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Friday, 5 November 2010

Last week I went charity shopping with my best friend, and managed to pick up both of these beautiful bargains! The top two images showing a cream chiffon type blouse and the bottom a chunky oversized maroon knit jumper, which is gorgeous! The material from the blouse falls so nicely, and despite being several sizes too big still fits without looking odd!

I haven't been charity shopping for ages, and in all honesty it's because I find it really hard to find things. I see so many bloggers finding such amazing pieces, and whenever I seem to go I end up buying things simply for the fact they are cheap- disreagarding the fact wether they will in fact ever be worn. So, to find two things, both of which are currently in fashion (floaty blouses and cable knits in Topshop anyone?) was really fortunate, and I've already got my money's worth out of them!

Have you found any amazing charity shop/vintage buys recently?



  1. Beautiful blouse and great knit your so lucky to get some great pieces the charity shops round me are just rubbish so there's not much point in looking but I guess with a close eye I'd be able to find something :) x

  2. found your blog via lookbook - I love the latest look you posted <3
    just as I love this red jumper!!


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