January's a funny month isn't it? Half of me feels like it's flown by in the blink of an eye- another half feeling like it may possibly be the longest 31 days of my life (and coldest)! Either way, it hasn't been all that bad- and I've certainly discovered some pretty lovely things along the way! This is the first post of it's kind (all for you Cohen) so let me know if you'd like to see something similar next month- sorry there's a fair few items listed, what can I say- I like a lot of things!

125 Weekends in Europe Audrey Hepburn Book
Bedroom Loves...

- Neom Candles (HERE): This month has seen a pretty cushty affinity with candles begin, and as well as a pretty sweet Diptyque number, I've also been taking some Neom babies for a spin- and my goodness do they leave a good smell in your nose. At the moment I've been loving 'Refresh'- especially as they're all made from 100% essential oils- pretty wonderful indeed!
- Chip Mug: This was an adorable Christmas gift from Joe- as he slyly remembered me pointing it out one day in Oliver Bonas. Amazingly this also went down a storm on Instagram one Saturday morning- my tea has never looked so cute.
- New York Times: 125 Weekends in Europe: (HERE): This was a bit of an impulse buy when dreaming about summer holidays a few weeks back- but afar flicking through it (and subsequently adding about 50 locations to my 'must visit' list) it's definitely secured a bedside reading spot this month.
- What Would Audrey Do?: This again was a wee Christmas present from a best pal of mine, Amy. She obviously knows me very well as I've tucked into this straight away, and it's certainly helped while away many a train journey- perfect!
- Bills: It's not just January I've been loving eating in Bills, but after a couple of very happy visits this month (and coming away with some amazing goodie bags) it felt rude to not include them in my favourites post- plus, their chocolate is divine!

Beauty Favourites Jan 2014
Bathroom Loves...

- Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Serum (HERE): Having been a split-end sufferer for a while now, this was the perfect remedy to my dry ends, and consistently helps my hair stay soft and relatively damage-free!
- Origins Drink Up Mask & Moisture Surge Mask (HERE) and (HERE): This month seems to be the month of the mask. I'm without a doubt more a dry skin lady than anything- so keeping my skin moisturised and nourished before bed is really important to me, and these have both helped a lot.
- Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (HERE): Another brush to my collection- and my new favourite brush for applying foundation flawlessly.
- Lanolips (HERE): Again with the dry thing- this lipblam (and elbow/face/knee/everything balm) has saved many a dry lip crises and works a treat before bed!
- Clinique Take The Day Off: The rumours are true- this product is AMAZING. The easiest way to remove make up, completely fuss free- but completely worth the price. It's non drying- non oily and now a big part of my routine.
- Models Own Dog's Trust Polish (HERE): Not only has this polish assisted my post-Christmas love of metallics but all profits go straight to Dogs Trust as part of their #presspaws campaign- a good excuse to do good if ever I needed one. I have 5 of these to giveaway- so if you're still reading let me know and I'll pick a reader at random!
- Nude 'Tude Palette (HERE): I haven't yet given into any of the Naked palettes, but for the time being this is seriously satisfying my shadow needs.
- Porefessional (HERE): One of my go-to base's for any make up look- not only is it velvety smooth but it makes my skin the perfect pre-foundation base, and for that I am very grateful.
- Ro's Body Conditioner (HERE): Like conditioner for your hair, but for your body- super smoothing and pampering- I love it!
- Nina - La Tentation de Nina (HERE): A little bit of variety to my ever growing Daisy collection- this is the perfect fruity and floral fragrance, and certainly puts a spring in my step!

Petit Bateau Striped Top Zara Dress
Wardrobe Loves...

- Petit Bateau Striped Tee (HERE): If there's one thing I've been turning to in days where I'm not sure what to wear, it's a good striped top- and this one has the perfect slash neck that I go for, and a thick fabric that creates the perfect shape- good job folks.
- Zara Floral Dress: Apart from the fact it was £12.99 and it has the most beautiful navy floral print- need I say more?

Marks and Spencer underwear Accessorize Shell bag
Other Loves...

- Accessorize Shell Bag (HERE): I'm all for a kitsch cutesy bag- and even better if it's seaside related! This shell bag had me at hello, and once you've seen some of the novelty bags that are landing this Spring- I'm sure you'll be just as excited as me!
- Boux Avenue Bra (HERE): I'm not sure whether this is a little cheeky to mention on here, but earlier this month I popped over to the Boux Avenue flagship for a fitting, and was bowled over by the service (and undies)! I went in for a fitting (yup, I was wearing about 3 sizes wrong) and came away with some beautiful pieces- it's not bad being a girl sometimes!
- Rosie for M&S (HERE): I'm pretty sure I always fall in love with these collections for M&S- and this little set had me running for the nearest check out. Although it doesn't actually make you Rosie Huntington Whitely, it's very beautiful and I think that's the main thing.


