It's very rare you come out of a gig and come out thinking you've witnessed something special (think LCD Soundsystem or Arcade Fire @ Reading 2010), but after seeing The Vaccines in an intimate 250 cap. venue, I couldn't help but feel I'd caught them at their very best- interacting with the crowd and playing as if there were no tomorrow, with electric riffs and the 'I don't give a f' attitude (in the most modest way possible) it is no wonder they have been compared to the likes of The Ramones, Phil Spector and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Additionally, me and
Gem were lucky enough to catch up with them Linkpost gig, and caught up with Justin (Young) and Freddie (Cowan) to talk album inspiration, Sonic Youth and being a young man in a big city, and if there's one thing you can be sure about- there's big things ahead for these boys.

So, how did you all get together?
Well, Pete ( Robertson, drums) joined last May, with Freddie (Cowan, guitar), myself (Justin Young, vocals & guitar) and Árni (Hjörvar, bass) being together since the enf of 2009. We pretty much got together because we were all friends really.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?
I wouldn't. It should be an immediate reaction, you should know whether you like it or hate it.

What inspired the album?
Lots of different things. Just being a young man in a big city, different emotions, jealousy, anger and unrequited love and lust.

Who would you say are your biggest influences?
Sonic Youth, Jean Vincent, Velvet Underground, The Monkees and Modern Lovers.

Why do you think you've come so far in such a short space of time? (they formed just last year)
I don't know, why do you think?

Who are your favourite current artists at present?
I like Tame Impala, Wild Nothing and Colours.

What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? is out on March 21st on Columbia Records

(fan girling and self timer-ing with Justin Freddie)
(p.s all pictures were taken by me, so if you want to use them elsewhere please credit! thanks)

5 minutes with: The Vaccines

here are a couple of pictures I took of my beautiful best friend Gemma recently

(teeny tiny meeny miny post today, I will be posting more next though I promise!)


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je te plumerai la tête

"I want people to be blown away when I do what they don't expect." - Drew Barrymore

There is something utterly irresistible about the laid back eccentricity of Drew Barrymore’s style that I just can’t put my finger on. Whether it is her boyish checked trucker shirts, her unfathomably cool ability to balance a perfect ratio between ‘street chic’ and ‘red carpet glamour’ or simply the charm she carries it off with, Barrymore is not only an award winning actor, director and producer- but a woman who has pure organic style.

With glimmers of her 90’s wild child peeking through many of her outfits, unlike most women who appear page to page on weekly fashion magazines and blogs, Barrymore has a somewhat ‘chameleon’ take on clothing, not confining herself to one particular aspect of style, mixing up outfits with conflicting colour hues, feminine and boyish shapes and channelling a playful mix of eras with each outfit.

Whilst most teenage girls scream and yearn for that Alexa Chung ‘ombre’ or ‘dip dyed’ ‘do, Barrymore is less than credited for her similarly ‘daring’ skills in the ol’ barnet department, adding block shades and tones to her hair, complimenting her ever changing style.

Additionally, there is an allure about Barrymore that gives you the idea she is simply playing ‘dress up’ exactly how she wants and not taking ‘fashion’ or dressing too seriously, nor conforming to the ever changing and rapidly disposable trends. This in all honesty, is pretty refreshing in what can be described as a hugely over subscribed industry, and quite honestly I think we could do with more of it.

Get Drew’s Look:

(From top left: Shirt: Topshop, Jeans: Miss Selfridge, Tee: Sweet & Sour for Topshop, Hat:, Maxi Skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Denim shirt: Fat Face, Boots: Dorothy Perkins, Glasses: Forever 21)


Style Icons: Drew Barrymore

Only a quick post today as I have a million and one things to do this evening (slight use of hyperbole there...) but I wanted to post about my short and sweet trip to the north, as I haven't posted in a few days!

Anyhow! Last weekend I took an exciting voyage to Liverpool with the family clan, to explore the university, town centre and embark on some all round touristy activites (as shown below). Below are some of the pictures I took whilst up there!

(From top: Albert Dock, being camera shy as it were, more 'artsy' Albert Dock snaps, recreation of The Cavern at The Beatles Story, view from the University, younger Purvis and I with Ken Dodd, pressing matters in Liverpool.)

