Miss Selfridge The Collective Shoot Miss Selfridge The Collective Shoot Hair and Make Up Miss Selfridge The Collective Shoot Shoes Miss Selfridge The Collective Shoot Leather Jacket Miss Selfridge The Collective Shoot
A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to shoot with the lovely people at Miss Selfridge (as well as the gorgeous Emily and Lily) for their new Collective collection, which has just landed in stores this week (continue reading at your bank account's own peril). The collection offers a selection of pretty luxury staple pieces, from layered 90's inspired dresses (how much did I used to love the strappy dress and t shirt combination growing up? They have the lazy girls answer!), PU midi skirts of dreams, fresh colour pop blouses and leather jackets that will keep you swooning for hours. This and next season's wardrobes sorted? I think so.
Miss Selfridge The Collective Seventies Black and white Miss Selfridge The Collective Shoot Miss Selfridge The Collective Shoot Jewellery Miss Selfridge The Collective Shoot Miss Selfridge The Collective Shoot Miss Selfridge The Collective Shoot
Miss Selfridge The Collective Seventies Black and white The idea of the shoot was to bring some of our own favourite wardrobe pieces, coherent with our personal taste- to style up with the collection. For me this equated to floaty embroidered dresses, a vintage floral blouse I picked up at Glastonbury and a pallet built up of muted and pastel tones- with of course, my favourite selection of millinery (or y'know just big hats). Considering Lily, Emily and I all have very different styles, it speaks volumes that each of us had no problem working it into our wardrobes and all certainly managed to build pretty massive lust lists (with mine consisting of the above long leather jacket and midi skirt). Luckily the products are dropping all the way through to November, so there's still time to save ; )

You can shop the collection over here at Miss Selfridge, and check out my mini feature too!


Miss Selfridge: The Collective

40 IMG_5974p
(Print: C/O Ginger Pickle)

In my opinion, Mac n cheese is one of the worlds greatest comfort foods. There would be nights last winter where I'd come home from a rainy dark (and pretty packed) train commute home, and the thought of knowing my mums mac n cheese would be on the table, would literally warm me up, cheesy I know (see what I did there?)

It's not the most glamorous food in the world, and it certainly isn't the most low calorie (who has time to count?) but it's so delicious that it really doesn't matter. Plus, this little recipe is a bit of a quick way round- leaving the homemade white sauce to one side (although that is so straight forward you could easily substitute) and adding extra bacon and tomatoes for a naughty kick.

You will need:
1 x Packet of macaroni
1 x Packet of bacon (about 12 rashers)
1 x Supermarket cheese sauce (we use Waitrose Essential- amazing stuff)
1/2 Block of cheese
1/2 Packet of grated Parmasan
2 x Tomatoes
Some Lea & Perrins to taste

1. Start by frying your bacon until crisp (we like ours pretty 'well' done). In the meantime, bring a saucepan of water to the boil, and pop in your macaroni. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees (fan).
2. Drain your pasta, and put your bacon in a tissue lined bowl (to absorb any messy oiliness) and break into small pieces.

3. Grate half of your cheese and put to one side. Empty your macaroni back into the saucepan, and add the cheese sauce to mix. Blend until all covered, and mix in the grated cheese (leaving a little to sprinkle on top), a little Parmasan and bacon, until evenly distributed.
4. Empty your mixture into a clear cooking dish, and spread evenly out- adding the remainder of your cheese to the top (this makes it go a gorgeous golden colour in the oven, too).
5. Chop your tomatoes into thin slices, and lay across the top of the dish and put into the oven. It usually takes about 40 minutes to cook, but keep checking after about half an hour- you want it to go a nice golden/light brown colour (scientific, I know) and to have a nice top layer of crunch.
6. Serve up and lather in Lea & Perrins! Enjoy!


