When it comes to jewellery, as much as I love a good statement necklace, I am known to be quite shy when it comes to accessorising- cue an endless lust for simple delicate pieces both fuss free and completely timeless. This is where Minetta comes in. Described as 'everyday minimal jewellery' this beautiful boutique boasts simple, ladylike pieces- all handmade in the UK, plus, with everything sitting comfortably under £30- there's some beautiful gifts in the mix too.

22 year old Valérie is the brains behind gorgeous Belgium based blog, Scribbles of Valérie. At just over a year old, her blog is relatively new, but is the perfect mix of all things beauty, lifestyle and fashion- with some other miscellaneous chatter and happiness thrown in for good measure. Not only is everything illustrated and designed by her (yup she does blog design too)- but this girl also specialises in food, travel and DIY- so you can rest assured you'll find something to read about here- grab a cuppa and get stuck in!

You know how much of a sucker I am for a one stop shop- and when I'm feeling brave the perfect solution is always somewhere that can provide beautiful statement jewels in a rainbow of colours (and have you ever seen anything as beautiful, and well priced as this selection?!), a good printed blouse (or hey a statement Gatsby style dress) and even some other accessories to boot (think beautiful printed scarves)- which is what makes A Midnight Wonderland so awesome- bookmark!

header 1p
Rose Keats not only sounds like the name of a beautiful old Hollywood film star, but is the name of the beautiful lifestyle and fashion blog run by Roisin E Keats- lover of all things classic and British. With brilliant beauty reviews, hauls (don't act like you don't love being nosey and knowing what's in store), adventures and pamper days and all things fashion in-between- this girl has it covered. Plus, not only can this girl write an amazing blog, but she creates awesome Youtube content too- so have a peek at that too while you're over!

It's not often you come across a blogger who's style is completely fresh and original- and just oozes a knack of being able to put really cool outfits together. Hannah from Paloma in Disguise is one of those people- and I wish I could be as adventurous as her when it comes to putting pieces together. Her blog is one of the cutest out there, and I'm pretty sure she could rock a bin bag and make it look awesome- style notes taken.

Little Rose is the gorgeous fashion and beauty blog of 18 year old Rozzi from Bath, which features cute-as-a-button outfits (including ideas for different occasions- whether you're opting for dressy, casual or glam), budget beauty reviews (everything from skincare (this girl has some lust worthy products), manicure must haves to the essential lipsticks (including Kate Moss- dreamy) and everything in-between.

If you're on the look out for somewhere gorgeous to spend your Christmas money- then stop, don't spend a penny before you've visited Kee Boutique. Ever wanted to know where to get the Suzy Bishop dress? Want to find the perfect sixties inspired peter pan collared gingham frock? Pink playsuits? Adorable tartan two pieces? Yup they have it all. Not only is everything handmade in the UK (something hugely admirable) but owner Keely is the biggest angel ever- go go go!

Olive and Frank are back this Winter with a new look, and gorgeous new collection (accessories included)- enabling you to have a one-stop-shop when doing a bit of outfit shopping- amazing, right? With an exciting new bloggers network and new products made for the 'hip and stylish' girl, there's a bevy of vintage inspired pieces, ticking every trend from '90s grunge and '60s swing. With covetable pieces including the perfect striped t shirts, cosy chunky jumpers, and more jewellery than even the biggest magpie could wish for (which is saying something)- it's worth a look in!

Now, if there's one place for fail safe accessory inspo- it's Love Hearts and Crosses. This bustling and brilliant online boutique has every type of accessory you could ever wish for, trust me- you name it you'll find it here. From cute as a button porcelain animal jewellery (sausage dogs, deers, foxes, my Little Pony- they got it all), statement necklaces galore (a winter jumper just won't look the same), chunky gem and delicate midi rings and even a £10 lucky dip- there's no excuse to not get accessorizing, especially at these prices.

Huckleberry Friend is a sweet UK blog written by self confessed directioner, Lottie- currently living by the sunny English seaside. With her blog presenting a series of gorgeous, wearable outfit posts (shown both as still life and posed snaps), dreamy affordable wishlists, helpful make up posts (with easy step by step guides- I could certainly learn a thing or two), a few sunny Sunday adventures (forever supplying a little wanderlust) and a sprinkle of home DIY thrown in for good measure- a perfect all rounder, and one to bookmark!

Lucie Rose is a fashion and style blog, filled with awesome car boot finds, general chitter chatter and adventures from Lucie's home of France. With wish lists a plenty (I discovered THE perfect pair of ASOS midi heels through her), drug store beauty reviews, gorgeous inspirational outfits, occasional playlist posts- as well as style crush posts to dream about (yup, I'm a huge Fearne Cotton and Solange Knowles fan). A darling corner of the 'net!

