A girl can dream: Dahlia

Saturday, 23 April 2011

So, as some of you may know I gave up shopping (clothes, accessories, nail varnish etc) for Lent. As gruesomely shallow as it sounds, it's been quite tough and on occasion has resulted in mild sulking, but now I am more eager than ever to spend my money wisely and buy some nice pieces that will last me a good while (and have also appreciated how many clothes I do already have!).

Anyway, with my birthday not (too) long away and my next paycheck on the horizon I couldn't help but swerve towards 'surfin' the net' in a hope to find some lovely things...

It took me about 3 minutes until, mentally, both my birthday wish list budget and pay cheque were spent.

All thanks to Dahlia.

I've seen this brand appear on several lovely blogs such as the gorgeous Morven's and have always been impressed by their gorgeous feminine designs laden with floaty fabrics and cute collars- all for pretty bloomin' reasonable prices, and since having visisted their website have comprised this wish list of their beautiful clothes. Oh a girl can dream...


All of the above can be purchased at the Dahlia website, here!



  1. Lovely dresses, perfect for spring/summer :) x

    Why don't you check out my giveaway

    Ginger Ecstasy

  2. oh, all of these are amazing. perfect for a warm summer day :)

    Mollie from we-are-the-crowd.com

  3. never heard of dahlia but will definitely be visiting the website now! ronan x


  4. Very cute pieces, I wasn't aware of the brand before so thanks for sharing :)

    And good luck giving up shopping, very brave of you, not sure I'd have the willpower ;)

    Emma x



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