March Playlist 2011

Friday, 4 March 2011

It's that time again! I've made a mini list of the few songs that I haven't stopped listening to recently, I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if there's anyone you've been listening to over and over in the past month- I'd love to know!

Tennis- Marathon (with special credit to the lovely Lucy)

The Naked and Famous- Young Blood

Lykke Li- Love Out Of Lust

The Vaccines- Norgaard

(this song has also made me fall slightly in love with the model herself, I can see why she has a song written about her!)

it's a slightly smaller list than I did last time, but these are the 4 songs that I simply cannot get enough of, and if you haven't I really recommend you listen to all of these bands because they are amazing (Lykke Li's new album is awesome, and I cannot contain my excitement for The Vaccines' on the 14th!) so go, go, go!

p.s I REALLY tried putting The Strokes- Under Cover Of Darkness on here, but due to several technical glitches/my technical inability I was unable to- but I cannot wait for their album either, what do you think of their new stuff?


  1. Ahhhhh The Stroke are amazing. I am really liking it but my boyfriend says its boring. He is boring haha! I really want to get tickets for their tour.

  2. I loooove The Naked And Famous at the moment, can't stop listening to Young Blood either! x


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