(From top left: Dress: Here, Pink Skirt: Here, Blouse: Here, Lace Dress: Here, Glitter Shoes: Here, Cat Bag: Here, Space Dress: Here, Sheer Blouse: Here, Pink Bag: Here, Burgundy Pumps: Here - All via Farfetch

Because a little Far-Fetched day dreaming never did any debit cards any harm, right? Right?

It's been a long time since I've featured a wishlist over here hasn't it? Looking back I think it's been a good four years since I've curated anything with all of the dreamy items living in my bookmarks, but with a new sparkly season just arriving (and lots of things I have my sneaky eye on)- I thought I'd share a little Autumn list of some of the things that are currently inspiring my sartorial choices (even if they're solely for day dreams)...

After scouring through one of my favourite online boutiques, Farfetch (who I'm currently working with, which is verrrry exciting)- I definitely established that my OTP is anything gold and glittery with pink- stat. I also got to discover some seriously beautiful new collections from the likes of Valentino (think planets, stars and constellations), Dolce & Gabanna (rich florals, glitter and Emin inspired embroidery) as well as everyone's bohemian favourite, Chloe. I can definitely think of worse ways to while away a few hours! What are your most desired this season? Answers on a postcard!


Post in collaboration with Farfetch, but love of clothes, online shopping and hours spent making wishlists in Photoshop all my own

New Season Wishing...

Meet Tess...

If you haven't heard of her before, then let me tell you that Tess Ward is a bit of a culinary powerhouse. Not only is she incredibly hardworking, well trained and uber cool (even catching her on one of her rare 'quieter' days, she oozed a stunning off duty cool), but she brings a refreshing and un-intimidating approach to food- which is pretty bloody wonderful. She's passionate, creative and very much in belief of having a well rounded balance, as well as nutrition and good quality ingredients- and makes things achievable for everyone. Not only that, but Tess is a real girls girl- and is all for supporting other women. Could she be any more awesome? Well...

Tess! For those that haven’t heard of your work, tell us a little about yourself…

Hello, thanks for having me over on your lovely blog. I've long been a fan! I am a chef, foodie, writer, keen photographer and a lover of all breakfast food.

You trained at Le Cordon Bleu and have worked in some incredible places (as well as writing an amazing column or two)- has food always been an interest? What inspired your healthy eating?

For me cooking began as a sort of escapism. When I was at university I had a lot of free time and sort of fell into it. Potting, mixing, baking and pickling to my hearts content, I gave my hangover days purpose. It was from there the love developed. Once I mastered the basics of eggs poaching, pasta, curries and other uni staple dishes I started to migrate towards healthier food in an attempt to fix my sensitive digestion. It wasn't a massive turnaround. I have always eaten well and was lucky enough to have had a mum who cooked, but the amazing vitality and energy I felt from upping the amount of veggies and lowering the amount of refined grains and sugar I ate was massive. At the time there were no books that really showed that healthful food could be delicious. I really wanted to change that and help others uncover the delights of simple, yet tasty food and the benefit of good health as I had, so I persevered. It's amazing how much momentum the food movement now has. I feel blessed to be involved.

Are there any memorable meals or ‘foodie’ moments you had growing up- were you always interested in cooking and creating new dishes and combinations?

I was far more interested in eating than cooking until I was in my teens. My chosen treat after school was lazy gal flapjack oats. Basically I used to melt oats with butter and maple syrup in a frying pan and eat it hot with a wooden spoon. It never made it to the baking tray. To this day flapjacks are still once of my favourite treats. I put my almond and pine nut butter bars in my cookbook as an ode to these afternoons of mine and that wooden spoon.

You write and cook full time- what does an average day look like for you?

No two days are the same- but you can count on a lot of cooking, writing, emails and maybe if I'm lucky a lovely meal out at the end of the day with a friend or at an event. Tomorrow I am up at 7am to shoot for a Le Cordon Bleu alumni video, then a meeting in Soho, then I hope to squeeze in a lunchtime yoga class. In the afternoon I have some new recipes to develop for Fabulous Magazine and then dinner with some friends at Pachamama in Marylebone.

'I just focus on how I can continue making delicious, everyday food accessible- I think it's important to strike a balance'

Your first book, The Naked Diet came out this year (you go girl)- how did the whole process come around? How long did it take to come up with the recipes? Were they ones you’d already been turning to?

