(Jacket: Whistles, Dress: H&M, Shoes: Nelly, Bag: Vintage, Lipstick: Topshop Mischief)

This is what I wore today for an absolutely incredible afternoon tea at Sketch, London. My mum, brother and I took my nan there for her birthday, and although wasn't your conventional 'plush hotel' tea, was absolutely lovely, the interior was out of this world (almost literally- as Twitter prepared me, the toilets were actual pods a la Gaga!) and the scones were like cakey clouds of goodness! Overall it was an amazing afternoon, and I definitely recommend it! (Thanks Laura, for suggesting it!)

I opted for my (£20!) Whistles tux jacket, which although is a little 80's Spandau Ballet added a little pizazz to a black skater dress and boot combo (and y'no I secretly like channelling Tony Hadley, plus Olivia Palermo has it...) I also wore my new favourite Nelly booties, the Scandinavian equivalent of ASOS- which is certainly worth having a peek at if you haven't (very well priced too!)

I hope you've all been having a lovely weekend, what have you been up to? What are your favourite places in London for afternoon tea?


I could stay with you 'til the sun goes out

(Dress: Whistles, Shoes:C/O Swedish Hasbeens)

I'd probably call this my interpretation of 'tourist chic', what with the pineapple print shirt dress and wooden heeled clogs- it's certainly something I'd wear whilst globe trotting (or even glamorising a National Rail train journey...) I bought this dress whilst in Nottingham, and although haven't actually had many opportunities to wear it (bar the Company Blog Awards) I really love it, and as soon as summer finally arrives I can assure you it's something that will not be hanging about in my wardrobe (pardon the pun). Additionally, you can probably tell how much I love these shoes. I need not justify the fact they go with literally everything, and if you get the chance it's the last weekend the Swedish Hasbeens pop up shop will be open in Selfridges- so if you haven't already, do go and have a look at their offerings, I promise you will not be disappointed!

Before I forget, I'm currently taking advertising spots on my blog for May, so if you'd be interested in having your blog/shop in my sidebar then email me (whatoliviadid@hotmail.co.uk), I'd love to have you there! I'm also going to be announcing the winners of my 2000 followers giveaway this weekend- so stay tuned!


Someone innocent, young and beautiful, someone purer


''Softly, softly tred the city streets. The daylight flooding out the noise, your eyes are electric but backed with sleep, the world around is frantic. You tiptoe and twirl amongst the sights, letting everything but your glow loosely slip away. The trees stand above you now, tired by the noise, unable to cover their ears. You take comfort in their roots, making a bed of grass to rest your feet. Heart beating slower, the calm washes over you like a wave as your spine tingles in appreciation for the slumber sheet. Cradled by nature, your hair as your pillow, you slip into the dizziness of summer sleep. The world is silent now, you can breathe in the evening air. Lungs swirl behind your ribs. Soon your nest of leaves floats away as you stretch into the sinking sun. It's time to fly home for the eve, let the wind dry you as you go. The day etched into your mind as the golden haze, fly home young fledgling for the Moon is your flight.'' - Kitty Gallannaugh

The words of a girl who oozes creativity, whether it be in words, or behind the camera. A girl who's talent knows no boundaries, and whose work simply gets better with time. When the gorgeous Kitty and I met up last month (in the midst of our brief summer spell) I knew I was in capable hands. With her images pouring with beauty, purity, whimsicality and dreaminess, you can almost feel the love and care that has gone into planning and taking them (and to think she makes it look easy!) Using her camera as if it were a magic wand, below are some of the pictures that were taken, along with some of her other incredible work. I caught up with her this week so you could find out a little more about the lady behind the camera...


Hello Kitty! For those that haven't come across your gorgeous photography before, tell us a little about yourself...
I was born in August 1990 and have been photographing for a huge part of my life. I can't say I'm passionate about it, my emotions far exceed passion, it's definitely programmed into me in my DNA. I live in a little Edwardian house in London with a lavender garden and spend my days getting my feet dirty shooting or staring into Photoshop.


What began your initial love for photography?
I grew up in a very artistic family, someone was always creating something. I was constantly gluing things together (much to my parent's dismay) and I would spend hours watching my mother photograph. I shot so many film photos as a tiny thing and I began to experiment with digital photography when I was 13. I think that was what really sparked it inside me.


Which other artists, or people, inspire your work?
I think it's constantly being inspired, not just by particular people but by living. I saw a couple in the street last week, they were so happy and in love that they moved as one - and it inspired me to try and evoke more emotions similar to theirs in my photographs. Otherwise, I am always a sucker for Tim Walker's work as well as Annie Leibovitz and Sally Mann, they are hugely influential human beings.

What would you say, if any, has been the highlight of your photography career to date?
Everything as a whole! It's a journey and looking back on the progress as a complete series is my highlight. I get to work with so many lovely people, make new friends and constantly create new art. Every day is an achievement to me, when I have my camera around my neck then that job then and there is the most important thing to me.


