(Dress as body: Topshop, Belt: Primark, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Topshop, Twirling C/O of skirt)

This is what I wore yesterday evening for my boyfriend's family birthday meal! We went to a lovely Chinese restaurant near where we live, called Xi'ans- and it is honestly some of the best food I've eaten (I'm a very fussy eater!). We had a really nice evening, following an incredibly busy week this week!

Every day this week I've spent in London, which living so close is something I try not to take for granted, and I feel incredibly lucky to be so near to everything! I went out for lunch earlier in the week, followed by a date to the Natural History Museum with Joe, a visit to Canary Wharf with my best friend, photographing the ever amazing Slow Club and shooting for Company Magazine (more to come on that!), so as you can imagine sitting down after today's work shift felt incredibly luxurious!

Anyway, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, what have you all been up to?


Satellite's gone way up to Mars, soon it will be filled with parking cars

These brownies are one of my favourite ever cakey bakes to make. I think I first found the recipe from an online print out from Hummingbird Bakery recipes, and having the very big sweet tooth I have couldn't resist making them. Additionally, you can alter the recipe with cheeky extras to your fancy. I've tried cranberries, walnuts, and raisins but I'm sure things like fudge and toffee could also be really sweet? (very punny Liv)

DSC_3807 - Copy

What you will need:

- 5 eggs
- 500g caster sugar
- 120g plain flour
- 100g cocoa powder
-250g unsalted butter
- 30g dark chocolate, roughly chopped
- a baking tray, lined with grease proof paper!

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius! (Gas mark 3)

1. Put the eggs and sugar in a bowl and beat with an electric whiskwhisk, or, like me, a fork and a hell loada man power, until light and fluffy.


until it looks like this...


2. Add the sifted flour, and stir as you go.


3. Followed by the cocoa powder, and beat until everything is well mixed.


4. Pour in the melted butter and mix through. When the butter is first poured in it seems impossible to stir it all in, but with some folding and immense stirring it will mix in- I promise!




5. Chop your chocolate, and stir it in so they are 'evenly dispersed'.


6. Pour your mixture into your pre lined tray and bake in the oven for about 30-35 minutes or until the top is firm and the centre a little soft (poke a knife into it to check it comes out clean!)


7. Viola!

8. Chop into squares (the tray usually makes about 12) and dust with icing sugar! Then eat... (sharing occasionally recommended!)


They also taste amazing served with cream or ice cream!


What Olivia Cooked: Chocolate Brownies

(Denim Shirt: Next, Skirt: Camden, Brogues: Topshop, Bag: Mulberry, Belt: Primark)

This is what I wore on Saturday for a productive day of what seemed to solely consist of sitting and eating. Being pretty much penniless at the moment, I'm trying to be more 'creative' in terms of what I wear in my wardrobe. I have a whole range of clothing, I simply can't bear to part with (even after many laborious sort out's) so it seems silly to let the things that aren't denim or striped sit there and not be worn.

Anyway, I've just attempted to redesign my blog header! It's taken a lot of time on Paint (ever the web genius I am) and scanning, but I think I'm pretty happy with it at the moment! What do you think of it? I hopefully injects a little personality to my blog. I am, however unsure of what to do with my background. Half of me thinks 'if it ain't broke don't fix it, but part of me would like something more basic? Thoughts?

I hope you've all had a good weekend despite the sad news that has occured (thoughts go to the loved ones of those who have tragically lost their lives this weekend, in Norway, Amy Winehouse and across the globe, may they rest in peace), and I hope you have a good week ahead.


You're rarer than a can of dandelion and burdock, and those other girls are just post mix lemonade

(From the top: The Boyfriend & I & our 'his n hers' Hawaiian tourist outfits, the beach, Gem & I, the beach, the arena @ Tame Impala, Spectrals, the 'gang')

Hola all! So I'm back from what was the most fun, and tiring week ever (a.k.a Benicassim!), sorry I lefty my blog a little AWOL, I was meant to schedule some posts, but being the unorganised holiday maker I am, left no time between packing and blogging!