Aw thanks. It was an amazing honour when that came around. At the time I was about to begin ghost writing a book for Dorling Kindersley. But working on my own book with Quadrille, who really got my idea for design and were happy to run with my idea for the photography was a dream- so after that came through it all moved quite fast.

Which is your favourite recipe you’ve created- what ingredients do you love using?

My spiced lamb meatballs from the book is definitely one of my favourites to eat. I like to cook seasonally so the ingredients I use tend to reflect that. At the moment it's sweetcorn.

With the rise of Instagram and Twitter, and ultimately social sharing- do you think it’s changed the way we approach food?

For sure it is changing. I think the way that food is so much more accessible through the internet is great. I often use websites as inspiration when I wonder the aisles of the supermarket. As with anything there are negatives too. There are a lot of voices now that marginalise certain food groups, which I don't agree with. Gluten and sugar are to the present what fat was to the '90s, and people are now shunning them in favour of often poorer quality products that contain more chemicals and preservatives. One thing is for sure, social media has made food fashionable. It's just a shame that so many people value popularity over credibility.

There’s been a wave of green and ‘raw’ eating this year, as well as a lot of media surrounding it being a ‘fad’ and ultimately, trendy- where do you stand on the whole shebang?

I try not to get involved. I do get dragged into a press articles about healthy eating from time to time, but for the most part I just focus on how I can continue making delicious, everyday food accessible. I think it's important to strike a balance, my only rule is not eating raw food for dinner. It's hard to digest.

If you had to cook dinner for anyone- who would you cook for, and what would you cook?

Stephen Fry. It would certainly be something classic, probably a roast chicken with tarragon sauce and all the trimmings!

If you could only cook one meal for the rest of your life what would it be? What’s your biggest comfort food?

I would choose my mum's chicken fajitas with peppers, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. We are big on sharing food in my family; plonking a selection of things in the centre of the table for people to serve, roll and wrap their own. It's interactive and fun.

Being a ‘girl crush’ feature- which women in food do you look up to and admire? Is there anyone that inspired you to get in the kitchen?

I really look upto women in business. For the first time in the food industry the women seem to be dominating more headlines then men, which is empowering. Julia Child and Lorraine Pascale are the two female cooks who I find informative and very likeable.

Do you have any favourite London foodie hideaways we should know about, and definitely visit?

Ooooh how could I share... Probably my local coffee shop Fields. It's Clapham's worst kept secret. An adorable little cafe in the middle of the park. I always order poached eggs and bacon on fried cornbread. It's superb!

Finally- what’s next for Tess?

There are a few things I am currently working on- I have just finished filming a series of videos for GQ, which will be available soon. I have also been working with Grey Goose on a selection of Christmas cocktails and canapés. Otherwise my website is just about to be relaunched and I am working towards a few secret projects that will be revealed in the new year!

You can visit Tess's website here, order her book here and follow her here!


Girl Crush #6: Tess Ward

Catching those Z's...

Sleep- we all need it, mostly love it- and sometimes just can't get enough of it, literally. It should be one of the most important things in our 24 hour days, but with us being so switched on and constantly engaged (myself included- I've been known to fall asleep and drop my phone on my face), it's sometimes hard to turn off enough to catch those vital Z's. So, after having a pretty stressful week last week, I decided to put together a mini guide of the few things that help me doze of, in hope it can help some other night owls too...


One of my favourite things to do before bed (ahem, in general) is take a nice bath or hot shower and take 5 to just switch off (or, y'know have deep time shower thinks). A couple of my current favourite wind down products include this Elemis Nourishing Skin Milk (which is so moisturising), Just Lavender body polish (which is great for exfoliation, circulation and it's calming scent) and this new Sunday Riley Blue Moon cleansing balm, which I recently started using and already love using as a mask (and also smells of chocolate orange)- deeeelicious!

Indulging in words...

One of the only times I get to sit down and properly get lost in a book is last thing at night, so making time to settle down, switch off from the Times Square of the Internet and indulge in the written word is such a luxury. It doesn't have to be an intense, deep read (I mostly prefer something light before bed anyway)- but picking out something to help switch off (even better if it's by Sali Hughes and teaches you something brilliant about beauty too)- is always important.

To tech, or to not tech?

Although turning my phone off is pretty integral for me to get a good nights sleep (there's nothing like the glow of your screen to wake you in the middle of the night as an email pings through)- I've recently been using an app called Sleep Cycle to help monitor my sleep, which is great. It helps wake me during my lightest hour (around my alarm time)- so I don't wake up feeling as groggy or tired as normal- definitely worth a go for any early risers!

