(Blouse: Charity Shop, Scarf: Boyfriends, Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Topshop)

(Rings: Pandora, Topshop & Italy!)

Yesterday I spent the day with my boyfriend shopping in Oxford Street- I had such a lovely day and it was so nice to see so much summer stock in shops, even if it is sub zero outside! I also went bowling with some of my best friends at All Star Lanes in the evening- which was amazing fun (happy birthday Naomi!)

I was also lucky enough to buy these gorgeous tan platform heels from Topshop (13cm heel!!). They're extremely high, but surprisingly easy to walk in which is good, and after analysing outfit after outfit I could wear them with I simply couldn't resist (think maxi skirt from previous post, jeans, platsuits etc). I just can't wait for it to get abit warmer now so they can become a regular in my outfit posts!


p.s I managed to borrow a tripod from school, so should now be posting more outfits- yay!

Young parisians are so french, they love Patti Smith

(grey tee: American Apparel, skirt: Charity Shop; Jaeger, shoes: Office, belt: American Apparel, necklace: Primark, rings: Topshop & Italy)

Today I had a wonder around my local charity shops- I hadn't been for ages, and really needed abit of retail therapy haha! After trawling through several shops I came across this beautiful pleated maxi skirt! It's Jaeger aswell which meant I simple couldn't resist for £2.50! Although it's a little big, I'm hoping to get it taken in becasue it's such a lovely length and is perfect for the upcoming months!

(close up of my gorgeous bargain cameo!)

I need to get doing some more outfit posts, so hopefully this will be the first of many, I have such bother finding a suitable spot for my pictures- so I'll try extra hard!


it's all over now baby blue

Yesterday I took my boyfriend and one of my best friends into town to take some more pictures for my photography project (which is due in next week-eek!) the theme had to tie in with the fifties- particularly looking at location, and this is how they turned out!


(and yes, I did name this post after a song in the Rocky Horror Picture Show)

ALSO, I was awarded a Stylish Blogger Award from the lovely Rebecca (thank you- it means alot!!), so I'll post on that soon!

let's do the time warp again

I continually try to justify my love for stripes, the excessive amount of striped t-shirts I have (9 FYI) and the growing number of dresses I seem to be contiually purchasing. Maybe it's the 'jailbait' look I go weak at the knees for? The 'Where's Wally' Chic look? Or maybe it's becasue they're simply so damn easy to wear.

As well as the paint box brights, the delicate nudes from last season and the sassy 70s shapes that have all been heavily noted in next seasons trends, the trend of stripes are also sneaking their way back on to the catwalks. But the real question is- did they ever leave?

Season to season, year to year the Breton striped tee has always been found in my wardrobe, and part of it's charm is that you can pretty much adjust it to every item, and team it with most trends that come and go. Spotted in the shows of Marc Jacobs, Prada, Jil Sander, Fendi and Sonia Rykiel last Autumn, stripes are back in a big way this Spring. However, it's not just simple black & white tees, we're talking fluro pinks, blues and yellows on the maxi's and midi's of next season.

(first four top row: Topshop, dress: Forever 21, bag: Topshop, dress: John Lewis, bag: ASOS, cape: Topshop)


(I guess you could count this as a 'new' feature, what do you think? Also, would anybody be interested in 'school style' like I mentioned a while back?)

Trend Spotter: Stripes

(Hat- Urban Outfitters, Dress- Vintage, Coat- Christmas Present, Bag- Christmas Present, Shoes- Russell & Bromley)

Hello! I'm sorry for being neglectful to my blog recently, I've been bogged down with exams and coursework, so haven't had time. However, I'm back with lots of lovely posts lined up that you'll hopefully enjoy! So thank you for bearing with me!

Today I went to the White Lies album release of 'Ritual' in HMV Oxford St. with my brother and best friend! We got there abit late, but heard their newest single 'Bigger Than Us' and then met then and got signed records which was a treat! What have you all been up to recently?


p.s hello to all my new followers!

love flickered in the city of lights

World renown fashion photographer Norman Parkinson once said, ‘the only thing getting in the way of a good photograph is the camera’, but thanks to Polaroid’s outstandingly new exciting collaboration with Lady Gaga (or Haus of Gaga) titled Grey Label, new products such as the GL20 Camera Glasses are proving that perhaps now there is nothing in the way of a good snap, apart from just some fashionable eyewear.

Introduced yesterday (6th January 2011) the products consist of a trio of exciting new items, all with ‘Leather touch points, brushed metal and exposed mechanical details.’in which Polaroid and Lady Gaga created to ‘define a direction for the line that blended the brands core values with Lady Gaga’s creativity’.

The products consist of:

- GL20 Camera Glasses - Justifying the eccentricity of Gaga, and the hobby hot on everyone’s lips, these uber cool glasses instantly capture photos with the built in camera, to quickly display the images on the glasses LCD screens for all to see- cool to say the least. With a style set to make Kanye West jealous, these are not only the future of photography but a fun fashion accessory at that.

- GL10 Instant Mobile Printer – uses heat to print on to advanced ZINK Paper™ (which appears as ordinary white photo paper) creating excellent quality prints that are both smudge proof and water resistant without the use of electricity or a plug in!

- GL30 Instant Digital Camera - Combines the timeless instant printing Polaroid experience with the advantages of digital technology the camera uses ZINK ink technology and imaging, along with a number of filters and borders to create colourful unique images. Additionally, the pictures develop in minutes to be in the palm of your hand, ready to ‘shake’ (like a Polaroid picture, duh). Additionally you can select whether the picture is full burst on the paper, or printed in 'traditional' Polaroid style as well as colours and effects! Words cannot explain how much I want this- (the technology equivalent of the Mulberry Alexa?)

The mobile printer is available in May 2011, alongside the photo paper- with the printer costing $149.99 – pretty good value if you ask me. Prices for the Instant Digital Camera and Glasses are yet to be announced- but I’d get saving, I certainly do not want to miss out!

“The Polaroid Grey Label line embodies the Polaroid brand, with an injection of the future- looking fashion and design mantra of Lady Gaga that simply can’t be replicated”, said Scott W. Hardy, Polaroid’s President. “It represents Polaroid innovation for the new generation, one in which there are no limitations to sharing creativity through photography, both physical and digital”.


Polaroid goes Gaga



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