JV2A6683edit Swarovski What Olivia Did Spring Style Swarovski What Olivia Did Spring Style Swarovski What Olivia Did Spring Style Swarovski What Olivia Did Spring Style
(Jacket: Miss Selfridge, Shorts: Miss Selfridge, Pendant: Swarvoski, Gold Ring: Swarvoski here and White Ring here, Bangles: Swarovski, Shoes: Next)

'When Spring gives you blossoms- what do you do? Go and find the prettiest Victorian greenhouse, filled with draping palm leaves and oozing condensation as if you're planted on a scorching tropical island- of course! Although the little pink petals have me weak at the knees (really? I hadn't noticed by your Instagram Liv)- it was my trip to Kew Gardens this weekend that had me truly celebrating Spring- and when best to take out some of my favourite new season pieces, than to appreciate one of London's (not so) secret gems!

With a suit more than appropriate for a day on safari, I mean, the District Line- I paired this favourite co-ord with some subtle seasonal nods from Swarovski and their beautiful new collection. Now, I’m usually a girl that can get a little scared of accessorising but since experimenting with layering more delicate pieces of late- I seem to have become a bit of a convert. With a bold floral print on the agenda, some more subtle pieces worked as the perfect contrast- adding something a little ladylike to a more masculine summer look. To do this I paired these cute bangles together (and mixed and matched rose gold and silver, which I loved)- as well as a gold toned trend-led pendant and a couple of more statement stacking rings, for ultimate '70s style kudos. The collection also boasts some stunning collar pieces too- if you’re a little braver than me too!

Although I was possibly a little overdressed in a sea of more appropriate jeans and jackets (what you can't tell is that I did opt for some tights, and felt pretty over the moon that I coordinated with a whole greenhouse)- Joe and I happily mooched around the gardens, learning more about their Grow Wild campaign and stopping for absolutely obligatory swan and flower bed shots- before heading home for lunch and an evening with friends- blooming lovely!

Swarovski What Olivia Did Spring Style Swarovski What Olivia Did Spring Style Swarovski What Olivia Did Spring Style Swarovski What Olivia Did Spring Style Swarovski What Olivia Did Spring Style Swarovski What Olivia Did Spring Style Swarovski What Olivia Did Spring Style Swarovski What Olivia Did Spring Style

Post in collaboration with Swarovski, although all love and happy jewellery feels are one hundred percent my own


My Sparkling Style...

In order to share some of the places I'm loving in London (because although I'm working on a guide, it may take a wee while)- I thought I'd try and start a frequent series of 'London loves'- be it new restaurants I'm Instagramming (and, of course, eating in- duh ; ), independent shops I've discovered, exhibitions I've visited- or, even on the rare occasion- places I've stayed. For me, the last two weeks have included a mix of Italian food (but let's be honest, which week doesn't include that?), some beautiful views over London and a couple of new hide-outs too! So without further a do...

Ivy Chelsea Garden:
Ivy Garden Chelsea Ivy Garden Chelsea Ivy Garden Chelsea
I'm constantly seeking out the next new way to indulge in eggs, granola and (if you're trendy) avocado for breakfast (not all together, of course)- and discovering the Ivy Chelsea Garden this week was the perfect way to see in some sunshine. Although it's easy (and sensible) to assume the Ivy is typically, y'know, a fancy place to eat (which, don't get me wrong- it is)- this new little West London hub is gorgeous, and it truly doesn't cost the earth to eat there- which is blooming brilliant. The breakfast was delicious (and the all day menu looked brilliant too)- and the outdoor garden has now firmly secured it's position as the place I really want to spend the majority of my summer eating dinner- which can only ever be a good thing.

Ivy Chelsea Garden: 197 King's Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5EQ

George Northwood:
George Northwood London George Northwood London George Northwood London
Hairdressers are scary places aren't they? They're even scarier if they have an ice cool reputation and clientele list including a certain Ms Chung and Huntington-Whiteley too (even though, naturally, that is incredibly reassuring too). So, when I headed to George Northwood last month to get my barnet done I was nervous but massively-omg-I'm-going-to-come-out-a-new-woman excited. Not armed with any pictures (just a clear image...in my head) I (probably badly) described to Amy and Elliot the hair I dreamed of, and with complete professionalism and no questions they did it, and I have never been so happy with a finished look (so much so that I didn't even touch it afterwards). Although this place is a little pricey, it's definitely worth investing in a visit if you truly want a haircut you'll love (plus the tea and milk comes in a cat shaped jug with popcorn. Not that that swayed me).

