Stylish Blogger Award

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Being a (relatively) new blogger, I was thrilled to recieve this 'Stylish Blogger Award' from the lovely Rebecca from Ginger Ecstasy (she's got a really sweet blog which you should all take a peek at if you haven't yet!) I thought I'd carry it on, as it really made my day!

Okay, so 7 things about me (I'll try and make them interesting):

1. I nearly change my nail colour every day, and find it difficult to keep it on much longer- and hate it when it chips!

2. Unlike the majority of people I have little interest in Glee and Misfits *guilt*

3. I am hoping to study English (with joint Communications/media hons) at university next year, and am determind to get into fashion eventually (but who isn't?)

4. I am probably the most boring teenager you will meet, and you are more likely to find me watch the I.T Crowd than hitting clubs/getting sozzled.

5. I have a h u g e love for Italian food and cuisine, having worked in an Italian restaurant I've seen a real variety of it- although nothing beats a traditional pizza and pasta!

6. I'm very much in love with my boyfriend and have nearly been for 2 years (gotta love abit of cheese)

7. Although I haven't yet, it's my goal to learn to drive before I'm 20- be that down to laziness, convienience or the obvious benefits it will have haha!

and here are my 15 bloggers (I'd give you all one if I could!) -drumroll please-

1. Aha shake heartbreaker

Chelsea Dagger

Crafter Holic

D is for dangerous

Daisy Chain

Ginger Ecstasy

He ate my heart out

Sophie makes things

The cat that cried wolf

10. Louder than silence

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Oh Emma

Sadie's Wardrobe

Thrills and Frills




  1. Ah wow thanks for the tag! It was interesting reading your answers!

  2. thank you for the mention!
    hope you have a lovely week :-)
    emma xx

  3. Thanks so much for the award, so sweet :-) If I find 15 undiscovered blogs I will pass it on.

    As for the interesting facts, 'snap!' on numbers 4 and 5, although I do like Glee lol

  4. You sound just like me! Pleased to know someone else isn't into glee...or clubbing! Well done on your award. Lovely blog!

  5. Your welcome it's a pleasure to have given it to you :) Thanks for continuing it on♥ xx

  6. Aww, thankyou!
    I'm like you in the 'boring teenager' sense - not a big fan of clubbing, although its almost a necessity when you're at uni! I'd rather have a quiet night in than a night out, anyday! xxx


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