(Top: Topshop, Trousers: Topshop, Jumper: Whistles, Shoes: eBay)

So, it seems at the moment I am currently in a seasonal love affair with printed trousers- flowers, spots, or even swans, they are definitely my garment of choice. Being a jeans girl through and through, I find myself often finding myself leaning towards my go-to denim in the summer months, but let's be honest- skinny jeans and hot weather have never been a match made in heaven. So, when I spotted these light cotton slacks adorned on the rails of Topshop I couldn't say no. Not only were they black and white, pasted with England's most regal bird, but damn they were comfy and I could think of at least 5 different things I could pair them with- so surely that makes them a partially ethical buy? Maybe not...

Anyway! I've had a super busy week so far this week, and the gorgeous summery weather we're currently blessed with is definitely making everything a little more bearable (apart from busy train journeys!) I spent last weekend in Liverpool with two of my best friends seeing You Me At Six, who I haven't seen in ages, but were incredible live. Mayday Parade and Kids in Glass Houses were also two of the support acts, meaning my inner 15 year old was having a field day (as you may have seen on Twitter!) Today was spent at the Swedish Hasbeens pop up sop launch breakfast at Selfridges (post to come) and with the gorgeous Kitty Gallannaugh taking photographs around central London and St James Park, which was simply beautiful.

I have lots of posts coming up in the next week (just need to stay on top of them) so please stay tuned and bear with me! As you may have seen in my previous post I also launched a special giveaway this week, and am also taking a final couple of spots for advertising on my blog for April, so get in touch if you'd like a spot!

Have a lovely week in the sunshine! (remember: lots suncream and ice cream!)


Here comes the sun


I've been meaning to get round to doing this for such a long time, but due to a busy schedule I haven't seemed to find the time! However, it can wait no longer!

After absolutely amazingly reaching 2000 followers recently, I couldn't resist holding a celebratory giveaway. In general, I don't really hold giveaways on my blog as due to my pure disorganisation am really not very good at sorting them out and following them through! However, I honestly never expected my blog to reach this amount of readers, and couldn't resist thanking the people that read it.

I really am so grateful for every single person that clicks onto my blog, and hopefully stays long enough to read some of my waffle and absorb some awkward poses. When I first started this blog (as a music blog) and was writing to (a very loyal) 14 followers I never dreamed I'd reach a 4-figured amount just over a year later, and I honestly am incredibly grateful- so thank you so much.

Anyway! Enough of my cringe worthy Bafta esque thank you's- and on to the real business! I was super lucky enough to collaborate with some of my favourite online jewellery (and clothing) stores for this gievaway, and have selected 10 very special treats- from some very crafty people for you to win! The prizes are as follows:

- £25 voucher from Missguided.co.uk
- Lace collar from Little Me
- Glitter bow from Beau xoxo
- Eiffel Tower necklace from Wildlife Analysis
- 'Super' necklace from Olive and Frank
- Heart & Envelope necklace from The Tea Drinking English Rose
- Triangle necklace from Ginger Pickle
- British Phone Box necklace from Megan Jane Jewellery
- Crystal necklace from Tentative Decisions
- Elizabeth Taylor necklace from Jewellery By Jaymie

To enter all you have to do is be a follower of my blog! OR if you don't have a GFC or Bloglovin' account simply like my Facebook page! And that's it!

Leave a comment saying you've entered, and on the 25th of April I will select 10 winners!

Good luck- and please check out all of the stores involved, there are some real treats to be had!


2000 followers giveaway!


Fashion is a funny thing. Before the clocks have even gone forward and our florals from this spring seen the light of day, pre fall collections for the coming Autumn are already being released, amid with rich tonal hues and heavy draping fabrics- usually summoning a small cry from my newest summer purchases. However, on this occasion instead of sending me into a flurry of panic, I actually let out a small squeal of delight. Before me, sitting in my inbox, was a series of sharp clean sports inspired looks, enriched with luxurious fabrics (leather being a key component) and delicate detailing (adding a somewhat feminine softness to a masculine inspired collection). What else could it be than the Whistles Pre Fall look book?

With baseball jackets, peplum, silk shirts, skater skirts and drawstring waistbands all creating an overall relaxed and comfortable silhouette, the 'sports luxe' trend from SS continues into Autumn, but with pencil skirts, silky shifts and micro patterning giving it a ladylike twist- something Whistles have down to a tee, and something I for one cannot wait to start saving for.


