Trend Spotter: Stripes

Saturday, 22 January 2011

I continually try to justify my love for stripes, the excessive amount of striped t-shirts I have (9 FYI) and the growing number of dresses I seem to be contiually purchasing. Maybe it's the 'jailbait' look I go weak at the knees for? The 'Where's Wally' Chic look? Or maybe it's becasue they're simply so damn easy to wear.

As well as the paint box brights, the delicate nudes from last season and the sassy 70s shapes that have all been heavily noted in next seasons trends, the trend of stripes are also sneaking their way back on to the catwalks. But the real question is- did they ever leave?

Season to season, year to year the Breton striped tee has always been found in my wardrobe, and part of it's charm is that you can pretty much adjust it to every item, and team it with most trends that come and go. Spotted in the shows of Marc Jacobs, Prada, Jil Sander, Fendi and Sonia Rykiel last Autumn, stripes are back in a big way this Spring. However, it's not just simple black & white tees, we're talking fluro pinks, blues and yellows on the maxi's and midi's of next season.

(first four top row: Topshop, dress: Forever 21, bag: Topshop, dress: John Lewis, bag: ASOS, cape: Topshop)


(I guess you could count this as a 'new' feature, what do you think? Also, would anybody be interested in 'school style' like I mentioned a while back?)


  1. yes to school style. i have to wear business wear to college and it would be fun to see someone else's take! also how do you edit your outfit photos? they look really nice! xx

  2. Oh I loved the Jil Sander collection too. I'm rather partial to a stripe, especially in summer! Sally x

  3. Ah I just love your blog Liv, I've been flicking through it for the last ten minutes. I wouldn't dare wear the long skirts you wear, silly as it sounds I just haven't got the legs for it!
    Anyway I felt the need to comment on this post because I've been wanting that bag from ASOS and that cape from Topshop for SO long now - you're not the only one susceptible to stripes!


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