Gavin Watson: Neville

Saturday, 13 November 2010

A picture of Carnaby Street I took last night. Which can be found here.

Yesterday, after attending an Art conference thing for school, (which was actually pretty good, it included photographer Martin Parr giving a hilarious lecture) I payed a visit to the Gavin Watson mini exhibit, titled 'Neville' which is currently being held at the Studio 55 store on Carnaby Street.

His work shows a series of pieces which capture the culture and style of skin heads and punks, and unintentional the fashions portayed throughout that era. The photos show images of his friends and brother, with raw emotion and incredible underlying skill throughout.


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  1. The little exhibition sounds so cool- and perfect for my dissertation! I may need to take a trip to London! Thank you for doing my survey- it helps me a lot! xx


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