Whistles Pre Fall 2012... My Picks

(Top: French Connection, Dungaree Dress: Miss Selfridge , Shoes: Topshop, Sunglasses: Primark)

The sun has got his hat on! Well he did, for a day. So embracing my true Britishness, I pulled out one of my favourite summer get ups, and embraced 5 year old playground chic to the utmost- braving bare legs for almost half a day (MUST be hot!) Unfortunately, living in England the rain has now returned and today's combination of heeled sandals and a light jacket was not so weather appropriate- looks like you'll be seeing more of my jeans in a post soon, sigh!

Anyway, I've been pretty busy this week- having taken a mini road trip to Leeds to see one of my main gal pals! After what seemed like a tiny lifetime on a coach and having listened to the 'New Girl' theme tune one too many times, we arrived! I had such a lovely time (although it went VERY quickly), and enjoyed an a-mazing meal from Jamie's Italian, drinks at Massey's Booksellers, breakfast at Love Rouge bakery and a spot of vintage (and sweet) shopping at Dusty & Dylan. I had a lovely day, and it's certainly made me realise how much I need make the most of the gorgeous cities we have in the U.K and am set on visiting some more! Which are you favourite cities in Britain?

Below are a few pictures of my short and sweet time in Leeds- food certainly played a key part ;)

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!


We're losing touch, we're losing friends, but we're young


(Dress:C/O Roamkix Vintage, Sunglasses: New York, Socks & Shoes: Topshop, Lipstick:Topshop Mischeif)

Now, if you know me I'm one of those people who just isn't 'good' with buying vintage. I have little patience, a tendency to impulse buy and few skills to make the little alterations that usually come with buying it, meaning I salute anyone that can, and usually simply admire from afar. However, when I discovered the magic that Roamkix vintage have to offer, all of my preconceptions were sent out of the window. With dresses tailored to size and hand-picked by some seriously clued up ladies from London, Paris and Anglesey Sea Side- these pieces are carefully selected to be worn and loved offering to bring 'a sense of discovery to your wardrobe'.

So, after having a browse on their website, I couldn't help but fall in love with this huge collared, (in the words of my mum) 'Alice in Wonderland' number. Okay, so it's probably a theatrical and arguably the collar is a teeny bit big (watch out Harry Hill) but isn't that what dressing vintage is all about- having a bit of fun? I thought I'd go all out and add a beehive and cat eyed glasses for a playful fifties inspired look- something I'm probably becoming a little over comfortable doing.


Following that, a peek at the brands Look-book was on the agenda, and if you haven't paid them a visit already why on earth not? Laden with competitively priced pieces in delicious pastels, pretty prints, and enough variety to leave Beyond Retro shaking in it's boots, there really are some bargains not to be missed (just make sure you save me the vintage blue floral dress- I'm hoping to nab that come pay-day!)


we were children in the mid-nineties


(Top, Jacket & Trousers:Whistles ,Shoes & Belt: Topshop , Bag:Mulberry , Necklace: C/O Ziba Jewellery )

My first attempt at the pyjama/print trend- and it doesn't include my favourite tartan jim jams- result! I bought these trousers last week, after they arrived at work, and consequently sold out days later. After seeing many people try them on (and purchase) and a certain Charlotte Dellal coming in and picking them up (shoe crush fan girling was seriously in order)- I became pretty obsessed with getting my mitts on some, and after a wild goose chase of stores came across them- hooray! This is the first time I've properly styled them, but look forward to teaming them with oversized jumpers, bodies and bra-lets come the summer months. However, I am sorry, as this is a bit of an 'all-one-shop' outfit, as I was moments away from leaving for work!

Also, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of my amazing readers for getting my blog to 2000 followers. I don't want to have a big soppy rant (because everyone LOVES those...I probably will) but I am so so grateful for everyone who reads my blog, comments, emails and tweets me- or even just has a read of my babble. I can't explain how grateful I am to have so many people read what I write and it means even more that some of you enjoy it too- it makes all of those months writing to a loyal few (3 or so) worth it, so thank you SO MUCH!

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend- I have a post on the fantastic Company blog awards coming up along with my (long awaited and rare) mega give away so keep your eyes peeled!


P.S I finally updated my blog shop, check out the new things here!

She was walking on the tables in the glass house, endearing bedraggled in the wind

(Jacket: H&M, Top: H&M, Jeans: New Look C/O Style Compare, Belt: Topshop, Shoes: Topshop, Awkward pose: Models own)

When the lovely ladies at Style Compare contacted me asking if I'd be up for styling a pair of pastel jeans for their new styling challenge on their blog, Style Platform, I couldn't want to get stuck in! With pastels being one of my favourite (and one of the most wearable) trends for this spring/summer and jeans being my ultimate go to (as you probably know...) I was keen to have a rummage in my wardrobe.

