ootd143 IMG_5046p IMG_5068p IMG_5071p
(Hat, Top, Shorts & Boots: Topshop, Jacket: H&M, Blazer: River Island, Bag: Mulberry)

Okay, so this outfit isn't the most interesting outfit floating around on the interwebs, but this kind of combination is undoubtedly something I'm turning to whilst it's still above 8 degrees, and when I still want to channel some 'interesting layers' (trendy and warm) and obviously remain true to my favourite coordination habits (burgundy forever). Additionally, I absolutely love this lace sheer blouse from Topshop which I bought earlier this year, and after wearing my thick burgundy blazer with black H&M jacket last year, I found they all make for a pretty cosy and fun combination (although please pardon the cheeky tights- shoulda pulled them up!)

Anyway! I'm sorry I've been a little slow on the posting this week- I've had a mammoth list of posts to do, but minimal time to post them in (hence the half ten at night publish time!) I was in Nottingham for the early part of this week seeing Joe which was lovely! We saw Elbow together, ate lots of lovely food and even squeezed in a mini night out which was pretty adventurous for me! (he also tolerated me when I thought my laptop had died for good- thanks again mister!) On top of that, I've also been busy working (I'm now behind the social media at Out + About, and street style @ Company) which is super duper exciting, but makes for a busy Liv! But fear not (not that you were) I have many a post lined up, and am also planning a little gift guide (with minimum soap and socks included) huzzah! What have you all been up to?


Outside there's a box car waiting

Founded by the incredibly talented Amy He, Mod Dolly was born in 2010 for modern girls who 'like to be a little playful in their everyday styling' by the talented Amy He. Inspired by eras gone by, the pieces channel a modern twist on classic looks, each item carefully handmade and designed to be worn with love. With 30 more dresses appearing online this month (think unique vintage and reworked beauties) along with hair accessory pioneers Crown & Glory, it's simply too good to miss out on (I love the dreamy 80s peplum dress dress)!
The Strawberry Sisters is written by the stunning Emily and Beth, two gorgeous red headed sisters with a penchant for fashion, food and fabulous cocktails- and is one of my favourite reads. With food photography and recipes gorgeous enough to make your tummy rumble (and recommendations of where to find it), gorgeous DIY's to get under your belt (erm, HELLO DIY Miu Miu's!) and shopping trips and dresses to make your heart skip a beat these girls are seriously in the know, are funny and check out their modelling endeavours too- no fair!
Not only is Stephs Blog a collection of honest beauty reviews, must-do DIYs, behind the scenes snap, enviably cool and autumnal outfits (I sometimes wonder if there's anything she couldn't pull off... Yup, she can even work a zombie bride outfit and cat ears) and stunning places to visit; but she's one of the lovliest people ever (yeah I know her red hair is L'Oreal worthy...). With her blog being one of my favourite beauty, lifestyle AND fashion blogs- a visit should be in order from you all; Stephanie Dreams is a dream.
Twenty year old Sheri is the uber talented and doubly gorgeous lady behind, 'Just Blog It All Instead' (trust me, if you don't fall in love with her style- you'll be lusting for her beaut of a barnet). Her blog is a sunny mix (even in Autumn) of gorgeously girlie outfits (she knows her prints, ladies- don't mess), perfectly photographed blue skied adventures by the sea, Christmassy recipes, the hottest ones to watch, beauty tips and tricks all wrapped up with Sheri's beautiful smile. If you fancy getting lost in a fuzzy warm feeling blog, then I seriously suggest you head over here pronto- the perfect pick me up for these rainy Autumn days (plus she's got a sprucey new layout)!
Sarah's uber hip blog is a style, fashion AND beauty blog with 'touches of music, lifestyle and escapades of 'The Girl About Town'. Set up as a means of maintaining her love of fashion, TGAT brings outfits reminiscent of a certain Miss Chung (lady knows how to put some Autumn-savvy layers together- and check out her beautiful hair), straight forward beauty reviews, up-to date fashion posts ( that Toppers coat...) and beautiful pictures documenting her adventures around the world and countryside escapades(you could easily be scrolling for a while...)
Inspired by fashion, photography, interiors and people, Lauras gorgeous blog brings up to date listings of the most covetable pieces, beautiful visits around the globe (Ireland being her most recent and dreamy endeavour) and in the capital (envy o'clock at the popcorn ice cream at Sketch), easy to follow recipes, some seriously striking outfit pictures (girl knows how to put a cracking outfit together), photographic updates of her daily Brighton based adventures and some amazing hints and tips as to the best places to eat and see across the country. Having met the lady herself at last seasons fashion week, I can confirm her as lovely as her blog presents- go go go!
The Style Tag is definitely one of those blogs that when you discover it, you give yourself a tiny kick for not finding it sooner. Plus, if you're not instantly wowed by Lauren's beauty (have you SEEN her hair) and Chung-esque knack for styling (this girl can rock a leather pencil skirt like no other) then I don't know what will (I do fear Lauren could look good in a bin-bag). Plus, this girl has sense. With one of her latest posts talking about giving ourselves a break and the pressure of beauty in the media- she's got some must read posts that you need to have a look at...
Created by the gorgeous Laura (with a red glossy barnet certainly worth envying) Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist exhibits only the most covetable of pieces (we're talking that Missguided sequin sleeve jacket, the hot to trot Kardashian collection and some seriously gorge printed dresses- check the pencil dress)! This lovely lady also treats us to some hot-to-trot beauty tips with the most covetable items along with recipes that will see you hot footing it to your kitchen cupboards- perfect! Plus, she's a super regular poster so you'll never be bored for reading.
Ever Ours are an online boutique, that I will never tire of loving. With new clothing, shoes and accessories in weekly, this little boutique run by the gorgeous Kim always has the most up-to date and well priced selection of kitsch, cute and equally as edgy jewellery- as well as some beautiful collared blouses and jumpers, scalloped dresses and printed festive jumpers (plus some pretty cool designer-inspired pieces ssh! -cough- Miu Miu -cough-) an online dream all for under £30!
Blonde bombshell (and hair dying phenomenon) Jenni, is the brains behind Bows Bangles & Bakes, where you can expect 'expect to find baking, DIY projects, fashion and beauty posts' with a few other surprises thrown into the mix. With an enviable eye for bargains, frugal fashion tips (yes, she found this coat in Primark) and some of her adventures documented with some seriously gorgeous snaps- Jenni's blog is one to add to your bookmarks as you'll be sure to keep popping back.