What Olivia Loved in January 2014...

Topshop Gingham Check Skirt Outfit Fluffy Jumper Fedora Topshop Gingham Check Skirt Outfit Fluffy Jumper Fedora Topshop Gingham Check Skirt Outfit Fluffy Jumper Fedora
(Jacket: Oh My Love, Jumper: C/O Ever Ours, Hat: ASOS, Skirt: Topshop, Bag: Lulu Guinness, Scarf: C/O Karen Mabon, Boots: Old but similar here)

Now, I'm not one to follow trends by any means (dipping my toes into the fashionable waters is certainly enough for me)- but I'm sure as everyone will agree, the whole check trend has certainly made a stamp on the high street (and um, my bank balance). So I'm sure it's no surprise I've given into this gingham bad boy that has swept the high street by storm (come on, have you checked it out? See what I did there?) After investing in the brighter version a couple of months back, this little skirt is the perfect partner to all of my winter knits, and has found itself acting as a complete go-to when i'm having a 'What-to-wear?!' morning! Plus, if the rumours are true gingham is set to be a bit of a hit in the next few months, better get in there quick!

Naturally I paired this skirt with one of the cosiest knits in my wardrobe- and a scarf I was kindly sent by the gorgeous Karen Mabon, a lady with endless creative talent (so much so she's even collaborated with my favourite Coco Fenell on some gorgeous frocks) so I was pretty excited to get in on the action! I'm sure this skirt will be making another appearance on here soon (once you've got a good thing going)- but stay tuned for more gingham numbers soon (hey I couldn't help myself...)!
Topshop Gingham Check Skirt Outfit Fluffy Jumper Fedora Topshop Gingham Check Skirt Outfit Fluffy Jumper Fedora Karen Mabon scarf
and here's what I wore...


Check on it

Wildfox Sleep All Day Jumper Outfit Wildfox Sleep All Day Jumper Outfit Wildfox Sleep All Day Jumper Outfit Wildfox Sleep All Day Jumper Outfit
(Jumper: C/O Wildfox, Jeans: American Apparel, Ring: C/O Love Hearts and Crosses)

One of my favourite ways to spend a weekend usually include the following; seeing girlfriends, eating burgers and if you hang out with Carrie, Dunya, Lucy and Kristabel- wearing wigs and making (and then in indulging in) homemade popcorn- all in a weekends work, surely? Another close call for favourite-weekend-past-time is definitely spending time at home, getting though some movie classics- and if I have time, hitting the kitchen and cooking up something sweet to take my lunchbox through the week (yup, I am the tin-foil cake person in the office).

As you may have spotted, these pictures were snapped in Carrie's beautiful abode (you may recognise that chair from some of her posts) and I couldn't help but snap up the chance to indulge in a real slouchy outfit of the day- who could say no to a chair so pretty? Plus, although it's nice to think I spend all of my time in beautiful dresses, red lipstick- and well, a hat (no hat- huzzah!)- weekends to me are usually the time to throw on worn-in comfy black jeans (although they're now grey) and an oversized knit (all the better if a cheeky, relatable Wildfox slogan is included); perfect for sofa surfing and chilling out- happy Saturday everyone!
Wildfox Sleep All Day Jumper IMG_5449editWildfox Sleep All Day Jumper Outfit Love Hearts and Crosses Ring
and here's what I wore...


Girlie Day In

Navy and black outfit Mulberry back Navy and black outfit Mulberry back Velvet top Navy and black outfit Mulberry back Velvet top Myia Necklace
(Hat: ASOS, Coat: Missguided, Top: Missguided, Scarf: Topshop, Jeans: American Apparel, Watch: C/O Ernest Jones, Boots: Old but similar here, Bag: Mulberry, Necklace: C/O Myia, Headphones: C/O Bowers & Wilkins)

