IMG_2322p So, if you know me- you'll know I also go by the name Liv 'Party' Purvis. So going to Ibiza obviously equates to mad nights out, cheesy chips en masse and erm, green alcoholic drinks- alongside bright uniformed t shirts with 'galz on tour' on the behind.

~tumble weed~

Gotcha! Had you fooled? Of course not. Having family in Ibiza, we usually tend to steer a little away from San Antonio (not that there's anything wrong with that- we just prefer somewhere a little quieter) and usually stay in the more Southern and residential part of the Island- such as Siesta (literally a beautiful sleepy town), Santa Eulalia and Es Cana. This year we stayed in the former (which is pretty close to the latter two) and were determined on hunting down some seriously tasty eats- which I'm pleased to say, we succeeded in- so read on for some seriously good foodie hide outs...

31 IMG_1243p IMG_1256p Siesta Grill
The concept of Siesta Grill is pretty simple, steak, lamb or chicken- and a jacket potato- all on outdoor garden chairs and a cosy garden setting. Served with crispy bread and my favourite Spanish holiday novelty ever, aioli (cultured garlic mayo? Yes please)- each meal comes with a fresh tomato and onion salad and a big grin (cheese)! Like a lot of my favourite places (read: Honest Burger) the menu is small, but in my opinion sometimes the best places just know what they do best, meaning a good standard is consistent, and the food is bloody excellent.

32 33 IMG_1580p Mezzannotte
You guys know how I feel about Italian food (and if you don't- I LOVE it) therefore digging out an impressive and well priced place to get some on the island was a very high priority for me. Luckily Mezzannotte ticked all of the boxes, had everything from meats to pasta dishes (including some incredible black linguine) and some seriously incredible bruschetta and starters- I am truly impressed.

34 Las Arenas
Las Arenas is the perfect all-rounder style place to grab a bite- whether it a baguette and pastry be from their fresh bakery during the day (whilst relaxing on the beach opposite) or some pasta from their evening restaurant (which has pretty much everything on the menu- not just pasta) it's the perfect in budget place for something a little more varied!

35 36 Seventeen
Probably one of my favourite meals of the holiday- and one of the loveliest Mediterranean places I've eaten in, Seventeen oozes the perfect and subtle mix of French, Spanish and Italian across the menu. Opting for gnocchi, steak and lamb- with the most incredible breads and olive dips to begin- it was pretty much faultless. Additionally, we were left with enough room for deserts, which were in a complete league of their own (and presented as if John Torode was in the kitchen- never ever a bad thing).

Where do you like eating on the White Isle?


Where to eat in...Ibiza

2222 It's incredibly surreal to think that this time one week ago I was just leaving Las Vegas, and my first time at WWD Magic and FN Platform and a week filled with shoes, blogging, panel talks (and a whole host of nerves at that), new brands and a seriously impressive selection of buffets (with serious kudos to Wicked Spoon- it is, erm, wicked!)

Las Vegas is like nowhere I've ever been before; I'm pretty sure I even said 'it feels like we're on the moon!' upon landing in Sin city and the whole week was spent marveling all of the sights and experiences Vegas had to offer, including a performance from a certain David Cassidy and an evening spent on Freemont Street (when in Vegas, right?). I still can't quite believe how lucky I am to have been able to experience such an extraordinary part of the world, so would definitely like to slip in a massive thank you to Style Smith for making it happen and taking me along for the ride, I am one grateful gal! 1111 With days spent exploring like Bear Grylls across the vast space that is the Las Vegas convention centre (and riding on golf buggies to get to the FN Platform area) there wasn't a moment that I wasn't amazed by the thousands of brands lining the room- and having the pleasure to not only fall in love with new brands (including some seriously cool ethical ones) but rediscover the collections of old favourites- and share a moment with the teams behind some of them (I even got to briefly chat to Dune's creative director who was one of the nicest fella's in fashion). Additionally, to prevent any overriding bouts of homesickness, FN Platform even presented a whole 'British Invasion' area- meaning booths adorned with Hunter and London Sole were never more than a stones throw away, even if hubbub of the Central line was. 3333 Anyway! I'll be doing a series of day-by-day posts (including some outfit shots- be warned there's a LOT of the 'hive) over the next week, in order to go in to a little more detail about my adventures in Vegas, and introduce you properly to some of the awesome brands I discovered- so stay tuned!


