burgundy, maroon and blood red

Friday, 29 October 2010

(Blouse: American Apparel, Skirt: Primark)

I recently bought this gorgeous velvet skirt from Primark! Being the divine deep red that's been splashed across autumn colour palets, it seemed only appropriate (plus the material is light yet really festive- if festive can describe a fabric)...

Also, I said I'd post on the new 'perfect' lipstick I finally found! I've been looking for a dark red (not quite maroon) for ages, and have only managed to fill my make up bag with various plum colours, cherry reds and browns:

Then last week I found a colour called 'Dubonnet' in M.A.C and it is perfect! Nott oo dark or light and lasts really well! I was so pleased as I don't usually look outside of Boots and paying that extra can really benefit sometimes!



  1. i love your skirt...i'm soo hooked onto velvet...and the dubonnet lipstick..is the perfect colour..i want it..!!!

  2. Such a beautiful skirt♥
    I'm thinking of getting some red lipstick but with my pale skin it has to be the right shade I'm sure I'll start looking soonish :D xx


  3. i have that skirt in black! and the dress version in the red. oh... i do love velvet, maybe more so than red lipstick!



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