With the last time I'd worn jeans this bright being when I was about 14 and channelling the Klaxons 'Nu Rave look' I was determined not to revisit that 'style' phase in my life and make them look a little more ladylike and dare I say 'trendy'. In the end I went with the full blown sorbet candy-esque look. An outfit certainly fit for the sunny weather (apparently the cloudier it is the brighter your clothes look), I chose a crisp collared peplum top and my new 80's style peach jacket with my Topshop chunky heels- for a more 'grown up' (and tall) edge. I can't wait to play around with these jeans and style them with oversized t shirts, chunky necklaces and mannish brogues to trial all the ways they can be worn!

Additionally, there's also a vote currently for your favourite look on the blog, so you can vote for your favourite to win an awesome voucher (and for their readers!)- I'd really appreciate it if you could head over and click the button here, or alternatively vote for one of the other gorgeous girls- everyone looked amazing!

How would you style pastel jeans?


How i wish you i could take you with me now

(Jakcet: Whistles, Top: Whistles, Shorts: Topshop, Boots: Topshop, Bag: Mulberry, Ring: YSL, Sunglasses: Primark)

Today has probably been the first day I've worn a relatively 'summery' outfit. Although a little nippy, I couldn't turn down the chance to wear one of my most spring like tops and go-to denim shorts- even if it did mean teaming it with a heavy biker jacket! I also wore my quid sunnies from Primarni, which in the lovely words of my boyfriend give me the 'Jack Nicholson look' (only complimented by my toothy grin: see image here).

Anyway, I'm currently in Nottingham visiting Joe, and today was spent having lovely afternoon tea in the White Rabbit, which was absolutely lovely (and Subway) and also naughtily buying a dress for the Company blog awards tomorrow-which I must say, am pretty nervous about. Not about the actual 'competition', but more so meeting and seeing everyone- so if you do see a nervous looking-Liv and you are going, do say hello!

DSC_5886p DSC_5898p CSC_5891 DSC_5894p
Anyway, I have a few more posts lined up for this week, so stay tuned! I'm also having a bit of a wardrobe sort out on Thursday, so will be updating my shop then!

I’m a puppet on a string, Tracy island, time-traveling diamond

(London Zoo, King Charles, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Breakfast at The Quarter, The Quarter & view, Pizza Express)
Hello! Remember me? I do write this blog- but due to the busy busy week I've had (and the most inclement weather) outfit posts and general natter has been to a minimum! However, I thought I'd try and do a generic 'catch up post', to avoid maximum waffle in my next outfit post!

Anyway! By now, you may have seen my last post featuring Miss Selfridge and their amazing new Project 2 collection! I was so so excited to work with them for this project, and styling out the pieces was so fun- plus many were a little out of my comfort zone, so it was great to have a little play around with things I usually wouldn't opt for- but fell in love with nevertheless! I'm looking forward to styling the pieces in with my more conservative pieces, so look out for that! Additionally, a few of the images got printed in a few weekly magazines (plus The Sun!) so I felt I had my little claim to fame, which was super exciting!

In the last couple of weeks I also went to London Zoo with Joe (which was amazing- my inner child LOVED the gorillas/monkeys) and enjoyed a couple of amazing burgers in Byron (not in the same sitting!) which I cannot praise enough! I also saw the amazing King Charles last week near to home, with support from an amazing band called We Were Evergreen. It was such an amazing gig and we were lucky enough to chat with him afterwards- we even had matching YSL arty rings (twinsies! haha) which made me feel 'super trendy'. I was also lucky enough to see The Drums at the Roundhouse as part of the NME Tour, to which Boy George made an impromptu appearance which was very exciting!

This week I spent a lovely couple of days back visiting Liverpool, which was so nice! Made up of good food (Pizza Express, sausage baps and scones), good t.v (TOWIE anyone?) and even better company, it was a lovely way to enjoy the few days of sunshine Britain was graced with last week. I also interviewed the charming Liberty Vessels, so an interview with them will be up in the coming month!

Apart from that, I've just been working! Which isn't as bad as it sounds-but did include me falling in love with- and going on a wild goose chase of stores for these trousers! I finally tracked them down and will hopefully be in my wardrobe by next week- so expect them in a post soon!

What have you all been up to this week? Who can I expect to see at the Company Blog Awards?x

A big catch up...



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