What happens in Vegas, goes on my blog...

ootd221 IMG_3871p IMG_3849p IMG_3846p
(Hat: Topshop, Jumper: C/O Olive Clothing, Shorts: American Apparel, Shoes: Charlotte Olympia, Bag: Zara)

Taken en route to meeting some of our friends prior to a perfect afternoon spent with a certain Mr Partridge (AHA!) and takeaway pizza, we stopped on a little side road in Wimbledon next to a terrace of incredibly beautiful houses and yummy mummies for some silly posing and some quick snaps. It felt like the perfect comfortable outfit for this hazy, yet warm transseasonal weather- and even though a maroon fedora is always a little more Autumn than necessary I can't help but want to pull it out of my wardrobe.

Paired with one of the most easy, and pretty jumpers I own (I think the back detail speaks for itself) and a pair of American Apparel shorts I can't seem to take off (not literally, yet)- it seems to be an outfit I'm turning to time and time again of late. Additionally, finding a pair of shorts I feel comfortable in that aren't culottes really does speak volumes. Not only are these high waisted and allow a bit of room for food (Happy National Burger Day btw) but they're a nice faded denim which means they look perfect from anything from pastels to deep burgundy- as shown above, hurrah!

What are your favourite transeasonal looks? Are you adamant to keep the shorts out until October? (Wishful thinking)

and here's what I wore...


So baby take a walk with me, past flying cars and time machines

3 Perhaps it's because I'm a girl and probably have a gene embedded into me that simply loves being nosey, or perhaps it's because mine are always a tip- but I'm a sucker for a 'what's in my bag' post. Although usually minus the crumbs, travel card receipts and packets of plasters (all for aesthetic pleasure, of course) I find they're an awesome way of getting a little peek into the real daily essentials people swear by, as well as telling you a little more about it's owner (minus their unorganised side, of course).

No matter where I'm off to, it seems always necessary to carry a bag big enough to carry pretty much all of my worldly goods. I'm talking an umbrella in case of adverse weather, snacks for grazing, a magazine for train journeys and a camera, because y'know- gotta get outfit posts sometimes! It seems that if I take anything smaller than the gorgeous K Vintage, I end up with either a tote or paper bag by my side; it really is amazing how much one can acquire during a day at work.
4 Above I've snapped pretty much what I always have with me; from my trusty Rose Vaseline, Bobbi Brown (or Rimmel/Topshop) lipstick and Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream- to the latest issue of Another Man (if only for the cover interview, ahem). Other essentials include a notebook and pen (if lists are of any importance to you, you'll know why this is an essential), purse and Oyster card, camera (depending on where I'm heading), phone with adorable Iconemesis case, sunnies (in case a sudden case of tiredness occurs) and headphones; because train journeys absolutely need music.

Plus, the lovely people over at Folli Follie have also given all readers of my blog the chance to win their very own K Vintage bag simply by heading over here- easy right? The bag has quickly become a staple in mine (and my mums) wardrobes and not only fits everything inside- but looks pretty gorgeous at that too. Good luck!
This post was bought to you in collaboration with Folli Follie!


What's in my Folli Follie...

30 26 IMG_2746p
(Cushion: C/O Jan Constantine via Out There Interiors, Glass bottle: Waitrose)

Taken from my favourite Great British Bake Off 'Learn How To Bake' recipe book- this raspberry cake is one of my favourite things to bake, and is perfect for lunch, as desert with ice cream or wrapped in foil and taken for a sneaky office snack (the ideal way to ward off the 4 o'clock munchies)! In all honesty, anything that Berry and Hollywood come up with is going to be a winner, but for sponge novices- these are perfect, and equate to minimal soggy bottom and ultimate tastiness.

You will need:
- 250g unsalted butter
- 250g caster sugar
- 4 eggs, lightly beaten
- 250g self raising flour
- 75g ground almonds
- 225g fresh raspberries
- Icing sugar to sprinkle!

1. Preheat the over to 180 degrees- and beat the butter in your mixing bowl until it is smooth and creamy. Add the sugar and mix until fluffy.

