...and I'm back! I told you I had a second half of the list coming, and I have to say- this wasn't any easier to narrow down. I tried to keep it away from being completely food based, but these, again are some of my favourite hidden gems in the capital. I really hope you've enjoyed reading these posts as much as I've enjoyed putting them together- and let me know if you'd like any other specific guides, as they're pretty fun to put together (any excuse to eat food and explore hey!) Anyway! Let's get going (remember to tag any of your favourite London spots with #ASOSLondon too!)...

Brixton Village
Brixton Market Franco Manca If you're ever around the South, or hitting a gig at the Academy, Brixton Village is one of my favourite places to grab some pre-music food; and there's such an awesome selection. Home to some of my favourite pizzas at Franco Manca, awesome chicken at Wishbone, burgers and meatiness at Bukowski's- and my all time numero uno Honest Burger (more on that later) it's a haven for some serious taste parties, none of which that'll break the bank either; don't mind if I do.

Tate Britain- Millbank
Tate Britain Having studied art at A Level- a pretty comfortable period of my time was spent browsing galleries and getting to know some of my favourites in London (this makes me sound far more knowledgeable than I really am FYI). The first time I visited the Tate Britain was at GCSE (I remember it so well, we took the coach up and everything) and I loved it. It had all the charm of a quintessentially beautiful gallery, and was packed with some of the most incredible, magical pieces I'd ever seen- plus, have you seen what it looks like from the outside?! It's a work of art in itself. They have some awesome exhibitions on all year round, and a cracking cafe- if that ain't a good day out then I don't know what is.

Prince Charles Cinema- 7 Leicester Place
Prince Charles Cinema London If I told you I knew of a cinema that showed Amelie, sing-a-long musical evenings, beer and pizza nights AND Wes Anderson-athons you'd love it, right? Well I just have. The Prince Charles Cinema is London's best and worst kept secret, and is a stones throw away from the worlds most expensive cinema land (read: Leicester Square). I'm almost reluctant to expose this little gem as I love it so much, but for a genuinely well priced cinema I just couldn't hide it- it is by far my favourite place to go with Joe and while away an afternoon.

Mary's Living and Giving shop- 177 Westbourne Grove
Mary Portas Living and Giving London Westbourne Grove You guys don't need me to tell you how big a city London actually is- and being a big ol' city, there's a fair few charity shops. My local area has about 11, which although is pretty extortionate for one place, means there's lots of bargains to be found. West London is another favourite for charity shop scouring, and if you're prepared to spend a little more on a second hand buy, Mary's Living and Giving Shop on Westbourne Grove (among some other serious shopping gems) has some seriously luxurious designer finds- all at a snip of their RRP- but hey, if it's for a good cause who can blame us?

Honest Burger
Honest Burgers Portobello Road Best Burgers in London If you've been following my blog for any period of time (or Twitter, or um, Instagram) you'll know how much I adore Honest Burgers. If someone says 'Blah blah blah do the BEST burger'- it's likely I'll question whether they've been here first, as in my opinion, it's pretty hard to top. Not only do they do the most incredible rosemary fries, juicy (but not messy) burgers and refreshingly brilliant homemade lemonade- but all of that comes in at a pretty happy ten British pounds, which for a meal that good is completely amazing- and it's going to take a lot for me to stop going back again and again for more.


London Calling: Part 2

Vardvark Using upcycled and vintage fabrics, Vardvark Studio is a haven of all things beautiful, creative and completely lust worthy- making Alison's bags certainly one of a kind. With delicate crochet, twinkling sequin, rose bud floral and Aztec inspired graphic bags available (including gorgeous clutches, make up bags and hold-all totes) it's safe to say for under £50, this lady has everything covered, and with free delivery on bags- it's hard to resist...

8515830037_711ea44c53_z Fashion journalist, Laura's blog is the perfect insider peep into the big wide world of fashion and beauty, and boy does she do it well. With honest, straightforward beauty reviews, THE most lust worthy high street items (we're talking Zara and beaut winter florals), introducing you to the most talented fashion illustrators (yup, this girl does it all), and stunning outfit and beauty photos - Laura's blog should be your first stop for fashion and beauty ladies. Plus, she's just started an online jewellery boutique here- worth a peep!

