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Saturday, 21 May 2011


(Top: Zara, Dungaree Dress: Miss Selfridge, Loafers: Russell & Bromley, Bag: Balenciaga City, Glasses: Primark)

Believe it or not, I was actually going for a slightly 'cool Parisian' look today, but as we both can probably establish the look more so achieved was goofy 5 year old- but hey, I hear that's coming back?

Anyway, this is essentially a post to show off my new dinga-dunga's (or dungaree dress if you will). I managed to snap them up from Miss Selfridge this week at a barganous £15- something I truly couldn't resist, especially having wanted a pair for ages (recent snaps of Miss Chung swayed me also). They're really easy to wear (hence why most mothers pop their toddlers in them) and I'm pretty sure they'll be easy to wear with many of my tee's and jumpers, so you'll probably be seeing a lot more of them!

Hope you're having a nice weekend!



  1. I like dungarees! I've wanted a pair with shorts at the bottom for ages, though I always find they make my bum looks big :( Yours look pretty cool with the stripped top! And that's a pretty good price from Miss Selfridge. You can sometimes get some really good stuff in their sales ;) I like the colour pop from the bag!
    I'm currently holding a giveaway, come check it out of your interested :)

  2. I love your blog


  3. You look amazing! I have a dungaree dress too, we could be twins & you could be the prettiest one lol
    I lovee itttttt! xo.

  4. Love the whole look! You look like a cool Parisian to me! :-)

  5. I love the dungaree dress, Alexa really made me want one too but unfortunatly for me I'm penniless at the minite :( x

  6. You've made the dungarees look so feminine - jeal


  7. Love the dungarees.. I really want a pair.. I think they'll take me back to my childhood LOL!!



  8. Such a lovely outfit. That bag is amazing, you look very 'cool Parisian' ha :) The dungaree dress is so nice, wish I could get away with wearing one!
    Rebecca x

  9. niiiceee pictures! im a follower :)
    bisous, Lisa


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