If you're ever in need of a sparkly and reasonable (yet indulgent) jewellery fix; Tentative Decisions should be your first internet stop. With handmade crystal jewellery coming in dozens of beautiful rainbow colours and styles (from collar necklaces to rings), this treasure trove (or online twinkling cave) has all the rocks you could ever want; and being crafted by hand has the beauty of sentiment too- see you at the checkout!

Twenty year old Ash's blog had me at it's amazing layout, but as soon as I delved into her well written and beautifully photographed posts, I loved it all. Some Say I've Snapped is a beautiful blog 'documenting the life and times of Ash Park- a thrifty student with a weakness for clothes, red lippy, and scones'- basically, a lady after my own heart. From beautiful outfit posts at her stunning campus, to recipes and some stunning photography- this blog has it all.

If well prices, bargainous, quality vintage is your kind of thing- then The Vintage Set is the place to go. With hand picked garments from around the globe, and all the garments and accessories your vintage adoring heart could desire, these ladies aim to 'provide you with a vast range of vintage wonders' of fine quality, and for any budget- j'adore!

Having previously spotted her unique and incredibly crafted illustrations in both Company and Lionheart magazine, Illustrations graduate (first class hons may I add) Abby Wright is one of the most incredible fashion illustrators out there. With amazing intricate detail, a careful yet vibrant use of colour- Abby's illustrations are one of a kind that ooze quality. The perfect lady for a one of a kind personalized illustration (blog headers and Christmas gifts anyone?)

catherine lou
Belfast based Catherine Lou's Blog is a fantastic beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog, filled with friendly chatter, helpful tutorials and tips, gorgeous trend led pieces (Melissa heart heels envy) and her Sunday summary's are the perfect accompanier for an end of the week cosy hot (peppermint) chocolate- bliss! This beautiful lady also has a Youtube channel which is seriously worth checking out too- go go go!

Rhiannon's blog focusses on her musings of 'fashion, art, music and sparkly things' and anything she find interesting- which is reminiscent of the cool Topshop Inside Out Blog. Introducing brand spanking new music and awesome playlists, hot to trot street style from the big smoke, hot new brands, outfit posts and exclusives from the ones we love, the coolest models and some seriously bad-ass nail art, Rhiannon offers a little (lotta) something extra in the sea of fashion blogs and I can't get enough of it- one to watch.

The beautiful Bailey Cakes is written by the lovely Hannah, who 'doesn't take life seriously and like to find the joy in the little things'- which paints a picture of her heart warming, real and whimsy blog. Her 'Happy things' posts, sweet tooth recipes, coastal discoveries along with her formal and helpful posts about mental health all make her space a breath of fresh air in such a big blogging world, and feel like a catch up with an old friend.

