(Top: Bethany Cosentino for Urban Renewal, Skirt: Camden, Shoes: Topshop, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Mulberry)

Now, don't get me wrong I love fashion- but as much as I love a good vintage frock and a good pair of worn in Topshop jeans, nothing can quite get in the way of my life-long and ever growing relationship with music (like I've said before, you can't listen to fashion on your iPod ;). Trust me, there is nothing more satisfying than falling in love with your new favourite band, and aspiring to be as cool as the lead singer (makes me wish my failed music lessons at school had paid off...), so as you can imagine, when I heard Bethany Cosentino (leading lady from Cali-cool Best Coast) had teamed up with Urban Outfitters Renewal US to create her own line, inspired by 90s pop culture, Stevie Nicks and 'girls she sees at Best Coast shows' (a girl can dream huh...) I went into 'WANT.NEED.MUST.BUY' mode, and instantly blew my 'no spending' bet with my mum for a slice of the action.

I ended up opting for the 'Liv top' I'm not sure whether it was the uber cool bad-ass collar that sold it to me, or the fact I share the same name with this inanimate garment, but either way it was love (or Liv) at first sight. I teamed it with this polka dot skater skirt and my 'Only Place' sunnies, but I'm sure it will look just as cool with some denim cut offs, Converse and a battered biker jacket, either way, I'm one happy girl...

P.S My incredibly talented best friend Gemma, has made the final of the American Apparel T shirt designing competition! To get her design printed she needs YOUR likes/shares and comments on her photo to win, please spare a second and check it out HERE- she deserves it! Thank you!


'Cause I don't want to be anywhere else but home

(Dress: Monki, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Topshop, Lipstick:Mischief by Topshop)

For once, this Sunday I was up, dressed and fed long before midday. With the sun peeping out (if only a little and few and far between heavy showers) I picked out one of my current favourite dresses, added a beehive (perfect for temperamental weather)and hit the road with my grandparents and boyfriend to a gorgeous manor house and gardens, a little drive away from home. Pashley manor lies within the border of Sussex and Kent, with a gorgeous manor house, surrounded amongst an ocean of roses, waters and green- come each Spring it certainly makes for a visual treat. With an array of gorgeous wildlife, a delicious tea room and even a swimming pool (which I may have cheekily dipped my toes into) Pashley manor house and gardens certainly makes for a beautiful Sunday afternoon visit, and even brings back nostalgic memories of one of my favourite childhood books (and films), The Secret Garden.

Additionally I wore one of my favourite new dresses, which was a birthday present from Joe- boy did good! I spotted it earlier this month on the Monki website, and put it on my birthday wishlist, so I'm super lucky to have received it. I absolutely love it's slightly boxy shape (ironically, I find this the most flattering on me) and girlie sleeves, plus the heart and letter print is super cute! It's one of the easiest things to wear, goes with everything, and slightly reminds me of something a certain Alexa may own- perfect!

(The Tea Rooms, Beautiful statues in the gardens, Earl Grey and Joe)

p.s I'm also starting to take names for blog sponsors on my sidebar for July- do email me if you'd be interested in a spot, or for any further details!


I love Paris in the rain

(Suit: Topshop, Body: Topshop, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: ASOS)

If you've been reading my blog for any period of time you'll probably know I'm not one to necessarily follow the latest trends to any real extent (I wish I could afford to buy into every trend, trust me). Okay, I like 'this years' pastels, I love prints- but I'll like them every year and every season regardless of what appears on catwalks. That isn't to say, however I don't appreciate them. I'll read Vogue, to Elle and LOOK, absorb everything I see, probably tear some things out and then glue them onto the nearest hard surface to me and covet them until the next resort collection. However, recently I picked up one of the most 'trend savvy' outfits in my wardrobe, which is by no means subtle- but I think I love it, say hello to my new favourite suit!

I will admit, this suit looks like pyjamas- it even says so on the website. Not mine for sure (hello Disney t shirt and oversized tartan bottoms- chic I think not!) but after deliberating over a burger, putting it on hold and running back, I'm glad I got it. Call me lazy, but if i'm ever blessed with the oppurtunity to wear sleepwear outdoors and it be socially accpetable- then hell, I'm going to take it and run.
Additionally, it's boxiness, oversized white buttons and white edging makes it ooze something a little sixties, an era which fashions melt my tiny heart- let's just hope the sun comes out so I can parade around in it, and maybe even rent a Boris bike to complete my look ;)

Have you dipped your toes into any big trends this season? Would you wear something as pyjama-y outside, or should pj's stay in the bedroom?


