Olivia's Guide to Smart Sale Shopping

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

(Jacket & Shirt: ASOS, Shorts: Topshop, Sunnies & Shoes: Urban Outfitters)

I can't lie. I'm no expert on sale shopping, but throughout the many years of being what could only be described as a 'Shoppaholic' and enduring '50% summer sales' and the dreaded Boxing day sales, I have gradually picked up hints and tips on how to sale shop sensibly, minus any impulse buys (no, you DON'T need those fluro hi-tops). So when 'Most Wanted' at Voucher Codes contacted me, asking me to road test this summers Great British high street sales, I was certainly up for the challenge. With a £70 budget, and the internet being my oyster- I scoured high and low for some smart bargains in order to make the most of what was on offer, minus any back-of-wardrobe wastage!

After hours of searching the net; my two top sites wound up being ASOS and Topshop. I managed to pick up this gorgeous peter pan collared shimmery bouclé jacket, Juke Box print shirt and tacky-yet-amazing ice cream collar necklace- all of which I'm confident as pretty sale savvy buys. I had had my eye on the jacket for as long as I can remember, so although it was quite a fraction out of my budget, knew it was quality over quantity and that I will certainly get the wear out of it all the way through until winter. The same goes with the blouse; lately I've been in need of more tops to wear with my expanding collection of bottoms and this shirt seemed to add the perfect pizazz to a basic pair of jeans (or even hidden under a jumper with the collar poking out). Finally, I went with this amazing ice cream collar necklace from Topshop. Another thing I'd had my beady eyes on, and another thing that will update so many things I have in my wardrobe already- perfect!


Below I have compiled my top 5 tips for sale shopping, and what to bear in mind before you part with those pennies! After all, sales are about saving money, right?

1. Look at the markdowns! Check out the actual price reduction. Some high street shops (ahem, Zara, ahem) cheekily only reduce things by £10 or so, occasionally lulling us into thinking things are far cheaper than they actually are. Do you need those snake print trousers because they are a few pounds cheaper? Thought not. Also! See if there is anyway of getting a further discount. Check voucher code websites for free delivery and extra percentage markdowns- they can really make a difference!

2. Before you hit the websites and fall into the trap of needing anything sparkly and with cats printed on it; have a think- what do you need in your wardrobe for the rest of this year? Do you need a good jacket? Do you need some nice sandals? It’s far easier to go shopping knowing what you need, so you don’t impulse buy on things you don’t. Look for versatile basics, and things you always keep going back to (in my case, printed trousers).

3. What have you had your eye on? With my blog; making wishlists sadly documents things I’ve wanted for a while, so when things go into sale- I know the first things im going for. When I spotted this jacket in the ASOS sale after coveting it since Spring, I knew it had to be in my cyber basket!

4. Accessorise! When people sale shop they're usually after top notch clothing bargains, but places like Topshop always have amazing accessory reductions, instantly updating old outfits, or things you already have. Update outfits with reduced statement pieces.

5. What's ‘in’ next season? (A horrible phrase I know) but if you’re a savvy fashionista you’ll want to be taking into consideration the upcoming trends, key transseasonal pieces, and certainly things that will last throughout the year. For example; the jacket I picked up. Not only is good for summer (due to its vibrant colouring) but also makes a fantastic winter piece- being very 60s inspired and due to it's bouclé appearance.

Have you bought anything amazing in the sales this year? What are your best sale tips?



  1. I'm so terrible at shopping the sales, if I haven't had a good nights sleep and a good meal before hand then the whole experience is just headache inducing! You've found some really good pieces though, especially the ASOS jacket.

    However, I love sales for making much-coveted items affordable. In the past I will have had my eye on something that is very much out of my price range but once sale day hits I'm in there at opening time looking to see if it is there on the sale. I have been lucky quite a few times doing this! (For example, I got an £80 River Island dress for £30, happy times)

    Alice x

  2. I'm like a ninja at sales- I think it's the immigrant blood in me. My mom would scoff at anything over $10. But that's such a fun project they gave you- and you absolutely killed it! That coat is amazing, what with its peter pan collar and interesting tweed. and that shirt is ADORABLE, i havent seen a print like it!

  3. ahh I want your jacket! Although, having said that, the rest of the outfit is amazing <3


  4. I totally agree with your sale tips, they're the ones I tend to follow. Before sales I always write lists to prevent any spending of money I don't really have. Also, some of the christmas sales such as Urban Outfitters' and Topshop's start on Christmas Eve, which always tends to catch people out. Last year me and a friend went early morning on Christmas Eve and the sales were empty, leaving us with plenty of bargains! (And I've even some clothes that were brought back into the shop at full price, haha).
    My final tip as such is to check all of the size rails! I hit the topshop sale the other day, not expecting much (since it had been on for a few weeks) but I managed to find a Size 10 dress in the Size 16 rail reduced from £48 to just £9! :)


  5. I absolutely love that coat, it's so pretty! Such lovely colours

    Julia x

  6. That jacket is amazing! I love 60s inspired boucle clothing - I'm actually wearing a boucle dress from ASOS today. Very useful tips on sale shopping. Great post! xo

  7. Amei as camisas!


  8. I'm not great with a shopping budget but managed last week in the sales in Bluwater! Check out my post on sale shopping and follow my blog!