24 Wells Street, London W1T 3PH

Gigi's Soho Gigi's Soho Gigi's Soho
Anyone who knows me well (or you know, past first name terms) knows I am a huge Italian food lover. Give me pasta, pizza, meats and fresh vegetables every day of the week and I will be a happy lady. However, the thing I'm not great at- is finding great little Italian's in London. So, after scouring Instagram (and making some lists) and receiving an email to pop by Gigi's in Soho to try their menu- I jumped at the chance. With a menu boasting everything from fresh pastas, fish and meats (as well as a full and delicious vegetarian menu)- I dipped into the truffle spaghetti and crab salad, with Joe opting for the steak- which he said was one of the best he'd had (rich coming from him)! Surprisingly Gigi's was relatively quiet when we visited- so it's definitely still a bit of a hidden gem, but being so close to Oxford Street- it makes a welcome treat for some post shopping dinner.

22 Woodstock Street, Mayfair, London

Cucina Asellina:
Cucina Asellina London Radio at ME London Hotel Cucina Asellina London
... and then there was another Italian! When you got a good thing going and all that! Saying that, Cucina is a little different to your typical Italian restaurant. Although the decor is suitably shiny and decadent, the menu consists of some truly wonderful street style tapas and small plates- ranging from Arancini, traditional gnocco fritto (basically a savoury fried dough which tastes a little like happiness in food form), pizzas and pasta- most of which can be offered as part of their new gluten free range, which is perfect for the more sensitive tummy too. On top of that, their desserts are exceptional- and the views from the Radio rooftop bar are just as special- so pay a visit there after your tea!

Me London Hotel, 336-337 The Stand, London WC2R 1HA


London Loves #1

Beauty Favourites April 2015
Because you know I'm all about that face...

This month appears to have (again) turned into a bit of a Tilbury tribute, with her Blush Brush, Cheek to Chic Blush (in First Love) and Retoucher Concealer all forming big staples in my every day make up routine. The blush is a fantastic alternative to more rosy shades I normally opt for (without being too contrasting), a warm mix of peach and bronze tones, which certainly make this pasty Purvis look a bit healthier. Matching that, I've also been loving the Tom Ford Cream and Powder eye colour in this golden peach from his Soliel collection (which also comes with a teeny mirror too) and Chantecaille Mascara, which has pretty much matched my Roller Lash love and is infused with rose making for a pretty sweet-smelling product (have you ever heard of a scented mascara?! Me neither). To prime I've been turning to this pretty bloody brilliant Smashbox number and Fresh Sugar Lips Treatment. I'm pretty new to both brands, but have fallen head over heels with Smashbox's 'photo ready' and 'flawless finish' feel and Fresh's signature Sugar lip products, so will report back when I get round to trialling some more of their bits too! Finally- my numero uno love this month comes in for my talons- and has been the Butter Foundation polish (and their mint shade 'Green Fairy' as part of their 'High Tea' collection)- which, being a nail novice, is pretty groundbreaking. In short- if your nails are a brittle and damaged as mine, it acts like a primer to resurface the nails, create an amazing base for polish and enhance colour too- j'adore.

Charlotte Tilbury Brush | Blush | Retoucher | Tom Ford Shadow | Butter Nail Foundation | Butter Nail Polish |  Smashbox Primer | Sugar Lip Treatment | Chantacaille Mascara

Beauty Favourites April 2015
Hair, body and skin...

Now for the wind down picks! This month I've been test running the John Freida Beach Blonde range, which channels the idea of giving your barnet a proper cleanse during every wash- removing all the grime, sand (if you're a 'beach blonde babe') and the rest- leaving you with a perfect mane- basically, a little like the once-a-week Sunday shampoo, but for during the week! For the 'make-up' removing bit, I've been turning cult favourite Oskia's Cleansing Gel, followed by the Origins GinZing Eye Cream and Original Skin Serum- which has actually just come to an end and seems to be the only product that can keep spots at bay and do a great priming job too (rest assured I shall definitely be picking up another). Finally, I've also been loving Lush for bath time comforts (any real surprise there?) and this rose bubble bar has been supplying suitably fancy baths- not badio!

Beach Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner | GinZing Eye Cream | Origins Serum | Oskia Cleanser | Rose Bubble Bar

Beauty Favourites April 2015
The new signature...

Now, it's no secret that I'm a big Diptyque fan. Their candles fill a room within the first five minutes of burning (and, ahem, make for excellent make up brush storage afterwards), every time I'm in Paris I try to fit a visit in to their beautiful flagship- and their scents really are second to none (yup, no wonder they're a cult blogger favourite). Last week I was lucky enough to visit their beautiful Selfridges concession for a fragrance fitting- something I had no idea what to expect from ('How can someone 'fit' fragrance?!'), and something I was pretty enchanted by the whole way through.

