ootd194 IMG_6479p 88888 IMG_6457p IMG_6414p
(Dress: C/O Olive, Sunglasses: Stella McCartney via Sunglasses Shop, Shoes: C/O Sarenza)

It's a tough shout between Liverpool and Brighton, but after London I'm pretty sure the latter is my favourite city in the UK. Every time I visit, whether peeing it down with rain (and so windy one can't even walk along the seafront) or gloriously sunny, it continues to supply me with a roll of marvelous summer memories and always persuades me to hop on that train from the big smoke.

This time, I was down for The Great Escape festival snapping street pictures for Company, and also indulging in some live music and good food with friends- not bad huh? Gem and I's first day consisted of work, a stroll along the pebbled beach (hooray for the sunshine) and dining at Giraffe after realising it's necessary to book restaurants ('til next time, Bills...) We also managed to catch Beach Fossils, We Were Evergreen and Melody's Echo Chamber (big love)- but more on them soon. 00000 IMG_6529p 99999
After taking a pretty vast selection of outfits for our stay (who can blame me with this weather) I opted for a new denim collared smock dress from my favourite, Olive- which is safely now a staple in my wardrobe, and the perfect tights-or-no-tights-still-nice dress. I also popped on my new patent jelly style shoes from Sarenza- which although secured the toddler look, were incredibly comfortable- and hey, if Office and Topshop are doin' them, then they can't be too child like. 111111 IMG_6316p 222222
After whiling the afternoon away, and exploring the colourful streets of Kemptown, we headed back to our hotel for the couple of days, Snooze. Having stayed here before with Joe- I was incredibly excited to try out another room and head back to one of my favourite boutique hotels. We went for Room Number 7, which was described as having a hint of 'Asian Persuasion' and Eastern promise- and turned out to be everything we'd hoped for and more. With amazing breakfasts every morning, hot chocolates at night and feeling like a home away from home- I can't wait until my next trip.


Walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches

ootd193 IMG_7433p IMG_7420p IMG_7463p IMG_7359p
(Hat: Topshop, Top: Zara: Trousers: C/O New Look, Shoes: C/O Linzi, Necklaces: Anna Lou of London & A Weathered Penny)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not particularly petite- or at least I only just make the cut. I stand at a pretty average 5''5, but there's something about the cut and shape of petite trousers that I always find incredibly flattering- especially as I have pretty tiny legs (if anyone can rectify this, I'd be most grateful). This probably explains my love for this tapered paisley pair all the way from New Look's brand new petite collection. Paired with a new black camisole from Zara (look at me go), two of my favourite charm necklaces and my trusty partner in crime (a.k.a black fedora) I'd bet that nobody would guess these trousers cost me less than twenty pounds.

At such an incredibly price point (yes, most of the collection comes under £20 a piece) there's the option to experiment a little, pick up some staple pieces (they have boyfriend jeans, over sized plain t's and little black dresses) and update your wardrobe easily without breaking the bank (plus with festival and holiday season coming around- is there any real reason not to?) Plus, unlike a lot of high street giants- this petite collection has variety, and lots of it (need a new floral playsuit? Crochet shorts? They got this, guys)- and you know what, I love it.


This post is in collaboration with New Look

I don't mean to seem like I care about material things

Temples2 IMG_6881p
Although it's easy to think it's all been done before, there's something new, fresh and bloody exciting about Temples. Oozing an accomplished and organic neo-psych sound, peppered with shimmering late sixties influences and rounded up in a punchy pop parcel- they're on to something pretty special. Although there's no denying they all have crackin' barnet's and can wear fur and glitter better than any girl I know, this isn't a style over substance situation, and if so many people have clocked on this early (they formed less than a year ago) then they can't all be wrong. Plus, after managing to catch them at a couple of recent shows, I heard another crowd goer claim their set as 'all killer, no filler'- and you know what? It might be cheesy. But it's certainly true.

I caught up with Tom from Temples via the power of the internet to talk first E.Ps, musical inspiration and what's coming next for music's most exciting new band...

So, first things first- how did you guys get together?
We started as a recording project with just James and myself. We put a few songs on Youtube last summer and that we recorded in this box room at James' house. A few people wanted to book us for some shows, so we decided we'd better put a band together with Samuel Toms (drums), Adam Smith (sounds, tambourine).

You grew up in Kettering, how do you think growing up in a small town affected the way you write? Did it inspire you more to look to the past for inspiration?
We've all lived in cities at some point in our lives, but I think it was coming back to Kettering which really inspired us, removing ourselves from what you'd typically expect to experience from the city, and what you wouldn't in a small town. If anything it makes you stick together more. We spend a lot of time in each others record collections.
Temples3 IMG_4903p
The last few months have been pretty exciting for you, have you had any real 'wow' moments or 'I can't believe this is what we're doing'?
It was fairly odd going to Paris recently with our label Heavenly Recordings. It was this road trip all in this big coach together with Toy, Stealing Sheep and Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs, we played these shows together with all four bands on the bill. It was incredible to be a part of. We want to do a Heavenly trip every year.

