With florals and prints that make any girl go weak at the knees, and products ranging from gorgeous tote shopper bags, cute-as jewellery and some of the swankiest ipod/pad holders you've ever seen- it's no wonder Kidston's collections are making spring seem that little bit closer.


But wait up... that's not all. Last weekend, whilst grazing a homewear shop with mumma p I couldn't help but become distracted by a shelf stacked with a certain someone's goodies. After contemplating purchasing every item on show, my mum and I agreed on the Bluebell Hand Cream.


Okay, so maybe I'm a little late to the party (hey, you can't always be on time!) but this hand cream is to die for. I'm someone who is constantly out and about and using my hands- whether it's writing up essays, typing, doing chores around the house or what have you, I can't deny my poor little paws do have it hard, and get pretty grusome and dry. However, even after the teeniest squeeze of this cream my hands feel as soft as a metaphorical babies bottom.


(admire the results- or simply chuckle at my unfortunate wonky fingers)

Using the powers of -researches ingredients- ''shea butter, glycerine, vitamin E and panthenol'' and a clean floral scent that smells like spring itself, this hand cream is one not to be beaten. After trying endless products and having that 'my-hands-are-too-sticky-to-do-anything-with-for-another-half-hour' feeling endless times, this really is something else. Although at £8 it may seem a little costly for cosmetics, with it's fast drying, uber softening, sweet smelling-ness it really is a must have for any girls handbag.


These are a few of my favourite things: Cath Kidston Hand Cream


(Hat: Primark, Mac: Mumma's, Top: Urban Outfitters, Shorts: Vintage/Topshop, Shoes: New Look)

It looks like I may have FINALLY sorted out picture sizing (if not made them a little large- but hey ho!) which was far simpler than I had initially imagined- phew.

(picture taken by me)

Anyway, this is what I wore last night whilst popping up town to see my current favourite band (and probably for a long while to come...) The Vaccines at their album launch at HMV Oxford St. I've been in love with this band a little before their performance on Jools Holland late last year, and after hearing their album in it's entirety yesterday can say I have fallen head over heels in love with them (fan girl = yes, stalker= no). I truley recommend you buy/listen to this album, it's such an easy yet enjoyable listen, and I MAY even review it (if you haven't all stopped reading due to my constant ramblings about them).


run with the wolves, calling all the wolf pack

Yesterday, in aid of my final exam photography project, I took some pictures of my (incredibly and somewhat unfairly photogenic) friends. We drove to this a-mazing farm, and took a walk through it and ended up with a view of all of the country which was beautiful, despite it being pretty windy and nippy! Here are some of the 'pastorally' photos from the afternoon:



Sorry this is quite a picture heavy post, I'm not rich enough to get a Flickr pro account so have pretty much popped them all on here! :)


Remember spring swaps snow for leaves

So, as you may or may not be aware of yesterday it was Shrove Tuesday (a.k.a Pancake Day)- the day in which the majority of Britons become highly over excited about the thin battered cake, and oppossed to the purpose of 'using up the ingredients in your cupboard before Lent' all raid Sainsburys clean of any flour, eggs or milk.

Anyway, usually during Lent I never really give things up. Why? In all honesty it's because I never actually give it enough time to decide, or decide that the challenge of giving up something is far too strenuous and therefore don't.

So, last night I decided to give up the one thing I love doing most, and the one thing I know will challenge me more than the 'odd packet of crisps'- Shopping.

Now, I haven't just given this up for 40 days/nights (oh hello late night shopping) just because I love it. I honestly think that by limiting my shopping excess to travel cards and lunch time nibbles in the next 40 days will make me appreciate what I have, and what I do not need (deep, huh?).

Let's be honest...I have a wardrobe bulging with clothing I never seem to wear, and oppossed to putting what I already have together, I regularly look for new things- a bad habit I have( and also a very costly one). Additionally, being in my last year of education, I have a biiiig summer coming up and if I can get through this month or so without spending money on clothing- I'm pretty sure saving up will become alot easier.

Although it's going to be tough (my boyfriends reaction was 'lol no you're not') I'm pretty sure it can only be a win/win situation (EVEN if ASOS have released a voucher today!)

So wish me luck, and let me know- have you given up anything for Lent, and if so what?


for goodness sake let us be young

(Jumper: New Look, Shorts: Vintage, Tights: M&S/Primarni, Ring: Topshop)

-do pardon the awkward pose in the top picture, and looking like it belongs on here.-

Anyway, this is a snap of the lovely new jumper I bought from New Look yesterday. I believe I've seen the lovely LLYMLRS in the same one, so after seeing it and remembering it from a post I simply couldn't resist. I bought it a tiny bit big which I actually quite like, because it's pretty damn comfy and the burnt apricot (how very Farrow & Ball) colour is beautiful!

The ring is also pretty new! There's been so many gorgeous semi-precious rings sweeping the high street recently, so when it came to buying this bad boy I was torn between about three- but the colour is so versatile so I'm quite sure I made the right decision!

Hope you've had a lovely Monday!


the evening news, and Scott Fitzgerald

It's that time again! I've made a mini list of the few songs that I haven't stopped listening to recently, I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if there's anyone you've been listening to over and over in the past month- I'd love to know!

Tennis- Marathon (with special credit to the lovely Lucy)

The Naked and Famous- Young Blood

Lykke Li- Love Out Of Lust

The Vaccines- Norgaard

(this song has also made me fall slightly in love with the model herself, I can see why she has a song written about her!)

it's a slightly smaller list than I did last time, but these are the 4 songs that I simply cannot get enough of, and if you haven't I really recommend you listen to all of these bands because they are amazing (Lykke Li's new album is awesome, and I cannot contain my excitement for The Vaccines' on the 14th!) so go, go, go!

p.s I REALLY tried putting The Strokes- Under Cover Of Darkness on here, but due to several technical glitches/my technical inability I was unable to- but I cannot wait for their album either, what do you think of their new stuff?

March Playlist 2011

I'm sorry I've been abit of a bad blogger in the last few days! I've been back at school from Monday, and since then everything's been quite non stop! I saw Lykke Li on Monday (interview and pictures coming shortly) and have been seeing my friends as much as I can, hence the lack of posting!

Anyway, last Tuesday me and two of my best pals popped to London to stalk around outside Somerset House in aid of London Fashion Week, and pop to the charity shops in West London to try and find some (relatively) cheap bargains! I was lucky enough to find a gorgeous pale blue maxi skirt, but being so pale means I'll probably preserve it until summer!

(Hat: Urban Outfitters, Jumper: Topshop, Jacket: Topshop, Skirt: Charity Shop, Wedges: Tesco, Bag: Gift)

As well as this, I thought I'd snap and show you some of my favourite outfits of the day!

I have lots of exciting things coming up in the next week or so, so stay tuned! Hope you're all having a nice week!


I know places we can go babe

unfortunately there could only be one winner, and I'm pleased to say the winner is...


I loved reading all of your gorgeous entries on spring summer wear, thanks again guys!


And the winner is...



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