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In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs

I'm pretty excited to be doing my first ever giveaway, I tried to pick up something nice as a prize and ended up choosing this gorgeous satchel and cute-as charm necklace with a rose and rocking horse! To me they both scream 'spring!' so I'm pretty tempted to buy them both for myself! Anyway...

To Enter:

- You must be a follower of this blog!
- Leave me a comment saying what trends you're most excited for this spring/summer!
- For another entry, tweet about this giveaway!

... pretty straight forward!

The giveaway is open until

I will get back to the winner the following day (Tuesday 1st March) so leave a link to your blog or your email address in your comment! Go, go, go!


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100th Follower Giveaway!

As an actor and comedian, I love Richard Ayoade. I love his nerdyness. I love his huge black rimmed glasses, and I love his humour.

Essentially known for his role as Moss from the I.T Crowd and having appeared in The Mighty Boosh as Saboo, Ayoade is arguably one of the reknown British comedians at present. However, as is less known, Ayoade is also incredibly talented behind the cameras...

Directing videos for Arctic Monkeys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Vampire Weekend amongst other successful artists as well as having won 'Best DVD' at the NME Awards for directing the Arctic Monkeys DVD 'At The Apollo' in 2008, this March we can expect Ayoade's directorial debut in the film world, with the comedy-drama 'Submarine'.

The indie film is an adaptation on Joe Dunthorne's book 'Submarine' and stars Sally Hawkins and Paddy Considine (and excecutive produced by Ben Stiller ahh!). The plot entails the coming of age story regarding the first relationship of an eccentric 15 year old boy, who is additionally trying to prevent the break up of his parents marriage. Shot with a nostalgic view of the world, beautiful cinematic skill and a good dose of comedy this film is sure to be hit.

Submarine hits the cinemas March 18th, but in the mean time see the trailer here

(Moreover, the soundtrack holds pieces from composer Andrew Hewitt and the one and only Alex Turner- we sure are in for a treat!)

Liv Loves: Submarine

I cannot believe I've made it to 100 (and 1) followers! I honestly never thought I'd see this day, and it means so much to think you all read (and hopefully enjoy) my writing. I know there are bloggers with hundreds and hundreds of followers, but to have reached 100 is enough, and I'm so so pleased!

I did mention quite a while back, that if I did ever see 100 followers I'd do a giveaway, and I'm pretty set on still doing one- so you can expect that coming up soon!

Thanks again to all my readers and followers :)

Have a lovely Sunday!


on the sand I keel here this evening, but tonight we've got to be leaving

Call me unproductive, but my free lessons at school usually consist of surfing Topshop, ASOS and Urban Outfitters in order to discover the exciting new pieces that are regularly updated onto each of these sites. However, this day in particular I decided to take a look on Net-A-Porter. As you may have guessed- for obvious reasons (price) I rarely dare looking on here as consequences usually result in heartache and the 'need' feeling (which did come across me, I must admit). However, although creating a wishlist the size of my current wardobe, containing items I could only dream of- it did make me wonder, whether spending more on clothing could sometimes be better than prehaps 'disposable' highstreet trends and products.

(Exhibit A: my h u ge wishlist ahh...)

Last night, whilst tucked up in bed and feading 'Luella's guide to English style' I came across this quote-

"what must be avoided in these ready-outfit times is the bluffers guide to style; in other words, an addiction to the highstreet where our heroine can fall prey to brainless cheap thrills. It takes time and effort to hone a unique style; it doesn't happen overnight, and here lies the danger of our quick fix culture."

Of course, saying this I am in no way suggesting that buying expensive items is the way forward (who can afford it?!)- designer CAN be as disposable as high street if chosen incorrectly. But what about car boots, vintage and charity shopping? The thrill or rumaging and feeling like you've just found the most perfect garment in a pile mish mash is surely almost as exciting as finally being able to afford and pay for that Chloe blouse that noone else will have. Surely the chiffon blouse from Topshop that you've been lusting over could be found in a charity shop for half the price- with the satisfaction that it's one in a million.

Call it being pretentous or snobbish, but in my opinion having style is so much more than quick fix high street shopping, it's about building a collection of pieces old, new, highstreet, secondhand and even maybe the odd investment piece, making up a wardrobe completely unique to you combining trends and basics that will remain timeless.