Anyway, I had an amazing time away, I even managed to tan my pasty skin without burning which was definitely a result (even if it is patchy and looks like I've gone abit crazy with Holiday Skin). The week was filled with lots of sand (and dust and grass), salty sea, pizza (seemed to be my meal of choice on most evenings) and some of the greatest live music I've seen in a while. I was lucky enough to see the likes of The Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Arcade Fire, Beirut, Brandon Flowers, Mumford & Sons, Paolo Nutini and Crystal Fighters, amongst many others, in a mere 4 days and additionally managed to pretty much exhaust myself from all my fan girlish screaming and dancing.

Overall, I would really recommend the festival for anyone looking to get away for some sunshine and good music. It is by no means a relaxing holiday, but filled with chances to 'catch some rays', enjoy some amazing live music/ new bands (and some fun Spanish acts), spend some quality time with friends and brave some of the coldest showers known to man.


Where Olivia Went: Benicassim

(Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Top: Zara, Shorts: Vintage, Boots: Topshop, Bag: Mulberry)

Sorry this is a bit of a boring smoring outfit- this is exactly what I mean when I say that striped t shirts and jeans/shorts are my go to outfit!I probably need to start investing in some other type of top, that isn't induced with horizontal lines. I also seem to wear this cardigan with everything, and these shorts... but I believe this is the first time they've all been together so that's a good thing.

I'm busy cooking this afternoon, my parents have got some friends over so I've decided to help out making the lasagne and spaghetti that I posted about earlier this year! I'm also cooking some chocolate brownies and bruschetta, which I may line up a post for as I'm away at Benicassim all next week, so won't be posting I'm afraid!

Also, my best friend and I are sampling a mini online clothes shop, and are selling a few bits to see how it goes, so if you fancy taking a look, the website can be found here.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and week!


P.S I've entered the NME Photo Awards, so if you could all vote for my photograph of The Vaccines here I would really really appreciate it! Thank you!

when she walks her footsteps sing a reckless serenade

The winner of my Cherry Vimto Prom Dress giveaway, done by random number generator, is Alice from Super Gorgeous!

Congrats Alice & thank you all so much for your entries, I loved reading through them all!


Giveaway Winner!

(Top: Mums (Zara), Skirt: American Apparel, Belt: Primark Sunglasses: NYC, Shoes: Converse)

I guess you could probably call this my ''Baywatch'' outfit, based solely on the colours of course! No Hoff in sight, and certainly no bronzed beach babes here.

Anyway, this is the first time I've worn this skirt since I bought it from New York. It's an American Apparel number, but other than white vests/tees I'm having real trouble deciding what to team it with, wearing a skirt that isn't black or denim has clearly thrown my wardrobe off guard . I was thinking maybe a striped top? Have you guys got any better ideas?

I've had a pretty chilled week so far, I've been feeling a little under the weather and coldy so have been trying to take it easy to make a speedy recovery! I hope you're all having nice weeks, and enjoying the sunshine!


we rode our bikes to the nearest park, sat under the swings and kissed in the dark

(From the top: Went The Ivy with my parents, brother and boyfriend for my 18th birthday, went out with my friends for my best friend Genevieve's birthday, Finished 6th form!, got surprised with Arcade Fire tickets for my birthday from my friends!, pulled faces with Joe whilst waiting for the train, Arcade Fire, following afternoon tea with Mumma P had a tourist moment in a Black cab!, The Ivy menu, saw Legally Blonde, had my leavers prom!)

Hello! I've had such a busy June, and after getting my disposable camera developed I thought I'd post about what I got up to in a nutshell (plus, July 1st- as it was my prom!). It seems it has been so packed, and I feel awfully lucky! I hope you are all having lovely weekends, don't forget to enter my giveaway- you have until Friday!


What Olivia Did: June

Sorry, due to me being pretty busy I forgot to remind you about the giveaway I was holding! It closed on the 1st, but I'm giving you until Friday 8th July to get your last minute entries in- due the fact I was pretty bad on reminding you guys!

Good luck, and I shall announce a winner next Friday!





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