Seventies Inspired Outfit Of The Day ASOS Daisy Trousers Seventies Inspired Outfit Of The Day ASOS Daisy Trousers Outfit of the day ASOS hat Accessorize Eye Bracelet Somerset House
(Hat: ASOS, Top: Mama P's, Trousers: ASOS, Shoes: C/O Aspiga, Bracelet: Accessorize, Bag: Mulberry)

If there's one place in London that gets only gets better when the sun shines it's Somerset House. There's something about the light leaking through the huge glass windows, and shooting off of the high built pillars and staining everything with a golden light that definitely beats standing around in the cold with a red nose during a certain week in February, but who's complaining!

Anyway- these photos were snapped after a bit of an exciting half an hour a couple of weeks ago, after Carrie, Kristabel and I stumbled, ahem, upon a certain Jon Snow filming in the area (nope, we didn't ask if he really knows nothing)- after which we spent the rest of the evening squealing/asking everyone 'DO YOU WATCH GOT?!' before attempting outfit pictures in this pretty ol' courtyard. For the occasion I wore some new favourite ASOS trousers, which seem to be a new staple (perhaps I'm having a Fleetwood phase, but long, flowy trousers are definitely a new go-to) and some super-comfy Aspiga sandals (all handmade in developing countries, Africa and India) which made the excitable dancing a whole lot easier ; ) not badio!

Seventies Inspired Outfit Of The Day ASOS Daisy Trousers Seventies Inspired Outfit Of The Day ASOS Daisy Trousers Mulberry Alexa Bag Seventies Inspired Outfit Of The Day ASOS Daisy Trousers
and here's what I wore...


Summers at Somerset House

iPad Company Magazine
So! This isn't your normal posing near a pink tree wearing a cute dress post, nor is it one encouraging you to get into the kitchen and spill your heart (and 200g flour and 1tsp baking powder) into a cooking bowl- but something a little more personal. When I started this blog 4 years ago (I know, it's getting on) it was literally somewhere to write about what was going on, and documented things from what I wore to my interview at my local Topshop (little bit overdressed, but one can only learn), my thoughts on not drinking (albeit a bit attitude-y and abrupt) and how I felt leaving university a year later (and then pondering going back).

So, coming back to that 4 years on- things are a little different. Not only am I writing this little corner of the internet full time (or at least giving it my best shot) but in the last couple of weeks a coupla' exciting things have gone down in this part of town so I thought I'd take a little moment or two to share them with you (y'know, incase you haven't seen my 2000+ tweets)!

Let's start with what happened an hour ago. Doing a Google Hangout with my fave Company Magazine was a bit of a surreal experience, even more so being called the 'cover star' of their latest digital prom issue (mega 'asdfghjkl' moment). I'm pretty sure this is one of those things that just won't sink in. I don't want this to get gushy, or speech like but it felt like a bit of a milestone for the old blog and I- so thanks guys for staying tuned, it means a blooming lot. If you fancy seeing me enjoy a waffle with two of my favourite ladies in journalism then you can head here (and download the issue here- it's free!)

Also, if you're interested- I also did an interview with none other than Albert Hammond Jr here- which included playing Jenga, winning a hamper and being a bit of a nervous Purvis (IT'S A STROKE, PEOPLE)- which was something a little different for me, and dare I say it- my first video, ish. Let me know what you think- maybe this is the start of something beautiful ; )

Anyway! In fear of getting carried away by the written word and an over-indulgence of personal chatter I shall leave it here! I'm justifying this gushy catch up post by the fact I don't really have an official blog birthday (it's May some time I think)- so perhaps this can be my equivalent? Thanking each and every one of you for reading, you're all pretty lovely.


A little catch up...

Cherry Blossom Spring Outfit Of The Day Cherry Blossom Outfit Post Vintage Style Me Dress Zara Coat Cherry Blossom Outfit Post Vintage Style Me Dress Zara Coat Red Zara Zip Coat
(Coat: Zara, Dress: C/O Vintage Style Me, Shoes: Topshop)

Does anyone remember the brief period we had, where every tree had a flourishing of perky pink blooms and candy floss hued cherry blossoms for approximately one day only? Nope, me neither! It all seems incredibly distant whilst looking out onto a rain soaked garden and listening to the pitter patter on my window this afternoon (sounds a lot more romantic than it is, trust me). Either way, whilst they were out I certainly intended on making the most of them, and quickly rushed to the nearest source of pink for some typically-summery photos- it'd be rude not to, right?

Anyway! I hope you've all had a marvellous Bank Holiday, mine has consisted of finally tackling some emails and enjoying a little rest before a bit of a busy week, but hey- I can't complain! Let's just keep our fingers crossed that next week resumes the bare-leg weather, and I can keep my sandals out- talk about #Britishproblems ; )!

