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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

currently coveting

I guess my wish list this month is a bit of a mix up of Cruella Deville dalmatian prints and 70's mod style- something I'm not complaining about, and dare I say it- looks a little festive. I'm absolutely in love with this seasons dalmatian print, and am dying to get myself something from the Topshop Unique collection I love the fact it's not just the dog print, but the shapes of dogs too, stirring it up a little bit! I also love this Dahlia dress, as although it's not exactly dalmatian print, the black and white polka dot pattern is so versatile and I can just imagine it with some black tights, cute brogues and a lovely bowler (as styled above).

I'm also loving the whole 70's mod rocker thing that's happening this season. Although I haven't been daring enough to delve into hounds tooth print, I love the clean cut silhouettes of dresses and skirts with heavy brothel creepers, like these ones from PPQ which I ADORE, just wouldn't really know how to style, bar a pair of skin tight leather trousers hmm...

What trends are you coveting for this month?


P.S if you get the chance please still vote for me in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards under 'New Fashion Blog', I hate to go on and be a pest but it would mean so much if you could- thank you!


  1. I love this post! I used to really love creepers, but I've gone of them so much, although I do like these subtle pair. I'm loving burgundies, navies and mustards for autumn!


  2. I need to get myself some dalmation print!
    I recently bought that River Island dress, LOVE IT! seems we have similar taste :)
    I'll definitely be voting for you girl, good luck!

    Jade x


  3. That River Island dress is adorable :).


  4. Dalmatian print is the best ever right now! Love the Dahlia dress!

    The Deer Head


  5. Love this wishlist, dal print and 70's literally sounds like my ideal combo of styles at the minute!


  6. I adore the Topshop dress

  7. I don't usually like river island but the black and white dotty dress is so cute! xx

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  8. Love the river island dress so much, but so pricey :( get some dalmatian nails on the go! I want creepers too but so much to spend! x

  9. ill take numbers one and two please

  10. Woah, such gorgeous picks! I love the red skirt and the black dress :) x


  11. Good morning there sweetie! Just found your blog! Congrats, I love it! Love the post and I hyped and fanned you on LookBook.
    Would you like to follow each-other? Follow me if you like, let me know by comment and I'll follow you right away!
    Hope you'll have a great day!

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    xoxo Kiki

  12. I want it all! I love the Dalmation-y trend at the moment, I just wish I was brave enough to wear it. I've had my eye on that River Island dress for a while, and I got a job there the other day, 30% off, oh yeah!! Haha!


  13. Love the dalmatian print as well! I recently bought a dalmatian print cardigan which its to die for! I love fall and i'm really looking forward to wearing my deep royal nail polishes and my deep nudes.

    kiss kiss, Maylin

  14. wow, i love the RI dress and red skirt! RI have got some fantastic stuff in at the moment! Cant wait to shop!
    Also, its lovely seeing your blog as my name is Olivia too! :)

  15. ahhh we have such similar tastes. I want it alllll. I always see creepers on other people and think they look wonderful but i'd look like a total woofer hahaha!

  16. I love the river island dress :)
    Just came across your blog through the Cosmo blog awards, its great and I've just voted for you!


  17. I love that red Topshop dress - I saw them facebook it the other day and I thought WOW. Pricey though!


  18. I love 4,3 and 7 the best! They will look amazing x



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