What Olivia Cooked: Mama P's Mac 'n' Cheese

Orla Kiely SS14 Presentation Orla Kiely SS14 Presentation Orla Kiely SS14 Presentation If the thought of Wes Anderson ever bringing out a clothing line has appealed to you (come on, I know you've lusted for Margot and Suzi's wardrobes- who could say no to that many collars and tennis dresses?) with the realization following, that hey, it probably won't happen- Orla Kiely is your lady. Come on, it's not new news. Orla has a serious knack for a cute sixties inspired collared numbers, whimsy prints and gorgeous fresh palettes, and Spring Summer 2014 isn't looking any different. Orla Kiely SS14 Presentation Orla Kiely SS14 Presentation Orla Kiely SS14 Presentation
Teamed with an appropriate soundtrack of the Dixie Cups and REM's 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' you wouldn't be mistaken in thinking you could have been spying on a real life group of girl scouts on safari (especially with the Um Bongo hiding in the corner). With utility style pockets and detailing, animal prints from zebra to giraffe, and bags cut in the shape of animal heads (cute, not gory I promise)- my wish list is already growing rapidly.
Orla Kiely SS14 Presentation Orla Kiely SS14 Presentation Orla Kiely SS14 Presentation Additionally, with the footwear taken from Kiely's SS14 collaboration with high street heroes, Clarks- it's pretty certain we'll be kitted out from head to toe- plus, I'm pretty sure it also speaks volumes that I have just bought my first pink beret- see you next season!


Orla Kiely SS14

Lulu Guinness Eye Clutch Pink Coat Outfit 2 Lulu Guinness Orla Kiely black and white collar top Sarenza Shelleys shoes
(Coat: Zara, T-Shirt: Orla Kiely via ASOS, Jeans: American Apparel, Shoes: C/O Shellys via Sarenza, Bag: C/O Lulu Guinness)

For me, fashion week is a time to appreciate the designers I truly admire and take an interest in (namely via the power of the internet), and if I'm extremely lucky maybe even see next season designs floating past me on the catwalk (gah, a girl can dream). This season, however, I didn't apply- and instead of accepting the challenge of Cobbles vs. Heels saved all of my energy for a certain ladies birthday and the Orla Kiely SS14 presentation, something I wouldn't have missed for the world (but stay tuned for that on Thursday, you're in for a treat).

As you can also see, fashion week for me is a time for comfort- jeans and loafers anyone? (I'm aware my legs look like they belong to a short footballer, no blisters here though)! But I have attempted at being trendy again (two times in one week Liv!) with the hero pink coat and monochrome sixties vibes- check me out! I also took my favourite Lulu Guinness clutch for a fashiony outing in conjunction with the #dayintheeyeof campaign- which I did a little interview for on their site, so have a peek at that too!

and here's what I wore...


Dedicated follower of fashion

Missguided Outfit Seventies Saint Laurent Inspired Seventies hat close up Ribbon Bow Collar Detail
(Hat: American Apparel, Shirt, Jacket, Trousers & Shoes: C/O Missguided)

I'm not one to follow trends to any real extent, I'll dip my toes into them- but am always very set to my own personal style, and usually add my own spin on things (read: beehive to add a sixties spin on everything). There's rarely a catwalk collection or presentation I'll feel the need to recreate (unless, y'know it's Orla Kiely) and am usually happy to dabble in the details, with a pink coat here and a lotta pastels there. Early this year, however, in an editorial for Harpers, I first spotted the Saint Laurent AW13 collection in a piece entitled 'The Skinny Suit'. The boyish cut, over sized seventies ruffle blouse, bow and hat had me at hello- without having even spotted the sequin jackets as of yet. It was pretty dreamy to say the least.

Ever since I was in Year 12, my favourite way of styling a plain white blouse was with a black ribbon and in a 'cowboy tie' style. This may or may not have been inspired by a certain Alexa Chung red carpet look, but it stuck through the whole of Sixth form, and until I saw it again last year in aforementioned editorial, I hadn't tried it out since. However, fast forward a couple of years, I find myself styling an outfit for the lovely ladies at Missguided and it's all I can think about.

Now, when I think of Missguided, I think affordable, designer inspired and 'hip', young looks- with perhaps the idea of a smart suit look not necessarily springing to mind. However, given a bit of scrolling time, and a little trying on- it's safe to say I've found a seriously budget suit I wish I'd discovered a few years ago. Not only is that fit spot on (I don't think I've ever picked out a pair of smart trousers I've liked as much) but it all came in at just over £50- and for that price, I'll be dipping my toes into the trends a lot more.
and here's what I wore...

