(Dress: C/O Jessica Wright for Inlovewithfashion, Belt: American Apparel, Shoes: Topshop, Weird Dance Face: C/O me)

Now, I'm not usually one who opts for body con. Don't get me wrong, I love it on others, and think it can be one of the most flattering types of garment when worn correctly, but on me I usually just prefer something a little less shapely and something a bit looser (mainly for when the food baby comes after dinner!)

Saying this, when I saw this dress from TOWIE's very own Jess Wright I fell in love. I think it's the fact the sleeves offer a little something else and mean it's not solely focussed on the body skimming dress, but maybe because it offered me the opportunity to prance around in a somewhat Kate Bush manor, not feeling (that) stupid! Additionally, the dress was so soft, and although I teamed a belt with it (I seem to have a thing about putting a belt round EVERY dress) I think it would look just as good without, and was uber comfy- bonus!

Also, you may have noticed some gorgeous little blogs and shops taking a spot on my sidebar! On Twitter I mentioned that for this month I'd be offering free advertising as a trial (mainly to test how successful it is for people) and if all goes well will be doing it next month for a small fee, so if you're interested let me know and I'd be happy to have your ad- obviouslyy spaces will be limited (less than this month) so let me know asap!

Happy Halloween all!


she's thunderstorms, lying on her front, up against the wall

(Dress: Motelrocks, Jumper: Whistles, Ring: Whistles, Bag: Mulberry, Shoes: New Look)

One of my current favourite outfit combinations! Usually when it comes to layering and 'experimenting' with clothes, I seriously lack in the imagination department. I recently bought this dress from Motel in their sale, having fallen in love with it in the summer, but never really regarded it as something I could exactly wear during the autumn months.

I would never have thought to layer this dress underneath this jumper, but due to the fact it's backless and not the thickest as dresses go, it seemed the most appropriate way to wear it when the chilly weather begins to kick in! I also quite like the fact the jumper looks a little 'untucked' and messy, meaning it's not entirely 'prim and proper'. I also teamed it with this AMAZING new 'Dorothy-shoes' esque nail varnish from Barry M, which, although peels off within a few hours, dries like the speed of light and looks AWESOME on, so I am happy with that!

I hope you've all had nice weekends! I'm back in Liverpool, and feeling seriously homesick and missing London! The fact my friend told me I was missing his Beyonce themed party this weekend did not help (may have to just sit in my flat blasting B to compensate, watching her FAB new video for Countdown - what.a.babe !) but hopefully I'll get settled again soon!


London speed it up, Houston rock it

(Pictures taken from: Cosmopolitan, Photobooth.co.uk, Missguided.co.uk and Stylistpick- no proper outfit photos I'm afraid, but I'm wearing a dress from ASOS, shoes from Topshop and a borrowed bag- thanks Gemma!)

Hello! First things, first, (before all the EXCITING stuff) I'm very sorry I haven't posted since last week, I have had one of the busiest weeks ever, and although blogging certainly hasn't taken a backseat I've not had a spare minute to post! After hopping to London on Tuesday night, everything has been non-stop- but I am not complaining!

As you may or may not have heard, I headed to London for the Cosmopolitan blog awards this week, and was amazingly (I'm literally still in shock) given the winners title of 'Best New Fashion Blog'. I feel so incredibly undeserving compared to the other amazing girls in my category, but unfathomably thankful nonetheless. I'm going to try not to gush too much after doing so for the past few days on most social networking sites, but I really cannot put into words how thankful I am for everyone who voted for me in the awards, it means so so much to me, and can't explain how touched I am to have such lovely people voting for me, reading and commenting on my blog, I am speechless (gush over- but hey, I meant it).

I had such a lovely night at the awards, and met some really really lovely girls and it was great to finally put some names to some (real) faces! I also had a lovely time post-awards having girlie chats at the hotel with the lovely Sarah, Lauren, Gem, Lyzi and Lily - thank you for making a nerve wracking day less scary, and putting up with all my waffling!

Thank you all again for voting, and sorry about my immense awkwardness in most photos of the night, all a little overwhelming! Hope you all have a lovely Saturday, and follow the people from this post for the best X-Factor tweets!


Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2011 & a BIG thank you!

(Jacket: Mums, Shirt: Topshop, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: New Look, Bag: Mulberry, Sunglasses: Primark)

Hello! I took this outfit picture last week (cheating a bit!) but hey the weather was nice- and now there seems to be a real nip kicking in! I have such a busy week coming up next week, which I am very excited/nervous about! I'm back home on Tuesday for the first time since I've been at uni, which I am SO excited about. Then will be at the Cosmo Blog Awards on Wednesday which I am unfathomably nervous/excited for, I hope I'm not too much of an awkward turtle!

Anyway,I hope you all enjoyed the interview with Helen yesterday, she genuinely has such huge talent and passion and I seriously recommend you keep an eye out for it's release! Anyway, I had my first shift at work today which was lovely, and have come home to pasta (all I seem to eat- but have now mastered the perfect amount) and The X Factor! I've seen some absolutely hilario tweets this evening- so I salute the people I follow for oozing such wit, I always feel so unimaginative when I read them! If you fancy reading some diamonds when watching have a look at Caitlin Moran, Gem (well, duh) and Humphrey Ker!

Hope you're all having lovely weekends, and wrapping up for this chilly weather!


p.s my gorgeous friend Daisy is tryng to sell these gorgeous shoes here, so take a look if you want a stunning unworn bargain!

you're moving in a different class, drinking red wine from a brandy glass


With an abundance of magazines constantly appearing on newstands and the internet, it's sometimes hard to keep up with where the real quality and well written talent lies. So, when I found out the gorgeous Helen was starting up the new publication Lionheart Magazine, I couldn't wait to find out more. With pages laden with art, illustration, fashion and music- I knew I was in for a treat. I caught up with Helen, to talk exciting fashion shoots, her cat Francois and why Lionheart isn't just another magazine...


Hi Helen, for those of you that don't know much about you- tell us a little!
Hello, lovely to meet you! I am Hels, writer and creator of Lionheart Magazine. Just turned 27, on the brink of realising a long-held mountainous ambition to create a printed magazine for independent females like me, after something that speaks to them and that will carry on giving a peachy glow in years to come. No compromises, what goes in this magazine is a collection of greatness, honest and true.

You've just created the amazing soon-to-be released Lionheart magazine, how would you describe it in 5 words?
Friendly, genuine, graceful, witty and beautiful.

What can we expect in Issue One?
Ooh, so much! Interviews with inspirations - from I Break Horses’, Maria, to Prophetik’s Jeff Garner and Texan blogger, Bleubird Vintage. As well illustrations by the likes of Abby Wright and Daria Hlazatova, and gorgeous articles written by brilliant writers - such as Cherry Healey - a gardening column, health column, craft area and style chat from you Miss Olivia!


What has been your favourite piece, or project to work on for the magazine?
I can honestly say all of it. I have learnt so much. The fashion shoot was a fun, relaxed, girly day, whilst talking to Pat Albeck - design extraordinaire from the 50s to the present day - for two hours on the phone was an honour. However, it’s been the collaborating and support of all the fantastically talented people I know that has been one of the very best factors for me. I can’t thank them enough.

What inspired you to begin Lionheart?
I couldn’t find anything that spoke to me. I’d buy magazines and not feel like I could relate to the words, ideals and aspirations. What about being happy, learning new skills, developing your mind and writing that’s personal and unique? I felt like I was screaming into a black hole with these requests, when I knew from talking to people, that I was not alone in wanting an intelligent, beautiful magazine, displaying talents, inspirational people and style. Eventually I decided it was time to try and make something, follow the dream and see what happens. No publishers compromising, no ethos altered, just Lionheart Magazine. For better or worse, though hopefully BETTER!


The budding question- when is it released and where can we all grab a copy?!
November, with bravery as its the theme. It will be available in select shops and independent record shops. It will also be available from lionheartmagazine.wordpress.com - I will have all the boxes delivered to my flat. My cat, Francois will have to make space. Exciting!