There are few things as pain-staking (hyperbole, of course) as running for the 8:20 train, catching it by seconds- and then realising the next forty minutes will be spent without headphones. This- of course, is a pretty silly problem- but when you can read the Metro as quick as me (even the Rush Hour Crush stories) and have a tendency of let's say, nodding off first thing- it's a bit of a pain. Now, I'm probably what you'd describe as a headphones novice- and it's certainly only down to Joe that I'm starting to learn my Bose from my Beats. Usually, I'm perfectly happy with my standard white wiry pair (free with any Apple appliance)- but when the Take 10 girls and I were sent some Bowers & Wilkins bad boys to try- my mind was changed (although they've swiftly been 'borrowed' by Joe), and it's safe to say I shan't be having any silent train journeys any time soon...
Navy and black outfit Mulberry back Marc Jacobs Watch Navy and black outfit Mulberry back iPod Wild Beasts Music On to the outfit! I spotted the beautiful Suzie in this Missguided top, and knew it had to be mine. Velvet, bell sleeved and smocky? It'd be rude not to. In my opinion, Missguided have seriously stepped up their game of late, and I've found myself heading there more and more for perfect basics- teaming the rest of my outfit with their take on the Harry Styles coat (need I say more?) which has done the perfect job of keeping me warm lately (on top of this scarf- which, after borrowing Carrie's I quickly picked up- thanks Cazzle). For how the other ladies styled their headphones- have a little gander below!
Sarah-We Shop Therefore We Are, Dunya- Dearest Deer, Lucy- Snippets of Shiny Thoughts, Ellie- Pretty Much Penniless, Me, Kim- Love Cloth, Mel- Media Marmalade, Natasha- Girl In The Lens, Vicki- The Magpie Girl, Sherin- HiFashion

and here's what I wore...


I wear my headphones at the disco

This time last year I was setting my new years goals, and amazingly- looking back, I was able to stick to them (massive claps for Liv). They weren't your typical 'tone up and look like Miranda Kerr' (goodness I tried) or 'eat less of what you truly like'- but things that I felt were actually achievable (looking after my skin and decorating a poster covered bedroom- both of which I stuck to). To make things easier this year, Lloyds Bank have just launched a Facebook app called "Make it Happen in 2014", where lovely people are encouraged to share their goals for the New Year on their timelines- meaning it's a whole lot easier to get inspired by others this year!

There's no doubt that sticking to things are hard (I'm renown for turning the 30 Day Shred into the 5 Day Shred), but with a bit of perspective and a lot of determination I'm pretty sure anything is possible (#notstolenfrompinterest). When it came to visualising the final product (a room which actually reflected my 20 year old self, and not the 14 year old loving Bring Me The Horizon fan) everything seemed to become easier- and I was able to map things out, keep to time scales and get things done.

Here's a few things I'm hoping to get achieving this year- wish me luck!
Cameras Venture into Youtube: Really Liv? You hadn't mentioned. After talking about it for what feels like forever I'm hoping to sit down in front of a camera (hopefully in the former part of this year) and have a good old natter (or y'know show you how I do my 'hive). Plucking up the courage is the main thing here, and after checking my camera can create an internet worthy video (it can) I'm nearly ready to go.
Food Little Paris Kitchen Try more food: Although this mainly applies to my cooking and baking skills (a new dish every couple of weeks), which I'm hoping to extend, I wouldn't mind being a bit braver when hitting new restaurants. I have a constant fear of doing a 'Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly' when trying new foods- but after trying Mexican (and surviving) I'm ready to branch out.
Travel Travel more: After a spot of globe trotting last year, I think I have a bit of a taste for the travel bug. Funnily enough, after snapping this picture I noticed the incredible British Airways sale, and now am pretty sure something needs to be booked (y'know after I've saved)- I want to be a part of it!
Diaries and pens Get designing: I can't work out if I'm proud or ashamed to be the only blogger to not change their layout in the last 3 years (I get attached, ok) but I'm pretty sure this is the year 'WOD' (fancy) get's a little bit of a facelift and a little flasher- because ain't that what all the cool cats are doing nowadays?
Pulp FictionWatch more films: Specifically, ones I haven't seen. I'm determined to watch more cult favourites, the IMDB top however-many- and resist opting for a film I've seen 5 times before when I have the time. This means a little less Hugh Grant and a little more Quentin by the looks of things.

Also- did I mention there's an iPad air (16gb wifi only) you can win too (yes, you heard right)? Hop on over to the Lloyds Bank 'Make it Happen' app to pledge a goal on Facebook and then leave a comment below to enter the prize draw- easy right?

The prize draw is open to UK residents only and all entries must be in by midnight on February 6th, 2014 with one winner selected at random. For full terms and conditions please click HERE.


Post in partnership with Lloyds Bank- but hey, I'd still love to achieve these.

The year ahead...