2. Gradually add in the eggs, beating in each until it disappears. When you are left with just a couple of tablespoons of egg, beat a tablespoon of flour into the mixture in between each addition (this sounds more complex than it is). 27 28
3. Sift the rest of the flour into the mixture, and sprinkle the ground almonds on top; gently fold in the almonds, until everything is combined.

4. Scatter half of the raspberries in, and gently fold in. Scrape the mixture into your prepared cake tin (lined with grease proof paper and butter around the edges) and spread evenly. Plop the rest of your raspberries on top- they will sink in! IMG_2795p IMG_2803p
5. Place in the oven and bake for 1-1 1/4 hours until the cake is a little lighter than mine (silly Liv). Use the skewer/cocktail stick/knife test to see if your cake is done- if it isn't pop it back in for another 5 minutes!

6. Leave to cool before removing from the tin- and sprinkle with icing sugar. Eat within 3 days (like you won't do that...)


What Olivia Cooked...Big Raspberry Cake

ootd220 IMG_2529p IMG_2509p
(Dress: C/O Jones and Jones, Shoes: Topshop, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters)

Now, as much as I love toning it down on holiday; lounging about in over sized t-shirts that should never be seen in public and walking around with half dried hair and red eyes from too much swimming-pool time (not my strongest look); when the sun starts setting my favourite thing to do is get a little (or lotta) dressed up.

Even when at home, I'm often known as the one who likes to 'overdress'- take me out for a Pizza Express? The heels come out. Baking in the kitchen? Why not pretend to be Nigella! It's not really something I pride myself on (no Liv, a Beyonce 'Love on top' style tux jacket isn't always necessary), but most of the time I'd rather be over dressed than under dressed. So, after browsing the amazing selection of dresses Jones and Jones have to offer, I was sold. If there's one thing Jones and Jones always hit on the head, it's shape. Beautiful structured skater dresses with detail you could only dream of; it's safe to say I felt pretty dressed up and lady like when I pulled this bad boy on. Additionally, this gorgeous number is also now in their summer sale, with the black version having just landed for the new season- temptation doesn't even begin to cover it. Race you to it?

and here's what I wore...


I'm in love and it's a sunny day

stacie stewartp If there's two things I like which are pretty much on par with one another, it's cooking and a damn good hairstyle. So, as you can imagine I'm a pretty massive fan of Stacie Stewart; former Masterchef contestant, judge of Food Glorious Food, self taught mega chef (and owner of The Beehive Bakery- vintage tea parties? Yes please)- and all round mega babe (with some serious style cred). Not only does she ooze serious talent and host a cookery school- but this lady knows her sixties. I caught up with her to chat roly poly's (yup), releasing a book and Oasis...

So, when did you first discover a love of cooking?
I cooked from a really young age so cooking was always integral to my life. I suppose it's something I did for so long it just became a gift!

You're a self taught chef, but which other chefs, or people, have inspired the way you cook and create food?
My Nana Jean as she can make a meal out of practically nothing. I also love Fanny Cradock for similar reasons. And Jamie Oliver because I think he changed food TV and made good food accessible- he's definitely someone I look up to.

Which is your favourite best British dish to cook?
I love a good jam roly poly. Anything with suet really!
222 What has been the highlight of your cooking career to date?
I guess my cookbook Stacie Bakes! I can't believe how well it's doing. On its first week it sold out three times and was a top 3 best seller. Hopefully it'll make it to number 1!

As well as your talent for cooking, you're known for your incredible mod dress sense; what inspired you to take on this way of life and style?
When I was 13 I turned on the radio and was mesmerized by a song that was being played, that song was Supersonic by Oasis, I didn't know it at the time but it was about to change my life. I found out Noel was inspired by Paul Weller and The Rolling Stones, having never heard of any of them I again sought to find out everything I could about them and why Noel was so inspired by him. From Paul Weller I picked up on the Jam, and from the Jam I discovered Northern Soul music, from the Rolling Stones I picked up on R'n'B. I became heavily engrossed in the lifestyle, music, scooters, and of course hair styles of the 60's and most importantly the mod movement! There is a very very specific difference to someone whose into the 60's and a mod. I like to blend elements of both as I love icons from the '60s such as Diana Ross, Dusty Springfield and Ronnie Spector of course, after all I'm more than a beehive.