How do you get such imaginative inspiration for your images?
I have a very open mind, I'm always game to try new things whether it's new food or visit a new place. I think as an artist it is important to try and keep an open mind because you let so much more in through your filter. The more you let in then the easier it is to be inspired, it's little things like maybe overhearing someone's music playing or seeing someone pretty walking down the street. There is inspiration absolutely everywhere, we just need to learn how to embrace it when we need it most.

What's next for Kitty?
I have lots of bits and pieces in the works! My main focus right now is completing more series. I'm creating a new photo blog so I want to create material to release to celebrate the new blog's birth. I'm hoping to be doing some fashion campaigns shortly which should be really fun and I can't wait to get stuck in. Otherwise, just continuing on this funny thing we call life and cutting down on my chocolate binging!

Please do have a look at Kitty's stunning work here, and please if you do want to reuse any of her pictures please credit her, she deserves all the credit in the world!


Liv Loves: Kitty Gallannaugh

(Jacket: French Connection, Dress: Topshop, Belt: Mums, Shoes: C/O Swedish Hasbeens, Headband: New Look)

Without realising it, these shoes are probably one of the easiest items to style in my wardrobe. Teamed with jeans, dresses, tights, socks or even shorts, there's not a season that comes to mind where you probably couldn't find a way to wear them (unless you live on a snowy mountain top of course...) Today I attempted a more 'summer festival beachy' look, and although the headband is certainly a little (lot) out of my comfort zone, and I don't quite wear it like a certain Del Rey or Bardot, it adds something a little more spring like to a very simple and versatile look. Additionally, as you've probably seen on many blogs I wore this grey Topshop jersey dress. I was initially unsure of it's mid length (with my tiny height midi is sometimes a bit of a test) but with a belt and a small heel found it the perfect comfort piece for more lazy days lounging around the house.

Anyway, I hope you've all been having a lovely week (and staying dry) I've had a pretty busy work filled few weeks, but am just coming around to catching up with everything. I'd also like to say a HUGE well done to papa P who successfully ran the London Marathon yesterday in 5 hours (and 1 minute) and raised over £2000- so proud! Just need to start training so I can run it before my 21st eek!


P.S Thank you so much for all of the positive feedback on my last post. I was a little unsure of what kind of reaction it would gage, but am so thrilled that many of you enjoyed it (it did take a fair while) so will hopefully have some more things like that in the near future!

It's gonna get brighter too

With this spring summer holding a plethora of exciting new trends, varying from sugary sorbet shades, slouchy sports luxe, clean sharp tailoring, graphic brights and clashing florals as well as ladylike 50s shapes adorned with peplum and pencil shapes, it's not hard to be a little lost for where to start. Although it's reassuring to know there's something for everyone, when most of us are on a little bit of a budget, it's important to know what's worth investing in for coming seasons, and more so what will ooze the most versatility.

So with a bit of thought and some serious scouring, I have compiled my top picks for Spring/Summer 2012, along with some of the top high street picks- making it a little easier to make your wardrobe filled with this seasons most covetable looks. So without further ado my top 10 picks...

(Looks taken from Topshop Tumblr)

One trend I've taken a certain shine to (see spots, swans, florals etc), an effortless piece that can be worn with everything giving an instant update to even the most basic pieces. Think tapered, silk and pyjama style- comfort comes first with this trend!

(Looks taken from Topshop Tumblr)

Okay, so this wasn't seen at Louis Vuitton's or Prada's catwalk show, but it's one item that will go with everything and any piece you buy this spring summer. Whether it be oversize, sheer, with a deep v, worn with prints, cropped, under dresses and what have you it's an essential that will never go out of fashion. Additionally most tee's can be snapped up for less than £20 (oh hello Primark!), steal!

(Looks taken from Topshop Tumblr & All The Pretty Birds Blog)

Also known as the 'umbrella' detail. Seen on pencil skirts, fitted and body con dresses and now tops, peplum is a somewhat regal ladylike 50's inspired shape, giving your wardrobe that extra 'Kate Middleton' feel to it. For any extra ladylike feel go for luxe silk like fabrics, or rich prints.

(Looks taken from Topshop Tumblr & The Style Voyager)

With Lana Del Rey and Rihanna being the cover girls for this trend, the bralet is a sassy take on the 'underwear as outerwear' trend and looks perfect under a sheer blouse or teamed with some high waisted shorts. Try top-to-bottom matching prints for the ultimate pin-up look or teamed with a bomber jacket for a real 'girl next door' feel.

(Looks taken from Topshop Tumblr)

Summer dresses in sugary shades are one for every girls wardrobe. With sorbet tones and pastel hues reappearing every Spring, a classic frock in pink, lilac, blue, lemon or mint is a certain spring must have. With icons such as Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn fronting this classic and womanly look, there's something timeless about a simple dress in a muted fresh colour. Look for additional floral embroidery, broderie anglaise and prom style shapes to add extra pizazz.

(Looks taken from Street Peeper, Vanessa Jackman & Almandita Tumblr)

Spotted at J.W Anderson and Stella McCartney (and worn by UK sweetheart Alexa Chung at House of Holland's AW12 show), this is one of this seasons biggest prints. A subtle nod to the 70s and combining the key casual pyjama trend, think statement pieces teamed with block colours.

