ootd181 IMG_3753p 555 333
(Shirt: C/O Olive Clothing, Jeans: American Apparel, Shoes: Vintage, Sunglasses: C/O Jewellery By Jaymie 'Olivia' Shades, Bag: C/O Kanken at Olive)

When the sun first poked it's head through the clouds a couple of weeks ago, my first thought was proposing a family visit to the Great British seaside- I mean come on, it seemed the only natural way to celebrate the arrival of Spring. After deliberating potential beachy destinations (pebbles vs sand, South coast vs Kent coast), where does the best fish and chips- and who homes the quaintest seaside shops- we settled on the beautiful, and equally as colourful Whitstable.

After enjoying a short car journey, filled with a chorus of 'are we there yet's' and suitably seaside Spotify playlists (think Cat Power and She & Him)- we arrived, and guess what- the sun was still shining! We piled out of the car with Poppy the dog leading the way, and eventually wound up around the harbor and the vibrant beach houses.
444 IMG_3652p IMG_3553p IMG_3796p IMG_3797p I guess it's days like these that really make me appreciate how lucky I am to have such a wonderful close family- without sounding too soppy, my grandparents are some of the coolest cats in town and it's always lovely to be able to spend a little quality time with them (whilst gobbling on some fish and chips of course!).

After strolling along the pebbled stones, admiring the windows of plenty beautiful boutiques (and an impeccably dressed couple in 1940s attire) and making a pit stop for some battered fish and vinegar soaked chips (not without a can of lemonade too) we headed back for the day- just in time for a soggy rain shower- this is England after all! To keep dry/stay cool I opted for this beautiful shirt and sunglasses combination- care of two of my favourite brands, Olive and the talented Miss Jaymie. I also sported this awesome Kanken bag- which is now my go to for pretty much anything (AND IT'S PINK). The lovely people at Olive have given you 15% off of any Kanken order you may make too, with the code 'OLIVIAKANKEN15'- not bad eh? Enjoy!


Come with me my love, to the sea, the sea of love

OOTD180 IMG_2707p IMG_2700p ppppp
(Hat: Topshop, Dress: C/O Dahlia, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Topshop, Lipstick: Topshop)

In the last couple of months, as a Dahlia Girlfriend I've been lucky enough to try some of their signature beautiful clothing styles. Think sharp yet detailed collars, flowing chiffon, attention to detail (be it carefully treated organza, delicate embellishments or more lace than your grandma's finest tablecloth) all wrapped up in a parcel of seriously affordability- making it every girls dream right? This dress is no exception and I'm in love with the Western inspired lace detail, and the fact it's the perfect antidote for this bizarre spring-ish weather (i.e it goes with tights AND without tights)- which is always a winner in my books. I decided to pair it with the two items that seem to have taken full residence on my head/feet with the addition of a vintage belt and favourite red lipstick- making it pretty effortless indeed, pow! Plus, between you and me- this dress is now happily perched on a cyber sale rail for a perky half price- making it a bargain and a half- but y'know- let's keep this on the hush hush.


P.S If you were wondering. Yes, yes indeed the title is a Sugababes song (don't judge- it was you who told me the nineties were cool again ok).

Cooler than the red dress

ootd179 IMG_2501p IMG_2541p IMG_2539p IMG_2462p
(Top: Miss Selfridge, Pinafore: Urban Outfitters, Hat: Topshop, Shoes: Topshop, Rings: C/O Me & Zena)

When I was studying in Liverpool, undoubtedly my favourite place to go for a cup of tea (or panini. or slice of cake. or jacket potato) was Cuthbert's Bakehouse. Perched in the middle of Mount Pleasant, and disguised between a small bookshop and other quaint red brick shops- it was the perfect escape when things seemed to be a little testing. Additionally, it was the first place I ever met Miss Cohen- the day before I was to leave the city, making it a pretty pleasant send off to say the least...