If the fact they have a massive 70% off sale isn't enough to tempt you over to this online shopping haven, then once you've actually seen some of the gorgeous pieces they stock- you certainly will want to hop over. With a handful of independent, creative and truly beautiful sellers all under one roof, The Little Deer is a mini department store for all things indie. From beautiful dresses, nail transfers and beauty bits, to bags and even vintage clothing- you'll be truly spoilt.

Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 23.01.19
Created by Central Saint Martins graduate, Hannah- épanoui is an 'eclectic mixture of colour, texture, modern and vintage elements all intricately woven together to create pieces which ooze individuality'. The home of gorgeous jewellery, épanoui offers sterling silver and gold handmade jewellery, spilling with beautiful detail and a classic aesthetic- making the pieces perfect for everyone- completely timeless, and pretty much stunning.

As on January I'll be taking a little break from sidebar adverts- but of course will post if anything changes! I want to say a big thank you to everyone that's chosen to sponsor my sidebar since my blog began, it means a lot- and I've had a great time discovering some amazing brands, blogs and boutiques! Happy New Year all!


Ladies Behind The Sidebar- December 2013

(YES! Finally a post where my blog name has it's big moment)

I’m not normally one for horoscopes (read: I totally am but try to steer away in order for them not to govern my life)- but at the beginning of this year I had a read at my ELLEscope for the year (totally fashwun); and it declared 2013 to be a year of travel. Now, I know there are about a million and one other Gemini’s out there who probably were to hop on a plane this year (no really, I think I have this star sign thing sussed); but looking back- there was something pretty correct about that the whole travel thing they were on to. On top of that, it's strange how looking through ones Instagram photos can provoke so much emotion (and make you realise how often your phone is snapping away at things)- and I can't quite get to grips with how fortunate I've been this year, with the friends I've made, places I've been and experiences I've had- it's quite overwhelming (definitely shed a tiny tear) and I can't thank you all for following the year with me! On to the round up!
PicMonkey Collagetravel Travel: When Joe and I booked a mini break to Paris this February, I certainly didn't imagine it to be the first of four trips I'd pay this year (my mind is blown too)- let alone the start of a year of continent hopping and braving a fear of flying. As well as getting to know my own city a little better, May bought trips to Brighton for The Great Escape festival- followed by a festival filled June at both the Isle of Wight fest and my first ever Glastonbury. July saw a flying visit to Switzerland's Lake Lugano and my first family holiday in about 4 years to Ibiza, both seeing family and getting some well deserved chill-out time. August saw my first visit to Cardiff (everyone is so lovely) followed by an incredible trip to Las Vegas where I spoke at one of the worlds biggest trade shows, and met some incredible people- I'm still a little in awe. Since then I've been back to Wales' and France's fine capitals, and simply can't get over it all. Crikey indeed!
PicMonkey Collagemusic Music: Carrie said to me recently 'you're always at gigs'- and without being that person, I think it's quite an accurate comment (girl is always right). Although it might sound a bit dorky, there's nothing greater than seeing a good band live, and nothing more satisfying than discovering a new band or artist, and following them through the year. Whether it's queuing up at 8am for wristbands at Rough Trade (Haim, you were worth it), RT-ing every shop account in order to get Arctic Monkeys iTunes tickets- or wading through mud to get to The Park Stage on time- every single time was completely worth it- and I'm excited to see what sounds 2014 brings.
PicMonkey Collagefood Food: Oh my god Liv- you like food? Who knew! If you follow my Instagram (be it for a minute or a year) you'll know I'm a big fan of the stuff- and this year saw me eating a little more than just pasta too (although even when in Switzerland, I did manage to find my faithful Spag Puttanesca dinner- YES)! 2013 saw a lot of burgers (forever an Honest gal), a couple of steaks (I'm coming round to them- don't ask why it's taken so long), more money spent on baking ingredients then I care to admit online (every macaron and brownie was worth it) and even trying soup again (and having not eaten anything else for lunch since). Here's to another year filled with good food and broadening my pasta-consumed pallet.
PicMonkey Collagepeople People: First things first, the above collage certainly isn't everyone that's made this year what it's been (sadly flicking through my year in Insta snaps made me realise I didn't have any/many snaps with some of my closest pals and family) BUT these people know who they are and I'm pretty sure that's the main thing. Without a doubt I have the best family and friends out there, and can't get over how fortunate I've been to be surrounded by such a supportive, caring, downright hilarious and wonderful bunch this year. From the Purvis gang, my main ladies and Joe, direct family (and getting to see my wonderful cousins who sadly live across the pond) and getting to know some new lovely people more- I can only say a massive thank you to them for making 2013 such a special year- you gems!
PicMonkey Collagefashion Fashion: Surely a fashion blog wouldn't be complete without a fashion and shopping round up category? Not only did this year see my ickle blog winning 'Best Established Fashion Blog' at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards (omgomgomg), investing in my most saved up purchase ever (cat shoe love), facing that I was addicted to Chung- as well as working with some of my favourite brands and appearing in a couple of magazines (AND TEEN VOGUE)- (it never gets any less surreal)- I can safely say this corner of the internet had a massive proud moment happy dance this year and I can't quite believe it. Also- without sounding gushy (WARNING: This could get a little emotive) I’d like to say a continuous and massive thank you to everyone that still visits WOD (fancy abbreviations there) and continues to tweet, comment, like and read every post, awkward pose or silly waffle- it means the absolute world to me, and no matter how many ‘is blogging dead?’ articles I read, you can rest assured I’ll keep on rambling over here, as long as you guys keep coming over. So thank you <3