This Works...

Until recently id never really tried anything by This Works- but after using their Pillow Spray their brand name has become all too relevant, because boy did this help me catch the Z's. I know something like this won't cure all of the sleep problems there are, but being clinically proven to help improve sleep and relaxation it does get a huge thumbs up from me, and certainly helped calm a very busy mind before bed and drift off peacefully.

The 'L' word...

It's no secret that loading up on the lavs (which is an abbreviation that sounds far better on paper than aloud) is the perfect partner for some added calm. I bought this mini lavender oil when travelling recently and it's delicate fragrance certainly helped keep this gal chill. If I'm feeling a little anxious or need a little relaxation, a couple of drops on my PJs (or wrists) is the perfect antidote to any jitters.

The gift of nice jammies...

Although not essential, the feeling of putting on a favourite pair of clean PJs always has me jumping into bed before late. These ones from 8 hour studio are certainly a more special pair, but seeing as I'll probably have them for a very long time (and can usually justify wardrobe purchases)- I can warrant a little treat when it comes to sleepwear.

(DISCLAIMER: I know this won't aid certain sleep ailments, and might not help everybody- but after discovering a couple of new things wanted to share them : )


The Mini Good Sleep Guide

(Dress: ASOS, Bag: & Other Stories, Boots: River Island similar here, Faux Fur: Topshop, Bangle: C/O Dinny Hall)

With the last week being one of the busiest of the year (think lots of running around, a wee venture to Stylist Live, meetings, a Halloween party, book launch and seeing pals in between), it took a lot to avoid reaching for my jeans and a knit when Friday came around. But alas! coordination called me (as did this new midi I picked up from ASOS)- and I was off. I recently went to an event of one of my long time favourite designers, Matthew Williamson (which was gorgeous and incredibly surreal, but more on that another time)- and met a few of the beautiful girls working there. All of the girls had serious dress and boot coordination down, and I can honestly say inspired this look a little- good job ladies!

Anyway- although dressed up, this outfit was one made for a lunch with friends and my first ever HIIT personal training session (which I changed for, I promise- I'm not that much of a gym novice)- and felt perfectly appropriate for a day in the city. But saying that, when getting dressed on this particular morning- I read a piece by Pandora Sykes (a.k.a talented and well dressed babe of the year) talking about personal style and the perils of external judgment on the tube- and certainly felt I could relate wearing something 'this daring' whilst taking a stuffy central line jaunt. There's definitely something about red faux faur, skin tight croc boots and a slitted midi dress that gages attention- but if there was ever a time to use 'YOLO' I think this is definitely it- here's to unapologetic fun dressing!


Autumn Leaves

(Top: ASOS, Trousers: ASOS, Bag: & Other Stories, Boots: Next, Bangle: C/O Dinny Hall, Rings: Astrid & Miyu)

Don't hate me for saying this- but I'm not a huge fan of 'fall' dressing. Yes I said it. While most bloggers are having a field day about layering, big coats (which, don't get me wrong- I love), tights and more layers- I'm still singing a little sorrow for bare legs, white summer dresses and the need for nothing but a leather jacket at best. I'm sorry, ok! So- by attempting this trans-seaonsal thing, I pulled out some pale denim and a lick of white to try and get away with it while I can...

Okay, so let's address the seventies elephant in the room- these jeans would look a hella lot better if I was 5'10 (and/or Taylor Swift)- but there's something I'm completely enamoured with about the cropped flare, that keeps this gal (and her little legs) keep coming back for more. They feel like the younger 'more playful' sister of the grown up full flare- and paired with some fun ankle boots (which, yes, you can actually see with these jeans)- I'm all for it. I also teamed this little look with this top designed by powerhouse (and ultra babe), Megan for her ASOS collection- which is the perfect simple lace number for pretty much every look- you go girl!


The Kick Flare


This isn't a new addition to my list of 'lovely places in London for dinner'- so I'm pretty surprised it's taken me so long to include it in a post, or recommendation! Having first visited Hawksmoor two years ago for Joe's 21st birthday, Joe and I have been back for several occasions since, and headed over to the Air Street branch last week for a Monday evening date night. With a menu focussed around their expertise in all things meat and fish (Joe opted for the steak, whilst I opted for the Bream), it was the perfect hideout on a rainy evening for something delicious (we also sampled the beetroot salad, which was wonderful). The setting boasts an air of 1920's romanticism, so curling up in one of their booths tucking in to their Crunchy bar and salted caramel rolo puddings, was the perfect way of wrapping up an evening- now to head back and tackle the rest of the menu!