(Looks taken from Be Frassy, Gem Fatale and Grazia Daily)

A trend for the braver of us, scarf print and baroque are certainly making a statement this year. For a look to challenge even the biggest Duran Duran fan girl, think printed bomber jackets and silky shorts with a block colour tee to keep the look chic.

(Looks taken from Topshop Tumblr)

With metallics and sparkles making a big bang this season (and continuing through to Autumn Winter) whether it's collared detail, embellished lace, a foiled jumper or a top to toe sequins- it's a look the high street has certainly taken a shine to; head to Topshop and All Saints for the most dazzling pieces.


Spring/Summer 2012- My picks

(Blouse:New Look, Shorts: C/O Virgos Lounge, Shoes:New Look, Lipstick: Mischief by Topshop)

After putting this outfit together, I realised I pretty much looked like a poor mans Caroline Flack (not quite owning the bow tied blouse and shorts look quite as well), but overall am really happy with the combination of chunky velvet shorts contrasted with a delicate concertina-esque pleat blouse- a mix perfect for this weird inbetween weather April seems to spring on us (pardon the pun), and would look great teamed with some black tights too.

Anyway, how is everyone? I've had a pretty busy work at Look- which I'm loving. It's a lot of work and many many many clothes returns, but when working around such a great team (and some great clothes) it does make it far easier, and am definitely certain that this is what I want to do (not clothes returns, but working at a magazine!) Hey, a girl can dream.

Also, I wanted to mention something I have been meaning to mention for a while. This year I'm very proud to say, Papa Purvis is running his 5th London Marathon in aid of the amazing Macmillan Cancer Support- a charity providing specialist care and improving the lives for those affected by cancer- a.k.a a very worthy cause. This is a hugely deserving charity, and I wouldn't post about it if I didn't feel strongly, but it would mean the world to me if you could possibly take a look at his Virgin Money Giving Page and even maybe donate a pound or two, as it certainly makes a difference and will help towards his target of £2000!

I hope you're all having a lovely week, and have a fantastic weekend! I've got some more posts lined up for the rest of this week, so stay tuned!


We danced all night and then we kissed, like diamonds in the dark

(Top: Topshop, Jeans:Topshop, Belt: Mums, Shoes: C/O Swedish Hasbeens, Bag: Mulberry)

So, a couple of weeks ago now, when the sun was still out, I was invited to breakfast at Selfridges for the launch of the pop up shop, of the extremely covetable, Swedish Hasbeens. It was held at the 'contemporary French bistro' Aubaine (yes to crumbly croissants), with a presentation and talk from designer and creative director, Emy Blixt (who was wearing the most awesome matching pink outfit combination!) Additionally, we were also treated to a presentation by some very flexible gymnasts modelling the shoes, a huge nod to the sports inspiration the newest collection has taken.

The collection boasted a range of sugar coated pastel hues teamed with vibrant reds and the traditional tan, bowling style shoes and trademark clogs, all mixed in with a huge sense of 70s nostalgia and a certain element of fun. With many of Hasbeen's shoes being handmade and all made of environmentally friendly materials, there's a sense of goodness about these shoes, which could certainly take socks and sandals to a new level of cool...

On this occasion I decided to style mine with my absolute go to outfit of jeans and a striped tee, which although basic, teamed with tan accessories- felt reflected the 'retro-70s' edge that these shoes ooze. Over the next couple of weeks I will be styling them in a couple of different ways, so keep your eyes peeled! How would you style some Swedish Hasbeens?

The Selfridges pop-up shop is open for 4 weeks only, so make sure you get down there!


Then paint back the rainbow, through the golden sea

(Jacket: Gift, Top: Whistles, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: ASOS, Bralet: C/O Boux Avenue)

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you've all had a lovely relaxing day with family and friends- and of course, filled with chocolate and sugary goodness. Today I caught up with some long overdue outfit snaps- which felt really good to do! Anyway this was one of the outfits I shot, inspired by Lana Del Ray's girlie Americana look (and not the American 'soccer mom'). I teamed an awesome baseball jacket I received from my friend Gemma a few birthdays ago (when I was in a deep love-affair with The Drums) with my worn jeans, and a plain white tee. I also added my new favourite shoes from ASOS, which although are a little tacky and fancy-dressish I LOVE, and am pretty sure what Marc Jacobs' Daisy bottle would look like if it were a pair of shoes...

Last but by no means least I wore my new favourite piece of lingerie, a pink long-line bra from Boux Avenue, a brand I've fallen a teeny bit in love with. Although I'd by no means ever just do an outfit post in my smalls, the sheerness of the t shirt and a cheeky strap was more than enough for me to channel the 'underwear as outerwear' look and attempt the Lana Del Rey album cover look!


Additionally, the lovely ladies at Boux Avenue are giving one of my readers the chance to win a £50 voucher for Boux Avenue- that's a lot of nice undies and pj's right there! To enter just leave your email address after a comment on this post, and I will email the winner on the 30th April!


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