What's next for Helen & Lionheart?
I am committed to Lionheart and I hope that people will buy the magazine and really, really enjoy it. Even if I only get one issue out, I will be happy and proud, I am showing people what I think we - as strong, caring and independent, modern women - would love/benefit and grow from. I will continue to write, frolic about the countryside, be mesmerised by the sea and try to articulate music, fashion and life. Whatever happens, there is nothing I love more that being lost in my imagination. That said, I want to be creating Lionheart issues forever if I can. I really believe in it.

For updates on Lionheart follow @helsmartin & @lionheartmag on Twitter!


Below are a list of contributors, I highly suggest you check them all out!


Liv Loves: Lionheart Magazine

(Top: C/O Ze Karssen via Frank & Doll, Shorts: C/O Mink Pink via Frank & Doll, Jacket: Miss Selfridge, Boots: Vintage, Necklace: C/O Gogo Philip & Gift)

Every now and then you'll come across a new buzzing clothing brand that you fall in love with. Arguably, mine are probably new online boutique Frank & Doll. Home to brands such as Mink Pink, Zoe Karssen, Mischa Barton, Evil Twin and Rock n Rose- Frank and Doll already have a wide and affordable selection of amazing pieces, with new lines coming in every day.

I was lucky enough to be sent the gorgeous shirt seen here as well as these awesome shorts and this tee. Although this is probably not a look I'd usually go for, teaming these two pieces together created something a little more, dare I say 'edgy' (eww!) and less ladylike and more 'grunge' which is perfectly welcomed to my wardrobe every now and then. Living in jeans, I thought these shorts would bring a new lease of life to my wardrobe, and being the perfect autumnal maroon colour, teaming them with a cosy knit and collar is something I can't wait to channel (a la Michelle)!


Liv Loves: Frank & Doll

(Dress: Whistles, Bag: Topshop, Necklace: Gift, Watch: Casio, Shoes: New Look, Lipstick: Topshop Mischief)

So this is what I wore for about an hour yesterday, not quite an outfit of the day- but more an outfit of the hour. Me, being a bit of a divvy, thought I had work- got dressed up then arrived to realise I was in a week early- so typical! However, for the hour that I did wear this I felt very sophisticated (which makes a welcome change!)

I bought these shoes (or 'flatforms' for the more trendy of us!) last week, before I realised my overdraft is in fact- not free money (definitely turning into a Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic!). I was so thrilled with them when they arrived! The perfect height for not looking too dressy, but great for teaming with a pair of jeans to add a little something, plus, being from New Look have added comfort and did not cost an arm and a leg (just an arm).

Anyway, how are you all today? I hope your Mondays haven't been too bad! I woke up to a welcome visit for Mr Postman, and was graced with the October Glossybox- so you can expect a post on that in the next few days!


we are the goon squad, and we're coming to town

(Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Shirt: C/O Frank and Doll, Shorts: Topshop, Belt: Mums, Boots: Topshop, Bag: Mulberry, Ring: YSL Arty)

Hello! I'm sorry it's taken so long to bring you another outfit post! My champion photographer (the mister) visited this weekend, so I was able to get back on track (in terms of blogging!) Additionally, the sun came out- which made for some relatively commendable outfits, opposed to my more recent 'jeans and duffle' combination. I was also sent this gorgeous shirt by the lovely ladies at Frank & Doll (more on them to come this week!) which I have fallen in love with, and was so perfect for this bout of sun we've had!

Anyway, how have you all been? I've had such a busy few days, and have really tried to not let blogging slip too much. I started work last week, which was really good, have had two essays dropped on me for the end of this week and the end of the month (mild panic) and have had my boyfriend to stay which was lovely- although I'm now feeling rather homesick -indulges in cookies and crappy t.v-. I've got lots of exciting posts in the pipeline this week so stay tuned! Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway here, and if you haven't maybe even vote for me under 'New Fashion Blog' at the Cosmo Blog Awards- there's so much amazing competition, so do have a peek at the nominations- you will not be disappointed!


these are thee days of miracle and wonder, this is the long distance call


In terms of originality, this post probably won't come up trumps, but hey- as women (and men- if you're reading?) no-one can ever resist a bit of a nosey can they? I've seen a few of these posts popping up recently and love having a peek at what others carry around- usually far more interesting than anything I ever carry! Plus, it gives me a perfect reason to clean up the crumbs and crumpled tissue from my bag, and make it look a little more organised!



