the phrase) without the need to even touch the cosy flight socks...

Also! I've you've firstly read this far- thank you (I salute you)! But I also want to ask you, dear reader- a question. What would you like to see more of over here? I've been thinking a lot about blog content recently and what works over here so I'd love to know what you enjoy the most. Whether that's style posts, travel, beauty, food or DMC's (deep, meaningful chats FYI)- do let me know. Do you want daily posts? More or less videos? Every bit of feedback is useful- so thank you!


Black, White and Winter Dressing

Having only ever visited Amsterdam previously, getting to know other parts of the Netherlands this month was quite a (cold, but wonderful) treat. Until earlier this year, the most I knew about Rotterdam was everything The Beautiful South had taught me (read: not a lot bar some lyrics that my dad gets intense pleasure from repeating during any impending visits), and The Hague was somewhere completely new to me altogether. So, although it was short but sweet, I've pinned down some of my favourite hubs from each place, to hope to maybe inspire any future visits!

'We will shortly be arriving at Rotterdam The Hague airport'...

Our first stop was a night in The Hague, the '5 minute city' (as several people referred to it to during our stay)- with near to everything (including the beautiful blue coastline) being all but a 5 minute ride away (which makes a 20 minute walk along Oxford Street feel very long indeed). The city is the home the the Dutch royal family, government and embassies- making, as you may imagine, the architecture incredibly beautiful and regal (great for those Instagram shots when the buildings look like perfect dolls houses)- and it's history rich and hugely fascinating. As well as nods to incredible culture, The Hague boasts a brilliant art and design scene, with The Mauritshuis gallery home to golden age artwork, including Rembrandt and a certain Girl With The Pearl Earring (with it's decor reminiscent to the beautiful Wallace collection, too)...

But let's talk food! We also squeezed in a dinner at the amazing Mama Kelly, which is every bit as amazing as it's branding and typography let's on to (yup, I'm that guy). With it's menu being based around a Lobster/Chicken option (similar to Burger & Lobster), everything on the menu is freshly homemade- and accompanied with an interior to rival it's second-to-none sticky toffee pudding- there's no wonder this place is booked up every evening. Finally, if you're looking for a place to rest your head in The Hague Marriott Hotel couldn't have been more perfect. Although I've mentioned before about big hotels feeling a little corporate and old fashioned, this central hub was everything other than that. With each bedroom decked out in Scandi-inspired minimal furniture (there's some serious #lampgoals here, if you're interested)- the hotel rooms oozed a boutique feeling with the comfort of a large hotel (knowing you can grab some room service, or a drink at the equally beautiful bar is always a charm)- and I'd seriously recommend a visit to anyone planning a little weekend around The Netherlands.

Next, was a trip to Rotterdam- certainly a more modern city (there's plenty of more new and contemporary buildings here), but another thriving city in design- and one absolutely worth a stop by. I've always solely (and probably a little ignorantly) only considered visiting Amsterdam when in the Netherlands, but knowing how close everything is (you can pretty much get from Rotterdam to Amsterdam by train in a couple of hours)- I'd definitely consider doing a little round tour of Holland next time- and recommend anyone to do the same too. We stayed in The Manhattan Hotel Rotterdam, a Marriott hotel opposite Centraal Station (yup, it's very convenient), but also hugely luxurious, with possibly the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in (so much so, Kristabel and I both stayed in bed for an extra half an hour as to not leave it's 'cloud-like' dreaminess). Also, although a small feature- it's breakfast buffet was possibly one of the loveliest I've had (with a fresh herb garden so you can prepare your own mint tea too- such a cool idea)!

In terms of exploring, lunch was hosted at the delicious Bazar, a North African/Middle Eastern restaurant, boasting incredible sharing plates (think hummus, falafel and fresh Turkish breads) and a wonderful, vibrant atmosphere- perfect for whiling hours away. We also visited pop ups of both Dr Rotterdam (an amazing speakeasy underground bar all themed around traditional prescriptions and remedies with their cocktails, ahem) and The Harbour Club- both of which were pop ups during our visit to the tennis (another part of our adventure), but both have amazing bases in central Rotterdam and are absolutely worth noting down. Now, although I sadly didn't have time to visit the below, I've also added a handful of recommendations to some other must visits below too if you ever fancy swinging by- I'm already planning another visit so I can tick these off!

Markthal Indoor Market (incredible architecture and hundreds of fresh product stalls and shops) | Margreeth Olsthoorn (Contemporary and minimalist fashion store selling everything from Acne, to young Rotterdam designers) | Kunsthal Rotterdam (great for exhibitions) | GROOS (lifestyle concept store with incredible homeware) | Lilith (all day breakfast bar with amazing pancakes) | The SUE Store (raw and vegan health food cafe and bakery) | VIP (Very Italian Pizza)


24 Hours in: The Hague & Rotterdam



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