(Sunglasses: Topshop, Dress: Topshop Unique, Heels: Dorothy Perkins)

Is there anything nicer than warm, bright afternoons in the city? Although the past couple of weeks have been busy with catch-ups, scuttling about the capital (sometimes with tubes, sometimes without)- being able to do it all when the sun is shining and a heatwave upon us, I've been really quite enjoying it (providing I've packed deodorant and a big-ass bottle of Evian too). Anyway, these snaps were taken before an afternoon spent exploring the new Audrey Hepburn exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery (more on this this weekend), and it's safe to say I felt suitably dressed for the occasion (although a tiara and classic up-do wouldn't have gone a miss either)...

Now- the dress. I'd probably be lying if I said it didn't have something to do with a certain Ms Chung (isn't that always the way?), but after spotting this frock a couple of months ago, it was safe to say I'd fallen into a purple-floral haze of love. I'm not an impulsive buyer (in fact, I'm relatively good at knowing when I'll wear something again and again), but after missing out on a certain Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop dress many moons ago (and spending the following years scouring the 'net until I found it)- I was certain that, although a little more pricey, I wasn't to let this one slip. It's versatile enough for pretty much everything (I'm sure it would fare well for weddings, meetings and paired with some bobbly tights come winter), get's serious swooshing points (if you're actually about 8 years old, as I am) and know that although it dips into the seventies trend a little, is subtle enough to play the perfect staple 'anytime' dress for a bloody long time to come. Good job, Toppers.


Little Purple Dress

(Top: Oasis, Skirt: Oasis, Sandals: Oasis)

What happens when one of the UK's biggest high-street sweethearts pairs up with one of the UK's most treasured galleries? Well, something pretty special...

If I had to narrow it down, I'd have to say the Victoria and Albert Museum is one of my favourite places in the city. It's the kind of place so many Londoners have an affinity with (I remember re-falling in love with it after discovering Jazmine's blog way back when)- and after studying Art and Photography at A Level, often found myself paying inspiration visits frequently, each time discovering something new and completely beautiful- and that's without whiling away hours in their beautiful cafe! So, as you can imagine, this particular fashion pairing- between Oasis and the museum felt pretty special indeed...

I'll be honest- there's not many collaborations that'll have me scouring the 'net on launch day, coveting key pieces and lusting after the lookbook (of course it helps when someone as gorgeous as Laura Jackson is modelling too)- but when I heard about the Oasis x Victoria and Albert #MyLifeInPrint collection- it was hard to not get excited. With delicate pastel-hued botanical floral prints, including hand painted designs by 18th century illustrator William Kilburn and textile designer Anna Maria Garthwaite (all from archives over 300 years old)- you're quite literally picking up a piece of history (with no visits to the gift shop necessary)- it's safe to say the design team at Oasis did a pretty spectacular job, am I right? Now to decide if I can justify curating my own mini exhibit of the whole collection...

(Top: Oasis, Skirt: Oasis, Sandals: Oasis)

Post in collaboration with Oasis, but love of the V&A, floral prints and Oasis all totally models own


A little piece of print history...

Summer is bloody amazing, isn't it? If it isn't the smell of freshly cut grass, open-toe and bare leg weather being a legit 'thing', golden hour basically being golden two hours and the smell of BBQ's wafting through Zone 6 that has you at hello, then maybe it's impromptu seaside visits, picnics in the park ('THE GRASS IS DRY! THE GRASS IS DRY!') and a scour in some vintage shops that will. To celebrate the launch of a power Frappuccino trio, I've paired up with Starbucks to take you along to some of my favourite defining moments of summer, along with the help of their Java Chip, Lemon Vanilla and Coffee Jelly drinks- because hey, when the weather is so good, what better way to quench your thirst?

Let's go to the beach...

Living on our little island, there's plenty of seaside options to turn to when the weather plays its cards right. Whether it means turning up at Victoria station and picking the next fastest train to the coast, or filling up your petrol tank and heading south (or, y'know- roping in a friend with a license), there's nothing I enjoy more than a trip to the beach. Whether it's a city I've visited countless times but never tire of (Brighton, I'm looking at you)- or a new destination filled with discoveries- the feel of stones (or, if you're lucky, sand) against your toes and the smell of vinegary chips is pretty unbeatable.

Picnic in the park...

The pleasure of a picnic, is that you can have one absolutely anywhere. Raining? Call in the troops (armed with drinks and snacks) and spread out on the living room floor like it's the middle of the Kent countryside. Scorching? Pack a blanket, venture to the nearest green space, arm yourself with treats (and maybe a frisbee) and while the afternoon away. The nice thing about a picnic, is that they're such a summer cliche for a reason- they're failsafe, and the perfect way of indulging in good company- huzzah!

Gettin' second hand...

Regardless of the weather (what is it with British people and the weather)- hitting second hand, charity, or vintage stores is one of my favourite summer past times (actually, tell a porkie, I love it all year). Not only are places stacked high with cut-off Levi's, embroidered folk blouses and enough summer dresses to send even the most controlled shopper into a tizz- there's something extremely satisfying about discovering a one-off hidden gem, and celebrating with a fashion parade sans-tights. Other rain proof favourites include museums (and often don't cost a penny), checking out new exhibitions and visiting the cinema and sharpening up your film knowledge!

Post in collaboration with Starbucks, but love for Fraapuccino's, the seaside and talking about the weather all my own.


Defining Summer Moments

Red Floral Topshop Dress What Olivia Did Red Floral Topshop Dress What Olivia Did Flowers London Red Floral Topshop Dress Red Floral Topshop Dress What Olivia Did Pimlico London Red Floral Topshop Dress What Olivia Did Pimlico London
(Dress: Topshop, Bag: Mulberry, Shoes: Topshop, Sunglasses: Celine (similar here)

Now, in general- despite being the kind of person who rarely strays from a pair of worn in jeans for meetings and errand running- I'm the kind of gal who would rather be a little overdressed than underdressed. But, if there's one piece of advice I can offer from today's blog post- it's that dressing like a wedding guest on one of the hottest days of the year, for a day crammed with meetings and walking around- was not my wisest idea. Saying that, when you indulge in a dress as beautiful as this one (if there was one thing that happened during my day of poor-choices it's that people definitely praised this dress) it's hard to not want to wear it for every occasion, every day of the week. It wasn't the most ideal commuting outfit as it so happens, but as someone said whilst I had it on, 'at some point today you'll be dressed completely appropriately for the occasion'- and she was so, very very right (the occasion being a party, twelve hours after initially getting dressed- huzzah)!

Anyway- the dress, THE DRESS. Bought as a 'I know I'll wear it for everything' piece (read: weddings, to bed, parties, interviews, meetings, my wedding- probs) I couldn't help but sweep it into my bag, ignore any buyers remorse (justification being: 'it was...payday?') and then continue to wish to wear it every day since. Although it's not the most subtle piece in my wardrobe, it's certainly a piece that I know I'll have for a very, very long time (I'm pretty sure wearing colour emits happiness)- and something that has already proved a hit with the question 'Ah! Where's your dress from?!'- which I'm pretty sure means it's a big, red, flowery yes from me.

Red Floral Topshop Dress What Olivia Did London House Red Mulberry Lily Bag Red Floral Topshop Dress What Olivia Did Red Floral Topshop Dress What Olivia Did Topshop Ghillie Flats


Red Flowers



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