This isn't Paris, this isn't London and it's not Berlin

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

(Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Vest: American Apparel via best friend, Jeans; Topshop, Wedges: New Look, Bag: Nans, Sunglasses: Zara)

This is what I wore on Monday on my visit to London to see the wonderful Metronomy and Smith Westerns, with some of my fabulous friends. The weather went from being an absolute scorcher (the vest proved handy in this instance) to heavy rain showers (cardigan came in very useful) resulting in me sporting drowned rat chic ;)

Anyway, we had a really lovely busy day, filled with Oxford St, Pizza Express and Costa, The Big Chill Bar and good music and if you're looking for some good new music Metronomy's English Riviera is such a summery poppy album, along with Smith Westerns, so check them out! Below are some photos from the instore and gig!




  1. Oh how Metronomy have my heart <3
    You look great, cute outfit, hope you had a fab time

  2. Hey, how much were your jeans and please could you post a link to them/ what name do they have on the website? x

  3. I am off to Pizza Express tonight! You look stunning as usual :) Love your wedges, sometimes New Look do some little gems in their shoe department!

  4. you, as always, look so darn beautiful! i love your wedges, new look always has such lovely shoes. xx

  5. This is such a nice look! I especially like your jeans and booties! Awesome band pics too, look really profesh! x

  6. you have a really lovely style! i feel inspired :] xx


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