Anyway, these are the essentials I carry with me on a day-to-day basis. I don't usually carry much make up with me, unless I'm going 'out-out' so these bits usually do me fine- and they're all things I swear by! I also usually carry a selection of leaflets and gig tickets that have usually been forgotten about, but make nice memories when it comes to the routinely bag clean out! Additionally, in fear of sounding like a huge bore- the Paperchase fountain pen shown above is my absolute favourite writing pen ever, I feel very prim and proper with a fountain pen!

Are there any things you never leave the house without? I hope you're all having a nice week, despite the chilly weather!


What's in Olivia's Bag?

(Blouse: New Look, Belt: Vintage, Trousers: Topshop, Bag: Mulberry, Leopard Pumps: C/O Stylist Pick)

So, last week I had a moment of absolute compulsion. After seeing these trousers had sold out on the Topshop website, after pondering on whether to buy them I suddenly needed them- no other trouser would suffice. Anyway, after phoning up several branches across the U.K (the perk of studying up North and having family down south) and having no luck, I decided it probably wasn't to be. However, after discovering a Topshop in a spur of the moment trip to town in Nottingham, I came across two pairs, and nabbed them in seconds, and I'm really pleased I did. Despite feeling slightly concious and overly-theatrical when wearing them, part of me knows they are awesome, and I cannot wait to style them more. Here's some of the pictures inspiring me to parade them around town!


How would you wear these uber cool slacks?


P.S As many of you know, and may have woken up to this morning, the sad sad news of Steve Job's passing. Such an incredibly talented and inspiring man. Here are a couple of quotes of his I've felt particularly inspired by:

“We don’t get a chance to do that many things, and every one should be really excellent. Because this is our life. Life is brief, and then you die, you know? And we’ve all chosen to do this with our lives. So it better be damn good. It better be worth it.” – Fortune


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” - Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Address

What an amazing guy. R.I.P Steve.

the tactful cactus by your window, surveys the prairie of your room

(Dress: Topshop, Belt: Vintage, Glasses: Primark, Shoes: Primark, Bag: Mulberry, Moody face C/O being a teen)

This was another picture taken last weekend at the beautiful Nottingham campus, so picturesque! I also hadn't worn this dress in such a long time, so it was a nice opportunity to take it for a spin (haha!). I'm trying not to spend too much, what with being a student and all, so making the most of what's in my wardrobe should really be my new 'thing', even with all the gorgeous AW clothes in shops...

ANYWAY! I tried not to delay this post TOO much this evening, but with the Great British Bake Off on, I couldn't help it- I'm a sucker for that programme (even though books for English are crying to be read). Watching it has certainly encouraged me to up the ante on my recipe posts, and really try and come up with some treats- with all my spare time at uni I have no excuses! I hope you've all had nice days, and those of you watching the GBBO enjoyed it! I know I did!


I'm not a prophet, or a stone age man, just a mortal, with potential of a superman

(Shirt: Topshop, Body: Topshop, Shorts: Vintage (Topshop), Belt: Primark, Bag: Mulberry, Shoes: Topshop)

Hello! Just got back from a lovely (and emotional- (not good with goodbyes) weekend visit to see the Mr at Nottingham, hence the lack of posting! Obviously, if you're from the U.K the topic of the weather seems slightly predictable for such post- but omgz HOW HOT WAS IT. I honestly ended up packing about 6 different outfits for this visit, as my summer wardrobe brain has subsequently turned to mush following recent autumn purchases. We had a really nice time, browsing the uber modern and pretty plush Jubilee Campus, browsing the shops in town (I found the green spot Toppers trousers!) and teaching him how to cook ;)- bliss.

(The AMAZING library, the boy himself and some of the campus!)

I've got a pretty busy week this week- packed with lectures, a small lifetimes supply of laundry (yayz), starting a new job (hooray!) and reading, so posts may be a little scattered- bear with me! I hope you've all had lovely weekends! How did you all spend the sunshine?


soon you'll grow so take your chance, with a couple of kooks, hung up on romancing



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