(Blouse: Topshop, Sunglasses: Zara, Jeans: Topshop, Sandals: Topshop)

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday celebrating the wedding of William & Catherine, I know I certainly did, I even went as far as painting Union Jacks onto my fingernails haha (see below)! The dresses were absolutely flawless, and I can't begin to describe how beautiful Kate looked, so sophisticated and subtle which was perfect for the event. Also, despite what many are saying I also really liked the quirky looks of Beatrice and Eugene, such beautiful women!

I also, as you may have noticed from the cheeky snaps below gave into the 'ombre' or 'dip dyed' hair trend. I was pretty worried about putting bleach onto my hair as I have never done it before, but considering it was a first try I think it turned out pretty okay (Thanks Papa P)!




I hope you're all having a lovely weekend, and have a great Bank holiday!


P.S I will also leave you with this awesome interview with William & Harry (skip to 1:03 for the best bits) as I am still slightly excited post wedding!

in corners of your heart I tried to make love grow

photo credit: here

Having just released their fantastic third album The English Riviera, Metronomy are certainly back with a boom and a bang (see what I did there? Anyone?). Having seen the band 2 weeks ago at their album launch at Rough Trade East, I was lucky enough to meet the band and see them perform live, doing undoubtedly what they do best. However, I also got to witness the beautiful chic style of drummer, Anna Prior. Dressed in a gorgeous pussy bow blouse and pixie boots, there was something utterly charming about her to which I was eager to find out more. I was lucky enough to catch up with Anna to chat cycling, knitting and hitting the chairty shops!

(in the nicest way possible, Tennessee Thomas better watch her back...)

Hi Anna! Tell us a little about yourself...
Well, I am a 26 year old female. I live in London, mainly for convenience sake! Originally, I'm from the south of Yorkshire. When I'm not drumming on tour, I am cycling or knitting.

You drum for the fabulous Metronomy, for those that haven't listened to Metronomy tell us a little about your sound...
The sound of Metronomy is always a difficult one to pin-point. It's forever growing and changing. Gbenga (bass) did an interview for an Australian radio show and said something immediately quotable, "Daft Punk meets The Eagles'.. which isn't THAT far off..!

You've drummed with some highly credible acts such as Lightspeed Champion and now Metronomy, What first got you into drumming?
It was mainly the challenge brought on by a mean 6th former at school who said girls couldn't drum.

What has been the highlight of your musical career?
Probably last Saturday when we headlined Shepherds Bush Empire in London, my parents were there and it felt like such an achievement.

Who would you recommend us all to listen to, what bands are you really into at the moment?
I have a habit of getting stuck in my ways when it comes to music. I really really love 'Swim' by Caribou and anything Jaga Jazzist have done.

As well as your talent for drumming, you have a really lovely sense of style, how would you describe your dress sense?
Tight arse charity shop chic..?!! Haha. I'm the worlds worst shopper. The thought of Oxford St or Westfield tends to bring me out in a rash.

Who or what inspires your style?
The local charity shops!

Where are your favourite places to shop?
Beyond Retro on Cheshire St.

Catch Metronomy on the remainder of their U.K tour now, or catch them at Wireless, Reading & Leeds and Mallorca & Ibiza Rocks this summer!


Liv Loves: Metronomy's Anna Prior

(Top: Primark, Shorts: Vintage Topshop, Sandals: Next, Bag: Nans, Belt: Mumma P's)

Happy Easter all! I hope you've all had a lovely relaxing Sunday with loved ones, and not eaten too much chocolate!

Today I went to the seaside to see my nan, and we ended up driving to a really lovely beach, surrounded by cliffs and flowers which was really lovely on such a sunny day (hence the 'fashiony location shot' haha!) and had tea and cakes in a cosy cafe! I have quite a lot of work to catch up on in the next few days and go back to sixth form, but have a few posts planned so I shouldn't become too quiet!

Anyway, Notting Hill (it never gets old) and chocolate egg is calling, but I hope you;ve all had a lovely day and a great Bank Holiday!


when I'm with you I have fun

So, as some of you may know I gave up shopping (clothes, accessories, nail varnish etc) for Lent. As gruesomely shallow as it sounds, it's been quite tough and on occasion has resulted in mild sulking, but now I am more eager than ever to spend my money wisely and buy some nice pieces that will last me a good while (and have also appreciated how many clothes I do already have!).

Anyway, with my birthday not (too) long away and my next paycheck on the horizon I couldn't help but swerve towards 'surfin' the net' in a hope to find some lovely things...

It took me about 3 minutes until, mentally, both my birthday wish list budget and pay cheque were spent.

All thanks to Dahlia.

I've seen this brand appear on several lovely blogs such as the gorgeous Morven's and have always been impressed by their gorgeous feminine designs laden with floaty fabrics and cute collars- all for pretty bloomin' reasonable prices, and since having visisted their website have comprised this wish list of their beautiful clothes. Oh a girl can dream...