Looking Glass If there's one thing I think a blog should serve (and one thing I really love about them), is acting as a peep into someone's life through their eyes- and Kate's 'Looking Glass Blog' has quickly become one I look to. Uncomplicated, striped back and so, so well written, this blog by a twenty-something Londoner with a passion for lattes, literature, theatre and Polaroids is a refreshing breathe of fresh air in a busy blogging world. With film reviews, 'Flash Fiction Friday's' and a peppering of 'What I wore posts' this is a blog to sit down with a cuppa to.

Untitled Sophie's beautiful blog, Simple Sophie is the prettiest lifestyle blog bought to you by a girl with a love for cats and who resides in Leeds (so good it was shortlisted in the Cosmo Awards too)! Although described as a lifestyle blog, Sophie's little corner of the internet oozes brilliant recipes (that Quiche Lorraine), perfectly put together outfits (this can can coordinate like no other) and trips to some of her favourite hide outs in the North & South (how yum does Basil look?) and a great girls night in! A girl after my own heart, Sophie is an expert at styling a good hat and I can promise her blog will have you scrolling for hours.

Mod Dolly Having re launched this month with an amazing new layout and design direction, Mod Dolly is the perfect haven of beautiful one off designs, created by Amy He herself. From vintage, to reworked to handmade- there are pieces from all walks of life, each and every one as special as the next. From the most perfect check smock (don't start me) and pinafore dresses, '90s tartan galore and velvet collared dresses, the new collection (snapped and filmed by the talented Hanna Kristina) holds some serious treasures to be had, come and see (plus, they're incred value)!

Olive and Frank Olive and Frank are back this Autumn with a new look, and gorgeous new collection (accessories included)- enabling you to have a one-stop-shop when doing a bit of outfit shopping- amazing, right? With an exciting new bloggers network and new products made for the 'hip and stylish' girl, there's a bevy of vintage inspired pieces, ticking every trend from '90s grunge and '60s swing. With covetable pieces including white cut out Mary Janes, baseball inspired tees, and more jewellery than even the biggest magpie could wish for (which is saying something)- it's worth a look in!

Who is Tanya Tanya's blog, Who is Tanya has quickly become one of my favourite places to click to when in need of fast style inspiration (and to maybe get a little jealous of her beautiful barnet)! This girl not only has the most covetable wardrobe (it boasts burgundy Zara bags, Topshop prints and perfectly sixties roll necks) but she introduces us to some others too with her awesome blogger interviews, with the latest being Alice Boullin. Plus, although a bit of a rare treat- her travel posts are amazing too- there's not many that can capture such gorgeous candid's of everywhere from Paris to India- completely dreamy.

Love Hearts Now, if there's one place for fail safe accessory inspo- it's Love Hearts and Crosses. This bustling and brilliant online boutique has every type of accessory you could ever wish for, trust me- you name it you'll find it here. From cute as a button porcelain animal jewellery (sausage dogs, deers, foxes- they got it all), statement necklaces galore (a winter jumper just won't look the same), chunky gem and delicate midi rings and even a £10 lucky dip- there's no excuse to not get accessorizing, especially at these prices.


Editor of a menswear magazine by day, a fashion, interiors and beauty fan by night, I Heart Fashion by the gorgeous Victoria is the perfect corner of the internet for all things style, lifestyle and 'pretty and polished'. With trend led wishlists (this lady knows her covetable), interior inspiration with the best of Pinterest, some inspiring fashion articles (history of the Chelsea boot anyone?), travel and London round ups along with some cute cats thrown in for good measure- there's not a lot this girl hasn't got covered, and it's blooming lovely.