Come to my bedroom, come to my bedroom

(1. French Connection, 2. Yves Saint Laurent 3. Anya Hindmarsh 4. Acne 5. Jenny Packham 6. Equipment 7. Alice by Temperley 8. Carven - All available at Harrods.com)

It seems, on this post, I have taken the title 'A girl can dream' a little literally. Usually with wishlist posts I comprise a selection of things (essentially from Topshop's New In section) that I'm currently coveting, usually saving up for, and almost all of the time from the Great British High Street. On this occasion however, I decided to spice things up a bit. What would I pick, if I had a marginally larger savings account and a little more room in my wardrobe (or a glass cabinet to lustfully stare at these pieces all day)?

After browsing many luxury websites, making a (long) stop over at the Charlotte Olympia website en route, I finally ended up at Harrods and managed to curate a list as long as my arm of things that I'm pretty sure could find their place in my wardrobe. With some of my absolute favourites from the above including the Anya Hindmarsh chain bag in a gorgeous soft blue suede, the oh-so-sassy Jenny Packham lace undies (if she's good enough for Kate, she's good enough for everyone right?) and those bad boy YSL loafer-cum-smoking slipper gold heels, swoon!

What would you include in your imaginary trolly dash around a luxury department store? Answers on a postcard!


A Girl Can Dream: Luxe Edition

Okay, so when it comes to festivals there's no real 'right' way when it comes to dressing. From my experiences I've witnessed style that ranges from short shorts and cowboy tassels, bikinis, band tees and more morphsuits than you can possibly comprehend (that's without having even visited Bestival yet...) the mantra seems to stand at; if you're happy and comfortable it's probably ok. However, when packing for festivals I know how easy it is to opt for the cheapest and oldest denim shorts and vests you own, in fear everything will become damaged and/or pinched and then end up with a backpack a lot of things you certainly wouldn't normally wear. Okay, things do get a bit dirty (that's why Ariel was invented) but in general most of my clothing has always stayed in tact, meaning I'm now confident to have a little more fun with my festival fashion, and why shouldn't we all? It certainly makes the time a little more fun, and by no means has to be expensive. After teaming up with the fab Miss Selfridge; I've compiled a selection of various outfits (each for a different festival theme: Dance, Indie, Abroad, Celeb Spotting, and Day festival) and ways to wear them, in hope to give a basic outline on how to create some versatile, interesting and wearable looks for your field trips this summer...

(Looks 1-3- All clothing Miss Selfridge: 1: Headband: New Look, Shoes: Topshop, 2: Boots: Topshop, Jacket: Whistles, 3: Boots: Topshop)

Looks 1-3 were created for your typical 'indie' summer festival. Think Reading & Leeds, Field Day, Isle of Wight or Leefest. Obviously the maxi skirt and sandals look is exclusively for something a with little less mud, or even something abroad (this would have been perfect for Benicassim), but teamed with an oversized denim or leather jacket makes for a pretty late night outfit at something a little more whimsical a la The Secret Garden Party. Additionally, the second two looks include two of my favourite festival outfit details: studding and tassels- I even went and matched my boots to my dress, fancy!

PLAYLIST 1: Howler: Back Of Your Neck, Beach Fossils: Sometimes, Kindness: House, The Vaccines: No Hope, Summer Camp: Better Off Without You, Spector: Celestine.

(Looks 1-4: All clothing Miss Selfridge, 2: Belt: Vintage, Boots: Topshop, Hat: American Apparel, 3: Jacket: Whistles, Sunglasses: Zara, Boots: Topshop, 4: Sunglasses: New York: Shoes: Converse)

A series of looks, created for a series of festivals. Although any of these outfits, could pretty much be worn to any type of festival (bar the heels in look 1- not always practical ;) the looks go as follows; 1: dance festival (or something for the evening, at Benicassim the main arena was all concrete, meaning you could probably get away with something like this), 2: Day festival- armed with a big Aztec print bag (obviously packed with a rain mac, snacks, and if in England, a woolly jumper just in case!), 3: Celeb spotting- cool jacket and band tee, armed with some huge bad-ass shades to fan-girl over your favourite band crushes as they line the field (so cheesy, but so so true), 4: Dance festival- Perfect for something like Global gathering or Creamfields; a playsuit and a UFO sized top knot make for the perfect outfit to get around in.

