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little nell
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There's not a lot I can say here, apart from the fact that Maisie Cousins has buckets of talent. Buckets. The kind of person that makes me glad I didn't pursue art or photography, due to the fact she has the most enviable level of creativity and the most perfect eye for the most beautiful shot- that takes far more than a good camera to create. If that isn't enough, girl got some pretty bad-ass iPhone cases on sale with some of her amazing prints- I suggest you have a look.


Ladies behind the sidebar- Feb 2013

ootd167 IMG_8906p IMG_8888p IMG_8885p
(Dress: C/O, Shirt: Whistles, Craft shop ribbon, Hat: Topshop, Boots: Topshop, Bag: Zara, Lipstick: Kate Moss for Rimmel Shade 01)

When I was at Primary school, the idea of wearing a starch ridden shirt, elasticated tie (yes, I was that kid), pleated pinafore dress and thick woolly tights- was somewhat of a nightmare. It wasn't fun, it wasn't trendy- and it certainly wasn't cool. Flip forward just over ten years, and hey, it's all I want to wear- minus the elasticated tie (most of the time...I jest). With pinafore dresses and dungarees now taking over a large amount of my 'coveting' lists (having sadly left Woolworths plastic lunch boxes behind), and many shift dresses of mine looking incomplete without the poking out of a white pointy collar- it seems primary school is now pretty cool.

So, when the super babes over at got in touch a couple of weeks ago promoting their very exciting new competition #GlobalStyler- I couldn't wait to get involved and parade a piece from their newest collection in one of the most quintessentially British parts of London (in music terms anyway), Abbey Road- the home of Abbey Road studios and a fair few incredible records, including, well, The Beatles Abbey Road. Now, I know listing The Beatles as a favourite band isn't overly original- but hey, I can't lie- they've got a few alright songs in the bag (with some of my favourite lyrics being today's post title) and after embarrassingly trying to cross that zebra crossing several times during an apparent peak traffic time (with a very patient best friend on the sidelines), I was fully absorbed in the North London spirit.
IMG_8838p IMG_8841p IMG_8848p IMG_8913p IMG_8915p
Anyway, Boohoo are aiming to get bloggers (and non-bloggers) across the globe wearing their favourite Boohoo piece in order to support #GlobalStyler- a competition in which you can download the above speech bubble, add your location and Instagram/tweet yourself using the hashtag in your favourite Boohoo get up. The prize? A holiday with your best friend to a destination of your choice- not. too. shabby. For more details click here.

Additionally, I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post (well, it feels like it). I was feeling a little uninspired and took a mini-blogging break to reorganise myself and have a little pick me up rest. I know it sounds silly, but I'd been feeling pretty overwhelmed by the amount of posts about bloggers lately (Suzy Menkes' fashion week hubub, the importance of bloggers, what have you) and wanted to take a little step back from it all. I'm happy to have my mojo back and feel far less sensitive than, erm, a week ago? (get a grip, Liv). Anyway, here's to more awkward posing, interviews and recipes you don't have to be Marry Bezzle to bake!

and here's what I wore...

Who knows how long I've loved you, you know I love you still

ootd166 IMG_0043p
(Top & Skirt: C/O Lashes of London, Unusually thick lashes: Katy Perry)

In conjunction with Westfield's Food Explorer Month, Joe and I were invited to celebrate an occasion at their amazing shopping centre- and what better opportunity to celebrate and get all lovey dovey (I promise this is not a soppy post) than Valentine's Day itself! We opted to head to our favouriteAll Star Lanes which could only mean a competitive bowling session after a pretty slap up meal (a.k.a not pacing myself with the delicious flat bread and having little room for burgers and shakes -how VERY wild of me). In all seriousness, the food was seriously good- and pretty damn well priced. IMG_9943p IMG_9944p IMG_9961p IMG_9971p IMG_9972p IMG_9975p
We opted for bread-based starters in the form of garlic bread and guacamole and artichoke flat bread (so good) followed by ribs for Joe, and a chicken burger for me (and an abundance of milkshakes and fantastic fries)- leaving the pair of us incredibly full, and slightly worried about the bowling game around the corner (in hindsight, we should have probably done everything the other way round...) But fear not wonderful readers! My occasional greediness and full stomach didn't completely hinder my performance and I amazingly managed to score a couple of strikes (without the barriers up)- with Joe only narrowly coming out tops (by just a few points. I promise. Only a few. Maybe. Not quite.) IMG_9976p IMG_9993p IMG_0057p IMG_0050p
Overall, it was the perfect way to spend an evening together and meant we got to have a bit of a date-night as well as a laugh together (or laugh at me)- which is always lovely and made me feel like one very lucky lady (okay, maybe a bit soppy).


and here's what I wore...