Ladies Behind The Sidebar- October 2013

Leopard Coat and Striped Top Outfit Leopard print coat and striped top Monochrome Bag
(Coat: C/O Next, Top: American Apparel, Jeans: Cheap Monday via BANK, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Topshop, Ring: C/O Love Hearts and Crosses)

You know on occasion girls will talk about their 'go-to' outfit, or complete 'staple' pieces? The items they turn to in times of bad hair days, I've-eaten-too-much-cake days and down right lazy days? Well these black jeans and striped t shirt would be my answer. The thing about a good Breton striped top and a pair of comfy jeans that I love, is how easy they are to customize. I don't mean with safety pins and fabric paint (although my 13 year old Art Attack and Avril loving self wouldn't mind) but how with a slick of red lipstick and a messy 'hive- an oh so simply outfit can make you feel a little like a cool sixties film character (the operative word here is feel) and I'm sure that can only ever be a good thing.
Leopard Coat and Striped Top Outfit Love Hearts and Crosses fox ring Zara monochrome loafers Teamed with this awesome leopard coat from Next (yup, they really have got some amazing things online at the moment), my mannish Zara loafers and matching huuge Topshop bag (my laptop is a little bulky, ok) I think it equates to one of the most wearable, easy outfits you can think of- and you know what? It won't go out of fashion either.

and here's what I wore...


Autumn Almanac

What's In My Gym Bag
After a post like yesterdays it seems somewhat obligatory to follow with something a little more, ahem, healthy (but y'know brownies contain milk and eggs- which are good for you, right?)- perhaps a way to justify eating them all, no? Anyway, as you may have read a month or so ago in this post, I've been busy trying to 'Change For The Better' in collaboration with Special K- and work on becoming a little healthier, and a lotta fitter.

Now, joining the gym itself was easy enough. I had an induction and mini personal training session, which went pretty well (read: I didn't pass out from breathlessness)- and have since tried to go when I have time- but trust me when I say this, it's not been easy. Being a full time freelancer and juggling working in London, working from home and shooting outfit posts seems straight forward enough, but boy- does it take time. Gym hours are usually limited to first thing in the morning, or weekends- two time frames in which the temptation of sleep is also massively dominant. So, for the next month or so I'm going to challenge myself further- to get into a proper routine. It's all well and good hitting the gym every now and again, but it's the routine I need to create which I'm sure is where the real change lies...

Anyway! Less of the rambling. Today I thought I'd give you a look into a newbies gym bag, and offer a playlist of mine which I find carries me through many a gym session- and spurs me on to make the extra minute.
What's In My Gym Bag
Now, I don't take a lot when I head to the gym. I like to be in-and-out in as small time as possible (especially when my face is a bare as a babys bottom) so stick to a pair of comfy shoes (completely vital and these Free Runs need no wearing in), a towel for any sweaty forehead situ's (pfft), some deodorant to keep me smelling sweet, some low fat sweet snacks (by this I mean this amazing popcorn- sweets are purely a quick sugar boost!), my membership card (duh), some water to keep me hydrated and my phone (to occasionally vent to Twitter and listen to Spotify).
Gym Playlist Ideas
Now, speaking of Spotify, in my opinion it's important to keep some playlists prepared for gruelling treadmill moments- and even better if they're a mix of more 'dance motivational' songs and songs you really like. The thing is, I don't normally listen to '90s Destiny's Child (okay maybe a little) but I find it's far better to get you in the mood than the new Johnny Flynn album when hitting the gym (and trust me, I love that album). So- I've popped together a little gym playlist you can all download just here, to ensure your next session won't be boring (and a little nostalgic)!

P.S This project and this post has been bought to you in collaboration with Special K, and Kellogg have sponsored me in achieving my goal- however I am not a spokesperson for the brand. If you fancy making a change yourself, always seek help from professionals before getting started- no hurts here please! As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own- and am honest as ever!


What's in my gym bag...

Honeycomb Brownie Recipe This is a little bit of an unexpected post for me this evening, after planning and snapping for another more fitness related post today (which'll appropriately be up tomorrow) I decided otherwise- and seeing as these have gone down so well this weekend (I baked about 12 yesterday- there are now 4 left) I thought it'd be rude to not share them with you! Additionally, with the nasty weather outside, and the excuse to stay tucked up in doors (who else has got a dressing gown and Strictly on?), what's better than hitting up the kitchen and whipping up some treats? Nothing, that's what. On top of that, these are so easy, and are that perfect 'not-too-gooey-but-gooey-enough-with-a-crisp-edge' type- which are personally my favourite ; )

'Zip it and give us the recipe!' I hear you cry! Oh ok then! Also! If you do try this out hashtag any pictures with #bakewithliv- I'd love to see them and start building some posts with your bakes!