14 18 7 1
(Dress: C/O Mrs Pomeranz, Belt: Vintage, Shoes: Topshop, Tights: Yes, I have them on)

Let's rewind a little. A couple of years ago I interviewed the gorgeous (and amazingly talented) Kitty Gallannaugh on this little space, shortly after we first met and had a pretty lovely day around London shooting (and giggling quite a fair bit). Since then, Kitty has grown to be one of my dearest friends- and someone who's company I never tire of sharing (soppy right?) Not just that, but this girl oozes talent- she can master a camera like a magician can a wand and takes the most beautiful photographs. So, last week on one of the city's sunnier mornings (judging by todays rainy spell we were pretty fortunate) we made the most of the famous landmarks in the big smoke, and got shooting in one of my favourite new frocks.

Now, a dress from Mrs Pomeranz is one way of making a girl feel like a princess (I'm surprised I haven't caught K Middy in one yet). They may require a bit of saving for, but they're the perfect Audrey-a-like classic numbers that will see you through pretty much every occasion and last a lifetime. There's something about a fifties fitting midi dress that squeals Grace Kelly, and if a Hollywood icon is what a dress like this makes for, then I'm going to have to start saving for another...
2 13


London Sunshine

Betty Magazine One of the first times I picked up Betty Magazine was in Harvey Nichols during a family lunch on the 5th floor cafe (we're not always this flash, I promise) and I remember showing it to my Aunt with the words 'Look at how beautiful it is- JUST LOOK' and instantly wanting to show everyone I knew - pure unadulterated excitement at it's finest, and I certainly didn't have my rose tinted glasses on.

Betty is the the kind of magazine you feel proud to have peeping out of your satchel, the kind of mag you would want the person next to you on the tube to look at (yup, this is what I'm reading) and certainly the kind of magazine that doesn't look out of place amongst your favourite novels on your bookshelf (or arranged nicely next to your bed, if you're that way inclined) and certainly one you'd never want to tear a page from (just add some post-it's to document the inspiration , if you're nerdy like Liv). So, when I met up with Betty Ed Charlotte I felt a little bit fan girly (as I definitely heard whilst transcribing the interview) and completely in awe of everything she's achieved to date. Betty has firmly become one of my favourite bi-annual treats and something I go back to time and time again post first read, so was excited to hear about everything from the inspiration behind it- to what the perfect Betty Sunday looks like...

So! Tell us a little about yourself...
I’m Charlotte. I’m 27 and the editor of Betty magazine. I studied Fashion Promotion at UCA in Rochester and graduated with a first four years ago. I’ve recently left my job to go freelance- and I lecture for two days and do Betty with the other Charlotte (Melling, Creative Director of Betty) for the rest of the week.

Was it always an ambition to begin a magazine like Betty?
It’s something that’s definitely evolved. It was started with me and a friend as our final major project at university, and that got quite a good response with sites like Style Bubble and at London Fashion Week- but then nothing happened for about a year after. So I started blogging again, and Lauren Laverne picked it up and featured us on her radio show and then in the Observer and Grazia - which is how I met Charlotte. She did a shoot for me for the second issue which was online, and afterwards she said ‘Let’s get this bad boy into print!’- and the rest is history.
Betty Magazine What kind of magazines do you like to read?
I like to read The Gentlewoman, Little White Lies…

They’ve all got that really collectable vibe- the kind of thing you could never throw away…
Well that was the inspiration behind the magazine! When me and Charlotte met and did it all, we looked at things like Good Housekeeping- because whenever you go in the doctors or dentist surgery you always pick one up and will always get something from it. I also collect a lot of vintage magazines, and at university there was a whole room of just vintage magazines- so I’ve always subtly been into them.

What’s your favourite thing about editing Betty?
That is definitely meeting some amazing people. We have a couple of boys that work on Betty and they’re fantastic, but just meeting so many amazing creatives, most of which are female- that feels really empowering. The fact that there’s some really talented women doing things for themselves is so exciting, especially when we have a Betty party or contributors drinks you get so inspired by them. Plus, the great thing about the internet is you can connect and meet with so many amazing people- I feel lucky where we’re in an age where as women we can go out there and do whatever we want.
Betty Magazine What inspires the new features for Betty?
Everything really. I have an ongoing mental list, even things from about three years ago, that I still haven’t been able to fit in the magazine- it’s just whether it comes up at the right time. We spend a lot of time out and about exploring, and as I’m surrounded by so many creative women you hear; ‘Have you heard of so and so? You should meet them!’ It’s strange how it comes together.

When you start an issue you have all these ideas but then only some of them come to fruition. I get inspired a lot by the past, Barbara Hulanicki from Biba is my absolute idol. But generally me and Charlotte will say ‘Oh I really like this… let’s go and speak to this person!’ As we’re not working for a publisher, we’re not ruled but everything and we can go and meet all the interesting people we want to meet.