  9. I got some great things from asos that I'd wanted for a while including that juke box shirt. I always have wish lists in my head and search for them as soon as I find out there's a sale. I love that jacket so much. X

  10. I love love love this outfit!! so 60's chic!
    great sale tips! I get a bit intimidated going into shops when sales are on, everything is so crazy and I never know where to look first!

    Aimée xx

  11. that print is super cute!
    i havent been able to pick up any sale items this season!
    Krissy xoxo

  12. This jacket has also been on my wishlist for ages and I didn't know it had gone into the sale until now! Haha, love your blouse and necklace too. The sale tip I usually stick to is if I wouldn't have bought it at full price then I shouldn't buy it just because its reduced. Your tips will be very useful for me though:)

    Charlotte xoxo

  13. Lovely photos! Great tips too xx

  14. Have to admit, I'm an excellent sale shopper! I love it (and have practiced lots).

    That jacket is diiivine xxx

  15. Love the juke box print! I bought that coat too, so glad to hear it's part of your savvy tips :p I usually never bother with Topshop sales, the Oxford Circus store is always mental..xx

  16. You got gorgeous stuff! I love the juke box print, very cool!
    Great tips!

  17. love this post, I find sales shopping a mare and end up buying all the new collection instead. I get super put off by jumble sale style discounts in store and so have recently become more accustomed to online sales shopping too :)

    I did manage to pick up my AA disco pants with 30% off and some lush warehouse shorts and H&M summer essentials all online so i didn't do too bad. Definitely the way forward in my mind, it's just a shame about postage costs

    Mel x

  18. Your hair&glasses so perfect! Like from "Mad man" LOVE!


  19. I love the print on the blouse, i've had my eye on that for a while and think i'm defo going to purchase it now ASOS are offering a further 10% off discount code (: great sales shopping tips too.

    Georgie <3

  20. I love all your purchases but the jacket is to die for,
    Love chloe x x

  21. I love everything you bought on budget! The jacket and shirt are amazing :) x

  22. I adore that coat! I considered it before I realised I own something similar. I always really think through my sale shopping. I hate buying things just because they're on sale x

  23. I was going to buy the coat too but then i opted for a new dress and some shiny AA leggings! You look super lovely as always. And congratulations on your Cosmo nomination, Olivia! xxx

  24. I LOVE sale shopping, alot of the time you can get the most amazing finds!xxx

  25. Great post!! Seriously amazing sale finds and I'll be using your tips in the future :) I normally completely avoid sales in shops as I just find it to messy and can never find my size xx

  26. could you please send me the link for that lovely coat? I'd like to attempt making something similar so I'll need as many pictures as I can find :) many thanks!

  27. I have to say this post is pretty amazing! I think you thought about the exact 5 tips everyone need to go sale shopping! I found everything you said true and useful! Everyone (me included) gets lost in the amazing world of sales and (like me) ends up buying things they don't actually need, but they're just so 'sparkly' (it's true, clothes almost wink at you!) :)

    Great post! And the things you bought are lovely, especially the coat! x

  28. I'm going shopping next week, so this comes in handy at the right moment :) x

  29. I love buying bikinis in the sale because I don't particularly follow the trends vis a vis swim wear so purchasing a year ahead doesn't phase me :) x

  30. The blouse is super cute!! gonna have a search now
    S xx

  31. love this jacket so much!!

    Jo. x

  32. Love these outfit!! Super cool!!!

    My favourite Louboutin in http://cravingforbarneys.com

  33. Very nice post :)
    Greatings from Czech :)


  34. Such good finds Olivia! I love that jacket! The perfect shade of pink! <3

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  35. this outfit is genius, everything look so beautiful, lovely and cute <3 i'm in love with it <3


  36. Love your sale buys, especially the shirt! I completely agree with your sales tips - I am definitely one for impulse buys and then never wearing them!
    Lianne x


  37. Very good tips pretty!! Loving your shirt too :)

  38. absolutely in love with that coat, it's so beautiful! xx


  39. Great post! I've got more into sales this summer as I've found them to be full of things I wanted at full price, especially Topshop. Both the coat and the blouse are great sale buys, love them!


  40. Great post - I always fall for that reduced by a tenner so it's clearly so much cheaper thing! I'm really bad at sales - I have no patience to rummage! That coat is an amazing find, and is such a timeless piece!

  41. Oh gosh, that jacket is just great! As everyone else says, you have lovely style!


  42. I love the bright pops of colour on the jacket...and fantastic advice too!

  43. Absolutely LOVE the blouse! I bought the ice cream bracelet in earring form but one broke, devastated!


  44. The jacket is incredible!! I have been looking for a tweed/boucle jacket for ages!

    If anyone fancies checking my new blog out its... http://deonnep.blogspot.co.uk/



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