PLAYLIST 2: Friends- Mind Control, Mother Protect- Niki & The Dove, Where Are Your People?- We Have Band, Grimes- Vanessa

(Looks 1-3: All clothes Miss Selfridge, 2: Shoes: Topshop, 3: Shoes: Topshop, Sunglasses: Zara)

I've picked these final outfits based on festivals overseas! Having visited Benicassim last year, and with other festivals this summer including Roskilde in Denmark, Exit in Serbia and Pukkelpop in Belgium,these picks will carry you through the scorching daylight heat, to cooler later hours when many sets usually begin. When I was in Spain last year, I didn't realise that although vests, shorts and bikinis were appropriate day-wear, come the evening (think 7-4 in the morning) when the bands were playing, it became surprisingly cool and breezy meaning chunky cardigans and oversized shirts were pretty necessary. I'm in love with this Olsen esque cardigan from Miss Selfridge, which would look equally as cool over some denim cut-offs!

PLAYLIST 3: Tribes: Sappho, Blood Orange: Champagne Coast, Beirut: East Harlem, The Black Keys: Lonely Boy, Beach House: Myth, King Charles: Lady Percy

I hope this gives you a few ideas on how to pack a festival wardrobe, are any of you going to any cool festivals this summer, or have you already been? If so, have fun!


Head over the Miss Selfridge Blog to see my post there if you fancy too! All items are available to buy online too.

Ways To Wear: Festival Fashion (ft Miss Selfridge)

(Dress: Zara, Jacket: Whistles, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Peekaboo Vintage)

Admittedly, this is a little dressier than my normal outfit posts. It's not often I'm seen galavanting around central London wearing a pink prom dress and a beehive (as much as I fancy myself as 2012's answer to Audrey Hepburn, somehow I don't think that'll happen...) but a certain afternoon tea requires a certain special dress, right?

On Sunday I was lucky enough to continue birthday celebrations, and joined some of my closest family in a truly British afternoon tea, at The Goring Hotel, which being one of the Queen Mother's favourite places for tea as well as the place Kate stayed before the Royal Wedding, certainly deserved a little dressing up. Now, if you've been reading my blog long enough (or in the last week or so...) you will know I LOVE cream tea. I will go out of my way to pick up some Sainsbury's Scones for lunch, and trust me, my fridge is never without a jar of Hartley's jam, so as you can imagine- this was a treat and a half. We gobbled on so many finger sandwiches, scones and some of the tastiest tarts I've ever tasted (alliteration at it's finest there!) followed by, what I can only assume was a good 7+ cups of tea (these pictures make me feel full just looking at them...) Additionally, the interior was a dream, making me feel (slightly) like a Middleton myself!

Have you had any lovely afternoon tea recently? You know I love ANY suggestions!



With a little girl and by my spouse, I only want a proper house

(Dress: Topshop, Shoes: Converse, Jacket: French Connection, Satchel: C/O Mybag)

Hello! This is a slightly belated birthday post (this is what I wore on Saturday, when we had a day of sunshine- a.k.a my birthday- yay!). I had such a lovely and busy weekend, with celebrations beginning on Friday night, which consisted of burgers at my favourite ever ever Byron (with some of my fave people), and seeing in my birthday to Spector singing '3 Lions' at Birthday's in Dalston (probably the trendiest/hippest thing I can ever say I've done). The rest of the weekend consisted of a lot of lovely food (see tomorrow's post), a visit from the Queen, a spot of shopping and a fair amount of football (I'm even learning some terminology that hasn't been featured on the I.T crowd- hooray!)

I was also lucky enough to receive this dress from my uber trendy younger brother (good sister points +5) which I instantly tried on and fell in love with. Although in my excitement I ended up teaming with just converse and a denim jacket, I'm excited to wear it with my daisy patent ASOS heels and a beehive (as shown below!) for a slightly more ladylike look!