What’s been your proudest achievement to date?
Every issue feels like our baby, I think getting in Selfridges was really exciting- and we’ve been in there for three issues now, and we’re now stocked in McNally Jackson in New York. I also think when our first order went to Japan, as the Japanese were the first to stock it- that was exciting.
Betty Magazine So, what inspires your style?
I don’t want to sound repetitive but a lot of it is the past. Charlotte and I are going through a bit of a seventies phase at the moment- as you can see from one of the shoots (in Betty’s Winter 2013 issue). So, we went to see Fleetwood Mac which we’ve always been fans of, but then you properly start delving in to the whole seventies thing. Again, looking through old magazines and seeing the shoots they did then, icons of the past, and our favourite designers. We’re obsessed with Dolce & Gabanna and designers like Valentino, which I adore. We spent a lot of time looking at Stevie Nicks this issue, and the usual; Francoise Hardy and Barbara Hulanicki (we’ve used a lot of vintage Biba in this issue).

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to do what you’re doing?
It’s quite tricky. One of my tutors at uni (Piers Atkinson) said ‘work in the industry’, you need to go and learn the industry that you’re going into which was some of the best advice, and that’s why I’ve stuck out full time work for so long in the business side- as it’s been a great place to learn; from in house designers to brands- just get work experience and learn as much as you can. But at the same time, just do it and don’t worry- don’t think ‘Oh god, what if it’s not right!’ Our first issue was so different to how it is now, but the best thing is to make mistakes as you go and don't be afraid of that- if you’re constantly trying to refine something and make it the perfect thing before it’s released into the world, then it’s never going to happen- and you’ll never make those mistakes again.

Betty Magazine So, what does the ideal Sunday look like for you?
A hangover free lie in and brunch- I’m obsessed with brunch- it’s the best thing ever! I love going to Columbia Road Flower Market, and going to vintage markets but generally I like a lounge as I don’t get to lounge around very often- so just have dinner with friends and enjoy it!

Charlotte has also been kind enough to send you guys a little list of some of her favourite places to spend a Sunday in London- get listing!
If you have something to celebrate- Bob Bob Ricard, St James' Street 
For a perfect Sunday brunch- Bistrotheque- Cambridge Fields
Casual drinks with a good soundtrack- The Commercial Tavern, Shoreditch
For a late night coffee- The Bridge, Shoreditch 
A cocktail with the girls- Ruby's, Dalston
Afternoon tea- Cocomaya, 12 Connaught St
Super cute stationary- Present & Correct, 23 Arlington Way, EC1R 1UY
Gifts for friends- Liberty, Regent Street 
Best place for nails- Hula Nails, 203-205 Whitecross St
Favourite Cinema- Screen on the Green, Islington
Vintage shopping- Always love going to Beyond Retro for a rummage, you never know what you'll find. 
Favourite Museum- V&A (obvious, but never fails to deliver!), also like Fashion & Textile Museum, Bermondsey
Best place to spend a Sunday- Columbia Road Flower Market, stopping by Lily Vanilli's bakery (go early!) Red Herring….I'm obsessed with all things Mexican, my favourite shop is Milagros on Columbia Road which imports beautiful things from Mexico.

London Bridge

You can pick up Betty Magazine here


5 Minutes With... Betty Magazine

Dahlia pinafore playsuit white lace top Dahlia pinafore playsuit white lace top Red Lips Lace Top Lulu Guinness Bag
(Hat: ASOS, Top: Urban Outfitters, Pinafore: C/O Dahlia, Bag: Lulu Guinness, Shoes: Topshop)

After what seems to have been an age curled up in cosy wear and wallowing in post Christmas pity (I could certainly get used to fairy lights and Christmas cards blu-tacked to the walls all year round), I've taken to my wardrobe and begun to fall in love once again with some of my favourite pieces- determined to not give in to the January sales, and aiming not to feed what is already a pretty bulging wardrobe...

For me, last year was definitely a year the pinafore (or dungarees)- and during one of the milder days last week (milder meaning a scarf wasn't entirely necessary and it was safe to take my coat off for ten minutes) I threw on this gorgeous scalloped pair from Dahlia with one of my favourite little lace blouses- certainly a little cheerier than some old jeans and a jumper made only for watching The Holiday whilst snuggled on the sofa, don't you agree? Paired with the hat that does sometimes leave my head (I promise it does) and the comfiest boots known to man I felt pretty ready for a day in town- and certainly set to explore more unworn items in my wardrobe, wish me luck!
Dahlia pinafore playsuit white lace top Girl in Fedora Lace up black Topshop boots Moped Mirror
and here's what I wore...


Red Bikes & Pinafores



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