P.S Huzzah- you've read this far! (Seriously, well done) I have a lovely pair of these shoes to giveaway to one lucky size 5 shoe wearer (unworn, duh)- leave a comment, telling me you'd like 'em, and I'll pick a winner at random at the end of the month!

I never did believe in the ways of magic, but I'm beginning to wonder why

Red Dress day wear outfit post Sunglasses and red dress Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats Oxford Botanical Gardens IMG_5657p
(Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Dress: C/O Our Wandering Minds, Shoes: Charlotte Olympia, Lipstick: Topshop)

When I was growing up, one of my favourite books on my Nan's bookshelf, and coincidentally films to watch- was a hard copy of The Secret Garden. The mystery, adventure and beauty of it had 5 year old me at hello, and at the time- I'd probably regard Mary Lennox as a bit of a style icon (no one works a boater like Lennox), and to be honest that really hasn't changed...
Oxford Lily pads Oxford Purple flowers Oxford buildings
...Minus the straw hat and over sized tea dress (but complete with an urge to explore), a couple of weeks ago I found myself in one of the most charming beauty spots in Oxford, which transported me straight back to my mini self, only with Joe at my side and an entry receipt for the Botanical Gardens in hand. The whole garden was flourished with blooms, and even in early September made for the most colourful space to float around in aimlessly. After traipsing through overgrown arches and strolling alongside the river, wishing we'd gone punting- we'd passed an afternoon by without even realising it- which, sometimes is the best way to spend one.


The Secret Garden

Watermelon shorts Clo Clothes Lazy Oaf Watermelon shorts
(Top: Whistles, Shorts: CLOCLOTHES)

After spotting a certain pair of shorts on Lazy Oaf this summer (hesitating, and them selling out in every size but XS- which even me on an optimistic day wouldn't squeeze into) I began my hunt for the perfect novelty fruit related pair of shorts- which, even in this meloncholy weather (see what I did?)- never cease to brighten up a dull day- even better if the temperature co-operates! Plus, heck, isn't cute novelty clothing the thing that makes the world go round, and wardrobes happy? (I'm sure this lady has a thing or two to say about it, too).

After hunting high and low (apparently Sainsburys only sell real Watermelons) I spotted these cheeky numbers on my pal Chloe's Lee Fest stall. Coming from the talented babe that is Miss Pestell- creator of the awesome CLOCLOTHES- these fruity shorts ticked all of the boxes. Plus, her site is pretty nifty too. Not only can you buy these shorts (and a heck load of other dip and tie dyed Free People inspired numbers), but can customize your own t shirts (which by my standards is a pretty good way of building your wardrobe) as well as picking up a few accessories and twosies while at it. Pretty blooming good hey? You know what to do...


Feeling Fruity

Lionheart Magazine Independent Magazine Collection Magazine Collection Lionheart Magazine There's a few magazines that I'll collect and treasure- too beautiful to cut out and scrapbook (these pages don't need iridescent stickers plastered over them to shine), too precious to ever consider recycling and indefinitely worthy of bookshelf space. Lionheart Magazine is just one of the handful, and upon opening the first page, it had me at hello. Not only does it remedy the yearn for a good bedtime read, it's handbag size (a novelty but incredibly useful quality for the impractical girl like me) and is filled with completely wonderful and inspiring content and writing- from outstanding creatives, recipes, points of conversation and of course, a hearty installation of fashion.
Lionheart Magazine Lionheart Magazine New York Feature
One of the things that makes this magazine so special are it's motivational themes. Each issue is tied up with a word ('Bravery' was the first theme) which goes alongside a series of articles and pieces, to inspire, drive and uplift the reader- something I I can assure you, works. Lionheart offers profound, honest content alongside the feeling of catching up with an old friend over tea- heartwarming, and pretty lovely indeed.
Lionheart Magazine
Additionally, in fear of becoming a little over sentimental, editor and creator Helen was one of the first people to have faith enough in me to offer me a couple of magazine pages, to discuss and natter about my sartorial loves, and styling tendencies (hence the feature evolving to be named 'Style with Olivia' over the past 4 issues). It means, and meant more than anything to be given such a platform, and to be alongside such talented people- and for that Lionheart will always hold a special place in my little roaring heart.

Lionheart can be bought here, with Stockists listed here (my unbiased favourite being Wardour News)


In Love With Lionheart



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