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After doing some pieces with Miss Selfridge in the past, I was hugely flattered to be asked to work with them for their new collection, Project 2. Designed by the assistant buyers, project 2 is a purely British inspired 90s collection, with inspiration taken from Kate Moss' young signature style, Liz Hurley and that safety pin dress, cool neon graphic print all rolled into something completely modern and fresh (something that wouldn't look unfamiliar in a certain Rihanna's wardrobe...) With pieces for every occasion; festivals, parties, a 'hot date' and even some cool pieces simply for every day wear, there's something that could slip into anyone's wardrobe.

So, when I was asked to style and shoot the pieces for the press images I was stunned- and simply couldn't wait to crack on! There were some amazing flowing and fitted shapes and styles, and even the pieces that I knew would be out of my comfort zone made it all the more exciting, and I simply can't wait to mix it with my everyday wardrobe.
Additionally, the team have also created some amazing accessories to coincide with the collections release and to pair with the mainline pieces. Creating studded bowler style hats, bucket bags, studded jewellery and slogan belts and wrist cuffs. I'm also a little bit in love with the tribal collar necklace and love the fact it really brings something fresh and modern to a 90s inspired collection.
(FRIENDS: I'm His Girl/Friend Crush, RIHANNA: Man Down, BLOOD ORANGE: Sutphin Boulevard/Champagne Coast, NIRVANA: Come As You Are/Plateau, GIRLS: Honey Bunny, TOTAL SLACKER: Magical Date Night, WAVVES: Baby Say Goodbye)

I also thought I'd be pretty fun to create a mini playlist (see above) to go along with the collection. With the 90s, grunge and surf style music playing a pretty huge role in my iTunes at present, I thought I'd pick my favourite tracks; past and present, that I feel sum up the collection and make for some pretty nifty listening.


Liv Loves: Project 2 by Miss Selfridge

(FYI: This is an incredibly picture heavy post- I apologise for the mass amount of pixels you are about to witness...)

(Day 5: Outfit: Jacket: H&M, Top: Boutique by Jaeger, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Mulberry, Lipstick: Topshop Mischief, Topshop NEWGEN van, stalking/fangirling the gorgeous Kate Nash)

(NEWGEN Exhibition, J.W Anderson, Holly Fulton, close ups, Sister by Sibling, James Long, Ashish)

Right! Last fashion week post! I had such a bother narrowing down which pictures to use for this post- as you can see I didn't do a great job, but hey it compensates for the one picture posts I usually do, right? Anyway, this is what I wore on Day 5- I was getting pretty worried about what to wear, but finally decided that out of anything- I work simple best, so went for a bright jumper, jeans and matching lipstick, for something understated and comfy! I tried to make the most of my last day at Somerset house and as well as seeing the pretty crazy Bollywood inspired collection by Ashish, paid a visit to the exhibition and fell in love with a great deal of it- I'm certainly lusting over a good percentage of the NEWGEN t shirts! I also bumped into (lingered round until I could take a picture) the lovely Kate Nash- how amazing does she look!?

Christian Blanken
(Day 4: Outfit: Jacket: H&M, Blazer: River Island, Top: French Connection, Hat: Topshop, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Urban Outfiters, Bag: Mulberry, Somerset House, Christian Blanken)

On day 4 I paid a visit to see the super talented Christian Blanken show, which was awesome- lots of sharp clean tailoring, fluid draping all mixed in with a hint of 'sports luxe'. I also decided to wear one of my favourite go-to outfits (see striped top & jeans combo) teamed with a hat- which was a pretty brave move for me (not quite as brave as some of the things you see at fashion week though...) but I'm happy with the result, and love how the burgundy from the hat compliments the blazer peeking out from my jacket (how very technical of me!). I hope you've all had a lovely week, and have enjoyed my fashion week posts! Tomorrow morning I have a super exciting collaboration I'll be talking about so keep your eyes peeled!


My full show reports and outfit posts can be seen here at

My first ever London Fashion Week: Days 5 & 4

(Day 3 outfit: Whistles Jumper, H&M jacket, Whistles jeans, eBay shoes, Mulberry bag, H&M ring, Topshop belt, Slow Club making my train journeys more fun, Exhibition pass)

As news of the Mulberry Del Rey broke, and Mulberry pre show tweets began to take over my Twitter feed, I arrived in London for my morning show instalment; Prophetik by Jeff Garner. Now, prior to today I was blissfully ignorant of the talent that this brand holds, and was seriously impressed by their autumn winter offerings. With inspiration taken from Grace Kelly and Victorian style scoop neck and long line dresses, the collection oozed romantic femininity- and to top it all off is completely eco-friendly- pow! I chose to wear my new H&M peachy bright jacket to the show, something that is fun, but can just as easily be toned down with a pair of indigo skinnies- perfect for my pretty conservative style. Additionally it was feeling pretty chilly this morning, so layering was a must! Below are my pics from the show- you can also catch up with what I'm wearing each day and my full show reports over at Cosmo here, so do pay a visit if you fancy!


Which have been your favourite shows of fashion week so far?