My wardrobe consisted of old Levi 501s from charity shops and Fred Perry. I gradually began to have my own money, more disposable income and naturally the tailored clothes soon followed. Mod isn't about brands or being flash, its not about spending £200 on a shirt or a skirt, to me its about making the best out of what you have. My Nana gave me some of her old clothes, a herringbone knee length pencil skirt and an old Littlewoods polo, I felt a million dollars in the outfit but I bet it cost a few pence when she was a kid.Clothes wise I live in Fred Perry, John Smedley, turn up jeans, pencil skirts, 60s dresses, knitted polos and tailored trousers.

Where are you favourite places to pick up mod and sixties inspired pieces? You have an incredible collection...
Well thank you! I have a lot of clothes made but I love eBay and charity shops- and you can always accessories something with a good Fred Perry polo!
111 You've just released your first cook book, Stacie Bakes (which I LOVE), what's next for Stacie Stewart?
I'd love my own show on traditional British old school baking. Apart from the I'm happy to ride the storm and see what happens!

Finally, what's your idea of the perfect Sunday- and how can I perfect my beehive to Stacie Stewart standard?
The perfect Sunday for me is; Full English breakfast in bed, a walk along Roker beach with my dog Percy and then a roast with all the trimmings and a Bond film in front of the fire! With the beehive- you just need to learn how to backcomb properly. So many people only backcomb the root when you need to backcomb and spray the entire shaft of hair! That's the secret to volume!!


5 Minutes With...Stacie Stewart

ootd219 IMG_2704p IMG_2695p IMG_2698p IMG_2737p
(Hat: Topshop, Dress: MINKPINK @ ASOS, Flip Flops: C/O Gandys)

When on holiday I often tend to opt for practicality above anything- if you see me at the airport on a 5am flight it's likely I'll look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards (with red lipstick answering as my attempt at making an effort), opting for the nearest thing to a duvet my wardrobe can offer. As much as I wish I was one of those people that can travel in stilettos, a sharp suit and preened to perfection; I almost see it as a holiday novelty to completely relax from the moment I leave the house to the moment I return- hence why pieces like this awesome MINKPINK Helping Hand (yes, literally) dress seem to save my lazy behind over and over again.

Taken on the last day of our holiday in Ibiza, a morning stroll to the hidden beach a stones throw away from our apartment (yes, we felt incredibly spoiled) seemed completely necessary- and was the perfect send off to one of the most relaxing weeks I've had in a very long time.

Speaking of holidays, next week I'm heading off to Las Vegas to FN Platform at Magic Market Week, to do panel talks, explore and check out some amazing new brands- and meet some awesome new bloggers. What's even better is I'm heading out with the seriously babin' Jazmine- so keep up to date with our discoveries and adventures on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram- and stay tuned for some scheduled posts in the mean time!

and here's what I wore...


Do nautical things make you miss the sea?

ootd218 IMG_3668p IMG_3585p
(Dress: Little White Lies C/O Zalando, Sunglasses: Topshop, Shoes: Vans C/O Sarenza, Bike: The Pendelton C/O Alpro)

The thing about having a bike and living somewhere a little out of London, means the Kent countryside (or little hidden lawns and spacious fields like the above) seem to fall directly on your doorstep. Tucked a little behind Joe's house, and after a typical working lunch (with basket filled with supermarket flowers in tow)- we ventured out through the woods only to fall upon some of the most beautiful golden fields I've possibly ever seen.

IMG_3750p IMG_3721p IMG_3650p 1
Wearing my favourite tennis-meets-1920's-meets-sixties dress from Little White Lies at Zalando (did I mention it has a collar?), matching shoes and my almost theatrical and completely literal cat eye sunglasses, part of me wanted to imagine we'd fallen into part of a Wes Anderson film, with cool French music playing over the top of my clumsy cycling and silly giggles- a sure fire way to turn dog walkers heads that's for certain...
IMG_3656p IMG_3706p 2 IMG_3749p

and here's what I wore...


I’m gonna ride my bike until I get home



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