(Nope still not finished...)

Amazingly, I’ve already put together a wee list of resolutions for next year that I think may be pretty achievable- and fingers crossed they’ll help 2014 be as special as this year- we shall have to see! Here goes...

- Start that Youtube channel that I keep cracking on about. And learn how to edit (lolwishmeluck).
- Think about a little blog redesign- I think I'm the only person that hasn't changed layout in about 3 years. Oops!
- Watch Breaking Bad/Game of Thrones (and stop being late to every TV party)
- Save for a KitchenAid. Then use it to try out a new recipe every couple of weeks.
- Try and exercise even if it's just a little- remember, you still have a gym membership.

P.S If you're still reading you are amazing. Thank you.


What Olivia Did in 2013

Christmas Jumper Outfit Post Truffle Shuffle Winter Wonderland London Christmas Jumper Outfit Post Truffle Shuffle Winter Wonderland London Rings My Flash Trash Urban Outfitters
(Coat: C/O Barbour, Jumper: C/O Truffle Shuffle, Jeans: American Apparel, Rings: My Flash Trash & Urban Outfitters)

Like most Londoners (and tourists, and well everyone) it seems to be a tradition that every Christmas, one pays a visit to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. The savvy of us will visit during its opening at the beginning of December (I can see the smug faces now), however- there's a few (or a LOAD) that just can't resist the festivity of doing it three days before the big day- and that dear readers, was us this year- and I think it was worth it.

Joe and I paid a visit with two of our loveliest pals, Kitty and Nathan this Sunday and spent the day indulging on sweet treats (and chips, and sausages- and erm a lot), attempting to win a giant soft toy (maybe one year) and waving in and out of slow-footed crowds to get a peek at the glistening attractions (one day we will brave the rides). We came last year and each year it never ceases to fill me with a little festive glow inside, ready for the week ahead!

I'd also like to take this post to wish everyone who reads this little corner of the internet a very Merry Christmas- I am so grateful to everyone that stops by here everyday - it truly means a lot. I have a roundup post coming this weekend, but until then have a wonderful restful Christmas!
Winter Wonderland London Winter Wonderland London Christmas Jumper Outfit Post Truffle Shuffle Winter Wonderland London Friends Winter Wonderland London


It's Christmas time in the city

Sugarhill Boutique Burgundy Outfit Sugarhill Boutique Burgundy Outfit Sugarhill Boutique Knitted Dress White Collar Burgundy Dress Christmas Decorations
(Hat: ASOS, Dress: C/O Sugarhill Boutique, Boots: Old but similar here, Scarf: C/O Lush Scarves)

With Christmas being 4 days away (4 DAYS GUYS, 4 DAYS) I'm making a special effort to do everything I can to get into the spirit (if you've been around me recently, the phrase 'I am SO excited for Christmas' has probably been thrown about once or twice)- from wearing Christmas jumpers (yup, even to bed), making mince pies (and attempting a fruit cake) and visiting the capitals most festive hideouts.

