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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

So, as you may or may not be aware of yesterday it was Shrove Tuesday (a.k.a Pancake Day)- the day in which the majority of Britons become highly over excited about the thin battered cake, and oppossed to the purpose of 'using up the ingredients in your cupboard before Lent' all raid Sainsburys clean of any flour, eggs or milk.

Anyway, usually during Lent I never really give things up. Why? In all honesty it's because I never actually give it enough time to decide, or decide that the challenge of giving up something is far too strenuous and therefore don't.

So, last night I decided to give up the one thing I love doing most, and the one thing I know will challenge me more than the 'odd packet of crisps'- Shopping.

Now, I haven't just given this up for 40 days/nights (oh hello late night shopping) just because I love it. I honestly think that by limiting my shopping excess to travel cards and lunch time nibbles in the next 40 days will make me appreciate what I have, and what I do not need (deep, huh?).

Let's be honest...I have a wardrobe bulging with clothing I never seem to wear, and oppossed to putting what I already have together, I regularly look for new things- a bad habit I have( and also a very costly one). Additionally, being in my last year of education, I have a biiiig summer coming up and if I can get through this month or so without spending money on clothing- I'm pretty sure saving up will become alot easier.

Although it's going to be tough (my boyfriends reaction was 'lol no you're not') I'm pretty sure it can only be a win/win situation (EVEN if ASOS have released a voucher today!)

So wish me luck, and let me know- have you given up anything for Lent, and if so what?



  1. mcdonalds, it is a full of addiction that needs to go. both £ and lbs will be saved <3

  2. You are so brave giving up shopping! Good luck! I get a buzz from buying new things too, its just so nice to put something new on when you go out!
    I am giving up cheese and fizzy drinks. Both I eat/drink mountains of them and really should cut down. My waistline will thank me when its over!
    Thanks for your lovely comment :)

  3. lent's actually 52 days in all.. (the 40 donesnt include sundays)
    have fun. good luck.

  4. I love pancake day! I had chocolate buttons on mine if you put them on as soon as it comes out of the pan and then roll it up all of the chocolate melts, yum, I have a little bit of ice cream on the side, perfection!

    This is a really good idea! I know what you mean about the big summer and all the plans I have and about not spending money! Good luck! xoxo

  5. Wow, good luck! I was going to do something similar, although I'm not particularly religious so it wasn't going to be for Lent or anything. No shopping for 40-some days though. It's going to be tough, but I think if I can stay off store websites, I'll be fine, since I do most of my shopping online anyway.

  6. good luck sweetie! i'm trying to cut down but i'm sure you'll beat me ;) x hivennn


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