All of the above can be purchased at the Dahlia website, here!


A girl can dream: Dahlia


(Dress as body: American Apparel, Skirt: Camden, Belt: Charity Shop, Converse: Mumma P's)

I'm sorry for the somewhat prolonged blogging absence, just as I was becoming more regular! However, this week has been particularly busy, what with having been planning, and now thrown a (hopefully) successful surprise 18th bowling party at All Star Lanes for my best friend- which, trust me was not easy- but the outcome was totally worth it! As well as taking the role of a 'party planner' (how sauve of me) I have been enjoying the beautiful English weather we are currently having, and trying to shamefully tan my milk bottle legs (I will let you know how that, um, goes...) although saying that I have got some tan lines woop-dee-do! I also went to the pub with the 'ol boyfriend this evening, to enjoy a nice cool lemonade and lime mmmm!

How have you all been enjoying the sun?


Also, i don't know how many of you use it, but you can now follow my blog on Bloglovin, so you can do that too if you like!

there's a limit to your love, like a waterfall in slow motion


(Shirt: Topshop, Skirt: Topshop, Wedges: New Look)

Another fine example of 'the awkward lean'. It seems I am becoming quite the master at this, (I do apologise, it's not a good look). Anyway, bit of a boring smoring outfit today, I was dressed for work so stuck to basics/Topshop, but hopefully it didn't look too bad. I've had a really fun weekend, including a vaiiir posh lunch at Harvey Nichols with Mumma & Brother P (the brie and onion flatbread was uh-mazing), a walk around Covent Garden, a trip to Brighton with the boyfriend and seeing family today (as well as work).

(Papa P's shots of the Marathon start this morning)

(Mumma P & I)

(Part of the view @ Harvey Nich's roof terrace)

(Our table- ooh la la!)

What have you all been up to?


(Also, a BIG HELLO & THANK YOU! to all my new followers!)

she just wants to dance all the time

Due to the fact that I'm having a bad face/hair day (oh 'woe is me' post wah wah) I thought I'd share some of my favourite songs of the moment. This isn't simple because 'I can't be arsed' to take any pictures, but I thought I should share these as they're really worth a listen, plus I do this every month, so check them out!

Are there any bands you're listening to at the moment that I should listen to? Let me know!

Anna Calvi- Blackout

Elbow- Open Arms

The Tallest Man on Earth- King Of Spain

Metronomy- The Bay

Smith Westerns- Weekend


p.s to those of you that asked my jeans are 'Pippa Jeans' from Toshop @ £40, they're not currently in stock, but the 'Baxter' design are similar.

April Playlist 2011

(Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Vest: American Apparel via best friend, Jeans; Topshop, Wedges: New Look, Bag: Nans, Sunglasses: Zara)

This is what I wore on Monday on my visit to London to see the wonderful Metronomy and Smith Westerns, with some of my fabulous friends. The weather went from being an absolute scorcher (the vest proved handy in this instance) to heavy rain showers (cardigan came in very useful) resulting in me sporting drowned rat chic ;)

Anyway, we had a really lovely busy day, filled with Oxford St, Pizza Express and Costa, The Big Chill Bar and good music and if you're looking for some good new music Metronomy's English Riviera is such a summery poppy album, along with Smith Westerns, so check them out! Below are some photos from the instore and gig!



This isn't Paris, this isn't London and it's not Berlin

Cherry looking down

With a series of thoughtful real life documentaries under her belt including the topics of pregnancy, dating, marriage, alcohol and breastfeeding it's no wonder
Cherry Healey can be arguably described as the modern day Carrie Bradshaw of the real woman. With being a full time mum and wife, presenting and keeping up an awesome website and blog, I was lucky enough to catch up with the lady herself and chat directing, pregnancy and that wonderful wardrobe of hers!

Hello Cherry, for those that haven't witnessed your awesome t.v persona- tell us a little about yourself...
I make immersive programmes for BBC3. My first appearance was investigating women's relationship with alcohol - and yes, I did get drunk all in the name of journalism - ahem! Since then I've made programmes looking at pregnancy, marriage and dating. My next project is out on the 12th April (and then available on iPlayer) and investigates breastfeeding.

What first got you into presenting?
I was working as an assistant producer making factual programmes for the BBC when a friend suggested I try out for a vacancy that had just come up. As an AP I would travel around the country trying to find interesting stories and people, so I thought immersive journalism sounded fascinating and fairly similar to the job I was doing at the time (except not in front of the camera!). Much to my surprise, within a few months I found myself presenting a programme!


If you didn't do presenting, what do you think you would do?

I'd almost certainly want to be a director. People's stories and perspectives are fascinating and they never fail to surprise me!

You have done lots of work on BBC 3, what was your favourite thing to present and why?
I loved presenting the programme investigating pregnancy. I met so many amazing women and even saw one of them give birth! It was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. I was also really struggling with the idea of becoming a mum and the process of speaking to such a wide range of women helped with the transition.

