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Sunday, 25 September 2011

(John Lennon Peace Monument, my fave gal pal, mini fudge cakes, Metronomy, Sunday breakfast, tea @ Leaf, Albert Dock, cheeky purchases)

So, I've made it through freshers, realising in fact, I am probably an old woman in a teenagers body (hot chocolate > everything), however I have had a nice time, despite having better days than others! My best friend Gemma came to visit me this weekend, and we had a bit of a mooch and got to know the town a little better, and two gigs and shopping trips later I think we pretty much exhausted ourselves (and my student budget).

On Friday we headed to one of the most gorgeous music venues I've ever ever been to, The Kazimier, to see Slow Club- who were amazing. One of those gigs, that despite not knowing all of the songs, made me go home, listen to them all, and want to see them again- amazing! I also met the lovely Jessica, totally proving what a small world this is! Following that, Saturday held trips to Liverpool One, dinner at Pizza Express with the new iddy fudge cakes and an absolutely cracking show from Metronomy, who were outstanding, I really cannot sing their praises enough. Additionally, today Gem & I headed to Bold Street Festival (following some kick ass pancakes) and had a lovely morning tea in Leaf with a browse around their vintage, which blew me away. After living in London, where a second hand t-shirt can cost up to £20, finding these Chelsea boots for a mere £20, and this bag for £10 made me very keen to visit again when my loan comes through (or maybe not mum! ;)...).

...and breathe!

I hope you've all had lovely weekends, thanks for the lovely blog comments regarding the Cosmo Awards and on my other posts! I'm so grateful to have such kind readers, and try to reply to as many comments as I can on here and Twitter, so thank you!


(Following the gigs this weekend, I'm going to trial a new feature on my blog tomorrow, so stay tuned and let me know what you think!)


  1. ooh, i love your boots and bag, soooo pretty!

  2. I'm so jealous - i want to be a fresher again! Enjoy it all x

  3. Fresher's rules!! That pic of you and your friend is so beautiful! xx

  4. Hahaa, hot choc definitely beats everything! Sounds like a busy but lovely couple of days - I'd love to see metronomy one day, they're becoming one of my new faves :) x

  5. Ohhhh to be a fresher again, I'm old and wise now in my 3rd year...
    Enjoy your year!

    Jade x

    ps. boots are so cute!

  6. I'm kind of the same about freshers, but I'm gonna try again this year! I adore those chelsea boots, what an insane bargain!

  7. Any new feature that includes Metronomy or Slow club is a-ok by me! x

  8. mhmm the food looks great and you two girls look really pretty in the second pic =)

  9. Ah those boots & bag are amazing finds :) glad you made it through freshers! :) x

  10. Where did you get those boots?! They are simple and delightful :)

  11. I JUST found your blog, i'm a student in Liverpool too (2nd year) and was at the Bold Street festival today- Leaf is one of my favourite haunts, was so excited to see pics of the city! :)

  12. Glad you had a nice weekend, its good to see your friends and chill. Music and shopping is perfect! xx

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  13. Sounds like youre making the most of your time there. Youre a right busy bee ;) the boots are lovely and all that food looks amazing. Eeeep stuff like this make me excited for uni, 6 days for me now! I cant wait to get stuck in now. I love this post, nice to see what you get up to :) xxx

  14. great finds, the boots & the bag are amazing! enjoy university :)



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