In short, the wonderful (and exceptionally knowledgable) Pascale at Diptyque, spent some time with me, blindly smelling their fragrances, establishing the smells I go for (soft florals and citrus notes) and talking me through how to layer some of the gorgeous fragrances in their collection to my taste in order to create a bouquet of different smells, and how wear their perfumes in different ways. It was such an interesting hour, and left me feeling pretty filled with knowledge and exceptionally clued up about the magical world of fragrance, and how their scents are formed (usually of a single note, and essentially using all extracts of each ingredient)- meaning I could pick something I would wear time and time again.

If you fancy giving it a go yourself and are as big a fan of the brand as I am, you can simply book ahead to make an appointment (it's best to give them a call)- or even head along with some friends for what I'd call a bit of a 'perfume party' too!

My favourite scents...

Tam Dao | Oyédo | Eau de Lierre | Ofrésia


Beauty Loves: April 2015

Flower Mug DIY What Olivia Did

Bloomin' marvellous...

A couple of weeks ago, around Mother's Day- my nan and I paid a visit to Cath Kidston HQ to join in on a wonderful Grace & Thorn DIY session- making some gorgeous floral arrangements in some of Cath's signature mugs- and the perfect hand made gift! It's safe to say after the evening I felt massively inspired, so much so that I was determined on putting my new (limited) floristry skills to the test and giving it a go myself (creating a wee step by step in the process too)! Although you can select some foliage and blooms from your garden, I picked up a small selection from my florist (a market would be good too)- to create my selection, but you can work with whatever you have to hand really!

Flower Mug DIY What Olivia Did
You will need:
- Floristry tape
- A pair of scissors
- A bunch of foliage
- A small bunch of small flowers
- A couple of bigger blooms to create a focal point
- A mug of your choice (I love Cath's selection for a nice wide cup)!

Flower Mug DIY What Olivia Did
1. Fill your mug half way and take your tape, cut it into strips the width of your mug, and create a 3-strips-across/wide grid on your mug- make sure they are stuck down, in order to support your flowers!
Flower Mug DIY What Olivia Did
2. To create your mini-bouquet, start by inserting foliage in the furthest corners, and building inwards. This helps create a good base (and to disguise any tape too)! Try and go with the 'movement' of the flowers, so if they fall in a certain direction, try and compliment that by where you place them in the mug.
Flower Mug DIY What Olivia Did
3. Gradually start building up and adding some delicate flowers into the mix. Try and keep things balanced, and keep your focal flowers (i.e the bigger blooms) central, or balanced with one another on each side.

4. Keep building up your bouquet, filling in any empty spaces with foliage and smaller flowers- so you don't have any gaping gaps or spaces!
Flower Mug DIY What Olivia Did
5. Give your flowers as the perfect gift (and they can use the mug for a biiiig culpa afterwards too)!


DIY Spring Flower Mug

Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did
(Coat: ASOS, Dress: Warehouse, Boots: Cheap Monday at ASOS, Sunglasses: Stella McCartney)

Okay, I know, it's all about the seventies at the moment dahling! The bell bottomed flares, the lace up blouses that wouldn't go a miss on the Pirates of the Caribbean set (or, y'know, the rail of your local Zara) and more suede and tassels than a non-desert-desert Coachella party- so, naturally I pull out one of my favourite sixties inspired get ups for a bit of snap happy fun with the gorgeous Amber Rose- because, y'know- it's like so, totally cool to be last year! But hey, when Baby Spice-meets-Twiggy patent boots are sitting on your bedroom floor and you have a gingham coat hanging up- you bloody well take 'em for a spin- on trend or not...

Channelling my inner-Suki-Waterhouse-circa-2012 (and attempting to feel marginally cooler than I actually am, with windswept barnet of the year), Amber and I strolled around Covent Garden embracing the 'nearly no coat!' weather (even if I did secretly have my nude tights in my bag), finishing off in Laudree for a proper girlie tea-fuelled catch up, because let's face it- that's always pretty trendy (and in Taylor Swift fashion- never goes out of style)!

Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did


Bright Eyes, Blue, erm, Gingham

Shannon Wardrop What Olivia Did BW
Meet Shannon...

She'll be the last person to admit it, but Shannon Wardrop is bloody cool. She's the kind of girl that can wear a film camera around her neck (with it being more than just a mere accessory), channel double denim and never make it look like a Canadian tuxedo and belt out a few notes as if she's doing her ABC (and according to my mum, sounding a bit like a certain Ms. Welch too)- and it all looks so easy. On top of that she's absolutely lovely- and talented, did I mention that? With fans including Ray Davis (y'know, the one from that wee band, The Kinks- were they?) and having just filmed with one of the UK's most important fashion brands (more on that later)- this little lady is one to watch and the perfect girl to begin my new 'Girl Crush' interview series with; where I chat with some of the most inspiring women in various creative fields- kicking serious ass as they go...