What are the five words you would use to describe yourself?
I think it's summed up in one: over-sharer (and that's not really a word!)

On your website and blog you post some amazing outfits and really lovely style tips and tricks, what inspires your style?
Three things inspire my outfits: what's clean, what's comfortable and what can I run for a bus in! In a perfect world my outfit would be the love-child of Alexa Chung and Sarah Beeny - perfectly cute and fantastically practical!


What is your favourite thing in your wardrobe? Where about do you like to shop?
I've got a few favourite items. There is a slight silk theme. Total coincidence.
- Glam: a silk, navy jumpsuit from Zara - it's incredibly flattering and easy to wear.
- Vintage: a silk, cream pleated Christian Dior shirt that used to belong to my Godmother
- Home: a pair of silky pyjamas worn with my husbands best jumper. Much to his annoyance.
- Work: thermals. I never, ever go anywhere without them.

If I were to peek into your handbag at this moment, what would I find?
Hard-core hand moisturiser (hate dry hands), spare thermal top (obv), makeup bag (containing Clinique brow pen, Max Factor mascara, Chanel foundation & MAC lipliner), iPhone, pad with pen (have a terrible memory so am endlessly writing lists), book (usually on the topic of the project I'm working on), a pot of raisins and a plastic duck (courtesy of my daughter!).

Cherry's newest documentary 'Is Breast Best?' is on BBC 3 tonight at 9pm- don't miss it!


Liv Loves: Cherry Healey


(Tunic: Topshop, Shorts: Vintage Topshop, Blazer: Vintage, Shoes: Brothers (eek!) Bag: Gift- excuse the awkward face, the sun was in super squint mode)

I've had such a busy week this week, and since the suns been out it's been all the nicer! On Monday I went to my mum's company launch in The Soho Hotel, which was absolutely lovely (I took a lot of pictures, so I shall post them in the next few days)! On Tuesday my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to go to see Jools Holland, (if any of you saw it, my boyfriends head is in view, unfortunately my little legged self is not). Yesterday, my best friend and I went to see The Vaccines in Camden, and ate Nandos next to the Lock before in the evening sun which was bliss. The Vaccines were also amazing, I believe I used the phrase, 'The Vaccines are like a good wine, they just get better with time' (F.Y.I I was not taking myself seriously when I said this).

Have you guys all had a nice week in the sunshine?


weekends are never fun unless you're around here too

No outfit post today I'm afraid, I had work this afternoon and had abit of a lie-in due to a pretty late night-so really didn't have a moment, but I will try and keep up the regularity! Anyway, this is only a quick post today, I'm really tired and am hoping to finish an english essay and cuddle up and watch Nowhere Boy with my family which sounds like a pretty much perfect Sunday night!

I do however, want to give a special mention to my amazing mum. I know this kind of thing is typical on Mothering Sunday- but she really deserves it, because not only is she the most caring, kind (and pretty damn hilarious) mum ever, she is one of my best friends, who I can confine in over anything, and I know she'll be there to listen and give me a hug. Over the past few months, I've also realised how strong and selfless my mum is, to an extent which is pretty inspiring, and one day I hope to be as good a mum as she is to me and my brother. I don't want to get too slushy but I know she's likely to read this (Hi mum, I can see you eating cookies now!) and I know I try to tell her as much as I can, but I love her so much and hope she has had a day as lovely as her :)


nevermind I'll find someone like you

ootd4 DSC_2550

(Dress: Primark, Shoes: Topshop, Awkward Pose: Priceless)

I picked up this dress a couple of months ago on my visit to Liverpool. I'd seen things similar on the Primark SS11 lookbook, but hadn't actually come across much in strores, so as you can imagine I snapped this up in a second. I love the floral silky tee idea with the sheer midi- and despite the fact I am extremely cautious of midi skirts (my legs and ankles resemble that of a footballer, so I have to be careful haha!) this one didn't appear too unflattering so for £15, it seemed silly not to. As you also may have noticed the shoes have made an appearance again, they went with the belt and made me look a tiddy bit taller, so that can only be good. I'm hoping to get my mitts on a floppy 70s hat to go with this as it could probably finish the outfit off, although I'm sure a top knot would still have the fact impact!

I hope you're all enjoying the sun as much as me! What're you all up to this weekend?


p.s for those that have asked, I use a Nikon d40 :)

You've seen the world, what did it look like?


(Jacket: Mums, Scarf: Charity Shop, Tunic/Top: Topshop, Jeans: Topshop, Bag: Nans, Sunglasses: Zara, Shoes: Russell & Bromley)

Today after school, me and my best friend popped to London for a spot of shopping, ahead of mothering festivities. It was so nice to have girlie chats and go into 'posh shops' such as Liberty and Selfridges feeling like paupers- especially with the weather being pretty warm! It makes me realise how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful city on my doorstep! (so much so I resorted to snapping up some touristy pictures whilst the light was nice!)





Hope everyone's had a lovely week, and has a nice weekend!


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