...and here we are. Nearly two years after I decided to leave, curled up on a cosy round table near the back of the cafe with Rebecca, Jazmine and Amy- and having a pretty damn nice time at that. However this time I stop for some quick outfit photos (I promise the rest of the cafe was empty, no one deserves to be involuntarily subjected to my posing) and instead order the classic combination of hot dog and erm, breakfast tea (who said you had to have tea with scones huh). IMG_2464p IMG_2475p pppp IMG_2545p IMG_2549p IMG_2557p
I decided to sport my new denim pinafore dress for some tea and cake, and paired it with this gorgeous ruffly-high necked '70s inspired blouse from Miss Selfridge (if you haven't checked out their new collection I highly recommend doing so)- which now seems to be one of my favourite go-to combinations. Of course no outfit of mine seems to be complete without a wildly over the top brimmed hat, so I topped the look off (see what I did there) with my fedora, and the comfiest shoes in the world. Perfecto.

and here's what I wore...

Live my life, they say it’s too fast, You know I love the past, ’cause I hate suspense

ootd178 IMG_3409pp IMG_3400p
(Coat: Topshop, Jumper: Whistles, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Playsuit: C/O Hedonia, Shoes: Charlotte Olympia, Bag: C/O Zandra Rhodes)

Taken on a hazy spring evening a few Saturdays back, when Spring first made it's debut- these photographs were snapped during an outing around Battersea (for a Tesco stop for popcorn and shortbread), during my latest stay with the lovely Jazmine and Rebecca. We found ourselves strolling past some beautiful homes, licked with sugar sweet pastel front doors and creamy white walls (of course stopping to observe that wall, too) and it felt somewhat obligatory to stop for some silly posing.

Additionally, it was lovely to finally branch into something a little more summery (yes, even if it meant teaming it with an over sized coat, jumper and a zillion deniers) and I was thrilled to finally take this gorgeous lace playsuit for a spin (psst it's now a mere twenty British pounds in the sale, which although seems a slight travesty as I love it so much- is worth every penny)! Plus, although I usually feel far more regal than necessary when wearing this coat with a beehive (that or like a poor mans Hepburn), it made for perfect dinner time attire at Jazmine's favourite local restaurant- not before an evening of giggling, dancing to Queen Bee, singing in the bath (courtesy of moi) and erm, waking up with a shortbread biscuit on my face (don't ask, really).
IMG_3378p ootd2

P.S I am working on putting together a beehive tutorial soon, so this crazy badass of a hairstyle will be made simple soon.

and here's what I wore...


Everywhere the Carnabetian Army marches on

ootd177 IMG_2854p IMG_2865p IMG_2860p IMG_2861p
(Hat: Topshop, Jumper: Mama P's, Necklace: C/O Megan Jane Jewellery, Jeans: C/O Lavish Alice, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: C/O Baia, Ring: C/O Me & Zena)

Out of all of London, I'd probably say Greenwich is one of my favourite little corners. It oozes brilliant historical charm, the most fantastic market and boutique shops and never ceases to make me feel like I've bounded on horseback off of the set of Les Mis (probably because that's where part was filmed- numero uno film boffin here). Nonetheless, there's something I always enjoy about visiting. Having lived rather close since I was small, I spent my teen years picnicking in the park during the summer, soaking up naval history at the National Maritime Museum and trudging through the hilly park in order to reach the Observatory and appreciate the somewhat stunning view of the city. IMG_2744p 111 IMG_2748p 222
On Easter Monday my family and I paid a somewhat impromptu visit to the town, and sat down to a pretty hearty breakfast at The Rivington; which consisted of some pretty bad ass fruit juices, doorstop sized toast and equally funky eggs- before taking a wander down the road to the market. Although some of our favourite shops were shut (read: the board game and marble shop) it was lovely to wind around the bustling stalls- and even pick up a bargain or two (I managed to find a pretty well priced sheepskin Del Boy coat for £20) before heading back home and catching up. IMG_2903p IMG_2912p IMG_2920p IMG_2947p
One of the things I love most about visiting the market is discovering new and exciting sellers. Now, Martha's Store may not be Greenwich based but new and exciting she most definitely is. I first met photographer Martha late last summer on a shoot for Audrey Grace Boutique (and having realized I'd actually researched her for my photography A Level project felt a little starstruck). However more recently Martha has devled into the depths of vintage accessories, and has since set up a gorgeous online boutique, Martha's Store. Her gorgeous shop stocks everything from stunning 1960's vanity cases, vintage Chanel jewellery to modern vintage clips- all of which I'm pretty taken by- and seriously recommend you pay a little visit...

and here's what I wore...