Critics have described your sound as psychedelic- is that how you would describe your sound; would you say that's going to be the theme for the debut album- what can we expect?
We just want to create a record which you could sit and experience.
Have you started recording the album yet- how is that going being in the studio?
We're recording all the time together, it's been really exciting putting together songs and seeing a record take shape.

Having been highly rated by people such as the NME and a certain Mr Gallagher, does it feel surreal to have been embraced by the industry so quickly?
It's strange because 8 months ago we weren't even a band. It's great that people have caught on so early. We just want to keep playing live and record as much as possible.
Temples4 IMG_4888pp
What was the first record/E.P you bought?
It was this odd 60s compilation I found in this junk shop in Kettering. None of the tracks played all the way through. I remember it had this soul version of Paranoid by Black Sabbath on it.

Which artists have inspired your sound the most- which influences would you like to be heard in your music?
We really love The Byrds, Soft Machine, Bolan, Bowie they write pop music in the most experimental way. Then we love orchestral sounds that have a cinematic fidelity to them, and producers like Joe Boyd, Jack Nitzsche and Tony Visconti who created sounds in the studio that were so alien to their time.
As well as a pretty packed out festival schedule- what's next for Temples?
We have our next single coming out next month, it's called `Colours To Life' and hopefully another this Summer. We just want to play as many shows as possible, and then lock ourselves away in the studio to finish our record.

Temples are currently touring the U.K, and you can watch the video of their new single, Colours To Life here.


5 Minutes With... Temples

ootd192 IMG_5715p IMG_5724p IMG_5726p IMG_5750p IMG_5753p
(Dress: Zara, Sunglasses: Stella McCartney C/O Sunglasses Shop, Bag: Vintage, Shoes: Topshop)

It was only until a couple of weeks ago that I fell back in love with Zara. I didn't feel cool enough for a lot of their more trend led pieces, and it was only through living vicariously through my mums wardrobe that I realised they really did have some gorgeous pieces (including a collection of blouses I continue to pinch- thanks mum)! However, when I saw this slightly bridal midi dress, I picked it up- tried it on- and the rest is history. I've already worn it several times (including with my trusty biker jacket, with Chelsea boots and sandals) and I know it has lots of wear in it.

Anyway, I recently wore it whilst out on a birthday lunch with my lovely Nan and Mama P. We'd surprised her with afternoon tea at The Berkeley's infamous Prêt-À-Portea- and after waiting to go for what feels like a lifetime it was everything I'd expected and more. We dined on cakes and mini puddings inspired by Dolce & Gabbana (flash 'eh?), and nibbled on bikini shaped cookies and bite sized sushi- it all felt incredibly regal and glamorous (until we rolled back on to the commuter train home nursing food babies, of course).

IMG_5769p IMG_5786p 444444
Additionally, I also wore it whilst shooting a little project with the beautiful Beauxoxo and the wonderful Kitty- along with a handful of some of my favourite bloggers and Youtuber. Paired with a white rose and baby's breath crown, I felt like a little flower fairy (or dreamy bride to be- don't panic, Joe) and enjoyed the couple of hours being a bit daft traipsing through the cherry blossoms in Hyde Park (sickly sweet and incredibly twee sentence there- but incredibly true nonetheless)...
IMG_5809p 55555 IMG_5845p

and here's what I wore...


I follow you, pretend you want me to

ootd191 IMG_6067p IMG_6035p IMG_6063p IMG_6053p
(Hat: Topshop, Jacket: C/O Miss Selfridge, Top: Zara, Jeans: C/O Warehouse, Boots: Old (but similar below on ASOS)

If there's one thing my wardrobe oozes more than anything (apart from a slightly excessive range of collared dresses) it's denim. I have a pair of jeans for pretty much every day of the week (skinny, flared, paisley- you name it), denim shirts, button up skirts, jackets- and now a blossoming collection of pinafore dresses and dungarees. It's the perfect base to build every good outfit upon- and if I'm ever in doubt- it's jean time.

So, this month, the Take 10 ladies and I teamed up with the lovely ladies at ASOS Fashion Finder, and the equally cool Warehouse people in order to promote their exciting new denim range. Yes, yes indeed- this was the perfect opportunity to push my denim comfort boundaries. Having recently branched into the land of flares; who'd have thunk acid wash and ripped denim could be next on my agenda. Don't get me wrong- until I tried these Warehouse bad boys- ripped jeans scared me. I can't rock the 'ripped-jeans-baseball-tee-and-Zara-heels-off-duty-look' and I certainly don't have the level of 'tude (yes, I said 'tude) ripped jean ambassadors Taylor Momsen and Salt/and or Pepa ooze. However, teamed with my safe choice of embroidered jacket and matching blouse, cowboy Fedora and simple gold jewellery- I think I may even take them out for another spin in the near future.