5 Air St, London W1J 0AD


It's no secret that I'm a huge fangirl of a certain Ms Dawn O'Porter. She's kick ass at many things (writing and presenting just being two of them)- but today I'm talking about her beautiful vintage pop up, BOB, that's back for a second round (*ding ding*) and around until Christmas too! If you hadn't heard already (and why not? I did an interview here and all) Dawn is an avid vintage collector and curator, and her pop up BOB is home to just some of her many finds, as well as her own collection- all of which is pretty bloody cool indeed. Whether you're after original Ossie Clark (and who isn't?), an illustrated skirt of dreams or even something for weekend dancing- you're sure to find it here- go go go!

Dawn is also doing a heap of amazing things to help continue to raise awareness and send aid for refugees in Calais, so if you can offer any help please head here too

BOB, 8 Newburgh Street, London


Caravan is one of those places everyone seems to have already visited- so I am certainly late to the party. Although I've heard endless praise for their Exmouth Market restaurant and their famous breakfasts and coffees, it was only when Joe and I were in Kings Cross recently (searching for dinner spots) that we finally decided to pay a long overdue visit. The charm about the menu is that there is undoubtedly something for every occasion, be it pizza, small sharing plates or something more hearty- and everything is wonderful. The only qualm is that this place gets busy quickly- so definitely book ahead if you can (and yes, you can book)!

1, Granary Building, Granary Square, London N1C 4AA

London Loves #6

Who doesn't love porridge first thing on a crisp Autumn morning?

It's the most warming delicious start to the day- and although it can sometimes feel like it's a bit of a time consuming meal- can easily be done in the microwave in less than 3 minutes! If you have more time it's great to do the milk (or cream) and oats in a saucepan, but these are just a few quick delicious morning fixes for when you don't have lots of time! I'd also love to hear your favourite flavour combinations- so let me know those too! As always, if you create anything yourself, don't forget to hashtag #bakewithliv so I can see!

Banana, Agave and Cinnamon Porridge:
This five minute version has been my go-to ever since we hit September. There's something warming and hugely autumnal about anything with cinnamon in it, and the pairing of the banana and agave nectar make for something sweet too (you can also use honey or syrup for your fix too)!

You will need:
- 40g Porridge Oats
- 200ml Milk
- A Banana
- A squeeze of Agave Nectar (it's super sweet, so you don't need much)
- Ground Cinnamon

1. Pop your oats and milk in a microwave safe bowl, and heat for 2 minutes before removing to stir and add in a little cinnamon, and then heating for another minute and a half.

2. Chop your banana, and add your agave and cinnamon and enjoy with a big cuppa!

Winter Berry Porridge:
Although this number requires a little bit of night-before prep, this berry brekkie makes for the perfect cuddle-in-a-bowl and marginally healthy morning fix for those chilly mornings!

You will need:
- 40g Porridge Oats
- 200ml Milk
- 2 tbs Caster Sugar
- Handful of Raspberries
- Handful of Blackberries
- A handful of Sliced Almonds

1. The night before, or a little before you want your breakfast- put your sugar and raspberries into a saucepan and simmer gently for about 20 minutes until everything has broken down into a compote. Put aside and leave to cool, before popping into the fridge until you need it.

2. As before, take your oats and milk and microwave. Once out, add a spoonful of your compote, a handful of blackberries and some almonds before tucking in.

Hazelnut and Chocolate Porridge (read: Naughty Nutella):
Although this can be done with cacao and maple syrup for something 'far' healthier, this is certainly a breakfast for the weekend and is definitely one way of making Mondays more cheerful. You can always use normal milk, but for something a little more nutty I opted for hazelnut!

You will need:
- 40g Porridge Oats
- 200ml Hazelnut Milk
- A teaspoon of Nutella
- A handful of Hazelnuts

1. Pop your oats and milk into the microwave (as before)- and crush a couple of hazelnuts with the side of a knife to add on top. Once the porridge has come out, stir in a teaspoon of Nutella (saving a little for the top) and sprinkle your hazelnuts for some crunch too! Easy!


3 Easy & Delicious Porridge Ideas



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