Written by self confessed 'daydreamer and hopeless romantic', Livvys beautiful blog, Tea Toast Fashion is a hazy dream like treat with some of the most beautiful photography on the blogosphere. Not only is she talented behind the camera and documenting her beautiful English adventures, but Livvy's outfits are some of the most pretty out there, with her attention to detail being second to none- and always have me heading to my wardrobe to recreate them, perfect.

Not only is daisy one of the loveliest (and most beautiful) girls out there (and proudly one of my bffl's) but she has a pretty damn lovely blog too (there's not a lot this girl can't do). With fabulous beauty reviews, perfect documentation of her adventures both in London and Birmingham, recipes (yes, she makes her own marshmallows) and insights to the most trend and make up savvy celebrities out there- Daisy's blog has something for everyone and you can see why she's a best bud ; )

There's very blogs out there which can muster the perfect balance of (cool) music and fashion- but The Robyn Diaries has got it down to a tee. With Robyn's style oozing girlie-yet grunge cool (in the most wearable way) and her music taste constantly keeping her loyal followers up to date on what we should all be listening to- Robyn is a girl after my own heart (and having met her last week can confirm she is just as lovely in real life!)

Emily's blog- Curly Cutie is the perfect dose of girlie night-in fun I look to in a blog- from make up, to books, films and fashion. With her down to earth and friendly blog and Youtube channel being the perfect source for digestible and honest beauty reviews, her 'Emilys Adventure' posts being the perfect catch up into her day to day musings- Emily's is a brilliant new blog you should be all checking out.

Last, but by no means least is 'It's a LDN thing' by (far) too cool for school and completely gorgeous Millie Cotton. Writing about all things fashion, lifestyle, beauty and music- its' not hard to see how this lady picked up Highly Commended Best New Fashion Blog at this years Cosmo awards. Additionally, Millie has some of the most enviably simple yet incredibly well crafted style out there; and has a serious knack for everything worth seeing in the capital; makig hers a blog worth adding to your reader ASAP.

(if you'd be interested in advertising on my blog for December email me at 'whatoliviadid@hotmail.co.uk)


Ladies Behind The Sidebar: November 2012

IMG_5089p IMG_5100p
Whimsical, young, playful and fun are just four of the words that spring to mind when speaking of Dahlia- along with the promise of ladylike shapes, subtle sequins, and of course a fantastic peter pan collar thrown in for good measure. Additionally, the collections never dissapoint, so when I was invited to their Christmas bloggers party at their Carnaby Street store last week, I was nothing short of blown away and felt like I'd been transported to my dream dressing room. Additionally, whilst there, I managed to have a quick chat with the lovely Tracey- the brains behind the brand, to find out a little more about the beautiful winter collection and how every girls favourite brand started...

For those that haven’t shopped at Dahlia before could you tell us a little more about the brand and yourself…
Dahlia started over ten years ago now, in 2000, at Portobello market. I started doing it myself first, and then I was joined by my sister Leigh- those were the good days! It certainly wasn't so stressful, and we had a really fun collection and we were partly doing it for fun! We did get noticed by Topshop and ASOS so then we had to get our business heads on and start taking things seriously!
IMG_5101p IMG_5084p IMG_5072p
What was the new collection inspired by, is there anything in particular you took inspiration from?
Relaxed luxury really- we didn’t take inspiration from any particular source but we wanted it to be really kind of glittery and shiny and dressed up but at the same time it’s got a really luxe feel to it, without being overly dressed. Wearable, completely. Sequins for the daytime!
IMG_5096p IMG_5092p IMG_5093p
So, what’s your favourite piece from the new collection?
My favourite piece is a little skater skirt made fully of sequins- a burnished browny bronze colour and its really swirly but it also has the relaxed look about it which means it’s not too dressed up.
IMG_5112p IMG_5109p IMG_5081p IMG_5076p IMG_5078p Looking ahead- what can we expect from the collection next spring- super keen here!
We’re going to be seeing some Western influences at Dahlia. There’s going to be fringing, diamantes, gold trimming and lots and lots of sheer fabrics. It’s a little bit different from what we normally do- there won’t be as many prints but just lots more solid colours.

Perfect for festival season!
Yeah perfect! Again, it’s got more of a relaxed feel and not as tailored and fitted!

Sounds like a dream!

Thank you Dahlia for the perfect afternoon, lots of beautiful dresses (and blouses) and some fantastic company!