You will need:
200g x unsalted butter
100g x dark chocolate bar, broken into pieces
200g x caster sugar
4 x eggs at room temp
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla essence
75g x plain flour
25g x cocoa powder
100g x chocolate chips
1 x bag of chocolate covered honeycomb pieces

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Chop up the butter and place in a saucepan, add the broken chocolate and simmer over the lowest heat until just melted- and then let it cool off.
Honeycomb Brownie Recipe
2. Put the sugar and eggs into a mixing bowl and beat until slightly frothy. Add in the melted chocolate mixture and whisk until there are no streaks.

3. Sift the flour and cocoa powder into the bowl and stir with a wooden spoon- add in your vanilla essence. Honeycomb Brownie Recipe
4. Stir in your chocolate chips and honeycomb, perhaps saving a few chunks for the top (but beware of them burning a little)!

5. Prepare a 20x30cm baking tin (this ensures your brownies are of a good thickness) lined with greaseproof paper, and scrape your mixture into it.
Honeycomb Brownie Recipe
6. Place into the heated oven and bake for 20 minutes, check with a knife to see if the brownie is done- if not, leave for another 2-3 minutes.

7. Carefully remove the brownie (oven gloves kids!) and leave to cool before cutting into squares!
Honeycomb Brownie Recipe
8. Enjoy! But pace yourself, these are highly moreish and incredibly indulgent!

P.S I know I've done more recipes than normal lately- let me know if you'd like less, I've gotten a little carried away in the kitchen!


What Olivia Cooked: Honeycomb Brownies

ASOS Outfit Antipodium Skirt Seventies Hat Burgundy ASOS Antipodium Leopard Skirt
(Hat: ASOS, Coat: New Look @ ASOS, Jumper: A|Wear @ ASOS, Skirt: Antipodium @ ASOS, Shoes: ASOS, Bag: Mulberry)

I hate to be that person that gets excited for winter dressing, honestly, I do. There are few things I love more than being able to go out without tights on (weird, simple things- but summer dresses look so much nicer), not worry about how much of a marshmallow I'll look in a winter coat, and know that a cardigan in my handbag will be an adequate way of keeping warm for the day. But, saying all of that- being able to wear what can only be described as a the worlds most gorgeous 'tapestry' printed skirt with an angora jumper and burgundy hat (totes falls colour, right?) is pretty satisfying- and is the ultimate wardrobe season to channel my love of sixties dressing.
ASOS Outfit Antipodium Skirt ASOS Loafers AW13 Worn for a day out exploring London for my ASOS Student Guide (and there was a lot of exploring), this outfit made for the perfect Autumn get-up (if you cater for the sudden warm spell we seem to have had) and for a first time wear, these loafers did me pretty well indeed. On top of that, without sounding odd, I think this outfit channels my university style pretty well too. Being a non-drinker (I'm sure there's another post for this somewhere) and a part-time retail worker I found myself saving a surprising amount of money at uni which I put towards more investment pieces, such as this skirt (although not quite as indulgent). Mixed in with some more on budget pieces (who can believe this jumper was just over £15?!) easy outfits like this one saw me through my brief time in the North, and still do when working around the capital- and thanks to places like ASOS, putting them together is pretty damn easy too.

and here's what I wore...