Additionally the other ladies did an incredible job, and each styled a different item in their own way- to check out their looks click here, and do check out their blogs below- you won't be disappointed.

Paula- Pink Bow, Ellie- Pretty Much Penniless, Lucy- Snippets of Shiny Thoughts, Me, Sarah-We Shop Therefore We Are, Sherin- HiFashion, Mel- Media Marmalade, Vicki- The Magpie Girl, Natasha- Girl In The Lens, Harriet- Where is Harriet
and here's what I wore...


P.S A fun fact for you all- denim was originally called 'Serge de Nîmes'- Proudlock is on to something!

Project Take 10: Warehouse Denim & ASOS Fashion Finder

I've been planning something beauty related on this little corner of the internet for a while, and after tidying up my (small but reliable) make up collection a little and falling into a comfy face cleansing routine (check me out) I finally feel happy to share it all with you! Don't get me wrong- I am still a real make up novice, but with the help of Youtube (and genuinely taking notes while watching videos- not proud) I'm getting there, so please bare with me- and enjoy... IMG_4929p Skin care
Until about 6 months ago, my idea of a face cleansing routine was reaching for my Boots-on-offer-wipes and giving my face a once over. Done. Finito. Before you considering banishing me to skincare jail- this is fortunately, no more (unless I'm really really sleepy). For Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive the Foamingly Clean facial wash and Total Moisture moisturiser from the amazing Benefit range and I haven't looked back. The wash literally makes my skin squeaky clean (I usually finish my eyes with some Simple eye make up remover) and the moisturiser makes my face soft as a baby's bottom- and apparently incredibly shiny- which I'm guessing is a good thing. Additionally I've started using Estee Lauder's Advanced Eye Repair- which officially allows me to spend all night surfing the web/cutting some shapes/reading under the covers without anyone knowing (dark circles be gone). I also use this Palmer's body butter for some post-bath pampering/general care, which is again pretty lovely.
11111 It's Pamper Time
I can't lie. I'm poor at pampering. Forget cucumber eyes, whale music and bubble baths which look like something from a film- I usually end up falling asleep. My idea of pampering is a quick pink bath and hopping into my pjs. Pretty much everything from Lush is perfect for a quick luxury and natural fix, and I particularly love this Think Pink one (although I believe this one was an Easter exclusive, the yellow version is still available online here).
0000 Perfume: Fresh as a daisy
Ever since realising Impluse sprays probably don't constitute as an appropriate substitute for perfume, I've been wearing Marc Jacobs' Daisy. Or anything by him for a matter of fact. Having a pretty strong collection of Daisy bottles (yup, they are just a few of my collection), Dot, Lola and Eau So Fresh next to my bed- I'm pretty sure this classes as a signature fragrance- and I love it (and the bottles, obviously).
IMG_4980p Brushes: Painting it on
It's only recently that I've started using brushes for foundation application. The last time I'd used a paintbrush this seriously was during my A Level art, or in primary school with the huge blobbing brush. However, the Real Techniques brushes are something else (really Liv? Late to the party are we?) At the moment I use the Stippling brush, Blush brush and Foundation brush and all have made such a difference to my application, and my skin looks a little perkier for it.
IMG_4974p Gettin' Lippy
Although my lip collection is slightly ridiculous (how many shades of red does one really need?) the amount of use they all get is probably justified. My big Chanel 'purchase' in Paris- was in fact this lipstick (it was the only thing in budget) and it really is, wonderful (despite the shop assistant telling me 'it's not quite applied like that' when I tried to demonstrate). The above lipsticks are my absolute go-to's and include; Kate Moss for Rimmel Shade 107, Chanel Rouge Allure Passion, Kate Moss for Rimmel Shade 01, Rimmel Moisture Renew and Topshop Mischief (but I love most of their red ones, as I'm not sure this is still available).
IMG_4995p Nailin' It
When I have the time and know I won't be moving for at least an hour, I like to give my nails a bit of a 'do. These sets of two are the pairs I usually go to for some pretty swish effects and know will probably last longer than a couple of days. My top picks are Essie in Midnight Cami (with Topshop's Dark Knight on top), Barry M's Red Glitter Polish with the Red Gelly Nail Paint and for nudes Estee Lauder's Ballerina Pink and Nudite.
IMG_5020p Ace of face
Unlie most girls, I have one make up look. This is the same when I'm working from home, in meetings all day, going out to THE party of the year (still waiting on that invite) or on a date night. It's boring- but for me it's fail safe. Saying that I've recently branched out to the world of the smokey eye- which has proved successful, so maybe this is the start of some crazy make up endeavors. Anyway- the things I use when I'm not being a make up maverick are; Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer (which is so moisturising), Estee Lauder Double Wear (give me the palest you got), Frat Boy by The Balm, Supercat Liquid Liner by Soap and Glory, No7 Beautiful Brows Pencil, Lord & Berry kohl liner and whichever mascara is handy (at present this is Volume Millions Lashes and Telescopic Lashes).


From the moment I wake up...



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