I want to be with you everywhere

ootd176 IMG_4259p IMG_4245p
(Jumpsuit: C/O Free People, Hat: American Apparel, Bracelet: C/O Georgia Wiseman, Shoes: Office)

There's a certain cool aesthetic I associate with Free People; one I've often unintentionally overlooked- but often lusted over when browsing the gorgeous blogs of the Suarez sisters. It was only until recently that I properly sat down and had a look- which later led to hours of scrolling that I realized how beautifully crafted and retro inspired their pieces really are. Whether you're dreaming of looking as if you've been drifting along the Coachella skyline (come on- who doesn't?), stretched out on warm Ibizan sands- or y'know what; simply hitting the hustle and bustle of London's Carnaby St- there really is something for everyone. And trust me that something will make you feel a smidge cooler than you'd probably imagine.

Let's take this gorgeous jumpsuit. I've had it hanging on the back of my door lusting after seasonally appropriate weather to wear it in; and it was only until this weekend I've been able to finally put it on. With a cool Aztec inspired print, beautifully draped armholes and bell bottomed trousers- it's the perfect injection of Seventies my wardrobe has been hoping for (just think of festival season)- and I'm pretty excited to team it with oversized knits and sandals on cooler evenings... IMG_4263p IMG_4269p
Additionally, you wouldn't be silly to be fooled into thinking these were taken in Autumn. With the crisp brown leaves decorating the trees, it's a wonder when we'll start to see blossom this year- either way, I could certainly get used to this sunshine and these beautiful golden sunsets- hopefully the blossom and daffodils won't be long either.

and here's what I wore...


Don't let the sun blast your shadow

oooooo IMG_2374p IMG_2388p
(Hat: Topshop, Scarf: Topshop, Shirt: C/O Urban Outfitters, Jeans: Miss Selfridge, Shoes: Topshop, Socks: Topshop, Bag: Vintage)

Out of all of the cities in the U.K (with London being exception) Liverpool is quite possibly my favourite. There's something about it I love coming back to, and something about it that always makes the two and a half hour Virgin train journey there so exciting (even if, according to Jazmine- it's simply because we stop at Runcorn). Either way- I love it. To me it seems to be the city that's always smiling, always sunny (even when its peeing it down with rain- which from experience can be often) and always welcome with open arms (and an infectious Scouse accent)- especially if those are the arms of Miss Cohen- who very kindly had Jazmine and I up to stay a couple of weeks back.
IMG_2419p IMG_2422p ootd175 IMG_2394p
Since leaving the city, I'm always eager to visit (ahem, invite myself) so when Jaz and I hit it up at Euston a couple of Saturdays ago, I knew we were in for a weekend of fun, dancing and possibly excessive amounts of pasta and shortbread (#sorrynotsorry). Three days were spent exploring my favourite places- from The Quarter (if I were to ever create a dream menu for somewhere, this would be it), cutting shapes and taking disco naps at Heebies (one lemonade will never keep you awake 'til 5am folks), being beautified at the Beauty Bazaar (and becoming somewhat overwhelmed by the selection and leaving empty handed) and a little spot of tea and, erm hot dogs- but more on that soon...

P.S Let me apologize for the amount of 'Liv-face' in this post, I've only gone and posted 4 outfit snaps (some sitting down just so, erm, you can see my knees better)- I promise I won't be so flippant with my face photos next time. But hey, new poses are fun sometimes.

and here's what I wore...


Strawberry fields forever



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