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Friday, 21 October 2011


With an abundance of magazines constantly appearing on newstands and the internet, it's sometimes hard to keep up with where the real quality and well written talent lies. So, when I found out the gorgeous Helen was starting up the new publication Lionheart Magazine, I couldn't wait to find out more. With pages laden with art, illustration, fashion and music- I knew I was in for a treat. I caught up with Helen, to talk exciting fashion shoots, her cat Francois and why Lionheart isn't just another magazine...


Hi Helen, for those of you that don't know much about you- tell us a little!
Hello, lovely to meet you! I am Hels, writer and creator of Lionheart Magazine. Just turned 27, on the brink of realising a long-held mountainous ambition to create a printed magazine for independent females like me, after something that speaks to them and that will carry on giving a peachy glow in years to come. No compromises, what goes in this magazine is a collection of greatness, honest and true.

You've just created the amazing soon-to-be released Lionheart magazine, how would you describe it in 5 words?
Friendly, genuine, graceful, witty and beautiful.

What can we expect in Issue One?
Ooh, so much! Interviews with inspirations - from I Break Horses’, Maria, to Prophetik’s Jeff Garner and Texan blogger, Bleubird Vintage. As well illustrations by the likes of Abby Wright and Daria Hlazatova, and gorgeous articles written by brilliant writers - such as Cherry Healey - a gardening column, health column, craft area and style chat from you Miss Olivia!


What has been your favourite piece, or project to work on for the magazine?
I can honestly say all of it. I have learnt so much. The fashion shoot was a fun, relaxed, girly day, whilst talking to Pat Albeck - design extraordinaire from the 50s to the present day - for two hours on the phone was an honour. However, it’s been the collaborating and support of all the fantastically talented people I know that has been one of the very best factors for me. I can’t thank them enough.

What inspired you to begin Lionheart?
I couldn’t find anything that spoke to me. I’d buy magazines and not feel like I could relate to the words, ideals and aspirations. What about being happy, learning new skills, developing your mind and writing that’s personal and unique? I felt like I was screaming into a black hole with these requests, when I knew from talking to people, that I was not alone in wanting an intelligent, beautiful magazine, displaying talents, inspirational people and style. Eventually I decided it was time to try and make something, follow the dream and see what happens. No publishers compromising, no ethos altered, just Lionheart Magazine. For better or worse, though hopefully BETTER!


The budding question- when is it released and where can we all grab a copy?!
November, with bravery as its the theme. It will be available in select shops and independent record shops. It will also be available from - I will have all the boxes delivered to my flat. My cat, Francois will have to make space. Exciting!

What's next for Helen & Lionheart?
I am committed to Lionheart and I hope that people will buy the magazine and really, really enjoy it. Even if I only get one issue out, I will be happy and proud, I am showing people what I think we - as strong, caring and independent, modern women - would love/benefit and grow from. I will continue to write, frolic about the countryside, be mesmerised by the sea and try to articulate music, fashion and life. Whatever happens, there is nothing I love more that being lost in my imagination. That said, I want to be creating Lionheart issues forever if I can. I really believe in it.

For updates on Lionheart follow @helsmartin & @lionheartmag on Twitter!


Below are a list of contributors, I highly suggest you check them all out!



  1. Oh how exciting! loved this :)

  2. You're totally right when you say you can't trust what magazines write. I used to love Heat mag but since I took up internship at a similar magazine, I have been put off buying magazines completely now. One of my tasks when i was there was to "make up" some letters for the letter page. And to "find" good stories on perez. I cant wait to check out Lionheart, thank you for introducing us to it! x

  3. Thank you for introducing me to this! I'm definitely going to have a proper look at Lionheart, I find that some of the newer magazines lately can be a bit 'samey', and none really stand out, but Lionheart sound's really interesting!

    Charlestown, xoxo.

  4. Very different idea. Sounds like my kind of magazine. One that I'll feel mean to recycle after I've read!

  5. Thanks for introducing me to this - sounds like the kind of magazine I want to read! x


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