ootd212 IMG_3325p IMG_3308p IMG_3293p IMG_3332p IMG_3310p
(Sunglasses: C/O Shadestation.co.uk, Hairclips: C/O Petals and Peaches, Jumper: Topshop, Dress: Zara (last year), Bag: Zara, Shoes: Charlotte Olympia, Rings: C/O Astrid & Miyu)

In my opinion, one of lifes great pleasures is having little things to look forward to; and in this instance it was a lovely Sunday spent in London, guzzling on waffles (or granola if you are as boring as me), picking up bunches of flowers (peonies to be exact) and finally getting around to watching films that everyone but you has seen (Amelie- and it was really good). Now, please understand I don't spend every Sunday doing things like this. The usual routine is spent in coco pop stained pjs, watching another cooking show on Channel 4 and occasionally leaving my bedroom (all of which, I hope you understand, I fail to document)- hence why recording days like this is special to me.
16 17 IMG_3170p 18 With a morning beginning at Duck and Waffle (incredibly long awaited- but certainly worth it)- we sampled the berry waffles (so good), pastries and Nutella (obligatory) and granola (fail safe)- which all delivered, as expected. If the maverick in me was feeling brave I probably would have actually gone for the duck, which, judging by my rubber-necking standards looked amazing- but I think I could have had anything and left happy- and although the lift to the 40th floor left Joe and I clammy handed and slightly shaky (nervous flyers and nervous of heights- cute right? no.) it was worth it- even if we did have to be moved to the middle (the views were amazing though).
19 IMG_3347p 20 IMG_3335p 21 Understandably, our trip followed suit with a flying visit to Columbia Road- with a pop in to Lily Vanilli (as far as I'm concerned it'd be rude not to) and a sweep of flower buying on the cards, it's one of the East ends finer ways of spending a Sunday- and although the supermarket usually caters to my weekly bunch of £3 flowers; it's certainly nice to treat yourself, right?

Anyway- the sunglasses! Paired with a fashionably white face and tanned legs (lols on me) this month the Take 10 ladies and I were challenged to style a pair of Ray Bans from Shadestation.co.uk and with sunglasses counting as my current 'accessory of choice' it was easy enough to throw them on (matching with my new £20 Zara bag bargain) and be off; and although they've now taken residence on Joe's face- I'm a pretty massive fan. Check out the other ladies awesome classic looks below...
Paula- Pink Bow, Ellie- Pretty Much Penniless, Lucy- Snippets of Shiny Thoughts, Me, Sarah-We Shop Therefore We Are, Sherin- HiFashion, Mel- Media Marmalade, Vicki- The Magpie Girl, Natasha- Girl In The Lens, Kim- Love Cloth

P.S Although we're sad to see Harriet go this month, say a big hello to our newest member, Kim from Love Cloth- who is also the worlds biggest babe!


Always keep your heart locked tight, don't let your mind retire

IMG_9449p Without getting all Miss World on yo' asses, I'm a big fan of trying to do good (aren't we all?) and I'm pretty sure charity shopping ticks everyone's box in the good deed category. My local high street is fueled by twelve (yes, you heard right) charity shops, and although that is pretty excessive- means there's always of plenty of bargain hunting to be had; and good causes to be helped. So, when Kristabel and I were invited to visit Oxfam HQ and the mother of all warehouses that looks after hundreds and thousands of incredibly generous donations, I jumped at the chance and was on my way to Milton Keynes with Kbel before you could say 'I've already eBayed it!'.
Untitledp Untitledpp It shocked me, and it'll probably shock you to know that those black bin bags you see piled up outside shops have quite the journey ahead of them before they reach the shelf in your local store. All stock (books included) are transferred to warehouses, examined for damage before being sent to a suitable store (apparently lots of 'trendy' pieces end up in Dalston stores due to the hip locals) in order to make the most money possible.

Additionally, when it comes to festival season and their amazing pop ups, pieces are individually picked to suit each event; with sparkles and cool era pieces heading to places like Glastonbury and funky fancy dress numbers to Bestival- it's quite the process. Plus, looking through the warehouse it's obvious as to how many hidden gems there really are lurking amongst the rails. Between you and me, you'd be astounded at the amount of last season Whistles I dug out (all I'm saying is this leather biker jacket is now online; the same as mine- but for about a third of the price; just saying...) and to make the blow easier about leaving a lot behind, everything you see above and below (bar the floral shirt which is now taking residence in my wardrobe) is now sitting pretty online (well, until it's been hand uploaded of course). Untitledpppp Untitledppp
So, the next time you go hunting for that sold out Topshop dress; head here before eBay- you'll be doing more good than you'll know- and you never know what you might find (cough-amazing-high-street-and-vintage-bargains-cough)...


Paying a little visit to Oxfam...

ootd211 IMG_0542p
(Top: C/O Veryan, Shorts: American Apparel, Bag: Olive, Shoes: ASOS, Sunglasses: Stella McCartney)