Now, when living in London- it's not hard to get into the Christmas mood. This week someone told me 'Christmas in London is the most underrated in the world'- and I think I'd probably agree. Although the temptation of snoozing on a beach in temperatures ten times warmer than the monsoon outside (slight use of hyperbole there) is second to none, and the idea of spending Christmas morning looking out to Central Park is a little tempting- being curled up in a cosy home, turkey in the oven- is unbeatable. Even if it's rain pelting the window panes, and not snow.
Christmas Next Christmas at Next Christmas Next So, when I was invited along to Next's Christmas afternoon tea at Brown's- I jumped at the chance. If the thought of seeing some of my favourite bloggers wasn't enough, the temptation of turkey and cranberry finger sandwiches certainly was. Not only was the hotel decorated with pine leaves and cinnamon sticks galore- a beautiful Lulu Guinness tree is currently hanging out in the lobby- well worth a snap if you're in the area! Following a little while gawping at the perfect decor, the whole afternoon was spent indulging in sweet treats, decorating personalised baubles and catching up with some of my favourite ladies- thanks Next for a lovely afternoon!
Sugarhill Boutique Burgundy Outfit Sugarhill Boutique Burgundy Outfit Leopard Look Scarf
and here's what I wore...


Baby, It's Cold Outside

Slow Club Shepherds Bush Empire Two years ago now, when I was in the midst of interning I managed to secure a little assisting job with the hugely talented Andy Willsher. At the time I was as nervous as anything, and remember that when I was told I'd be helping on a shoot with Slow Club (a band I absolutely love) I almost crumbled with excitement (plus, I'm pretty sure Rebecca is one of the coolest ladies out there). The images shot were used for promotional use for their album Paradise, one I continue to listen to again and again- and their's was the first gig I went to when I moved to Liverpool in the same year. Consider it love at first listen.
Slow Club Shepherds Bush Empire But saying that, I've never managed to get to one of their December shows. I've always wanted to go to a Christmas tour, (I've never made it to seeing The Pogues at Brixton- even if it is 98% for Fairytale of New York), but luckily got to catch Slow Club this year at Shepherds Bush for their annual Christmas tour- something I've been so excited about, and something which certainly didn't disappoint.
Slow Club Shepherds Bush Empire With a strict 'no mobiles' policy (which meant people were truly listening- no mid-show Instagramming here) you could almost bet it was going to be a little different- with, at one point Joe even describing the gig as 'surreal', and if it wasn't the somewhat magical harmonies of Watson and Taylor people were gawping at, it was the charm of how brilliant everything sounded a little more acoustic and gentle, with favourites such as 'Two Cousins' stripped down- real evidence this pair don't need a big band to sound incredible.
Slow Club Shepherds Bush Empire Although it was only the final encore that included Christmas songs (they played Christmas TV, It's Christmas And You're Boring Me and Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)- I may, or may not have shed a tiny tear)- the whole set eluded a hugely special festive atmosphere, which made you feel like you were truly lucky to be there. Perhaps it's the fact that SBE has this almost church-like feel about it's interior, and the fact that for the gig, the ground floor was seated (and like a carol service everyone was silent unless singing perfectly in time- one of those 'omg I'm actually part of this moments)- and can only be described as the kind of gig that leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling- here's to next Christmas!

P.S You may be spotting a few more music reviews around here as I'm lucky enough to be an official blogger for O2 Academy venues, so stay tuned!


When Olivia Saw: Slow Club

Missguided bardot dress Missguided Party Outfit
(Outfit & Make up- All available at Missguided)

Ok, so contrary to my last post- there are, on occasion, dresses you just fall for. Christmas themed party dresses you just love- and more so, ones that make you feel really special. If you've read my blog for any period of time you'll know I'm not one to often turn to body con (when one enjoys as much pasta as I, it's probably for the best) and smocks are usually my first port of call. But- after browsing the Missguided site, and seeing this velvet Bardot inspired frock- I knew it was meant to be this festive season.
Missguided Make up Beehive Hairstyle
But, little did I realise that wasn't all this online shopping heaven had to offer in terms of getting ready. With a new section dedicated for perfect make up pallets, falsies that even the biggest lash novice like me can master (Katy Perry ones are my favourite), hair products and even some gorgeous nails, picking out a party look quickly became a little more fun and exciting (and I also promise a beehive tutorial will come in the new year)!
Missguided shoes
On top of that, I also wrapped up my more going 'out out' party look with what can only be described as my Harry Styles coat (if only) and some perfect courts; in order to keep things a little sophisticated and erm, One Direction like around here. Plus, the coat is super warm, so with some clear tights (because I'm not quite brave enough) I'm pretty sure I've got this dressy thing sussed! Thanks Missguided!
Missguided Party Outfit
and here's what I wore...


Getting ready for Christmas (with a bit of help from Missguided)...



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