44444444 IMG_7808p First things first, apologies for my kitchen absence of late on the ol' blog. It's been a while since I've experimented with food and have done any home cooking that isn't pasta or Francis Boulle style sandwiches. However, with a little bit of time on my hands I've been keen to sample some more recipes- and explore the charm that lies within home cooking and knowing what's in my food.

Originally adapted (I say adapted- I didn't include the frosting here) from a sponge recipe on the Baking Mad site- it was my first venture into sponge that isn't Victoria Sponge or chocolate- and if I say so myself, it was pretty blooming tasty. At 370 calories a slice (which rumour has it classifies as a 'low calorie' cake) it makes for the perfect partner in crime to a good cuppa and a feet up in the garden. Now without further ado...

You will need:
- 300g Self Raising Flour
- 1 1/2 Teaspoons Baking Powder
- 300g Stork (soft)
- 125g Silver Spoon Half Spoon Granulated Sugar
- 5 Free Range Eggs (Medium)
- 1 Juice & Zest of a lemon
- 150g Blueberries
1. Preheat your oven to 190C (fan ovens are good for 170) and grease and line a baking tin! Sift your flour and baking powder into a bowl.
2. Add the Stork, Half Spoon and eggs and beat until smoother than Danny Zuko and Ryan Gosling on a double date.

3. Fold in the lemon juice and zest, add your blueberries (save a few for decoration if you want to be all arty farty like me too). 77777
4. Spoon the mix into your baking tin and level with a wooden spoon or spatula style item.

5. Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until firm, risen and cooked through (you can test this using a knife, and it coming out clean). 888888 6. Wait for your sponge to cool and tuck in! Simple huh?
For more super easy summer recipes have a peek at this section of the Baking Mad site- I promise you won't be disappointed!


What Olivia Cooked: Lemon and Blueberry Traybake

ootd202 IMG_7747p IMG_7754p
(Dress: C/O Never Fully Dressed, Bag: C/O Brit Stitch, Shoes: Vintage, Sunglasses: Stella McCartney via Sunglasses Shop)

After having been locked in practical-festival dressing mode of late (if all goes to plan, when this post goes live I should be prancing around Worthy Farm in a muddy mess)- and having been floating around in more rubber and rain macs than probably classifies as socially appropriate, it seems the more twee and ladylike side to my style has taken a bit of a backseat- leaving pretty collared tea dresses and perfectly prim beehives in the backseat. However, with Glastonbury being my last festival of the year- I've taken a bit of time to rediscover some forgotten treasured items in my wardrobe- with this Never Fully Dressed number coming up top of my list.

Paired with this beautiful sorbet Brit Stitch milkman satchel and pastel sunnies, this tablecloth style melt-my-heart collared dress- is without a doubt one of the more girlie and prim items in my wardrobe (the collar even left my mum in a small state of shock- it's quite something). Perfect for the warmer weather, I can tell I'll be taking it for another spin soon when I'm feeling a bit K Middy, and I can't wait to get all gooey poking this collar out of my favourite jumpers when it cools down again (probably next week)- a winner all round if you like.


Saturday afternoon, the sunshine pours like wine, through your window

ootd203 IMG_9578p IMG_9587p IMG_9594p
(Jumper: COS, Dress: C/O Lavish Alice, Sunglasses: ASOS, Shoes: C/O Sarenza, Lipstick: Topshop, Bag: C/O Folli Follie)

When Sunday calls- and you've overslept the flower market (with the only consolation being the fact it's raining) there's only one thing to do- head to the South Bank. I say this- but Joe and I rarely have the opportunity to do silly 'coupley' things such a play a tourist in our own fair city. So, with one afternoon to spare and London's infamous drizzle setting in we decided to head for the aquarium- reveling in our inner big kids and gawping at every last clown fish and erm, penguin. Additionally, there's few things I love more than a simple quiet moment in this part of the world, appreciating how truly lucky I am to live in London- and be a mere twenty minutes from views like the above- not bad indeed.

