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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Space nails, and the 'nebula nail' trend have been gracing the intergalactic web for quite a while now, and after seeing a wonderful post on Beckah's blog, and seeing various pictures with amazing results, I couldnt help but give into the space nails trend and want to try it for myself.

(Pictures from:, Nails by Asami, Flickr and Teen Vogue)

Here are what mine turned out like on second attempt :)

I used quite a mix of 'shimmer based' nail varnishes, and built up from dark violets to turquoises, as I didn't have the preferred 'matte' base as required, but I thought they turned out quite well!

Has anyone else tried 'space nails', what did yours turn out like?


  1. They're out of this world Liv ;)

  2. Oh these are awesome! I want to have a go at it but it would just end up a mess ha

  3. they're really straight forward! I may do a tutorial if people want an easy way of doing it :) x

  4. ^ please do a tutorial!
    and what nail polish color did you use/how many coats? i really want to try this ^_^
    canihasit @ gmail

  5. They look gorgeous I'll definatly have to try this sometime! :D x

  6. Looks so good, a must try!
    Come join my giveaway!!

  7. Wow! I have never tryed this but after seeing yours I definetly want to give this ago, yours look fab! I'm on with looking for nail transfers?...


  8. Please do a tutorial Liv ♥ I have been watching Youtube videos of how to do them and it has inspired me to grow my nails, this is a sign of a good post xx

  9. this is genius! totally trying it for Christmas day - have you seen that barry m nail polish that cracks when you put it on? ( i am planning in trying that out too x

  10. Yours turned out very pretty.


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