So, let's continue where we left off. Following a little shopping (a lot of it including the word 'window' before it) we carried our on our journey through the city centre, making brief stops at fresh fruit markets (and an Italian salami shop), doing the obligatory department store drop in - before winding up at the top of a (very) steep hill at the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence. The building itself was absolutely breathtaking and outside overlooked incredible sweeping views of the Lake and green mountains (dotted with plush white homes); making the slightly tiring walk up the sloped stairs worth every moment. IMG_0249p 8 9 10
The afternoon went on with a shaded stroll along the lake to hunt down some lunch time refueling. With Nina being the dream tour guide, we wound up at Lido Riva Caccia; an outdoor swimming and sunbathing destination and amazing little Italian. In reality, the two work incredibly well together- but there's something a little crushing about watching incredibly toned Italian and Swiss beach babes sunbathe when you're indulging in a mahooosive bowl of pasta, nevermind, eh. Especially when it's followed up by some of the finest Nutella gelato known to man- but hey, it's worth it, right?
11 12 14
Now, as far as I'm concerned the best way to burn off a big lunch is a bit of light exercise- so heading to a small grassy picnic area next to a residential area of the lake was the perfect way to wind down, have a disco nap (glamorous as ever) and practice a little bit of swimming (or, y'know floating) whilst watching the sun go down. The charm about a place like Lugano is that it offers so many different 'holiday' aspects- whether you're searching for a city break scattered with shopping and history, yearning for a bit of relaxing and sun catching or simply watching some live music and being a Med culture vulture- I gotta say this place has it all (even an array of chocolate shops)!

Our last stop of the day, and mini Swiss adventure; was dinner at Hotel Dellago, an arty lake side hotel and seafood restaurant- with some of the most interesting and colourful dishes I've ever had the pleasure of discovering (you know a restaurant is posher than you when your meal comes with foam on top and a purple potato chip- John Tyrode would love it). It was certainly a culinary experience, and I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to experience it and taste some serious food party dishes and visit some incredibly beautiful little hideaways- thanks again Switzerland! 13 15
So that's the end of our trip! The Sunday was spent travelling back to the UK- hence the lack of photographs. I hope you've enjoyed these last couple of posts! I know they've been a little massive on the ol' picture and word front, but Lugano was such a wonderful experience and I really wanted to do the city justice!


Where Olivia Went: Switzerland pt 2

ootd210 IMG_0121p IMG_0131p IMG_0135p IMG_0152p
(Suit: C/O Lipsy, Body: Topshop, Shoes: ASOS, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters)

When I first ask you where these photos were taken it's likely somewhere skimming the Mediterranean springs to mind- the rustic townhouses with worn in shutters, the blue lake overlooking rolling mountains; and the Italian speaking gentlemen playing erm, giant chess, by the classic gelato stand. Alas, you'd be forgiven to actually learn Joe and I were in Switzerland- Lugano in fact.

Tucked away on the Swiss Italian border and surrounding a fresh water lake (see, not completely wrong), Lugano is the perfect escape for somewhere that offers the perfect piece of Europe. Plus, on the flight there with Swiss airlines we were greeted with cheese baguettes and mini chocolate bars (so good I nearly asked if I could buy them)- cliche maybe? But completely delicious and certainly enough to make me travel with them again- thumbs up for this airplane food. IMG_0180 IMG_0160p IMG_0166p 3 4 So- when I say Switzerland you say? Cheese? Chocolate? Alps? Fine time pieces? Correct. But after a short stay in the country, there really is a lot more than meets the eye, and after spending just under two days exploring Lugano with the wonderful ambassador Nina Haake and the extremely handy pocket pal app 'Make my Switzerland'- Joe and I pretty much had it sorted.

After arriving on Friday evening, via a beautiful train journey through the rolling hills, we arrived. Soon after exploring the local area we headed to Parq for dinner; which completely blew me away. Now, I'm not usually one for steak (I know, I know) but this was quite something- cooked on a hot stone in front of you and peppered with salt and rosemary; it was without a doubt one of the tastiest places I've had the pleasure of eating in. Additionally, during our stay (and throughout the majority of summer) Lugano plays host to a series of festivals; including LongLake- so after a slap up meal we stumbled across some live jazz acts and outdoor bars (including a resident mojito one)- civilized, I think so! 5 IMG_0226p 6 7
The Saturday bought a day of exploration and discovering hidden gems, all without falling victim to any major tourist traps (not there there are many here) and drifting up and down winding staircases and steeped streets. We eventually stumbled across Italian fashion boutique 'Le Défi'- home to many stunning labels; oh and Valentino RED. This may have equated to a cheeky purchase, but nonetheless it was the perfect location for a spot of afternoon lusting before continuing to explore...

and here's what I wore...


Where Olivia Went: Switzerland

IMG_3045p I can't deny it, I'm a person of routine. I'll pretty much have the same bowl of Marks 'n' Sparks cereal every single day (Triple Chocolate Crunch, FYI- worth every bite), plan each day at work with lists oozing military precision- and if I'm feeling like a bit of a (Pinterest inspired) maverick, I'll occasionally bake a cake- wild huh? Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with a bit of routine and organisation, but with such a busy lifestyle and little time to experiment- it's understandable some things can become a little repetitive, and well, routinely.
2 However, the lovely people at Alpro have a new campaign. Titled 'Inspire My Day'- they're looking at encouraging us all to try something new each day- something to inspire you, and add a little something to an otherwise manic Monday. Whether it be practicing a new beauty trick (or investing in a cool new product and testing it out), trying a new healthy recipe, getting crafty at the weekends, finally taping that scrapbook up and filling it with beautiful photos, or even dusting off the unused bike at the back of your shed; there's some wonderful eye openers and little nuggets of happiness I'm sure they could add to your day.
IMG_3119p Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting several of my favourite tips across my channels and rounding up with a giant post at the end of it- which will hopefully encourage you to take action on those Pinterest boards, and get inspired. I'd love to hear if you've tried something new recently, or have any tips, recipes of hobbies that make a lazy Sunday a little more adventurous and I'll of course credit where due. So, what are you waiting for, join me- won't you? IMG_7918p


P.S If you fancy following my tips you can catch me at Twitter and Instagram using @livpurvis.
P.P.S This post is not sponsored by Alpro, I just think it's a nice idea and want to try more things!

Inspire My Day



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