My first ever London Fashion Week: Day 3

Day 1:

(First outfit: Boutique by Jaeger jacket, H&M top, Topshop jeans & shoes, Antoni & Alison, backstage at Felder & Felder, Orla Kiely presentation and tea dance)

Hello! I'm sorry this is going to be such a picture heavy post, I've had the busiest and most surreal two days so have been getting very snap happy! I've been totally bowled over by the whole LFW experience so far and have had so much fun seeing the shows, and meeting up with lots of my blogger chums! (yes, I did say chums). Day 1 consisted of a VERY early start (5:30am anyone?!) and heading to the first show of the week, Antoni & Alison- which was great (despite MEGA nerves), I even had a pretty good seated view which made me feel super V.I.P ;). The rest of the day consisted of paying a visit to the backstage area of Felder & Felder and experiencing the utter mayhem that occurs 20 minutes before show time, and how some of the awesome hair and make up is created- all before one of my favourite shows of the day, with lots of chunky knits and metallic detailing. I was also lucky enough to get to see the visually stunning Orla Kiely AW12 presentation and tea dance (biscuits and all) which consisted of models, all in the most gorgeous leather, sequinned and sheer dresses dancing with some rather handsome gents in between champagne and tea! I also got a cheeky peek of PPQ's AW12 collection; an array of ombred flowing fabric, deep velvet and monochrome prints.

Day 2:

(Day 2 outfit: H&M jacket, Whistles jumper, Topshop skirt, House of Holland key looks, finale, spying on a certain Nick Grimshaw, sitting opposite from my dream posse, cameras & paps, amazing venue, arty farty snap)

Prior to the House of Holland show this afternoon I don't think I've ever been so nervous/left myself more time to get somewhere in my life. Arriving to the venue half an hour early I got in the queue, surrounded by some seriously well dressed attendees, and tapped my toes in anticipation. After seeing Miss Chung tweet that she was on her way I had some serious cyber fan girling moments via Twitter and composed myself just in time for the show start (until I realised I was seated virtually opposite and it happened over again, see above stalky snaps...). The collection consisted of 70s inspired sportswear, metallic flecks of detail, grown up tailoring of course thrown in with typical HOH irreverent prints (hounds tooth and zig-zags being the key players this season).

(p.s I'm sorry if this sounds too much like a diary entry/story of my life, I have so much I want to talk about and can't go into to much detail without rambling!)


My first ever London Fashion Week: Days 1 & 2

(Jumper: Whistles, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Balenciaga, Scarf: Alexander McQueen, Lips: Topshop Mischeif)

Hello! I'm sorry about the (almost) week long gap between posts this week! I've had so much to do this week, so have had limited time to sit on my laptop and waffle, tweet and check my emails. Saying this, my list of 'things to blog about' has somewhat grown, so you can be sure that in the next week there will be lots of lovely things popping up on here (even if I have to cheat a bit and schedule some- ''at least they won't be at 11 at night!'' I hear you cry!) Some of the weeks activities include seeing two of my favourite artists Slow Club & King Charles, a visit to the absolutely stunning and luxurious Aubin Cinema- which I cannot recommend enough, and some amazing and very filling dinner treats from Pizza East!

Anyway, in the last week or so, thanks to the sub-Arctic conditions we've been experiencing (not quite, but it's fun to be a drama queen sometimes) I've pretty much been living in this combination- minus the heels of course. There's something about a shapeless cosy jumper that you just can't fault in this weather, however preventing the pound-packing effect it gives can sometimes be tough- so balancing it out with some shorts and tights/skinny jeans is almost essential. When I read Jens post last week on 'chunky knit's I was almost shouting 'I hear ya sista!' at my laptop, so after putting her advice into practise I think I've (hopefully) come up with a recipe for something a little 'chic' with extra warmth thrown in (take that, winter!)

However, I still have a problem. With my first ever LFW coming up this Friday (words cannot explain my nerves/fear) I'm still trying to establish what the fashion etiquette is for dressing in such blooming cold weather (as if what to wear wasn't problem enough!) I bought the loveliest peach jacket from H&M today so am hoping I can and channel the pastel trend without looking like an actual sorbet. Do any of you have any pointers for fashion week? Are jeans socially acceptable? Is that a silly question? Help s'il vous plaît!


You are the only one, the only one that counts

When thinking about my favourite past era, in terms of culture, and more so, fashion I'd always say the 60's. Despite having a soft spot for fifties prom dresses, nineties graphic prints and the sophisticated ladylike shapes of the forties- there's something 'quirky' and fun about the beatnik styles of the sixties that I can never quite put my finger on. Perhaps it's the fact that throughout that particular period, trends could diverge from a chic and simple a-line mini to androgynous drain pipe jeans teamed with bulky Chelsea boots (and not forgetting a Lambretta- the accessory of the times). There was such an enormous contrast that whether you were tipped out in monochrome prints or masculine tailoring, you were sure to be getting something right.

So, when my friend Lucy and I decided to get together to take some photos it wasn't difficult to come up with a flexible and exciting theme. We wanted something that combined today's trends with that of the past- without making the images appear too theatrical or cliché. With the BBC's recently broadcasted 'We'll take Manhattan' as a prime source of inspiration, as well as the animation and vitality of the eras photography we certainly had a good time shooting some snaps together!

With Lucy behind the camera and me (hopefully not too awkwardly) in front, we braved the snowy conditions and began to snap. Using a local town as our main source of inspiration and the community feel of our surroundings, we tried to create something as authentic, and fun as we could- without freezing out fingers off!

The thing I like most about Lucy's photography is her ease to inspire and set up some really interesting and playful shots. From the moment I arrived at hers this morning (and since we'd been messaging earlier this week) she was brimming with ideas, having researched photographs, photographers and fashion images of the time she had a clear image of what she was after, meaning her photo taking oozed a somewhat fearless streak and she knew exactly what kind of locations would work (bar an impromptu visit to the local butchers!).

I strongly recommend you pay a visit to Lucy's portfolio here and even drop her an email if you like what you see! Being a hugely talented and budding new photographer she's hugely interested in getting as much experience as possible, so if you'd like some photos taking then you are definitely in safe hands...


Which eras inspire you the most? What do you make of our attempt to re-live Britain's most swinging year?


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