I can’t give you, all that you need. But I’ll give you, all I can feel

(nice flat hair Liv)

Okay, I admit it I love the Only Way Is Essex. I'm not (always) proud to say it, and usually reality television hits a nerve with me, but hey, it's addictive, light-hearted and usually a giggle- what's not to like? Additionally, like a good film, you become a little entwined with the characters lives, and if there's starring ladies; fascinated by their wardrobes. With programmes like TOWIE (check my T.V abbreviation skills) it's slightly different; with style often being associated with anything over the top, bodycon, maybe velour (obviously with white Louboutins in tow), it's easy to sweep the ladies of the show with the generic style brush and see no further.

However, one of the main ladies, Lydia Bright, offers a different slant on this stereotype. Okay, so she may not necessarily be understated (a girl can still wear heels by the pool, ok?) and like any other fashion loving 21 year old, a love of high street brands is apparent, but teaming upcoming labels like 18 & East and Virgos Lounge with her classic ladylike and vintage inspired style bring a little something not often seen in the shows cast.


After paying a visit to Essex a couple of weeks back, I was determined and intrigued to pop into Lydia's very own fashion emporium Bella Sorella in Loughton (fuelled of course, by glittery cupcakes, floaty frocks, diamanté encrusted crockery and fragrant candles) , and meet the lady herself to see what exactly inspires her day to day style ...

So, when did you first become interested in fashion?
I always grew up around fashion. My nan, aunt and mum were all buyers, so I was just bought up into it, beginning a great passion and interest.

How would you describe your style in 5 words?
I'd say fifties inspired, girlie, floaty, colourful (I never wear black) and glam.

For those that haven't visited, how would you describe Bella Sorella?
Bella Sorella encapsulates my personal style. It's very vintage inspired- beautiful and what you'd probably say is a little girls dream. It's very pretty, with lots of cupcakes, chintzy home wares and lots of pretty clothes- which I wear a lot of!

Who, or what inpires your personal style?
I'd probably say my oldest style icon is Carrie Bradshaw. I loved her when I was growing up, but have also grown to love the 50's, particularly, Brigitte Bardor and Marylin Monroe.


Which are your favourite shops?
High street wise, I love Miss Selfridge, Virgos Lounge, New Look for basics and of course, my own shop!

Which are your favourite upcoming brands?
Virgos Lounge! They only really began in the last year, and I love literally love everything from the Look Books!

What's next for Lydia?
So at the moment, I'm in progress of designing my own clothes range. I've been holding out a lot, but have been studying different designers and the catwalks at London Fashion Week to help me with working on my own collection. It should be out around Autumn/Winter and it's a bit like me really, with lots of tailoring, rich velvets and autumnal burgundies and purples.



5 Minutes With: Lydia Rose Bright

(Jumper: C/O Nelly.com, Skirt: Whistles, Shoes: X/O Next, Rings: Topshop, Belt: Topshop, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters)

Happy Jubilee! I found this quote by Noel Coward whilst browsing You Know You're British When and I'm pretty sure it sums up the way many people have spent this Jubilee weekend (and also a very true statement - I've probably had one too many cups today!) Anyway, as mentioned in yesterday's post, I couldn't resist getting into the regal spirit by adorning my favourite Queen colour shades, in something I'd like to think wouldn't look out of place in the Duchess of Cambridge's wardrobe- and what can I say, it certainly makes a difference from my usual trouser combinations (I even hear Kate has this Whistles skirt in pale blue!) I felt incredibly ladylike in this ballerina-come-Carrie Bradshaw skirt and loose Nelly fluffy jumper, especially with these matching Next shoes- so as you can imagine, serious skirt swooshing was in order.

Additionally, the skirt and jumper made for the perfect lazy afternoon outfit, especially after the truly British feast I had this lunchtime at my nan's house! With fresh sponge, finger sandwiches, cream tea and scones- I'm certainly feeling a little full writing this and looking at the photographs!


How are you (if in the U.K) celebrating this Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend? I'm off to watch the rest of the BBC Concert!


Wouldn't it be dreadful to live in a country where they didn't drink tea?



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