Shannon Wardrop What Olivia Did BW
So! First things first- for those that aren't lucky enough to have heard of you before- tell us a little about yourself!

Hello! I am a 22 year-old singer/songwriter and guitarist from Berkshire. I'm really inspired by 60's and 70's music, particularly bands like The Stones, The Kinks, The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane etc etc, and I try to create a sound and style that incorporates these influences but with a modern twist.

I remember you saying you were in a girl group when you were a little bit younger- have you always wanted to be involved with music? Was the Wardrop household a musical one?

Haha yeah! It was a little band my friends and I formed at school as a bit of fun and I guess I progressively started to get really into playing and performing music from then on. Nobody in my family is musical in any way but my dad in particular has always been really into music so he would play loads of great music to my sister and I when we were little and I just got really into it and eventually began making music of my own.

Shannon Wardrop What Olivia Did BW
What's your earliest musical memory (any first CD's etc)?

You're gonna laugh at this but I'm sad to say it was Vindaloo by Fat Les! Not very rock and roll haha! I even chanted it with my dad on karaoke on holiday somewhere soon after it came out, which always makes me laugh to think about as an embarassing memory!

Where do you seek inspiration for in song writing? Do you base things on experience, or is it solely a chance to get creative and tell a story?

I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to songwriting and it's definitely not my musical strong point! I find that every song comes to me in a different way and when I try to sit down and come up with something in the same way that I wrote my last song, it doesn't materialise. Sometimes I'll come up with a riff or a chord progression first, and other times I'll come up with a melody or a phrase first. I try to work off of expressions quite a lot and run with the emotion/vibe of whatever that expression is. I also find for some reason that I begin a lot of my songs by improvising in jibberish when I'm driving alone. (I've had some funny looks from doing this! haha).

Shannon Wardrop What Olivia Did BW
Your live shows are amazing (and have been known to make grown men cry- haha)- how do you prepare for a show, do you get nervous?

Ah that's so nice of you to say - thank you very much!! I'd be a big fat liar if I told you that I don't get nervous because I'm truly forever quaking in my boots pre-show! Even if it's just a tiny venue I still get so nervous, especially if it's a solo performance! I don't really have any pre-show rituals though, but I like to be alone to gather my thoughts and calm myself if I'm at a venue where I'm able to do that!

As well as having an incredible set of pipes- you have an amazing sense of style too. How important is image when performing? Is there anyone who's style you like to reference/look up to in the ol' wardrobe department?

You are full of compliments, Miss Purvis! I think image on stage is important because it helps you get into character even if your character is only a slight extension of yourself. I tend to flirt with certain styles more in certain seasons, but generally speaking my day-to-day muse couple are Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards. I really love their mix of flamboyant and bohemian styles and the music that is attached to it. Being an unsigned developing artist I don't tend to have a lot of money to spend on clothes so when I buy something I try to make sure it's something that will stand the test of time in my own personal style and not just something that will be deemed as unfashionable by the following season!

Shannon Wardrop What Olivia Did BW
You've recently filmed an acoustic set with Burberry (still so proud)- what has been the highlight of your career so far?

Thank you! That was such a surreal and exciting experience to be filmed for one of their videos as I have been watching their sessions and catwalk shows for years and Burberry are obviously such an iconic brand! I'm still really early on in my musical career so for me the Burberry experience is probably one of my highlights so far, but I also got to meet and go in the studio with Ray Davies (one of my personal musical heroes) a few months back and he gave me some really valuable feedback which I consider to be a highlight too!

Which women in music, or otherwise do you admire/girl crush on?

Again, Anita Pallenberg is high up in my list of style inspiration! But also there are many other amazingly stylish women I look to for inspiration like Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, and recently I have been majorly girl-crushin' on Camille Rowe and Pandora Sykes! So many stylish ladies!

Shannon Wardrop What Olivia Did BW
Finally, what's next for Ms Wardrop? When can we next catch you live?

Well recently I have been focusing a lot on writing and getting my 'sound' together so I'm now starting to rehearse again with a band and we'll announce some London shows in the next couple of months before heading back in the studio! But in the meantime, I'm playing an unplugged/acoustic set at Lion Coffee Records on the 26th April and Upstairs at Ronnie Scott's on June 16th!

You can listen to Shannon Wardrop here and check out her blog here


Girl Crush #1: Shannon Wardrop



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