Tuesday, 29 November 2011

So, when Joe told me he was growing a moustache, I can't deny, my initial thoughts were that of horror. My 19 year old boyfriend could potentially be mistaken for Ron Burgundy and what could I do!? However, don't be fooled, by no means was he opting for a style change, and his new style icon was not Tom Selleck (yet...) but in fact he was, and still is (for the next day!) taking part in Movember.

Movember is a moustache growing charity, that each November focusses on men sprouting a moustache and raising money in order to raise awareness about men's health, specifically prostrate cancer, and is such a worthy cause (so much so that for just November I'm happy for my boy to sport some fancy facial furniture!)

Now, here's where you come in. I wouldn't normally write a post like this, but because I know and understand how much of a selfless and beneficial cause this is I'd really appreciate it if you could all pay a visit to Joe's Movember page HERE and perhaps spare a few pennies for this amazing cause- it would mean the world to him (he even allowed me to use this incredibly Anchor-Man-esque photo of him below!).


Additionally, I've also listed some of my favourite 'tash buys out there at the moment so you can really get in to the spirit (even if the last day is tomorrow!). You may have seen in previous blog posts me wearing my favourite moustache necklace, so why not, it's an amazing cause plus they're fan-tashtic (hohoho...)

(1 & 2: Punky Pins, 3-6: Tatty Devine- 50p of each purchase goes towards the charity, 7: River Island)



  1. wow, i didn't know about that charity..nice!
    and that moustache ring is really nice!

  2. He looks pretty cool with a tash :) x

  3. haha that is an amazing tash. my bf couldn't grow that bad boy and he's 25!

  4. I'm very impressed by your boyfriends tash, mine and his housemates have all had rather dodgy fuzzy upper lips for the past month, bless them. Even if my boyfriend did look horrid, I think it's an incredible way to raise awareness and some money for the charity so I'll let it slide, I love a good moustache accessory though


  5. Admittedly, he pulls off a moustache well!
    Where did you find the moustache font? It's amazing!

  6. Hahahahaha his facial expression is amazing! My boyfriend always does Movember but this year it seems to have passed him by.. (clearly I'm devastated..) x

  7. hahaha Ron Burgandy is always my first thought when I think moustache!

  8. Great tache effort!!

  9. This is a really lovely post Liv!
    Haha, now my mind is reeling with Anchorman quotes!
    I love all of the 'tache products you've found, and that font is amazing!
    Charlestown, xoxo.

  10. Completely new thing to me, so thanks for sharing!

  11. Haha amazing moustachey finds, especially number's 1&2, a few people in my work took part in this but they were all old with too much facial hair anyway....


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