IMG_9730p 19 IMG_9773p
(Jacket: Topman, T Shirt: C/O Cloth, Jeans: Cheap Monday)

Additionally, it was also the perfect chance for Joe to show off his new favourite t shirt, care of the lovely people at Cloth. With a t shirt collection to rival many, Joe knows his stuff- and was pretty impressed by this number from Our Legacy- being the perfect soft cotton style with a pretty cool fabric back when the sleeves are rolled up, too. Plus, in all honesty, Joe really doesn't get as much credit as he deserves on this blog so it was a nice way of being able to include him in a post, and give him a little more credit (hey, he's a pretty well dressed guy) and thank him for continuously keeping this little blog ticking over, thanks mister! ~refrains from anything too soppy~


London calling at the top of the dial

IMG_3250P With friends like Kristabel and Lucy, I've always been familiar with the work of Tatty Devine (have you seen their jewellery collections? Be jealous) However it was only up until recently that I learned a little more about their incredibly inspiring story and work- along with their amazing brand ethos; being that every piece is designed, created and made in the UK. I'm a huge fan, and have great respect from completely independent companies- so the lovely people at Tatty Devine tick all of the boxes again and again. From their trademark name necklaces, those completely awesome sunglasses, to their beautifully crafted seasonal collectable pieces- they continue to wow me year in and year out- the imagination that goes in to it is just incredible.
3333 A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to Tatty Devine's gorgeous store located in London's Seven Dials- to have a peek at their new oriental blossom collection, see how their necklaces are made (all by hand, and on the biiig laser cutters) and have a go at creating my own- lucky girl indeed.

After being talked through the process; consisting of selecting fonts, colours and charms- and programming into the clever Tatty PC's- the acrylic was placed into the laser cutter which began crafting the basis for the perfect name necklace. Additionally, with every charm, chain and loop being put together by hand and plyer, it really makes you appreciate the work and thought that goes into these pieces; truly making them one of a kind and worth every single penny. 2222 IMG_3194P IMG_3192P IMG_3196P Blurring the lines between 'fashion, art and culture' since 1999, Tatty Devine was founded by the uber talented Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden- and is to this day still originally designed and produced in the big smoke (and Kent). Plus- if that isn't cool enough the ladies were also awarded MBEs this year for their services to the fashion industry- which to call impressive would probably be an understatement. I was lucky enough to catch up briefly with the founders and creative minds behind the brand, to find out a little more about their inspiration, what's next for the brand and which albums kick start their inspiration...

Where do you ladies get inspiration from for each collection? Which artists and creatives inspire your pieces?
Each collection starts as a series of conversations. In the lead up to this we both keep sketch books, diaries, notes, cuttings from newspapers, programmes from music gigs, theatre, art galleries and just a general feel for what is new and interesting. We bring all these things together into the caldron of our imagination and go from there. Harriet makes lots of drawings to illustrate our thoughts and ideas and then the sampling process begins. Quite often the jewellery is informed by the new materials we have found, and other times we have to source specific materials to be able to make our designs. Over the last 12 years we have created a language, which is helpful when designing as it gives us parameters and guidelines.
IMG_3217P 5555 IMG_3238P IMG_3243P
(I even had a go at making my own Speech Bubble necklace- all the ink is applied by hand!)

So, what would you get on a speech bubble necklace?
We just got 'No more Page Three. . .' in support of the campaign. We see the speech bubble as a great piece of jewellery for women who have something to say.

Which has been the biggest Tatty Devine highlight for you both so far?
Rosie- The biggest highlight is just about to happen, when Harriet and I get awarded MBE's in a few weeks.

4444 IMG_3210P
If you could only have one album playing in the studio whilst working what would it be?
That is tricky as it depends what we are working on! I never get bored of Mars Audiac Quintet by Stereolab or The Powerout by Electrelane.

Finally, what's next for Tatty Devine- what can we expect for AW?
AW13 is influenced by bursts of shape and colour in psychedelic music and art. We want to keep growing, keep making jewellery fresh and work with exciting people.

Thanks Tatty Devine for a wonderful morning! To check out their gorgeous pieces head to here!


Hanging out at Tatty Devine

ootd201 IMG_9161p IMG_9150p IMG_9155p IMG_9143p 14
(Hat: Topshop, Jacket: H&M, Dress: MinkPink via ASOS, Boots: C/O Hunter, Lipstick: Kate Moss for Rimmel shade 07)