Quick Fix Fashion

I thought I’d start a new ‘feature’ talking about some of the people that inspire my style or whose style I find incredible. I’m trying to focus on the less ‘obvious’ contenders, and trying to steer away from people swarming the blogosphere such as Alexa Chung and Chloe Sevigny – no matter how amazing they do dress. Today I’ve started with the wonderful Tali Lennox…

"Don't follow trends and don't wear anything that you're not comfortable in."- Tali Lennox

Last month, Brit model and daughter of Annie Lennox (it had to be said…) was Vogue’s ‘Today I’m wearing’ girl of the month, and I undeniably fell in love with her miss-matched vintage and ‘femi-grunge’ take on clothes. From printed dresses, daring blouses and experimental headwear- she sure knew how to put an outfit together. Below are some of my favourite outfits…

(Okay so I pretty much selected all of them…)

Not only has she got outstanding taste in clothes- she also seems to posses the skill of cleverly mixing second hand, high street and designer and making it all look a million dollars. As well as being the face of Freedom (at Topshop) jewellery in 2010 with her sister Lola, and having a modelling contract with Next Model management- Tali is also a budding fashion designer- brains as well as beauty eh…

Get the 'Tali' look:

(Hat: Miss Selfridge, Blouse/Playsuit/Ring/Shorts: Topshop, Gilet: Dorothy Perkins, Blazer: House of Fraser, Jacket: Warehouse)

p.s The fact she’s a year younger than me, did, however make me feel particularly uncool, and I’m now feeling the need to raid some charity shops and punk up my wardrobe.
p.p.s I was thinking of posting some tasty recipes I've been doing recently on here- yay/nay?

Style Icons: Tali Lennox

(Tweed blazer: Vintage, Blouse: Topshop, Ribbon, Trousers: Topshop, Shoes: Topshop)

This outfit post looks pretty similar to my last despite the fact the outfit is different (i also look really 'posey' so I apologise for that!), i think it's because of the background... hmm.

Anyway, this is what I wore today. As you can see it's pretty 'formal' so I guess it kind of ties in with the idea of 'school wear as smart wear' that I had (I always find that you can totally transform a plain shirt by adding a ribbon/tie around the neck- it also makes it really feminine which I think is nice, and makes it a little more interesting). So I hope you like it! I may start posting more school outfits if I don't look TOO scruffy, although most of the time they're pretty uninspiring!

Hope you're all having a nice day!


p.s I didn't wear these shoes out, but it beats seeing my funny feet!

i follow you deep sea baby

I haven't done this for a while, so here's a list of the songs I cannot stop listening to at the moment! Enjoy...

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers

Noah and the whale- L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N

Adele- Rolling in the deep

The Vaccines- Post Break Up Sex

White Lies- Bigger than us

Beach Fossils- Daydream

these are just a few- and I'll probably do another one of these soon, once I've heard some new releases!


February Playlist 2011

Being a (relatively) new blogger, I was thrilled to recieve this 'Stylish Blogger Award' from the lovely Rebecca from Ginger Ecstasy (she's got a really sweet blog which you should all take a peek at if you haven't yet!) I thought I'd carry it on, as it really made my day!

Okay, so 7 things about me (I'll try and make them interesting):

1. I nearly change my nail colour every day, and find it difficult to keep it on much longer- and hate it when it chips!

2. Unlike the majority of people I have little interest in Glee and Misfits *guilt*

3. I am hoping to study English (with joint Communications/media hons) at university next year, and am determind to get into fashion eventually (but who isn't?)

4. I am probably the most boring teenager you will meet, and you are more likely to find me watch the I.T Crowd than hitting clubs/getting sozzled.

5. I have a h u g e love for Italian food and cuisine, having worked in an Italian restaurant I've seen a real variety of it- although nothing beats a traditional pizza and pasta!

6. I'm very much in love with my boyfriend and have nearly been for 2 years (gotta love abit of cheese)

7. Although I haven't yet, it's my goal to learn to drive before I'm 20- be that down to laziness, convienience or the obvious benefits it will have haha!

and here are my 15 bloggers (I'd give you all one if I could!) -drumroll please-

1. Aha shake heartbreaker

Chelsea Dagger

Crafter Holic

D is for dangerous

Daisy Chain

Ginger Ecstasy

He ate my heart out

Sophie makes things

The cat that cried wolf

10. Louder than silence

Observations through the looking glass

Oh Emma

Sadie's Wardrobe

Thrills and Frills



Stylish Blogger Award



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