Cherry Blossom Outfit Post Vintage Style Me Dress Zara Coat Heidi Braid Hairstyle Cherry Blossom Topshop Daisy Honeymoon Sandals


Cherry Blossom

Citizen Watch Drive Collection So, in ties with my wee trend guide I posted earlier this week with Citizen Watch, I'm giving you lovely people the chance to win the cute-as-a-button Drive by Citizen watch used in the guide, and one that's pretty much a new accessory staple for yours truly (I mean, who can blame me?)

To win yourself this bad boy, simply head over to my Twitter and retweet my tweet about the giveaway (which is below- and making sure you keep the hashtag #DRIVEfromCitizen) and keep your fingers and toes crossed! The competition will be running until May 31st to UK residents only (sorry guys!), after which I'll be drawing a winner at random! Good luck!

Citizen Watch Drive Collection Citizen Watch Drive Collection
This post is in collaboration with Citizen watches- but hey it's never bad timing (pun intended) to hear about some watch lovin'


Fancy winning a watch?

Free People Seventies Red White Outfit Post Free People Seventies Red White Outfit Post Free People Seventies Red White Outfit Post Marc Jacobs Watch
(Hat: ASOS, Jacket: C/O Free People, Top: Topshop, Jeans: American Apparel, Shoes: Hobbs, Bag: Accessorize, Watch: C/O Marc Jacobs at Selfridges)

Living in the UK in summer means adapting to the weather is certainly a bit of a 'thing'. This week I successfully braved a pair of shorts for the first time in at least 9 months (I seemed to think that after one day of lying in the sun for 40 minutes I had developed a 'tan'), and opaque tights hopefully won't see an outing for another few months- but the second it becomes mild and rains a little, I'm clueless...

Enter a hip jacket! It seems that winter coats will equate to sweaty tube journeys in this weather, but investing in a good light summer jacket certainly ain't a bad idea- and this Free People number is ticking all of the boxes. Is it tapestry? Is it a carpet? Who knows! Either way I love it, and can't wait to pair it with a floaty white dress and boots during festi-vaaal season this year too. Plus, it also seems I've been enjoying accessorising with watches of late, and added in this greeny Marc Jacobs number for a summery pop of colour- whatever next, hey? Anyway- before I dash, please make sure to check out the other amazing Take Ten ladies below, as I'm a huge fan of them all- and they definitely rocked some other Free People items!

Accessorize Daisy Bag Free People Seventies Red White Outfit Post Hobbs White Shoes Take Ten Free People
Snippets of Shiny Thoughts- Pretty Much Penniless- Girl In The Lens- The Magpie Girl- Me! -
HiFashion- Hands of Style Love Cloth- Media Marmalade - Dearest Deer

and here's what I wore...


Take Ten: Free People

If you've read my blog for longer than five minutes you'll know that I'm not really one to adhere to trends, let alone buy into them. Yeah, ok- I love a good pastel (even better if it's plastered onto a house)- and florals aren't just what I'm watering in plant pots- but I'm definitely more likely to receive a 'You're looking a bit like an '80s throwback!' on here than I am 'Ooh cute Celine dupe shoe things! Where can I buy?!' Either way- I do like to dip into things and put my own spin on them- so although the trends below may not be you're standard 'ugly-cool shoe' look or boyfriend pinstripe slacks, it's simply my take on what I'm loving this SS14 (print style)- and with so many bad ass patterns, can you blame me?

I've teamed all of the looks with some pretty swish new wrist furniture care of Citizen Watches, in launch with their new Drive collection- which even had me, the most poorly timed of people, swooning- plus, if you stay tuned you'll spot a chance to win you're own here soon!
H&M Print Dress Citizen Watches H&M Print Dress Citizen Watches H&M dress Citizen Watches Daisy Topshop Sandals
101 Dalmatians-meets-Monochrome...

When the summer months usually roll in, the first thing I'm inclined to turn to on a day-to-day basis is a simple white dress paired with my trusty leather jacket. Maybe it's a 'oh but I just want to be a Haim sister' kind of thing- or perhaps it's an 'accidentally inspired by Chung' thing- but either way, there's something about a simple monochrome get-up that has me at hello during bare leg season- all the more if it's printed. Cue this dress from H&M- after spotting it hanging in H&M, and deliberating whether I felt too K-Middy in it (a little, but never a bad thing)- I whisked it to the counter and never looked back (and never gave up)- see what I did there? No...

and here's what I wore for the monochrome look!