With the sun mostly remaining in the sky and the temperature still perched happily in the early twenties, for my last day at the Isle of Wight I opted for one of my favourite go-to combinations- my light rodeo tasseled jacket and the kind of easy smock dress that MinkPink are famous for. Working for them, perhaps I'm biased (or maybe it's love)- but MinkPink seriously know how to whip out some amazing retro inspired festival pieces (and smock shapes too? I'm sold). This '70s inspired kaleidoscope dress had me at hello- and paired with a white collared sheer blouse underneath when it gets a little cooler, I think this one'll be hanging out in my wardrobe for quite some time yet. I also teamed it with the Neoprene Hunter Wellies- perfect for keeping my legs warm during the chillier (and muddier) festival evenings. 15 IMG_9242p 16
The last day was spent as was the first and second- relaxing in the hammocks before catching a few last artists (in the shape of a 3 hour Bon Jovi set, and seeing the one and only Blondie) before heading back. Also, being the self confessed festival foodie- we managed to track down this amazing pizza stand from Ryan from The Great British Bake Off- which specialized in stone baked pizza- a dream come true? Perhaps- and definitely the perfect way to round off a lovely weekend. Thank you again Hunter for a welly good time ; ) (see what I did there? Anybody? No...)

and here's what I wore...


The clouds will be a daisy chain, so let me see you smile again

ootd200 IMG_9018p IMG_8952p IMG_8992p 10
(Hat: American Apparel, Kimono: C/O Arnhem, Blouse: C/O Olive, Shorts: Miss Selfridge, Boots: C/O Hunter Boots, Bag: Vintage)

When the sun came out at the Isle of Wight, so did the shorts. I can't deny it- I've never been so scared about an item of clothing in my life. Give me banana print, give me gaudy palms and outrageous collars- but put cropped denim in front of me and I'll run a mile. Saying that- if you can't flash a bit of leg when there's fellas walking around in muscle-printed morph suits- then when can you? Teamed with some longer lengths in the shape of this absolutely beautiful kimono from my new loves Arnhem, a silly sized hat and Hunter Boots to detract from the leg party- I think it all worked out ok.

Funnily enough, this festival attempt at a 'cool get up' also attracted the 'you look like someone from Made in Chelsea' comment- whether that means 'try hard festival goer who so obviously hasn't been camping' or 'snobby chick who would rather be in Vebier' (in a hot tub, obvz) I don't know- answers on a postcard please (to SW3, of course)... 11 12 IMG_9064p 13
South West inspired outfits aside, the second day of our festival experience came in the shape of Jamie Oliver burgers (there really are no words), falling back in love with the voice of Orlando Weeks (not that I ever fell out of love with it) and discovering a terrible fear of heights- whilst on the top of a spinning ferris wheel. Rounded off by a marathon sing along to The Killers with Lyzi and her wonderful pals- it was the perfect way to round off the second day of our Isle of Wight experience.

and here's what I wore...


Everybody's got something to hide, except for me and my monkey

ootd199 IMG_8740p IMG_8713p IMG_8680p IMG_8708p 5
(Jacket: Whistles, Top: C/O Free People, Skirt: Topshop, Boots: C/O Hunter, Lipstick: Topshop, Sunglasses: Free with Cosmo)

Honey- I'm home! As you may know from my last post, I have just arrived back from a brief weekend at the Isle of Wight festival with the wonderful Hunter Boots- a weekend filled with good music (and friends), a little too much time lying on hammocks, endless pizza slices and plenty of out of tune howling to that Bon Jovi song. It was a really lovely few days, and the perfect remedy for preparing me for Glastonbury in just 7 days time- eek.

As well as cutting some shapes and indulging in one too many Early Greys (I'm a wild one, I know) I also attempted to put a little spin on the typical 'festival fashion'- a phrase that sends a shiver down my spine, literally (short shorts and no tights? Really?) Now, on this occasion Jaz and I were lucky enough to cheat a little bit (staying in a hotel 'n' all) so were able to be a bit more adventurous (put it this way, for Glastonbury I'm swapping leather jackets for fur lined parkas, and skirts for jeans and leggings) but nonetheless it was a good way to experiment- and I wouldn't say my choices were entirely festival inappropriate either (please note all outfits contained nude tights and a long sleeved clothing item).
IMG_8603p 6 IMG_8835p IMG_8746p
Anyway, out first day was filled with a few live sets, some serious catching up on banana hammocks and a browse around the site. With everything from vintage stalls, to stands specialising in morph suits- it really wasn't massively varied from most festivals, however being the unintentional culinary snob that I am I couldn't help but let out a small weep of glee knowing a certain Mr Oliver had a burger stand there- I'd gotten lucky.

In the evening, we were joined by fellow musketeer Rebecca and her lovely pal Sabby for some sofa chill out time (and toasties) before some Ian Brown tambourine dancing- rounding up a pretty fun first day- and after heading back during a slightly untimely downpour, we couldn't have been more glad to have a clean bed to sleep in for the night- phew!
7 9 8
and here's what I wore...


Take your feet out your shoes and go crazy



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