Is your love big enough?

I'm a big lover of Valentine's day. I love the level of cheese, I love businessmen carrying roses on the way home, I love gooey eyed couples and I love the fact Magic Radio (I wasn't listening, promise) plays some crazy love tunes all day on the 14th. But when I was contacted by the lovely girls at a couple of weeks ago (along with four other amazing bloggers), asking to #sharethelove alongside their new campaign I jumped at the chance- and loved the thought of making Valentine's a little more special and not just about said soppy romance.

By giving each of us the kind gift of £200 each to do some lovely things with, we were asked to be as inventive as we liked- and after spending a while deliberating what it should go towards (I completely adore how FFG chose to spend it on the animals at Battersea Cats and Dogs home- such an incredible cause), I opted on spending it on those that mean the most to me, and certainly deserve a little treat and love sharing.
IMG_0261p IMG_0282p IMG_0292p IMG_0294p My first thought was to take my mum and nan out for lunch. I can't put in to words how special these ladies are to me, and how much they do for me on a day to day basis (with my nan's hilarious sense of humour brightening up a grey day instantly)- so giving a little back and treating them to a slap up meal (along with a couple of treats from their lovely gift shop) seemed the perfect option. My mum is one of the most hard working and admirable people in my life, she works tirelessly seven days a week- and is without a doubt the most selfless and kind woman I have ever met- so being able to do something like this is just a small way of saying thank you, and how truly grateful I am for everything she does. IMG_0269p IMG_0274p
I also treated another special lady in my life; my best friend Gemma. Having been solid (SOL-EED) pals with this girl since the ripe old age of 11, she has been there for me through thick and thin (and my helmet hair phase) and I could not ask for a better partner in crime- and I'm pretty sure I don't thank her half as much as I should for being the best friend a girl could have. So, I hopped to Topshop and made up a parcel of a few things I think she'd love (including an appropriate chocolate treat) and filled a cheesy card with a few heart-felt words (soz for gettin' deep Gem)... IMG_0435p IMG_0425 IMG_0432p IMG_0420p
Now, that sure ain't it. I wanted the money to go as far as possible, so have split this post into two parts- the second which will be posted next week and filled with a few more love sharing endeavours. Until then check out Boohoo's hashtag #sharethelove for some belated Valentine's goodness.


Sharing the love with Boohoo Part 1...

ootd165 IMG_9639p IMG_9646p IMG_9632p
(Top & Jeans: C/O GOK for TU, Shoes: Charlotte Olympia)

With temptation to title this post 'Mis-beehiving' (pun of the year, right?) or the lyrics to 'Lady in red' becoming almost too much, I settled for some Valentine's related lyrics (yeah yeah, or Cher, whatever) for this lurve related post. With Valentine's Day two days away (in case you haven't seen the Moonpig adverts) it's the perfect excuse to dress in red and try and be all sassy. I jest. Well kind of. I know Valentine's is a bit of a love hate thing- but personally I'm quite a fan. I love the excuse to be completely soppy, eat endless amounts of ice cream/chocolate and watch a Hugh Grant film (and see Joe- hey Joe!) This is the kind of get-up I'd imagine would be the perfect Valentines outfit- whether bein' all Lady and the Tramp with some spaghetti and your other half or powering through some dance moves to 'Independent Women' with the ladies. The little red top and jeans combination is playful and cute without being too dressy, and teamed with a half up 'n' down beehive, it's got a little retro kick too, which gets a thumbs up in my books. IMG_9400p IMG_9396p IMG_9409p IMG_9420p
Additionally, to help get me feeling all sloshy, Inter flora kindly sent a pretty darn beautiful bouquet to my house, along with some delicious hazelnut and chocolate chocolates (someone knows my Nutella obsession) which made me feel pretty special indeed. Now, I've never heard to buy a bouquet on Valentines day, but from what I've seen it ain't cheap (I've seen flowers for about £400- jeepers). So when checking out the site I was bowled over by the value of their packages and the lovely things you can get for your money, with a bodacious bunch coming in at under £40- not badio! I also wanted to introduce you to some VERY special shoes (wow, girliest sentence ever). I'd been saving up for these for a little while, and in love with them since I first set eyes on them so after I accidently passed the shop, tried them on in the last size (which, of course was mine) and put them on hold- I knew it was meant to be. After pretty much getting the seal of approval from my savings/parents I did it. They are the biggest investment purchase I have ever made (and probably will for a LONG time), but know that they're a real special staple and that I will wear them forever- so it's ok, right? Right. Expect to see a lot more of these pretty kitties!

and here's what I wore...

If you wanna know, if he loves you so, its in his kiss!



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