Tropical shorts Citizen Watches Summer outfit Tropical shorts Citizen Watches Summer outfit Tropical shorts Citizen Watches Zara silver shoes
Club Tropicana shorts are twee...

With every summer comes a palm/pineapple/mojito (maybe not) print, and every summer I fall in love with it again and again. Last summer I was sporting the '80s style big leaf jumpsuit (which I'm sure will make an appearance soon), and it seems this year is the year of the cutesy tropical short- which I can definitely get behind. Not only are the the easiest thing to wear and style (new jeans anyone?) but they certainly brighten up a dull day- and look perfect with matchy basics such as this Finders Keepers vest!

and here's what I wore for the tropical look!

Co-ord trend outfit Citizen Watches New Look Co-ord trend outfit Citizen Watches New Look Co-ord trend outfit Citizen Watches New Look Co-ord trend outfit Citizen Watches New Look
Getting my co-ord on...

If there's one way of doing the 'I woke up like this' outfit- it's by popping on a good old co-ord, the two piece creation that involves little thought and ultimate impact. When it comes to this trend, I'm one to usually turn to a manly suit and cute blouse, but after spotting this New Look number in Grazia- my inner Katy Perry said 'DO IT!' and low and behold I went body con- and amazingly, I think I like it. I'm usually a 'wear the MOST sack like thing you can kind' kinda gal, so wearing something a little slinkier was certainly a shock (and meant no wearing whilst indulging in burgers)- but I'm also excited to sport these as separates too, oh the fun of a co-ord!

and here's what I wore for the co-ord look!

This post is in collaboration with Citizen watches- but hey it's never bad timing (pun intended) to hear about some watch lovin'


Trying to be a trendy Wendy...

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe
If there's one way of satisfying a sugary sweet craving, it's with a ruddy good doughnut. Although there's nothing like grabbing a paper bag of them warm at the seaside (and then trying not to lick your lips and getting all of your hair in your face, thanks wind), the next best thing is definitely giving them a go yourself, and being able to eat them fresh (and as messily as you wish). Plus, unlike a fair few dough based recipes, these don't take an age- and they can be made and eaten in the same day- bonus! The only thing you may wish to have handy is a deep fat fryer (I got a mini one from Amazon for £15)- but a saucepan and oil should do a similar job!

Also- a little thank you to everyone that has given any of these recipes a go themselves! It means such a lot to see people giving things a try and using the hashtag #bakewithliv- so thank you, and keep baking! ; ) Anyway- on to the doughnuts!

You will need:
- 450g plain white flour
- 7g sachet fast action yeast
- 25g butter
- 75g caster sugar
- 2 beaten eggs
- 6 tbs warm milk (whizz this in the microwave for 10 seconds)
- 6 tbs warm water
- Jam/Nutella/filling of your choice
- 50g caster sugar to coat - 1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
- Bottle of vegetable oil
- Chocolate bar/sauce and strawberries for afters!
Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe
1. Sift your flour and add your yeast together in a bowl, before adding the butter and rubbing it in to create a crumby texture. Add in your sugar, before making a well in the centre and adding in your eggs, milk and water gradually (you can always add a little more water if the mix is a little dry).

2. Flour a clean work surface and knead your dough for about fifteen minutes until completely smooth and mixed. Add into your bowl again and cover with cling film and leave to rise for about an hour and a half (a little longer if necessary is fine though).
Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe
3. Remove the dough from the bowl and knead for another couple of minutes. Flour and grease a couple of baking trays and then cut your doughnuts in to 12 equal pieces, before rolling each into a ball.

4. If you opt for a filling (totally not essential) flatten a dough ball and place a little teaspoon of jam/Nutella in the centre (you really don't need too much for this) before resealing and making sure there's no leakages!
Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe
5. Place your doughnuts onto the baking sheets and cover once more with cling film before leaving to prove for half an hour or so- just until they've risen until around double their size.

6. Switch on your deep fat fryer and turn to about 160/180 degrees and leave to heat up (this should all be with your instructions)! Doing a few at a time (depending on the size of your fryer and doughnuts) fry your doughnuts for around five minutes until brown and done- be careful with the hot oil, and please grab an adult if necessary (I may or may not have done...)!
Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe 7. Place each finished doughnut on a kitchen towel to absorb any extra oil, and mix your extra sugar and cinnamon together to create a tasty topping. Roll each donut in the sugar until perfectly coated!

8. Grab a little bowl of dipping chocolate (or melt a favourite chocolate bar) and some fresh strawberries for the ultimate indulgent snack!
Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe
If you give these a go yourself don't forget to use the hashtag #bakewithliv so I can see! Also, let me know if there's any recipes you'd like to see!


What Olivia Cooked: Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts



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