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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

With florals and prints that make any girl go weak at the knees, and products ranging from gorgeous tote shopper bags, cute-as jewellery and some of the swankiest ipod/pad holders you've ever seen- it's no wonder Kidston's collections are making spring seem that little bit closer.


But wait up... that's not all. Last weekend, whilst grazing a homewear shop with mumma p I couldn't help but become distracted by a shelf stacked with a certain someone's goodies. After contemplating purchasing every item on show, my mum and I agreed on the Bluebell Hand Cream.


Okay, so maybe I'm a little late to the party (hey, you can't always be on time!) but this hand cream is to die for. I'm someone who is constantly out and about and using my hands- whether it's writing up essays, typing, doing chores around the house or what have you, I can't deny my poor little paws do have it hard, and get pretty grusome and dry. However, even after the teeniest squeeze of this cream my hands feel as soft as a metaphorical babies bottom.


(admire the results- or simply chuckle at my unfortunate wonky fingers)

Using the powers of -researches ingredients- ''shea butter, glycerine, vitamin E and panthenol'' and a clean floral scent that smells like spring itself, this hand cream is one not to be beaten. After trying endless products and having that 'my-hands-are-too-sticky-to-do-anything-with-for-another-half-hour' feeling endless times, this really is something else. Although at £8 it may seem a little costly for cosmetics, with it's fast drying, uber softening, sweet smelling-ness it really is a must have for any girls handbag.



  1. I have been after the perfect hand cream. My hands get so dry sometimes they crack and bleed. Yeah really attractive Sophie! I might just have to give this one a go. Always a sucker for pretty packaging too!

  2. I totally have this hand cream Liv and I agree, it is now an essential in my bag! xxx

  3. hehe! I love this as well! your fingers aren't half a wonky as mine, don't worry!

    Meena xxx


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