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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Call me unproductive, but my free lessons at school usually consist of surfing Topshop, ASOS and Urban Outfitters in order to discover the exciting new pieces that are regularly updated onto each of these sites. However, this day in particular I decided to take a look on Net-A-Porter. As you may have guessed- for obvious reasons (price) I rarely dare looking on here as consequences usually result in heartache and the 'need' feeling (which did come across me, I must admit). However, although creating a wishlist the size of my current wardobe, containing items I could only dream of- it did make me wonder, whether spending more on clothing could sometimes be better than prehaps 'disposable' highstreet trends and products.

(Exhibit A: my h u ge wishlist ahh...)

Last night, whilst tucked up in bed and feading 'Luella's guide to English style' I came across this quote-

"what must be avoided in these ready-outfit times is the bluffers guide to style; in other words, an addiction to the highstreet where our heroine can fall prey to brainless cheap thrills. It takes time and effort to hone a unique style; it doesn't happen overnight, and here lies the danger of our quick fix culture."

Of course, saying this I am in no way suggesting that buying expensive items is the way forward (who can afford it?!)- designer CAN be as disposable as high street if chosen incorrectly. But what about car boots, vintage and charity shopping? The thrill or rumaging and feeling like you've just found the most perfect garment in a pile mish mash is surely almost as exciting as finally being able to afford and pay for that Chloe blouse that noone else will have. Surely the chiffon blouse from Topshop that you've been lusting over could be found in a charity shop for half the price- with the satisfaction that it's one in a million.

Call it being pretentous or snobbish, but in my opinion having style is so much more than quick fix high street shopping, it's about building a collection of pieces old, new, highstreet, secondhand and even maybe the odd investment piece, making up a wardrobe completely unique to you combining trends and basics that will remain timeless.


  1. I read that quote and thought the same thing, I love the vintage pieces in my wardrobe so much

  2. love your blog :)
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    we follow you :D

  3. charity shopping is the best :)

  4. i totally agree with what you said :D
    in my wardrobe you can find anything from my (grand)mother's stuff to vintage/charity to highstreet and some lonely designer pieces :)

  5. I am desperate for that Luella book! I think your right. At the minute I dont have a lot of money so I buy lots of high street, mostly Primark! But as soon as I graduate and start a proper job Im going to invest and splash out a little bit more. I find myself buying things that I think are classic pieces.

  6. Wow! You really hit the nail on the head there.
    I am a big fan of topshop because it is the biggest source of the fashion world on the high street, although most way overpriced, i could make it myself for next to nothing. You've really made me want to start checking out charity shops and the like to find something timeless and totally me.

    Great blog.
    Id love if you could follow back.
    Bekie xox


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