That's magic in a cheetah print coat

Beauty Favourites Liz Earle Clarisonic The Balm Clarins Elizabeth Arden Soap and Glory It's been a while on the ol' beauty front hasn't it? After a bit of thinking I thought I'd put together a mini series of posts with my current beauty favourites, seeing as they've changed a little since my last post. I know I'm no expert, but hey I'm a daily make up wearer and I'm sure that counts for something, right? ; )

As I mentioned in my previous beauty post, until last year my skincare routine was about as advanced as pulling out a cheap Boots cucumber wipe (nearly always on offer) and attempting to remove as much from my face as humanly possible, and then hitting the hay. I'd heard of Liz Earle (Liz Early? Who is THAT?!) from my nan (a committed fan pretty much since the word go) and my pal Rebecca- also, a dedicated skin-carer, but never thought as far ahead as to actually take care myself. However, introduce Youtube to the equation, and the addition of a Boots card- and things have changed a little around here. Here's how...
Liz Earle Products Clarins Clarisonic Liz Earle: Skin Tonic Spritzer| Cleanse & Polish| Brightening Treatment Mask| Intensive Nourishing Treatment
Ooh cult favourites you say? How original! But hey, there's a reason Earle's products are so well loved, and these are my go-to's for a straightforward cleanse-to moisturised routine. Because they're all pretty light and creamy I find my skin is always super soft and clean after a bit of Liz Earle, and I've especially become a fan of her masks of late- great for a quiet five minutes in the bath if I do say so- AND they get the work done. Additionally, I love using the tonic afterwards, which livens up my skin after a bit of cleansing.

Clarisonic: Mia 2
Trying this product out, I was a little wary as to what to expect. Having heard tales of messy break-outs and redness, I was a little apprehensive as to what the most fashionable 'facial electric toothbrush' would present. Saying that, I needn't have worried. After using the Mia 2 for a solid 3 weeks each evening (or until it needed charging) I've noticed my skin become a lot softer and smoother, with breakouts being a real rarity- certainly something I could get used to. My nan even said how 'bright' my skin was looking- you can thank this bad boy.

Clarins: Gentle Foaming Cleanser
After using Benefit's facial scrub since Christmas, and having a boyfriend with an extremely handy John Lewis discount, it seemed the perfect opportunity to try something a little different for my make up removal routine. I'd spotted this Clarins cleanser over on Kate's blog, and thought I'd give it a go myself. Although, as she rightly noted- it is a little drying- but is excellent for a thorough skin clean and exfoliate- and all the better when mixed in with some other more moisturising products.

The Balm: Balms Away
Essentially a posh Vaseline, this product is pretty special when it comes to removing eye make up (I did also recently pick up Bioderma, which is also-a-mazing). After having my best friend tell me the wonders of using Vaseline to remove make up, it wasn't until I picked this up that I realised how on the money she was. This is a super easy, moisturising way of getting eye makeup off (without having to tug at your poor lashes) and is a nice alternative to a liquid formula.

Soap & Glory: For Daily Youth Moisture Lotion
Compared to some of the thick moisturisers I normally opt for, this formula is incredibly light and grease free, and absorbs into the skin pretty rapidly. It promises to 'reduce fine lines' and at 20, this really isn't something I experience much of (perhaps due to this ; ) but have noticed my skin a lot softer, especially in particularly dry areas such as my forehead and nose, which can only be a good thing?

Elizabeth Arden: 8 Hour Cream
In all honesty, this product needs no introduction, but I thought I'd slip it in for good measure. Kept by my bedside, in my handbag and in my make up drawer- this little balm is second to none for dry lips, and isn't overly expensive at that either! Having been introduced to this by my mum it's certainly taken over as top dog for my lips- and I don't see it changing any time soon.

...and now for what goes on top...
Stay Matte Powder Double Wear Foundation Liz Earle Foundation Estee Lauder: Double Wear
Let me tell you one thing- as long as this foundation is being sold, I'll be buying it. Without a doubt my favourite beauty product, I sometimes wonder what I used before I discovered this. Although the coverage is quite thick, it's also incredibly buildable and pretty much doubles as a concealer, meaning I spend less time fluffing about with other face products. It's also really matte, meaning all my shininess is left up to my choice of blush and highlighter, and lasts pretty much all day long. Top marks Lauder.

Liz Earle: Signature Foundation
Now, on the off chance I'm having a very good skin day- a foundation a little lighter is usually my go to. Although this is a new addition to my make up bag, so far I've enjoyed trying this out. Although it is a LOT lighter than my general foundation choices, it's extremely breathable- and is also good for building up if you're a bit more conscious like me. It feels a little like a tinted moisturizer, but when you're skin is clear and smooth for cleansing- who needs anything else?