Dahlia dreaming...

ootd141 IMG_4599p IMG_4594p
(Jumper & Trousers:C/O Next, Shoes: C/O Bertie, Bag: Mybag.com)

It seemed the absence of printed trousers on my blog was only a short stint. After the awesome Next Lock In event a couple of weeks ago, I spotted 'those trousers from the advert' and completely fell in love. The perfect 'all rounder trouser'- not only are they relatively thick and comfortable, they have an awesome print (kind of Prada esque if you're trendy like that) and look cool with a huge amount of my wardrobe (chuky jumpers, white shirts with cool collar necklaces, band tee's and the list goes on...). I would say I was pleasantly surprised by Next's offerings of late- but to be completely honest I always am (ever since looking at the catalogue lovingly and cutting it out for collages when I was about 8). They've had some super cool things in lately consisting of burgundy leather-look skirts, Cher from Clueless tartan, novelty festive jumpers- and fail safe basics like this jumper- Next, I salute you.

Additionally, I also teamed it with these sassy, and kind of regal patent loafers from Bertie! They're the perfect match to well...everything burgundy I own- although I'm still a little nervous about breaking them in #widefeetprobs- fingers and toes crossed!


Here's one for the diamonds in the dark, all the people in the park

ootd140 IMG_4754p
(Hairpiece: C/O Crown & Glory, Top: C/O Oh My Love, Jeans: American Apparel, Shoes: Topshop, Lipstick: Kate Moss for Rimmel Shade 107)

If I'm ever going to feel sassy, or ever near to Del-Rey standards (sitting in a towel turban and oversized pyjamas I am feeling far from it), I can recommend a recipe of off the shoulder American Apparel (or something similar), combined with a big flower-adorned barnet and a slick of ladylike lipstick. Usually a sartorial wallflower when it comes to head wear; having entered a hat phase this Autumn I was delighted to rediscover this beautiful burgundy headband I've had since summer which now seems absolutely perfect for the season, and something I can't wait to wear more- nothing like adding a bit of Pre-Raphaelite elegance to a pretty casual outfit right? Crown and Glory do it pretty darn well. I was also caught channelling another burgundy coordinated outfit-shocker! Saying that I do love this rose appliqué top, it certainly takes the slouchy top to a more glamorous level, which I certainly can't complain about.

Anyway, how have you all been? I've had a busy music filled week/end and saw three of my favourite artists; Haim (3 super babes), Spector and Tribes- which was additionally for War Child- good music and even better causes = always a winner. I've also been thinking about anything I could do better/change on my blog. I'd love to hear if you have any suggestions to what I could add/remove etc! Answers on a postcard!


But don't ask me what I think of you, I might not give the answer that you want me to

CATHKIDSTON cathkidston2 cathkidston3 Looking at the styling of this, you probably wouldn't be wrong to mistake it for A.P.C or COS (with added lady like fun, obvs) the beautiful shapes, simplistic style with quirky prints thrown in for good measure usually equate to a good seasonal collection in my books- and for SS13 Cath Kidston have done exactly this (to say I have a small wishlist would definitely be an understatement).

With the presentation allowing the beautiful pieces to speak for themselves, everything on it's own makes for a truly wonderful seasonal staple. With prints ranging from traditional polka dots, paisley, trains, cottages, yachts, strawberries and bouncy spring florals- all adorned on items raging from summer frocks, swimwear and light pyjamas; there isn't one area of your wardrobe that won't be looking tip top come spring- and I can't blomming wait.


Cath Kidston SS13

ootd139 IMG_4741p
(Dress: C/O Bird on a Wire @ ASOS Marketplace, Shoes: Vintage, Necklace: Camden Market)

Inspired by a certain Miss Hepburn in a certain famous Breakfast at Tiffany's film, this vintage 50's dress, straight from ASOS Marketplace is one of the most gorgeous pieces I own; and without sounding braggy nobody else has it. But fear not, this all leads me to where I'm heading...

This festive season, the wonderful ladies at ASOS Marketplace have come up with a pretty stonking concept, and one I couldn't wait to get involved in. The idea goes by the name 'No Same Dress Fear' and backs buying some beautiful and completely unique pieces this party season; meaning you will never see anyone in the same piece as you-making your outfit truly one of a kind. Just imagine rocking up to the work 'do in a sassy sixties dress, whilst Sally from HR complains Mindy from Accounts has the same Topshop dress as her- disaster! But with the selection over at ASOS ranging from 40s flapper frocks to 90s grunge numbers, you are truly spoilt for choice.

I decided to go with the 'less is more' motto when styling this dress, and teamed it with my favourite vintage pumps, some beads I picked up in Camden market when I was about 14 (rediscovering them was pretty exciting!) and a slick of red lippy (Topshop if you're asking) and I can't wait to sport it for some festive fun!


No Same Dress Fear...



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