Rimmel: Stay Matte Powder
It's only recently that I've started using powder (due to having such a matte foundation) but when my skin is a little oiler than normal this is the perfect remedy for any unwanted shine- and lasts pretty much all day too. Not bad at all.


Beauty Favourites: Autumn Winter 2013

Nutella Macaron Recipe If there's one item of food I'm happy to spend a little more on (bar good cheese) it's a bag (or box, if I'm feeling naughty) of macarons. Yes, you heard right. The blogger 'cliche' (which, if you've ever tasted them will be able to completely vouch for) and something I'm unashamedly in love with. So much so that my best friend sent me a box in the post last week. I know, she's an angel.

So, when I'm not lucky enough to be near to pay day and afford £2 sweet treats, it's been known that I've tried to make some myself. Now, I ain't no Pierre Herme, and after trying for the second time- can completely understand why these little rounds of happiness are so pricey; they're not easy (this is not Viccy sponge business). On this occasion the almonds made them a little bumpy, and hey, I didn't have a piping bag so they're more like whoopie pies- but they taste good- and isn't that the point? I know Laduree won't have to start worrying, but I'm now left with some pretty happy colleagues and family, and I think that's a job well done.

These little bad boys were adapted from a GBBO/Nutella book recipe- but with a Liv spin, or two!

You will need:
2 x egg whites
1 x pinch of salt
60g x caster sugar
65g x ground almonds (as ground as they come)
80g x icing sugar
3 x tablespoons cocoa powder
1 x jar of Nutella

Nutella Macaron Recipe
1. Add the pinch of salt to the egg whites and whisk with an electric whisk until the whites become opaque and stand with soft peaks. Whisk the sugar in a spoonful at a time, until the peaks become stiff.

2. Gently sieve the ground almonds, icing sugar and cocoa powder into the mix, and using a large metal spoon fold the mix together gently, making sure not to lose any of the air whisked in- until the mix becomes a chocolatey brown colour with no white.
Nutella Macaron Recipe
3. Draw 20 circles on a baking sheet using a small egg cup/baby cup and turn the sheet upside down (so your macarons don't have pen circles on them)! Place on a baking tray.

4. Using a couple of spoons, or ideally, a piping bag- place the mixture into the circles. Lift up the baking sheet and try, and bang it down a little to rid of any air bubbles- and then leave to stand for half an hour, so the macarons can form a skin. Heat the oven to 180 degrees.
Nutella Macaron Recipe
5. Bake for 15-20 minutes, and until they feel firm to touch. Lift the macarons from the tray and leave to cool on a wire rack.

6. Once the macarons have cooled, spread a hearty layer of Nutella into the middle of one side and place two flat sides together to make your macaron!
Nutella Macaron Recipe
Enjoy! (They last up to 4 days, but like they'd be left that long anyway- pfft!)


What Olivia Cooked: Nutella Macarons

Pastel Outfit Vivetta Pink Zara Skirt What Olivia Did Vivetta Collar Hands
(Shirt: Vivetta, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: ASOS, Bag: Folli Follie, Beret: Beyond Retro)

So, during my last day in Paris (which was ultimately spent catching some z's and finding somewhere that did a 'proper' breakfast) I decided to embrace the relatively dry weather (no matter how romantic it sounds, I will never love Paris in the rain that much, sorry Regina Spektor) before I headed home and the 180 deniers had to come back out. Now, I feel I haven't properly embraced the whole 'fashion blogger Zara' love affair going on of late (I missed the 'skort' train), so this skirt is my nod to their amazing new collection, and well obligatory uniform if you go by my occupation. Paired with another completely beautiful Vivetta piece and my go-to ASOS heels- it was a little overdressed for a coach ride back, but who can blame a girl for wanting to feel good?
ASOS Buckle Flats Gold heel Pink Beret Folli Follie Bag Pastel Outfit Vivetta Pink Zara Skirt Also, did you think I was telling porkie pies when I said I'd taken a lot of inspiration from the Orla Kiely presentation? Although I'm still mustering up the courage to full on wear this beret a la Suzy Bishop (or, um Samuel L Jackson) it's one of my favourite winter accessories- and if I can brave it I'm sure it would look adorable with a candy pink coat and white tights- not that I've thought about it or anything...

and here's what I wore...


Young Parisians

If there's one city in England I know I will never tire of falling in love with again and again, it's London. Every day I feel incredibly lucky to live in such an exciting and vibrant place (cheesy, but true) and the fact that I still haven't seen the half of it is pretty amazing- and keeps it exciting when looking for a new place to eat, that's for sure. So, when ASOS got in touch asking me to be their London student representative, and dig out my favourite hidden gems in the capital- ready for new students, and one's still looking to discover the hot spots- I jumped at the chance. If there's one thing I love doing more than most, it's sharing my favourite places with you guys- and getting to discover some more myself.

This edition seems to be my more 'East London' version, with another part coming in the next few weeks- it's incredibly difficult to narrow down everything I like in London to a list of ten, but I'm trying- let me know if you have any recommendations too!

Borough Market
Borough Market If I'm ever stuck for lunch, or a nice inspiring way of passing an afternoon (especially if I want to get in the mood for baking) I'll head to Borough Market. Whether picking up fresh dinner ingredients, a cheeky afternoon snack (I seriously recommend brownies and little bags of homemade honeycomb) it's the perfect way to while away an afternoon, and switch off a little. Plus, if it's all good enough for Bridget Jones, it's good enough for me.

BOXPARK Shoreditch- 2-4 Bethnal Green Road/Hoxton Square
Boxpark Shoreditch Shannon Wardrop Both good places for an evening of food and dancing, Boxpark has some really cool places to grab a bite (such as Bukowski's for burger lovers) and Hoxton Square offering places such as The Breakfast Club, Byron and Red Dog. Additionally for evening entertainment, Queen of Hoxton, Hoxton Bar and Kitchen and Underbelly, are all great places to grab a drink or see a live band or two (see my good pal Shannon above)! If you're heading during the day, be sure to check out the cool pop up's at Boxpark- there's been some seriously cool designers round those parts.

Blitz Vintage- 55/59 Hanbury Street
Blitz Vintage London Brick Lane There's a lot of cool vintage hide outs in London, especially East- but when it comes down to serious business I think Blitz comes up tops. Although one of the newer stores, Blitz has an endless selection- all incredibly clean and well organised (a VERY impressive trait with vintage) and oozes everything from this seasons most covetable (read: tartan trousers galore, statement coats etc), an enviable record collection to browse and even gizmos for the home (and a small cafe area to grab a cuppa afterwards). It's a no fuss vintage store, with staff always more than happy to help- and with that you can never go wrong.

Rough Trade East- Dray Walk, 91 Brick Lane
Rough Trade Este Haim The first time I visited Rough Trade, was for Record Store Day 2009 (and coincidentally mine and Joe's first date)- and it was one of the best days ever. Not only had they just launched that now infamous, photobooth- but the fact I could pick up some of my favourite records and catch some seriously amazing acts live seemed pretty cool. Now, before ever purchasing an album, I'll see if Rough Trade are hosting an instore- what could possibly be better than seeing that band as a freebie with your album pick up? Nothing, that's what. They've also started doing cracking cups of tea and coffee, so you can now sit down and catch up after a long winded peruse. And yes, that is Haim up there.

Kahaila Cafe- 135 Brick Lane
Kahaila Brick Lane Cafe Kahaila Cafe Brick Lane Sandwiches Without a doubt, my favourite place to grab lunch in East London is Kahaila. Whether it's a fleeting visit, or I need to sit down and work with my laptop (yup there's biig communal style tables and wifi) it's the perfect place to unwind with the panini of dreams (mozzarella, parma ham and basil FYI), a slice of rich red velvet and a sugary cup of tea. Plus, the staff are some of the nicest ever, and it even made an appearance in my Barbour video- go go go!

Stay tuned for my next selection in the next couple of weeks!


London Calling



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